Chapter 1 [Spirit]

another name for this chapter is [Tutorial Part I]


when I noticed, dazzling light come to my dark world.
the light is a little too much made me can’t open my eyes.
No, isn’t that because my eyes weakened?

“Second son was also born, with this Hawkwood house is secured.”

I could heard a man voices with age between 30~40 years old.

“Dear, please give this child a name. ”

this time, it was the voice of a woman likely in her twenties.

“This child, has dark black hair with tinge of gray, his pupil is brown ”
“oh well. It’s look like it’s the result of your and my genes mixed. Or something similiar to that ” [TL : not very sure about this line [こうなったみたい]]
“Hmm …… ash, black, brown ……”
“dear, even if he is your second son please give him a suitable name or are you actually still clueless about his name yet?”
“N, No, there is no wa…….alright, that child name is Ash ”

such conversation between a man and a woman could be heard.

“so it’s Ash. Well, I think it’s not bad name ”

I was embraced by someone arms.

“your name is Ash. My lovely boy.”

whispering voice of a woman could be heard near my ears.
At this point, I realized.
I think, don’t tell me…………did I reincarnated as a baby?

—-That, can’t be real.

Three years elapsed.
By this time, sinceI realized that I was reincarnated as a baby in different world which is not earth, I already accepting the reality.
Fortunately, though this is considerably rural town, my parents is noble who managed this town.
It is the so-called feudal lord of this area.
Therefore I don’t have any worry about my daily life.
moreover, if I received education for nobles, mainly I could undertand the letters from this world and it’s history.
From the conversation between my family member, I also know that magic exists in this world.
In addition, this rural town [Raan] in which my father is it’s lord is under Runreshia kingdom, and it seems it’s kingdom with most advanced Magic Technology on the continent.
I lived in a place with only a little more than a hundred population, this town is extremely far away from capital therefore, it seems only both my parents can use magic.
However, if parents could use magic then, perhaps I also can use it.
I’m looking forward to it.

Then, recently, I’m starting to see strange things sometimes.

when I’m looking at the hole, a semi-transparent womans.
semi-transparent womans with wings growing from her back looking on the ground from the sky.
when I’m looking at the lake, semi-transparent womans playing in the water.
when I’m looking at the fire in the hearth, semi-transparent womans dancing inside the flames.

But, maybe it was something that visible only to my eyes.

furthermore, that womans, all of them is naked.
though, most of that womans size is comparable to dolls size.
their average height is between thiry to fifty centimeters.
for that reason, even if they’re naked there is no reason for me to get excited over them.
some of them is beauties with more than 8 heads, in doll size of course.
I wonder if they’re fairies or somekind of spirits?
I’m trying to talk with my parents about this matter.

my usual gentle parents, their expressions suddenly become very serious,

“Okay, Ash. Don’t tell anyone about this except for your family. You must absolutely do this. ”
“Ash, if this spirits trying to talk to you, you must absolutely not to talkback to them. Just pretend that you never heard them ”

And, their tone is seriously scary.

this time, I know that the semi-transparent womans that I saw with my eyes are acually spirits.
And, without knowing anything, both my parents made me promise to them to not saying a thing about the spirits to other people.
No, rather than a promise, they made me vowed to them.
my parents even threatening me—that if I ever break my promise, I will be taken by scary people.
my body age is indeed tht of 3 years-old-kid, but my mental age is that of adult, so this kind of thing is less effective and can’t even considered as a threat for me.
but, the fact that I can see the spirit, in this world, or at least in this country isn’t something very good. at least that what I feel from my parents attitude.

Ten years have passed since I reincarnated.

the chance for me to see the spirits increasing along with my age.
Compared to seven years ago, the figure of the spirits that I say become more and more vivid.
up till now, I’ve never speak to them even once.
this spirits, especially the one that I saw look like girls haven’t notice this.
actually I want to talk to them, but I’m hestitating since I already promising my parents.
as for My misanthropy, even after reincarnated I still can’t cure my distrust to human.
However, I give my gratitude to my parents who raise me with love.
yes, for that reason alone I won’t break my promise.
However, I also could feel that my parents affection to me thinned along the time.
though I know the reason for that.
it’s because I don’t have talent for magic.
no matter ho much my parents zealously teaching me, I just can’t use magic.
I can’t understand magic theory and practice it.
no matter how much I try it, my body can’t handle much stream of Magical Energy (Mana ).
let alone me and older brother, even compared to my younger brother, and three younger sister, my talent in magic can’t beat them.
it seems in Runreshia Kingdom, someone with magical power is greatly valued.

