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Chapter 7 [Unicorn Ranch]

Translator : Me

Proofreader and Editor:—>All slot filled!!! Hurray!!!

Double Release part 2/2



「Death Confirmed! ! ! ! ! 」
Syl made her report with lot of vigor.

Though it’s not like I’m worried about killing, I just kill three people simultanously.

It’s not like it somehow didn’t affect my conscience.

But, from those guys conversation, I know that they’re a murderer, I have no doubt that the one I just kill is just a scum.

It’s a legitimate self-defence, as for killing those guys, well let’s not thinking about it too much. [TLC : 正当防衛とも言えるし、殺してしまったことは、そんなに気にしないようにしよう。]

Well, now this problem is settled but.
……………………….Must I bury them?.
With the assistance of Earth Spirit(Gnome), the hole is filled by soil, and returned to it’s previous condition.

Their corpse’s won’t be discovered, forever. [TL : he is an evil one]

The problem is, Angela reaction.
「Ma…………….Master, are you…………..a wizard?
Angela looking at me with respecting gaze.
「Well, once」[TL : maybe, he is referring to wizard legend from akihabara]
The basic foundation for wizard in this country is that they’re [Magic Leter(Activating)*] by chanting. [TL : It’s written as Run as [Your computer is running], but it’s feel out of place so I change it]

Hearing that, Angela instantly confinced.

As for my activation, unlike the true magic, spirit magic borrowing the power of the spirits.

To avoid troublesome situation, I drop the topic when we’re entering down town.
「Uwa~~~………………….this is amazi~~~ng………….」
This slave girl looking at me with sparkling eyes.

Being looked by those kind of eyes, I somehow feeling embarassed.
「But just before, you’re unexpectly have guts」

「E? E? 」
「Those three people from before just drop to death before you, furthermore, when I’m burying them you’re not that confused」
When I’m pointing that, Angela face instantly become gloomy.

「……………The human race troops attacking my village hunting for beastman, tha, that assault…………..is even more disastrous than the scene before……………I’ve………………already watching more than enough of those scene…………」

「……….I see」

「……….Be, beside, those peoples, have awfully disgusting smell. All of them is a murderer, they’ve already killed someone before, the smell of dead is disgusting………….tha, that’s why, it can’t be helped that they got their karma………..」[TL : the real text said “It can’t be helped that they’re dead”, but it’s just feel strange]
Has smell of dead? [TL : I assure you it’s not deadly smell like from shinkanomi]

As expected of a beastman their nose is sharp, can they really sniffing as far as smell of dead?

Though maybe it’s just somekind of metaphor.

「Oi, hold on tightly. So you won’t fall」

「………….ye, yes. Bu, but, even though I’m just an ugly slave——–」

「It’s fine. Since it will be troublesome to pick you if you fell」

「……………..E………….Ex………………., excuse me………………」
While being embraced by Angela, I leap to the skies with 《Wings of wind》to the great prairie.
「I’m flying………….in the skies……………carried in princess carry by a man………it’s just like a dream……..」
Did Angela just muttered something that I don’t understand.

Gradually, it’s already evening when we’re arrived at my house in great prairie.
「This is my house」
I get into the house while carrying Angela, it’s a house that I created by hardening the soil.

It’s simple but, only certain part of the house. [TLC

Since it’s occupied more than 100 acre. [TL : 10000 square metres or 100×100 metres, so it’s indeed has a simple design and will be an ordinary huse if not for it’s size]

I have a plan to rebuild it eventually.

Before long, I will build a small brick castle in this great prairie.

I borrowing power from [Earth Spirit(Gnome)], [Fire Spirit(Salamander)], and [Wind Spirit(Sylph)] to create bricks.

The ingrendients is clay or shale, mud can be produced from the earth as much as I want.

It’s not particularly need furnace to bake it in hardening step.

With combination of Gnome, Salamander, and Sylph I can create pseudo furnace.

Actually, I already created many of them and stack it near my great prairie house.

Eventually, I will put them together to create a small castle.
Anyway———-I dropped Angela on the bed instead of pile of straw.
「Wait for a bit, I will leave for a while. You mast wait obediently」
Aside from that command, when I leave the house.

I build more than three metres high mud wall surrounding the house to avoid wild animals.

With the help from [Earth Spirit(Gnome)], I make the mud wall surrounding the house at it’s centre with 50 metres radius.

Wild animal and monster won’t be able to get inside the house, so it’s not a problem even if Angela is waiting in the house alone.

Flying in the skies, I’m looking for the flocks of unicorn.

It’s not even one hour, and I already found flocks of them.

I’m descended till only more than 100 metres separating my position and those flocks of unicorn which maybe numbered more than 200.

I release my 《Concealing Cloak》magic.

After this, I’m going to use considerably strong spirit magic, that’s why it’s necessary for me to release other magic.

Those uniconrs is being vigilant toward human like me, that’s why I keep some distance so they won’t be running away from me.

My mind is focusing at it’s utmost limit.

「Answer my calling, [ Earth Spirit King(Behemoth)]」
The earth split apart.
And, a gigantic beast with it’s figure covered by rock made it’s appearance.
It’s the earth spirit king, Behemoth.

As expected of a beast with overall length exceeded 50 metres, it’s force is as amazing as usual. [TL : Godzilla, as amazing as it is still can’t beat Mozilla]
「Made an 《Earth Wall》surrounding those unicorns!! ! ! 」

「Okay. Use my power, young spirit user」
Because [ Earth Spirit King(Behemoth)] granting my wish, it creating a gigantic wall with 100 metres radius with those unicorn flocks as it centre.

The thick earth wall then hardened in a minute. [TLC : Help–>大地から、土を固めた分厚き城壁が生み出されたのだ。]

Though it’s created from soil, with thickness exceeded one metres, it’s extremely firm.

It’s height is ten metres, which made it impossible for ordinary wild animal to jump over it.

After Behemoth granting my wish, it’s going back into the earth.

The extremely exhausted me collapsed on the grass field facing the sky.

To borrow great spirit arts from superior existance like spirit king and use their power is too much burden for me right now, which is why I left exhausted.

Just by using it once with my current physical and Mental strength, already made me extremely tired.

I lied down for a few minutes to recovering my mental and physical power.

My breath calmed down little-by-little, flying through the skies, i stand above the giant wall.

In the inside, those more than 200 unicorns is not that much frightened.

