Bad News

Hello guys, Cnine is here. I’ve a bad news for you. The thing is, I just lost my phone which I used for internet tethering with my laptop and now I’m rendering to unable to use internet. eh?, what about now? I borrowing my wife cellphone and it’s after coaxing her with all my might. […]

Chapter 14 and 15 [Double Release ]

Good Day, Cnine is here, and sorry for the tardiness the internet connection been very annoyingly slow these since these last two days for some reason[I Can’t even enter wordpress properly].  SPONSORED chapter still open. You can dona….. ehm, I mean buy me coffee to hasten the release[currently need money, to be honest(T^T)]. Sponsored chapter […]

Prologue – Momokawa Kotaro

TL note : The donation during One week after the release of WN chapter will be treated as donation for that WN. OTHERWISE YOU CAN EMAIL ME FOR WHICH WN YOUR DONATION FOR AT : zmunjali[at]gmail[dot]com Next Week Donation is for Seigensou , unless you send a notification to my email. I hope you can […]