Anyway for the commoner to become a noble, it’s look like they only need magical talent.
and yet I don’t have that kind of talent in magic in me.
even if i make an effort, it’s useless because my magic is little to none. [TL : need someone to fix this [ 努力しても、魔力自体が少ないのでどうしようもなかった。]]
no matter how desperately I tried to memorize the spell and Magical Letter (Rune ), It’s futile I can’t remember it even after such great effort.
and, the amount of magical power for each person is absolute since he born, it seems there is no way to increase it.

without talent to use magic, my prospect isn’t be very good in the future.

anyway, in the first place big nobles will distributing their plot of land to their childrens, for small to medium nobles their second and third son will become priest, they have no thing to spare except for the eldest son.
as long as the eldest son not death, death by accident, or death in a war, for the rest of their life the rest of the childrens will be dependant(nuisance).
if for example they’re especially talented in magic, or has other special talent lie that, they will become adopted child of big nobles in the territory, and has possibility to succeding their properties.
which is why there is no possibility to become an adopted child if magical talent is included in it.
Well, it was fine to become a dependent* while looking at my surrounding, I guess it was fine to eat from the hand of my older brother. [TL : an adult who has yet to get his inheritance, but I choose to write it as dependent]
even if my misanthropy healed, maybe I will be a dependent for the rest of my life, maybe I can’t get married——–no, I’m not worried about that, though I’m not sure about that.
like child of peasant, they sold to the slave trader is already everyday occurence in this world.
I live in a rural town [Raan], with it’s warm climate and good fertility it produced good harvests of crops, knowing that I know that at least I won’t be sold into slavery.
However, I only feel it was strange for parents to sell their child and for child to sell their parents, maybe they feel guilty.
as for me, even when I live in a place with little more than a hundred residents, I hardly interacting with them.
I don’t even playing with the childrens from the same age, so I don’t have any close friend.
it seems it has some relation with my thirty years-old mental age.
but it’s look ike this case is beyond that, I clearly avoided something that will resulting me to socializing with others.
it’s look like I still has my misanthropy and distrust toward humans, even after reincarnated I still continue to avoid others.
I’m aware that all residents already know about this.
If I’m not the son of the feudal lord, I will surely will be bullied by the childrens of the town.
right now I’m not bullied yet but, they treat me like I’m a freak.
Usually I avoid them, they also usually avoiding me.
Usually my siblings looking down at me because I’m not talented, I was alone all this time.
usually I secluding myself in my room, or walking around the forest to wasting my time.
recently, my parents expectation from me isn’t that high, so there is many cases where I has lot of free time.
learning magic too, because of my other siblings, both my parents only give me a task, so my self-study time is increasing.

today too, I’m walking around inside the forest.

for The time being, I bring a wooden sword for self-defense.
though magic is popular in this country, as a noble I also leaning swordmanship from my father to some extent.
but, it’s look like I also don’t have that much talent for swordmanship.
Well, this forest only has few dangerous animals, in this case I won’t have any chance to use this wooden sword.
I already walked quite deep in the forest.
now it’s almost the time for me to go home—I have the feeling that something is behind me.
when I’m turning around…….there is a bear.

no, no way, this forest not supposed to have bears live in it.
I wonder if it comes from another forest?
Anyway, I must not escape.

pretending to be dead is no good, I’ve seen in the net before I reincarnated that doing that act in front of hungry bear is suicide.
I stepping back as for not provoke that bear, trying to take some distance.
But — that bear coming to attack me at breakneck speed!
I’m looking behind, and lose my chance to running away.
However, I don’t feel like to running away.
So I chose to climb to a nearby tree.
Fortunately, always alone and didn’t have any friends, I always playing tree before the bear could catch me, I somehow already ascended to the top of the tree.
just like that, I hope the bear will give up and leave.
But it’s seems that bear is very hungry, there is no indication that he will leave.
On the contrary, I already rising high on the tree.
then I suddenly turned pale because I remember that some kinds of bear species is adept at tree climbing.

dangerous … it’s Really dangerous.

above the branches, I’m trembling all over holding my head.
At a time like this, there is several figures of semi-transparent woman flying on the air.
looking at me, they raise their finger while laughing at me.
what so amusing about this?.
to this man, who is almost get himself biten and eaten by a bear.
so it’s not just human the spirits is also at the same level as them both of them are shit?
sensing the death approaching me, I lost my cool.