In the approximately 30000 metres square area, 10000 square metres unicorn ranch is complete. [TL : maybe he is talking about square inside that circle]
Then————-it’s hunting time.

I’m shooting with wind spirit arrow towards the unicorn that failed to escape.

It will die anyway if I break their horn, so I might be as well as kill them beforehand.

Though it was fine to completely annihilated them, I decided to only kill 10 or twenty of them.

It’s such a painstaking job to create fence[wall] to surround the unicorn ranch.

Thinking about long term, it’s necessary for me to take only what I need.

Without any carnivorous predator, the horse inside those fence[wall] will rapidly increasing their number.

In the first place, I’m thinking to buy that high elf, so I guess 20 of those horns will be enough for now.

All of those 20 horns, must from an adult unicorns.

I won’t kill their offspring.
Well then, time to collect those horns.
When I’m approaching them, the remaining unicorns already evacuating themself to the nearby wall.

How should I put it———-My objectives is only to cut the horns of those dead unicorns, I’m not particularly care about them.
《 Wind Spirit Edge(Sylph Blade)》
Then, some of the [ Wind Spirit(Sylph)] combined, and forming a long cylindrical sword. [TL : Holy———Is that a beam saber? ]

Gripping the handle portion of the sword, I chopped off the horn from it’s base.

《 Wind Spirit Edge(Sylph Blade)》is for CQC, it’s extremely sharp.

I cut off that hard unicorn horn straight from it’s spot.

While I cut the unicorn horn, one aged unicorn timidly approaching me.
「Young human」
It suprised me.

This unicorn can speak in human language.

————–well, though he can talk like people, a horse is still a horse.

I don’t feel guilty at all, that’s my conclusion.
「Are you going to hunt us till the last of us? 」
I answering he question that this old unicorn throw at me.
「I didn’t plan to do that. I will at most hunt ten of you for one year though. Since I only need your horn」

「I see…………..if that was the case, please stop from killing the life unicorn from now on. Since our companion in this flock dying by natural cause exceeding that number in one year. If you need our horns, you can take it from the corpses of our companions」

So, I will raise the number of unicorns in the ranch from now on, while taking their horn from the deceased one, that’s okay.
「Okay. I will do as you wish in the future」

「I’m grateful…………….. and then, this place is too cramped for our flocks. Though I’m grateful for that since there won’t be any beast preying on us for our meat. But, at this rate the grass in this place will soon exhausted for meal」

「For that, I will soon expanded the range of the wall」
Summoning [ Earth Spirit King(Behemoth)] and borrowing his power to create 《Earth Wall》, then made it’s position adjecent to the wall, I open apassage by creating a hole on the wall, with this I can rapidly expanding the unicorn ranch.

But, creating those《Earth Wall》is really exhausting.

Well, I will get better sooner.

After I collected the horns, I created [Big Hole On the ground(Tunnel)] to bury the corpse of those unicorn.

After that, with the help from wind spirits, I transporting those 20 horns to my prairie house.

Then leaving it on the outside of the house.

This great prairie is still unexplored by humans, so no one will try to steal this horns.
「I’m back」
I’m entering the house while carrying armfull of unicorn horns.

Angela the beastman slave trying to welcome me while she do her best to walk to me.

And then fall.
「Don’t overdoing it, your legs are weak」[TL : restraining my hands from typing “ your lower body is weak”]
Using her arms to raise her body, she is coming toward me.

Well then, how is the correct way to use unicorn horn?

I will bring it closer to Angela for the time being.

It give no particular reaction.
「Angela. Push aside your hair for the time being」

「E………….bu, but………………under my hair is very ugly…………I, it’s bad for you………….master」

「It’s fine」
Repeating my order, Angela pushing aside her hair exposing her left side with shivering hand.

Certainly………..It was hard for me to look at her left side.

This time, I made the unicorn horn come into a contact with the left side of her face.

At that moment, te unicorn horn shining brightly.
「A……………AAA……………aAAAAAAaAAAAAAAAAAAA」[TL : I love this part]
Angela let out surprised voice.

Before my eyes, the ugly left side of her face quickly healed.
Though she is too skinny, Angela is lovely girl.

Well, now it’s back like before she got that disasea.

It’s not just her face, her left arm, and left foot healed too.
「………..It’s medical treatment. Take off your cloth too」
Taking of her clothes in embarassment, I use the horn to heal her from the back of her body.

Because of unicorn horn, I’m surprised by Angela clean skin. [TL : her left side is previously ruined]

Thanks to her being cured from her disasea, she is walking toward me.

So that horn didn’t recover physical strength, though she still can walk by herself.

The unicorn horn that used to cure Angela skin and heal her from her disasea, it then crumbling into dust.

I just used one long precious unicorn horn………well it was fine.

I pulled Angela hand to made her follow me since she didn’t believe about the change at her body, and going to the nearby river.

Taking a good look at her body reflected by the clear river.

I think now she use this opportunity to made her taking a bath.

「…………….It’s return………….My old self……………it’s return」
Looking at her face that reflected by the clear water river, Angela keep on shedding her tears.
「Happy………..so happy UU……….UuUU…..Ua……….UUUUUUUUUUUUUU」[TL : Yeah, she is crying]
After bathing, and the dirt dropped from her body, Angela returned to the house together with me.
「Thank you very much. Truly thank you very much, Master」
On the way back to house, this beastman slave girl is lowering her head so many times.
「Well I think it’s fine already. You’re so persistent」

「Bu, but………….I, I’m, truly…………….really feeling grateful from the bottom of my heart」
Till we’re arriving at house, Angela keep on bowing her head in gratitude.
「Now it’s time to fetch some food. Did you want to eat meat? like rabbit meat」
The reason is because once I heard that it’s taboo for the beastman’s to eat meat.
「A, Ye, Yes. I love rabbit meat……………..Though I never eat it again since become a slave」

「Wait in the room」
I leave Angela in the house, then leave the house.

There must be many wild rabbit and deer in this great prairie.

Using the only true magic that I can use [Ignition], I set a blaze the growing grass.

As for 《Ignition》, it’s the basic of the basic of true magic.

It consume very little magical power, even I only need very little magical power to use it.

The [Ignition] set the grass ablaze.

Though it’s only little fire, it’s already enough for me.

I summoning [ Fire Spirit(Salamander)] from inside that fire.
「《 Flame Spirit Arrow(FIREBOLT)》」 [TL : Ehm, now he transformed into Bell Cranell]
I use flame arrow by borrowing the power of [ Fire Spirit(Salamander)]] to snipe those hare.

