[Closed] DHM Editor Recruitment

Hey everyone, as you probably know we currently don’t have an editor for DHM and as a result, the releases aren’t really up to snuff. As such, we’re looking for an editor willing to work on DHM (bonus points if you can TLC as well). As a reminder, this novel is R18 so you must be comfortable editing […]

Bocchi – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Prophecy Evasion Credits: Translator: Blightscarlet Editors: SenjiQ, Crimson Nanashi Proofreaders: Cnine, Maleandar Hello my name is Crimson Nanashi and I’m an editor that has joined Cnine’s team to edit Bocchi Tensei, Seirei Gensouki, and Sevens Gaiden. Please enjoy the chapter and sorry for the wait. Chapter 30 – Prophecy Evasion Say…….What………… Right […]

DHM – Lv 5

All parts released. This should’ve came a lot sooner but time zone differences made it difficult to determine what I was supposed to post. Anyway DHM is back and… unedited because none of the current editors want to work on this series (me included). That being said, we’re looking for an editor for DHM and […]