I forget the fow to my parents,

“what so amusing?!! I’m gonna pluck that wings of yours!!”

And, I unentionally shouting out my anger.

while I’m looking at those spirits.
those spirit showing a shocking face.
and, they’re whispering something in low voices, and look like agreed on something.
one representative of those spirits approaching me.

“Ne~e, ne~e, you, can you see us? Despite only a human ”

what!, hearing that I tilting my head.

“yeah, I can see you!”

I desperately answer her.

“He~~~e, even hear our voices. You really can see us, are you an expert Druid or a Shaman ”

Ah!, my parent said that they’re heretic magician.

“I will never learning forbidden arts. Just for you know I’m learning Magic Letter (Rune ) and True magic ”
“””” Eeeeee~~~~~~eeeeeeeeh!!!?????’ “‘”‘ ”

those spirits simultanously screaming.

“this, this human, with more training he will become spirit tamer for us, and he said he can hear us!”
“He ‘s a genius! really genius!”
“…… we have no choice than recognize your natural talent.”
“Spirit Tamer is rare, it’s because they must be gifted with that talent since they’re born ”
“if you continue to raising your skill then, you will become the Great legendary class spirit tamer!”
“and Here, he will become a food for that bear, his talent is wasted!”


I hate human beings.

When I remember being betrayed by them I just can’t trust them anymore. For this reason I have avoided creating a social life as much as possible. Because of this, even though I am already 29 years old, I don’t have any friends or a girlfriend.

There is a reason for me becoming a person this unsociable:

This is a story from when I was still a sixth grade elementary school student, and how I was falsely accused of stealing someone else’s lunch money.

When the pouch containing the lunch money of one of my classmates went missing the class tried to look for this pouch together, however after looking for a while we still couldn’t find it. This is when the girl who became the class representative suddenly shouted out. Apparently the pouch with the lunch money was found in my desk. It was all an evil plan of one of my classmates, that’s the suspicion I harbour till this very day.

Actually until that unfortunate day I had been a very popular boy. I suspected this was the work of one of the other boys in my class, who had been jealous of me because I had been confessed to (and I accepted of course) by the class representative. However kids don’t think about the consequences of their misdeeds. This event had turned in a very cruel experience for me, for while I denied it fervently no one believed me when I said I didn’t steal the money. My class mates, my homeroom teacher, not even my own parents believed me.

Starting from that day my classmates started avoiding me. I had hoped my friends would at the very least believe me and stand by my side, but they too wouldn’t listen and started to actively avoid me as to not get involved. Because of this more and more people started avoiding me. And as a result? Well, I learned to distrust human beings from a tender and young age.

While in junior high, high school, and even college I still continued avoiding other people. I continued being a lonely person away from others. Even now when I am already a part of normal society working for a company I try to avoid all social events to the very best of my ability.

And last year, while commuting to work on a train, I somehow became the culprit of a molesting incident (which I, of course, didn’t commit). I continued to insist that I was innocent. No one believed me. The Judge found me guilty, no one, no one believed me. This caused my distrust in humanity to reach new levels of severity.

The judgement ruined my life. I lost my job and my relationship with my family that was already near non-existent ceased to exist entirely.

Now nearly a year afterwards, without having been able to get a job due the circumstances, I have been eating into my savings. Of course this wasn’t enough and I had become something close to a walking corpse.

One day, while taking a stroll through the park at night I heard a woman scream. I immediately ran in the direction the scream came from, just in time to witness a young woman almost being raped by a knife-wielding man. I flinched but felt I had to help the woman.

I ran to the man and tried to save the woman, resulting in a struggle. This struggle unfortunately ended up with the knife sticking out of my chest. I desperately asked the woman to call an ambulance.

However she ran away screaming instead of calling an ambulance. Maybe she was in a panic due to the confusion, however that’s beyond cruel. The man took out a cell phone but realising what he had done he just ran away instead of calling an ambulance as well.

I was left alone.

It didn’t take long before my eyes start feeling hazy, my consciousness starts fading, and, just like that, I die.

The last thought that ran through my head while dying was how shitty humanity really is.

Chapter 1 [Previous Life]

Translator: Cnine
Editor: Vrryou, Akula149

Chapter 1: Previous Life

Amakawa Haruto, a college student living in Tokyo.