I kill it in one blow.

The nice smell of it’s grilled meat tickling my nasal cavity. [TL : Holy—It’s an INSTANT BARBECQUE!!!]

I hunt three more hare. Then end my hunt with one deer.
Though water buffaloes inhabiting in quite distant ———-well, maybe it’s okay for now.

Chapter 6 – Beast girl slave

As promised, it’s double release of Bocchi. Part 1/2

Translator : Blightscarlet

Proofreader : Cnine



「yes, of course. However, you must deposit 10% of 500 large gold coins are needed to be paid in advance. 」

「Deal! 」

Deposit of payment are needed to make a Provisional agreement because it is often the case discussed in this world.

Thus, if I can pay the full amount of 500 large gold coins.

Also, I have wanted Remilia at all cost and paid in advance with good judgment.

「Violation of contract is fined twice…no, three time. Ok? 」

「Ash-sama, for sure, do not match the characteristic for your age and reliable. 」

「Flattery is good, and by that, I mean returning 3 times back is also good, right? 」

「yes, and also that means that I can put it in advanced contract as a matter of special agreement that we introduced. 」(TL: adding some words to make better sense of it all, sorry)

By violating the contract, the requested product can be sold to other customers and return twice the amount of deposit was common on Earth. (TL: yeah no idea, I’m assuming 手付 means advanced or beforehand or earnest. dictionary is not helping)

Perhaps it would be the same in this world.

That, in case of violation of the contract, I would return 3 times the amount as mention in the special contract that was introduced.

With this, these isn’t any important matter that is restricted. Within this money, the greedy-like slave merchant would not sell Remilia to other customers. (TL: huh, what happen to the gay attractive man earlier?)

At least, between 10 days.

Recently, I got the feeling that my parents leave me doing whatever I want, I only receiving writing and reading lesson as minimum education for a noble. (TL: no!!! internet’s down! Manual translation with 1 program and a dictionary!) [ED : I always doing it offline BTW]

After carefully reading the contract, I signed it.

50 large gold coins of my earnest money was received by Radon’s pleasant face. (TL: well, there goes 66% of Ash’s money.)[ED : One more six and he become a demon king]

After a little while ago, his attitude was humble.

「Remilia is nothing, I want to be able to buy the slave right now. I am able to obtain one with price below one large gold coins. 」

「With one large gold coins, it will be the slaves that on the verge of being disposed……. 」(TL: help please)[ED : Done]

「I don’t care about that, so won’t you let me see it?」(TL: pretty much it sounds like the slave trader is disposing all of his unsold merchant.)[ED : the fate of bad product wil be explained in few next line]

「I understand, well then, I will guide you to the basement of the storehouse」

While I feel disturbed by his words of underground basement and disposal, I following him to the basement.

Gloomy underground storage is filled with abominable odor that make me feel Nauseous.

How many days, from their odor I wonder that these slaves didn’t wash their body. (TL: option 2: Many days, with their unwashed body and odor that would take how many days to be washed.) (TL: difficult one to interpret)

Because of excretion (literally poop and pee) have made runaway from inside of the cage, the body odor was mixed with the smell.

「The slaves here are unsold. From the start, these were St. Magic cult’s testing subject that are sold for dirt cheap price and stored them」 (TL: so sad)[ED : Life is cruel]

While listening to radon’s explanation, I feel some kind of sympathy with these slaves to since I also I have been placed in a very poor environment too. (TL: probably mean excited that Ash came to them)[ED : No, he just feel symathy toward them]

The mysanthropist me, can continue to look at them due to their severe condition..

They also lost their emotion and their eyes like that of dead fish.

Did they didn’t get any decent meals, since their rib cage are showing. (TL: assuming アバラ is loosely)

Th female slaves also have dishelved hair and tattered fingernail.

There was no significant difference in the slaves’ clothes as they wear were tattered dust cloth.

Compared to the first floor treatment to the slaves were too much different.

「Test subjects…… what kind of treatment that made this slaves definitely has that kind of eyes? 」

Even while I think about that matter I asked about their policy, so that I can understand them. (TL: erm, little help)[ED : sorry I also lost in this one]

「For discovering new magic, also for more understanding about new attack magic, specimen to gain an understanding of the effect of new secret medicine, and various things. Well, they also won’t survive till half year. Beside they’re lucky since they can die in peace. Because, usually the slaves died in overwhelming anguish/pain. 」

「……Isn’t it too inhuman?」

「Man-kind’s benefitted from it because of the magic development 」


「In the first place———this slaves here is scraps afterall」

Radon spat that line coldly.

This is the first time, I feel disgust and fear toward slave firm owner.

「St. Magic cult’s testing subjects task, who are unlikely to become waste inside of waste. As for punishment, the slaves will be sold to monster merchant. Even if they’re trashy slave, they can still become a bait for carnivorous monster. 」

The mood has become worse.

「Ah, As expected that human slaves can’t be disposed that way. Elf too. So their meat is exclusive for beastman slaves 」

「That’s enough, I don’t want to hear more than this………..Now let me see the beastman slave inside」

While I was watching the slaves that have been packed in large quantities in narrow cages, I asked.

「last week, the beastman slave that almost disposed…………..Aaa, It’s Angela, the beastman that sit alone in the corner 」

Radon pointed at one little girl.

The girl is squatted down while hugging her knees, certainly she has dog ears and animal tail. (TL: I wonder if MC begins to develop a obsession for these slaves)[ED : It’s the opposite, aroung 70:30]

She also have this dead fish eyes, not different from other slaves.

Her left side can’t be seen since it’s covered by her long black hair.

I get into the cage and looking at this beastman slave called Angela, the she noticing me. (TL: any creative way to call these beast-man?)[ED : Nekomimi, Inumimi, Usamimi, sorry but lamia ears are just like human and into monster type]

This girl face, her right side is extremely well featured. (TL: …Radon! cunning pervert!)[ED : no, Angela cuteness is actually one level below Remilia]

It’s slightly dirty because of poor environtment, yet, she is still cute. (TL: …ASH-SAMA! EXTREME PERVERT!)[ED : Second to that]

However, Her left face is basically ruined.[ED : yeah, the text said [崩れ=collapse, ruin] so I choose ruin]

To the extent that it can’t be hidden by her hair. (TL: imagine beaten up face, burnt, bruise and full of scratches. All kinds of punishment)[ED : try too add more gruesome feature like, a zombie[in resident evil] like face]

The upper part of her body is ugly and ruined, her face has swollen in many places. (TL: added some words to make sense)[ED : okay fixed it]

「Well, Angela is a daughter of the patriarch which is like a leader amongst beastman」(TL: seriously where did Radon get these big shots, or did he lied for more profit?)[ED : No he didn’t, BTW Angela rarity is SSS]

Radon continue his explanation.

