Anyone Miss Kurando?

Good Morning and,




Cnine is here, Some information:

1. I hired few slave of slaveEditor, so the quality will be improved somewhat.

2. Some of you must be wondering “The quota for sponsored chapter is full, why it’s not released?”

Let me give you two picture as explanation.

Basically 90% of the chapter is :


Till It become a HUGEEEEE :

Turn Off

In the last Part.

3. I’m translating several project[Around five] with Seigensou as my main project, so please let me have some healing season(a date)T^T.

4. Seigensou Chapter 67 on monday 20032017 00:01 GMT+7

KEEP INCREASE YOUR VIEW COUNTS GUYS!!! – [Psst it’s a secret : To support the Translator!!!]


Anyway, here the status of of the donation :

Total Target :


My Monthly Target :


The Rest of The Donation for the next xhapter:



Without Further ADO, ENjoy :

Lv 15 Part 2 [Since the chapter is huge you know, so just press ctrl+F on your PC keyboard, and Type “Part 2”]


The Chapter Will Be Out In ~3 Minute


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