This is the story about Shimon Kurando, his image is… Well in short he’s just like a fallen warrior. Adventuring in a different world without any cheat abilities or magic except for one, with one goal in his mind, to GET BEAUTIFUL WIVES AND BUILD HIS OWN HAREM!!! [Though he accidentally triggered a wrong FLAG in one story].

Source : Raws

Story : SSS
Harem : It’s Over 9000~
MC : Below average
Cheat : Honestly, except for him, most of his enemies are the one with cheat.
NTR : SSS+, to the point that it will break your heart
Heroine : Many of them are big breasted beauty, except for few poor little soul.
Wife Count : He married 10 womans at the same time+1 with a little NTR scene.
Same Sex Description : I will share my sorrow translating this WITH YOU!!!!!!
18+ : just one step away from adult story

OverALL : Honestly, I’m quite surprised that no-one translating this yet. The story is basically so good with anti-mainstream and stupid MC, added with mild ero-description[for the sake of spicing the stories], character development, added with quite a lot joke, and NTR scene, it’s just like reading combination of Seigenso and Mushoku Tensei. The down part is, the author highlighting some unnecessary scene which caused quite deep trauma in myself, remember that the theme is NTR!!!, but that can’t stop me from reading this.

Table of Contents

Level 1: Hero Summoning That Full of Failure
Level 2: Wicked Chief Warden
Level 3: Let Me See Your Sincerity
Level 4: A Meal is Delicious Even Without Working For It
Level 5: Leave the Jail, Leave the City
Level 6: Fallen Forget-Me-Not
Level 7: Villainess Witch
Level 8: Stagnation Witch
Level 9: Witch Adventure

91 thoughts on “Dungeon+Harem+Master

  1. Boring. Already read till the latest translated chapter. Seriously there’s nothing in this story.
    NTR? Meh, if you fine with netori and didn’t with netorare, you just need to change your perspective on which one is the main character. I for example change my perspective that the cousins is the main character in latest translated chapter. Netori. Done.

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      • The MC doesn’t get NTR’d, his friend in prison who is a former hero, Koizumi, was NTR’d by his wife and his really assholish brother, that’s about it. From there the second closest is Maggot, the MC’s first girl I assume, who was previously a prostitute before she was sent to jail.

        That’s it as far as I can tell.


  2. It’s hard to read the story just jumps everywhere. might drop, where are all the badass MC at. A kickass one would have broken out of prison and plotted some kind of revenge or at least let it go and start exploring and S***, but this guy is contempt at watching some prison rape and just waiting for things to happen in his favor. I’ll give it another chapter chance.


  3. Hello, I would like to know if you are still working on this project. My native language is Spanish and I really do not want to try too hard if they have abandoned it …


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