「She is sold by our kingdom when we attack them but, she got an illness. Ah, no, it won’t infecting another person. Since that was the case it’s an instant disposal for her. In the firs place, she isn’t useful as a test subject. Her meat scheduled to be taken next week」 (TL: feed or be fed?)[ED : the meat of useless slaves become meal for other slaves]

「…………」(TL: leaving as it is)

「Although, it will cause some accident and fear if they know that they just eat this fellow meat. Rather, maybe we can dump her to drainage and chop her there. It can’t be helped that the rest of her meat are scrap 」(TL: help me with this one)[ED : Yeah the beastman slaves will rampage if they know that they just eat Angela meat]

「Is there no medical treatment for this illness?」

「you’re joking. That would be different if cured by the simple medical treatment drug. This fellow illness is to the extent that it can’t be healed without unicorn horn. Because of the ban law in this country, it’s price is skyrocketting, now the price for one is 50 large gold coin. We must violating the law, take a risk to aqcuire such valuable unicorn horn, then using it for this girl, we simply can’t afford to do that. Since we’re also having a bussiness. Such action will made us sink deep into the debt———」(TL: really a long son of a gun, please recheck it)[ED : I usually divide it based on it’s dot mark then began to translate them], (TL: ash got ripped off…)[ED : no he didn’t, the shopkeeper got 5 large gold profit while 10 large gold goes to black market(bribing and such)]

「how much? 」

「Eh?(TL: meaning “what?”) 」

「what’s the price for this child? 」

「…………Given that you buy this trashed slave such as her illness that she hold which causes her face to deform/collapse.」

「…………You want to buy this scrap slave that her face ruined because of her illness」

I nodded silently.

Using one large gold coin for a magic tool that took the magic of absolute obedience to the master.

Mostly, the magic tool cost that much.

「Angela! 」

From the voice of radon, the Beastman girl body shuddered. (TL: sorry. ビク = shudder or surprise, I assume) [ED : fixed]

This reaction was simply by calling out Angela’s name.

What kind of treatment she received till now, I can only imagine it. (TL: probably about her illness)[ED : basically she is treated like Tatsuya in his family]

「Your new master is Ash-sama. Greet him」

The little beast girl, Angela, is saying something I can’t understand with a dumbfounded manner. (TL: Imagine her surprise of being picked when she is designated as trash, left to die)

I already lived in my human life with detestable experience even seem to give up. This little slave girl is like myself, who doesn’t have confidence in her buyer as she is attached to the buyer. (TL: long complicated one)[ED : sorry, I will leave it as it is since I’m too tired]

「You slow!. Quickly come here! 」

With his hand holding the whip, with a snap, Radon strike the floor. (TL: yeah, Japanese Onomatopoeia is confusing me)

The shivering little slave beast girl became worse than a little while ago.


「Ah! Yes! What shall I do, Ash-sama? 」

While rubbing his hands together, Radon turn around toward me.

「This child……is Angela? She is already my slave 」

「yes, indeed honored customer!」(TL: erm…fancy way of saying my lord? Little help)[ED : save it for later chapter]

「if it’s the case, that sort of manner is threatening. I’m unable to stomach such violent treatment toward other 」

「Thi, This my humblest apologies Ash-sama!)

When I showed my anger, Radon hastily bowed his head deeply.

While watching the situation curiously, the beast girl, Angela, wavering as she stood up.

Nevertheless, I immediately settled this.

I guess that the illness or possibly malnutrition must have caused her to have no strength.

Her hip and legs were substantially weaken too.

So by confined in bad environment inside of the cage and likely to have not exercise decently.

「A, umm, I can add a walking cane as a service! 」 (TL: trying to be useful, poor starving slave)[ED : it’s Radon who is saying this]

In the horror that I decide to change my mind because she can’t stand firmly, Radon quickly said that. (TL: made her say it, I assume)

「Ma, Master, I, for buying someone like me, tha, thank you very much. Really…….I, I’m happy」 (TL: oh my god, a monster has been create!)[ED : what monster?]

The little beast girl exited from the cage with eagerness and expression of gratitude by thanking me.

Radon carrying walking cane while I paid for her price, she cant stand up somehow.

Even with the cane, somehow she can’t walk firmly.

If I expect her to be able to walk without a cane, then she need a meal to recover her physical strength.

…………。(TL: left alone)

I wonder if there is an effect in physical strength recovery if I use the Unicorn horn.

For the time being――

I approach the little girl that has become my slave.

「……Uh……um…… 」

Though I don’t particularly have any ill will, Angela become awfully frightened.

Angela’s petite body is awfully too skinny, her body weight is low.

Even for a 10 year old body, I can give her a piggyback ride.

I squatted down with my back toward the slave girl that I bought.

「Ride my back.」

For once, I command her.


「Ride my back! 」

I commanded her again. While trembling, Angela was bewildered.

Is this funny?

Angela is wearing magic necklace tool type that has magic of absolute obedience in it.

She is forced to absolutely obedient toward her master order, and, the magic tool won’t permit any resistance. (TL: sorry is I’m kind of switching prospective weirdly. I don’t know this world anymore.)[ED : the world is vast man]

If she refusing to obedient, and showing resistance, it will trigerring the [Choker(Magic Tool)] to tightening on her neck and choking her, that what is it according to Radon explanation.

I think it’s different from what he told, Rado glaring at me with half opened eyes.

「Ah, Ash-sama! 《Submission collar》 will correspond roughly to the command. However, in regard to the slave, your master stature command of “Ride my back!”is an unexpected circumstances, your master stature. In…In short, that order is unsupported because of …… 」

Radon use his handkerchief to wipe his sweat off his face, as he flustered to answer me. (TL: a bit of edited from the original. Sorry)[ED : I can’t even think the right sentence]

What, there is some instruction that can’t be ordered? (TL: think you got ripe off)[ED : he is just too unique-à refer to………well you will know few chapter later]

Though it’s might be because the one attached to Angela is general version of 《Submission Collar》.

「You, since you can’t walk properly. Because of this , I must carry you on my back, hurry up and get on! 」

Even if the magic tool didn’t work, she still following my order.

