Seigensou – Chapter 14v2

And here’s Chapter 14v2. In other news, Volume 3 of the Seirei Gensouki LN will be out on March 1st so go grab a copy to support the author! Just think of as a ¥535 investment for some pretty pictures (Riv is a great artist)… or you can be a leech and wait for me […]

Seigensou – Latifa Side Story 3

Sponsored release; big thanks to Michael Miller. Ch. 14v2 will [hopefully] be released later today. I’m tired of Latifa… Jump to part 2 Translator : Cnine Editor : Vrryou Proofreader : Jake1456 Latifa Side Story 3 When Rio-san returned from the city, we start heading towards the east. I use magic to raise my physical abilities […]

Seigensou – Latifa Side Story 2

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s your weekly dose of depression. If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been any progress on the side, you can blame the current KanColle event. I’ve been bashing my face against E3 for the past few days and finally was able to clear it today, hence having time to post this. Translator […]

Seigensou – Chapter 13v2

Earlier than expected but chapter 13 has been re-edited to be all nice and pretty for you guys. I never realised it before but editing really makes you try and understand what each and every character is feeling. It has made me appreciate the novel a lot more. Just an interesting thought I thought I’d share.