Polling For New Novel

Opening Suggestion For A Project to Replace NFB

This Poll Will Open Till 22-03-18

Requirement For Your Own Choice Novel :

-Not An Adult Novel

-Must Be A Web Novel




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DMCA Notice

As You Can see apparently NFB got DMCA-ed. So I’ll just drop it right there and looking for a suggestion for the new title. You can send me an email for further confirmation.

Temple of ROXISM

Hi guys, I’ve created patreon for ROXISM and uploaded all translated Chapter of my translation. You can check it by clicking on the patreon button on the side bar.

Try it out.… No, Please TRY IT and let us enjoy the wonder of ROXISM

Seigensou Chapter 105[The Worries of Young Lady Won’t Reach The Heart of A Flag Breaker]

Good Day

Cnine’s Here. Still mourning NFB and the tyrant who don’t even know the different between LN and WN but so be it, it’s not like that certain person will read this unless it got him more money[now it sound like me].

Look like the original translator of Juzoku Tensei still want to translate his/her series. I just hope that it’ll be released twice a week instead of once every two month. Ha~h.





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Seigensou Chapter 103 Part 1/2 [Ha~h, another Boring Chapter]

Good Day

Cnine’s Here. The month just started, here the list of the chapter that you can get becoming a patron for $ 10 :

Seigensou : Chapter 103 Part 1-2 and 104 part 1-2

Parasite : 88-89[the translator still in lazy mode, me included. Sorry guys, look like it’ll take a bit more time before I can enter full translation mode]

RCO : 11- 12 Part 1-2

[Fanfic] NFB : 32-35

AKM : 7 Part 1-3




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