Because I’m her master, and she is my slave. (TL: こいつ = probably mean the homosexual slave)

「Ah……I, I, slave……be……beside,ha…half of my face and body…is…in an awful condition…… 」

「it doesn’t matter. It’s ok, so quickly get on my back. 」

「…………bu……but…… 」(TL: too many dots!! Is this a Morse code! Quick! Translate it!)[ED : call it a blessing]

Her face is flustered and she still reluctant.

「I’m your master, how long are you gonna keep me crouching. Hurry up and get on my back! 」 (TL: help.)[ED : ultraman come for three minute then killing the kaiju and back to M80]

「ah…………Ex…Excuse me…… 」

At last! While hesitated, I’ve been ridden by Angela on my back. (TL: no comment)

…………。(TL: silence)

In spite of being very skinny, her breast felt wonderful. (TL: …no comment)[ED : busty loli]

While I remain still, it felt decent. As I leave the Slave Establishment, I am carrying Angela on my back.

Traveling by foot, I move to the back of the blind alley.

I am trying to use the next opportunity to purchase furniture. (TL: is he talking about himself or other customers?)[ED : he need to purchase furniture for his house]

First, I need to bring Angela to my house at the great prairie, to let Angela rest her body. (TL: a little help please)[ED : done]

During that time, I will looking for flocks of Unicorns. I feel I should hunt at least one Unicorn.

Though I don’t know how far it will cure her illness, I need to use the unicorn horn for this beastman girl slave.

I’m not doing this out of sympathy.

Since this slave is already mine.

I’m the person who take care of my things.

However, because I carrying her on my back, I need to stop to borrow wind spirits power to fly.

Since Angela grip weakening, I put it back so she won’t fall from my back.

On one occasion, Angela let go from going against my order. Now I’m carrying her from the front.

As I thought, Angela is light. So I hold her in my arm with ease. I should carry her in front of me next time.

Angela seems to be 12 years old, but her malnourishment made her shorter than me, who is 10 years old. Above all, it’s because she’s skinny.

「A…um……Ma. Master…… 」

The beastman girl that clinging to me has her face flushed red.

Her face became red too, really I wonder what caused it?

「I,I……It’s the first time………princess carry…….how, embarassing」(TL option: replace “what are you” to “where are we?”)[ED : TLC neededà「わ、私……はじめてです……お姫様だっこ……なんて、されたの」]

「…………Oh」 (TL: it could mean ass)

Which reminds me, that I carrying her in princess carry style, I also realizing that this is also the first time for me but, I could only answer coldly. (TL: another long one)[ED : お姫様だっこ-à Princess carry]

「hehehe, Oi, that boy there」(TL: please retranslate this line, I am confuse)

「I saw you, I saw you. It’s appear that you just buy a slave from that slave firm」

「Give your money……….and that woman slave. If you don’t want to die」 (TL: solved my confusion from the next line)[ED : so sleepy, what time is it?]

Three bad looking man’s walking toward us.

Is this robbery? (TL: Oh wow…heck it is, stealing a candy from a 10 year old)[ED : call it stealing slave]

In this fortress city, it’s look like there is district with badpublic, it’s look like I’m around those area.

These bad looking man’s age look like from around second half of their teens till first half of their twenties, those three aprroaching me, I stand still and didn’t make any movement. (TL: I call them criminals because they are robbing ash right now.)[ED : maybe robber suited them the most]

It’s because, I’m using the spirits power. (TL: I think I misinterpret it)

Somehow, I wonder how I made it.

「Ah? Look that slave woman………Ugh, her face is」(TL: no idea what the katakana means)[ED : they can’t bear to look at her face]

「Though half of her face is good, the other half is already ruined 」

「it’s no good! I couldn’t bring myself to hold such a woman. 」

(TL: pretty much extreme insult)[ED : yeah, it’s an extreme insult]

“hya hya hya hya!”The 3 criminals raise their harsh laughter.

Angela look downward, shaking.

Her tears flow from her cheek.

I swear that I will made these three thugs have experiencing painful experience.

These guys were making a fool of my things.

I cannot endure it as they are made a fool of my things. (TL: got to set this モノ to something.)[ED : it’s my things]

「Since we don’t need that slave girl, give us your money kid……..if you’re shouting, we will kill you 」

The tallest man which is look like the leader trying to threating me by taking out a knife from his pocket. (TL: Replace bag with breast if you want to laugh about it)[ED : it’s pocket, or bosom pocket at the clothes]

I only flinched for a moment.

After all, it’s because I died from a knife stabbed into my heart in my previous life.

while being careful so my voice didn’t leak out which will caught their attention. (TL: change the wording a bit)

「If I say that I won’t give you my money——–what will you say?」

「Ah? Basterd, then, we will really kill you brat 」

「come if you dare」 (TL: or replace it with “try and kill me”)

「…………」(TL: left alone)

Something like thirst for blood dwell in 3 criminals eyes.

「Maashyu, then we will really kill you 」[TLC : 「マーシュ、本当に殺しちまおうぜ」]

「After killing you we will bury you like our previous victim, no one will found you then 」(TL: assuming “バレ” is Fuck you)[ED : I’m also confused in this sentence]

「that’s right, I think I will beat this cheeky brat to the death 」(TL: katakana is killing me!)[ED : try Tanslator aggregator(the j-parser parts is like oasis in the middle of sahara)]

The trio rapidly approaching me with knive in their hand.

They are seriously trying to stab me to death.

Although, that assassin’s dagger won’t reach my body

「《Pit fall(Tunnel)》! 」(TL: original is earth hole)[ED : 「《大地の大穴(トンネル)》っ!」à [Earth Great Hole(Tunnel)]]

I shouted and pointed my spell at the men’s feet.

「「「!? u、UWAAAAーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー*kaboom*!!!!」」」[ED : the original line said “Gefu” which mean that they’re dead]

I borrowed the ground spirit gnome’s power in an instant to create a large hole for the trios to fall down.

「Reflect for your sin’s in this hole you fool」

I thought that this might be broke their legs or arms.

It’s their fault for their mistakes, I have no sympathy for them.

After lowering Angela, she looked into the large hole of more than 3 meters in diameter.

For the time being, Let’s look at the condition of these men’s but—– (TL: using “を” so, the men didn’t ask him)[ED : that を part means that the line before that is object, it’s rather hard to explain it]

Somehow, I didn’t flinched.