He was walking below the clear blue sky as the sun shone brightly above.
With the sun shining down combined with the asphalt on the ground, the area was filled with hot air rising causing a heat haze.
In such hostile environment, Haruto still had a cool expression on his face as he continued walking towards the University campus.
Along the way, Haruto discovered a group of female college students walking nearby secretly raising small shrill voices.

Haruto had this hard to approach atmosphere, tall along with a handsome face.
Also as a practitioner of ancient martial arts, he was able to train his body resulting in an excellent physique.
Therefore Haruto walking to University was seen as some sort of celebrity by the opposite sex.
Despite that, no rumours could be found about Haruto being interested in any girls.
It did not mean that he was into men.
Just that in the 20 or so years he had been alive, Haruto never found himself a girlfriend.

The reason was that there was only one person in his heart.
That person was Haruto’s childhood friend.
Unfortunately, his crush never bore fruit.
Yearning for her, Haruto was almost able reached her but she suddenly vanished.
Five years passed since Haruto’s childhood friend’s disappearance.
The last time he talked to her was 13 years ago.

Ever since the time he first encountered her, it took no time for Haruto to fall for her.
Playing with her everyday, it was difficult for him not to notice his attraction towards her.
But Haruto’s parents divorced when he was still young and he was taken by his father to live in his father’s home town in the countryside.

At that time, the two childhood friends made a certain promise.
Someday, when they were reunited, they would get married.
There was no binding force to that promise, only a fleeting transient promise in their childhood.

But Haruto was determined to make that dream a reality and poured all his strength towards that promise.
To achieve their dream, he built his foundation towards manhood through the pursuit of knowledge, agriculture, housework, and martial arts.

He wanted to meet.
He could not stand not being able to meet her.
He did everything with great effort and impatiently waited until the day he reached adulthood for their reunion. Haruto blindly believed in the promise.
Haruto, who dedicated great effort into all his endeavors, was recognised by his father.
Owing to that, his father allowed Haruto to enroll in a famous high school near the area his childhood friend resided.

It was where a shocking reunion was about to happen.
Coincidentally, his childhood friend also enrolled in the same high school.
Dokun, Haruto could feel his heart race.
There was no mistake, it was her.
Even if her appearance had changed over the years, he would make such a mistake.
She was still in the distance but he knew because she was his beloved.

He was fascinated, looking at her back, covered by glossy black hair.
Her small, beautiful face.
Her skin, white as snow.
Her short stature, but possessing finely balanced features.
Her appearance, neat and tidy, giving her the most graceful atmosphere.
She was like a girl straight out of a painting.

Haruto felt grateful to the fate that reunited them.
But he simultaneously cursed that same fate.
Next to her was an unknown guy.

Haruto became scared.
Was it possible that the two were dating?
When he thought this, he became unable to call out to her.
And then just like that, while he was agonizing over what he should do, Haruto’s childhood friend vanished.

Ever since then, Haruto continued to live in regret.
By the time he realised that she had vanished, Haruto finally noticed the great mistake he had committed.
His spirit almost broke.
He could not even let out a sound of his heartbreaking cry, only letting it resound in his body.

But, he did not give up.
There was no way that he would give up.
He would not be so easily discouraged with just this.
Because he did not get to confess his feelings yet.

He embraced the faint feeling that he would someday, somehow meet her as long as he was in Tokyo.
After graduating from high school, Haruto enrolled in a University in Tokyo.
But even to this day, he was not able to get his hands on a single piece of information about her.

Eventually, three years rolled by.
There was not a single day where he forgot about his beloved childhood friend.
He even sought the police’s help to investigate his childhood friend’s disappearance but the truth remained wrapped in a mystery.

After lectures ended, Haruto headed back home by bus.
The time was just before evening so there were only a handful of passengers riding the bus. Currently there were only three passengers including Haruto.
The inside of the bus was wrapped in silence.
Staring out the window, Haruto watched the flowery scenery pass by.

Suddenly, the bus started violently shaking.
Before he noticed, the bus was suspended in mid-air causing a floating feeling, followed by a sudden impact to his whole body. In an instant, Haruto’s consciousness faded to black.


The moment before all became darkness, a beautiful voice in an unknown language resounded in his mind.

“…to the next news. This afternoon at 3:15 in the Tokyo ○○ prefecture, a bus and medium sized truck collided. Three bus passengers were pronounced dead on scene.  Despite suffering serious injuries, the two drivers survived the accident.”

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