Behemoth Pet

I’m 《Behemot》 of S-Rank Monster But, I’m Living as A Knight(Pet) of An Elf Girl Since She Mistaken Me As A Cat


S-Rank Monster no 《Behemoth》 Dakedo, Neko to Machigawarete Erufu Musume no Kishi(Pet) Toshite Kurashitemasu


Author : Ginyoku no zomi



The elf girl “Aria” is an adventurer. She have a lovely face that will attract almost everyone, her breast is ripen to the point of almost exploding. And then, being embraced between those breast were a little animal…….. His name is “Tama”. He look like a cat at glance. But Aria and her surrounding is failed to notice a fact. Tama was a human who getting himself reincarnated. And then, his true form is not that of an ordinary cat, he is a monster of the strongest class, an extremely young “Behemoth”.