The pitfall is more than 10 meters deep, is it a little too deep?

Immediately, they have trouble trying to climb up because their limbs are broken from the impact of the fall. They were in the pitfall that’s dozen of meters deep.

Such as their limbs…………their neck bone is broken too………… (TL: so…are they dead?)

「Syl, please look at their condition 」


Amongst the [wind spirits(Sylph)], I asked the first spirit I controlled, Syl, to check if the men were dead or alive.[ED : [シィル: ShiruàSyl], it’s different from [シルフàShirufuàSylph] which is the name for all wind spirits, Syl is name of first wind spirit contracted by Ash(she will get job change later). BTW, Syl also love Ash as a woman though she has nendoroid like form]

The wind spirit, Syl, went into the hole then come near the already not twitching men’s and flying back and forth between them. (TL: I got really lazy on this one. I want to finish it fast)[ED : NOOO~~~~~~~~]

and then, look inside the men’s eyeball.

「Death confirmed!!! They’re dead! 」

Chapter 13 [Wanted]

Start of Act 2 [Encounter In The Middle of Journey]



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TN : By the way, in Act 4 Rio will understand that someone from Act 2 actually scammed him[in a humorous way]

Translator: Cnine
Editor: Vrryou

Chapter 13: Wanted

After having spent a night at the Royal Institute, Rio slipped away in the morning and headed towards the market to gather necessities for his journey.
Until now, he had rarely ever left the Royal Institute.
The streets of the royal capital had not changed much since the time he spent there as an orphan.

However, now was not the time to be immersed in nostalgia.
He needed to finish his preparations and escape from the capital as soon as possible.
The Royal Institute uniform he still wore stook out like a sore thumb admist the crowd.
He had already cut off the Royal Institute crest and disposed of it.
Nevertheless, because it was common knowledge that only nobles attended the Royal Institute, whenever he came across a patrolling guard, they would stop and salute.
Commoners also kept their distance and gave him a wide berth.

Incidentally, for the past several days, Rio had not ingested anything except water and as a result, his stomach growled loudly from hunger.
He desperately needed something to fill his stomach as well as a change of clothes. At any rate, for the last five years, all his needs were fulfilled within the Royal Institute.
He came to the market in search for clothes and daily necessities, however upon arrival, it dawned him that he had no idea where the clothing shops were.
Wandering aimlessly for a time, he finally arrived at a marketplace located off the main street.

At that time, an alluring aroma drifted into his nose stimulating his appetite.
The market was overflowing with street vendors.
One of the stalls was the source of the aroma.
Since the stall was located off to the side, it had few customers.

(I’ll buy something from there and ask where I can find a clothing shop.)

Rio headed towards the stall while thinking as such.
A young girl was tending to the stall but due to the lack of customers, she looked bored.
A woman who appeared to be the girl’s mother was busy working on something behind her.

「Ah, welcome!」

When Rio approached the stall, the girl noticed him and enthusiastically welcomed him.
She was probably around seven or eight years old?
The sweet little girl possessed chestnut coloured hair, a prevalent hair colour in the kingdom.
Although she was a little on the thin side, she was lovely girl.
When the girl noticed Rio’s clothing, her expression turned into one of surprise and panic.

「Ah, uhm… that…」

Judging from the uniform Rio wore, she assumed he was a noble.
The girl became incredibly nervous.
It was public knowledge that nobles were extremely prejudiced towards commoners and often treated them violently.
She was most likely told by her parents to be wary of nobles.

「It’s alright, you don’t have to be so nervous. I came over here because I’m slightly hungry and smelled something good. What do you sell here?」

The girl becomes relieved at Rio’s soothing tone.

「Uhm let’s see, we have grilled meat and vegetables with sauce in a bun, desu.」

Rio smiled gently seeing the girl trying her best to use polite speech.

「A— Ara, oh my, what brings noble-sama to our humble stall?」

The girl’s mother who was busy with food preparations finally noticed Rio.
Appearing before him was a beautiful young woman.
She seemed to have mistaken Rio as a noble judging from his appearance.

「I’m sorry for surprising you. I was lured by the pleasant smell from this stall. Since I’m quite hungry can I ask for two orders?」
「But… uhm… I’m afraid our humble stall’s food may not be able to live up to noble-sama’s palate…」

The girl’s mother spoke in an grateful yet troubled tone.
She did not know what might happen if a noble ate her food and then shouted how it was unpalatable.
She was afraid of the consequences.

「Don’t worry. I’m accustomed with common food. I won’t do something like trying to find faults in your cooking.」

Rio lightly bowed his head in order to assure the girl’s mother.
Seeing how sincere he acted, the girl’s mother wariness faded.
Incidentally, this was the first time Rio bought food from a street vendor.

「Then, it’ll be 20 copper for two orders. Do you know how to eat it?」

She was worried because nobles rarely ever used their hands to eat.
They always took their meals using spoons, forks, and knives.

「Thank you very much. I know how to eat this so it’s alright. Here, please keep the change.」
Rio handed over a silver coin.
As the mother frantically searched for change, he told her it was unnecessary.

「But this much is…」
「Please accept it, and give your daughter something good to eat.」

Rio looked at the girl and gave her a light smile.

「Alright, then can you please tell me where I can find clothing, weapon, and armour shops in exchange? It’s a embarrassing but I’m a bit lost.」

Rio smiled bashfully as he spoke.
Seeing his behaviour, the girl’s mother faltered for a second before letting out a small laugh.

「Of course. If you’re looking for a place selling brand new clothes, you can find a large shop on the main street. Head straight down that way until you meet the main street and then take a left. It should take less than a minute before you arrive at the clothing shop which will be on your right. The weapons and armour shops should be close by as well.」
「I see. You saved me. Thank you very much.」

Rio lightly bowed his head.
The girl’s mother also returned a bow and returned to her cooking.

「Here you go.」

He was presented with a long piece of rye bread resembling a hot dog bun. Meat and vegetables were stuffed in the opening.
Rio stuffed the sandwich into his mouth with accustomed movements.
The next moment, the flavourful taste of meat juices and salted sauce assaulted his taste buds.

「Mmm, delicious.」

With a satisfied smile, Rio gave his impression of the sandwich.
Hearing his impression, the girl’s mother sighed in relief.

Despite using top quality ingredients for their meals, the food served in the Royal Institute could not even compare to this sandwich.
The difference lay in the skill of the chef.
He grew nostalgic remembering how he used to buy fast food in his former life. The seasoning used was superb.

