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Good Day, It’s Cnine, How do you do guys? This release is sponsored chapter by : Rupp D-sama, Izzani I-sama, Mitch K-sama Anyway, here some announcement : I’m joining this site, and you can get sponsored release by increasing my view count in our project which is [Seigensou] , [Spear User], [DHM], And [Bocchi]. . […]

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Good Evening, It’s Cnine. This chapter brought to you by : Diego P,  and Bradley C Thank you for your donation!! And don’t forget to give your gratitude to them who made this release is possible[Internet Provider(You suck when your signal is only good at 3 in the morning!) and donators-sama] Maybe some have a […]

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Good Evening[Though it’s midnight in my place]     Cnine is here, marathoning sure is fun[especially when your wife got a red lamp]. Anyway, this is Chapter[Double and Sponsored] brought to you by : Diego B, Mitch K, And Zach P Thank you for your donation! Without further ado  here we go : Chapter 54 […]

Seigensou – Latifa Side Story 3

Sponsored release; big thanks to Michael Miller. Ch. 14v2 will [hopefully] be released later today. I’m tired of Latifa… Jump to part 2 Translator : Cnine Editor : Vrryou Proofreader : Jake1456 Latifa Side Story 3 When Rio-san returned from the city, we start heading towards the east. I use magic to raise my physical abilities […]