Seirei Gensouki LN

Seirei Gensouki

Original Title : 精霊幻想記
Alternative Title : Mythical Spirit Chronicle
Author : Kitayama Yui
Raw :

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Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5


Amakawa Haruto has someone he always cherished and loved: his childhood friend. Even though they were separated in their childhood, he always thought about her, pouring in all his efforts to fulfill the promise they made. Haruto learned martial arts, so he could protect her. He learned to cook, to spend time with her in the kitchen. He did house chores, worked on a farm, and studied diligently. He did everything, even though it was uncertain if his dream would ever be fulfilled. Yet he kept believing in that future. Acknowledging Haruto’s effort, his father gave allowed Haruto to enter a high-school near his childhood friend’s residence. That high school would be the location for the Haruto’s highly anticipated reunion where his childhood friend, unexpectedly, also attend. Thump, he could feel his heart throb, that’s right, there’s no way he could mistake her for anyone else, It was her, an important existence who was so far yet so close to him. Haruto was filled with joy of another meeting with her, and at the same time, cursed fate.

Walking by her side, was an unknown guy.

Haruto became scared, what if they were going out? Having that thought flash his mind, he no longer had the courage to call out to her. Looking from faraway, troubled by his own problem, these days continued until she suddenly vanished.

From that day on, Haruto’s worries changed into never-ending regret. The first day he knew she disappeared, he realized the big mistake he made.
His heart felt like it was going to break, screams of grief, sorrow, bitterness, all stirred throughout his entire body. However, he wouldn’t give up. He couldn’t give up. There wasn’t a chance that he’d give up. He still hadn’t confessed his feelings. With a slight hope that he may be able to find her in Tokyo, Haruto moved out of his house and attended the University there.

Three years have passed since Haruto entered University. Not even once did he forget about her. Between his studies and part-time jobs, he would ask the police to investigate, even going as far as to search her by himself, by foot if he must. But her disappearance was wrapped in a mystery. Today, Haruto was taking the bus home. It was just before evening, and at that time, there were only a few people on the bus. Haruto sat there, silently gazing at the passing scenery outside the window. Suddenly his view shook, the bus received an impact, and Haruto’s consciousness became blank in an instant. The next time he woke up, he was no longer himself. He was a 7 year old boy named, “Rio”. His surroundings were dirty and foul… slums. Haruto soon found himself in a different world than his, harsher and unforgiving. In his mind, were the wish to see his beloved one more time, and the wish, to exact revenge on the bastard who killed his mother in front of him…

List of Chapter

Volume 1 [False Kingdom] – Credited to Vrryou

Volume 2 [The Spirit’s Blessing ] – Credited to Vrryou

Volume 3 [The Parting Hymn] – Credited to Vrryou

Volume 4 [The Eternal Companion ] – Credited to Vrryou

Volume 5 [Silver Bride] – Credited to 00PeaT00

Volume 6 [ ] – Credited to 00PeaT00

Volume 7 [Rondo of Dawn]

Volume 8

Volume 9 [Hero Under The Moonlight]

Volume 10

14 thoughts on “Seirei Gensouki LN

  1. Why is it written that this light novel is published in english by Yen Press but I can’t buy it, can’t find it anywhere not even on their site or is it not translated yet and is on their list ? I really want to read the LN version cause of the difference


  2. Probably sound dumb saying this, but whats the difference between the Web Novel and the Light Novel ver. of this story? And why did you translate both?


  3. i dont supposed you can make an epub or pdf of finished translated volumes? i have really bad internet and i really love re-reading good LNs. so it would be really nice if there be a pdf or epub version… if possible.


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