Rio finished the two sandwiches in the blink of an eye, and after bidding the girl and her mother farewell, started heading towards the shops he asked about before.
As he approached the main street, the surroundings grew more lively and eventful.
He passed large crowds of people as he made his way towards his destination.
Unlike within the castle walls, the roads here were not paved revealing the bare soil.


Suddenly, Rio felt someone’s gaze on his back and stopped in his tracks.
Despite trying to find the owner of the gaze, there were simply too many people around him.

(Is it just my imagination?)

Becoming uneasy, Rio picked up his pace.
Walking for approximately another minute, he found the shops he was looking for.
They were located in two buildings, each three stories tall.
He entered the shops, quickly picking up the thing he needed, and completed his shopping in 30 minutes.

After Rio finished changing his clothes, he looked no different from an ordinary adventurer.
A one-handed sword hung from his hip, two daggers, a quiver slung across his back, a hooded black long coat, an olive green cloth armour shirt underneath, and brown light leather armour.
Concealed in his coat were several throwing knives.
Furthermore, he carried a bow and rucksack on his back.
Packed in his rucksack were spare underwear, socks, and a thick blanket.
Some space still remained for food and other necessities.
He chose his gear on the basis of stealth and practicality.
Although for a boy of his age, it would be highly unusual for them to be able to afford such gear.


As Rio was about to head out to take care of a few remaining things, a thug-like man called out to him.

「What is it?」
「You, could it be that you’re Rio?」

While rudely inspecting Rio from head to toe, the man questioned him.
Rio turned his gaze towards the man.
With just a glance, Rio knew this was the person who was stalking him from before.

「…No, you must be mistaken. Now if you’d excuse me, I’m in a hurry.」

Although he was curious as to how the man knew his name, he did not like the look of the man’s eyes and tried to get away from him in a hurry.

「Well, just wait a minute. Just now, a wanted poster for a black-haired kid named Rio was posted. Not even an hour has passed yet. Informers are quick at noticing these kinds of notices. And yet, the guards haven’t been notified yet.」

The man forcibly placed himself in front of Rio and began boasting about his acute senses.
Rio was forced to stop as a result.

「But then as I’m walking down to the market looking for something to eat, I find a black-haired kid walking along. There’s no way I’m not going to call out to him.」

With a vulgar smile, the man took a step closer to Rio and glared down at him with widened eyes.

「What are you talking about? 」
「Don’t play dumb. There aren’t many black-haired kids around here. Besides, although you were wearing the Royal Institute uniform just a while ago, you changed into traveller’s clothes to make your escape. You’re Rio, aren’t you?」

The man was glaring at Rio from point black range.
Although he did not believe Rio’s protest, he acted overly-familiar, persistently pestering and clinging onto him.

「Enough, you’re awfully stubborn. I thought I said I was in a hurry?」

Mixing anger and bloodthirst into his words, Rio coldly glared at the man.

「W— Wa— Wait, wait! Don’t panic. Guards will coming running over if I shout. There are guards all around us.」

The man faltered and took a step back at Rio’s bloodthirst.

「Even if you’re not Rio, the guards won’t believe you. Aren’t you worried? Right? The guards you passed before before will remember you had black hair.」

Speaking increasingly rapidly, the words coming out of the man’s mouth started sounding more like a threat.


Rio stared at the man in silence.
Judging from Rio’s indifference and his previous reaction, the man became increasingly convinced in his deduction.

「Hehe, and if you’re Rio, let alone escaping from the kingdom, you won’t even make it out of the capital. News of about you has already spread all over the kingdom through the magic communication tool.」

The man carefully observed Rio for any reactions, yet Rio’s poker face did not falter.

The magic communication tool resembled a device capable of video calls1; it was an artifact recovered from ancient times.
It had a maximum range of 30 kilometres.
On top of being formidably expensive, they were also incredibly rare. However, one was installed in every city.
Therefore, cities were often established within 30 kilometres of each other.

「Che, you won’t bite huh? Well, fine then. You seem to be wealthy. You have money right?」

(Ah… so it’s blackmail huh?)

Finally understanding the man’s aim, Rio’s mind instantly turned cold.

It was unknown whether Rio was dead or alive, but it was highly likely he was considered dead.
That was why he never considered the possibility of being placed on a wanted list.
He wondered if he would be executed if caught alive. Considering his crime was attempted murder of a member of the royal family, it was highly likely.
Either way, he was framed for a crime he did not commit despite being the victim.
It came as no surprise that he no longer trusted anybody.
As expected, anger welled up within him when he recalled incident.
His heart was gradually being eroded.
Suddenly, he had an urge to take out his frustration on the man in front of him.

「Well, how about you lend me some money? You must have gold since you attended the Royal Institute right? You were also able to afford all that equipment. In exchange, I’ll give you a place to hide. What do you say?」

The man spoke calmly, wholeheartedly believing he had the upperhand.

Even if Rio handed over some money now, the man would probably continue extorting him.
After that, he would probably turn in Rio to the guards for the bounty.
That was what Rio speculated.


For reasons unknown, Rio bursted into laughter.
The man furrowed his eyebrows.

「Ah? Why are you laughing? Are you touched by my kindness?」

Ignoring the man’s words, Rio continued laughing.
If he did not start laughing, he may have lost all self-control.
After having laughed for a while, his expression became solemn and he opened his mouth.

「No, it’s nothing. I’m not Rio. If you’re trying to blackmail this Rio fellow, then I don’t have time to listen to your crap. See ya.」

Telling the man that, Rio turned his back on him and began walking away.
He wondered how the man would react, but he thought his answer was satisfactory.
The man was stunned for an instant, but anger took over immediately afterwards.

「Oi! This guy is a wanted person! Guards! Over here!」

The man shouted in a loud voice while simultaneously reaching out to restrain Rio.
At that moment, Rio grabbed the man’s outreached hand and pulling it, threw him onto his face.

「Gah… guh.」

A dull voice leaked out of the man who was not able to perform Ukemi2.
Rio proceeded to twist the fallen man’s arm.
A dull cracking sound could be heard but Rio’s expression did not change in the slightest.
The nearby guards who witnessed the scuffle shouted at Rio to stop.
However, Rio ignored them and dashed away, making his way out of the capital.


* * *


That evening, in a certain room of Duke Euguno’s residence in the noble district, Duke Euguno, who sat on an exquisitely decorated chair, looked down at a girl dressed in a ragged robe.
The girl had straight, orange hair that extended down to her back.
Her age had not even reached 10 yet.
On her head were a pair of fox ears; a fox tail could be seen sticking out of her skirt under her robe.
The girl belonged to the beastman tribe of the fox race.

Most demi-humans including the beastmen tribe did not live in human territory.
In the first place, demi-humans rarely appeared in human held territory.
Demi-human slaves were incredibly valuable because officially, it was illegal to hunt for demi-human slaves due to the risk of retaliation.

Among the demi-human slaves, beastmen were treated the worst.
Since they were half human and half beast, many humans regarded their existence as filthy and looked down on them.
It was an open secret that many nobles had the hobby of keeping beastmen slaves.
Despite being regarded as a filthy existence, many nobles enjoyed raising them as pets.
They truly believed they were justified in doing so.

The girl’s mother was a beastman.
She was unfortunately caught by humans during a slave hunt near her village.
The girl’s mother was subsequently bought by Duke Euguno.
The mother was forced to bear a child at the age of 15 and died at the tender age of 20.
The Duke Euguno sitting before the girl was the girl’s father.
Stead was the girl’s half brother.

The girl was treated harshly.
The moment she reached an age of understanding, she was trained3 and disciplined. Traces of countless lashes could be seen all over her body.
Stead treated her as his toy, routinely violating her4; the other day he blundered horribly and used her as a target to vent his frustration.
Furthermore, Duke Euguno had her undergo combat training.

Compared to the human race, beastmen possessed much higher physical abilities.
Their five senses were also superior. For example, the beastmen fox race were on par with the beastmen dog race’s excellent sense of smell.
Although it would be difficult to use her as a frontline soldier, she made an excellent combat puppet.
Whenever a human and a beastman interbred, the child would inherit only one parent’s characteristics. Incidentally, the girl was born a pure beastman.

「This is the assassination target’s clothes. Remember the smell.」

Duke Euguno threw the clothes at the girl.


Giving a brief affirmation, the girl pressed her nose against the clothes and memorised the odour.

「You are forbidden to die. But make sure to kill him even if you have to fight to death. This is the only reason I’ve bothered raising you. Use your appearance as a child to catch him off guard and kill him. Remember that as long as you have that collar, you cannot escape. Go.」
「I… understand…」

Nodding, the frightened girl stammered her response.
Although she could hold minimal daily conversations, she never received formal education.

The girl’s eyes held no light in them.
Instead, a magic stone fitted in her collar emitted a dull glow.

The girl pulled her hood over her head and left the room as commanded.
Upon exiting the mansion, she began chasing the faint, yet still lingering smell of her target.
The girl started running and before long, left the capital.

1. Think Apple FaceTime or Skype video call
2. Judo falling technique
3. Like how you would train an animal/pet
4. Does not indicate rape

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Bocchi Tenseiki chapter 3[summary]

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Ash with his newfound power training really hard mastering his unique power[forbidden].

Time skipped one month after that bear strike. Ash decided to do his plan to collect money by hunting wild animal and sell it’s meat[he is commenting about his mysanthrope, but feel that he didn’t have another way other to sell it so he decide to do that despite his mysanthrope]. He then fly to the great prairie, there he hunt some wild animal till he found flocks of uncorn. He then decided what kind of attack he is going to use, wind spear, flame arrow, or earth attack. Finally he use wind spear to chop the horn of two unicorn without killing them. A strange thing happened, the unicorn that got it’s horn chopped off die instantly. Without worrying it further he is going t the fortress city to sell them.

[chapter end]

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Chapter 5 – High Elf female slave

Translator : Blightscarlet
Proofreader : Cnine
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Anyway, here chapter 5 of Bocchi

E/N : just noticed that after translating 12 chapter of Seigenso, somehow it’s easier when looking at Bocchi[It’s only somehow].
After asking from the second-hand shop owner for the location of the slave merchant, I quickly found the place.
There are 2 famous slave merchant in this fortress city of Carre.
First is Smith slave firm who sell their slaves in auction format.
Another is Benoria slave firm who put their slave in a display case, then sold them with a price that agreed beforehand.
This time, I went toward Benoria’s slave firm
I landed from the sky on the back alley that hard to see in the neighborhood of Benoria slave firm, then release The《Concealing Cloak》afterward.
Benoria’s slave firm building even larger than my parents mansion who is a local lord.
It’s a three story building which is rare in this world.
Well, slave merchant is a very profitable job afterall.
「You, a kid coming to a place like this. Brat, you should just back to your home and suck on your mama tit’s.」
Immediately after entering the merchant house, one eyed-skin head-burly man tried to expel me.
I silently, removing the heavy leather bag from my breast pocket and show it to the guard.
Furthermore, from that leather bag, I pull out one large gold coin.
「I welcome you for coming to Benoria’s slave firm! What kind of slave you’re looking for, young master! 」
Just now, they understood I’m a valuable customer in their business. The bald headed man’s attitude turned 180 degree.
Rubbing his hands together in an overly modest manner.
I am completely amazed by their sudden change of attitude.
The bald headed man is not a bodyguard, but was this shop’s owner.
He’s a bad natured merchant.
The moment he know I’m possessing large amount of money, his attitude completely reversed, maybe it’s his attitude as a professional merchant.
At benoria’s slave firm has a great number of cages with their respective
slave in those cage.
The guest near me also inspecting the slaves.
Price tag are written on the cage, the slaves price can be known at a glance.
They’re males and females slaves .
It’s not just human,there is also demi-human such as elf, dwarf with appearance close to spirits, and beastman.
Female are usually more expensive than male.
It’s only restricted to a young female, as for middle aged woman , it’s cheaper than male slaves. (TL: I feel some perverted thing going on with young one, and old ones are thrown away)(ED : you will know that later)
Still, elves are more expensive than human. In opposite, beast man were cheaper. (また、人間より妖精たちは高く、逆に獣人たちは安いみたいだ。)
Here I think, that slave have tendencies of getting a bad treatment.
One person for each cage, with selfish complexion, they were trying to be as attentive as much as they can (TL: mono- single, so モノ?)(ED : can also refer to a single person)
The slaves were handled by the firm, as they are very important commodity, are receiving decent treatment.
They especially giving a very good treatment for a young and beautiful female slave .
As for the cage without iron bars, it displayed a small room inside semi-transparent case.
Inside the room, is filled with most likely inexpensive furniture, the lives of the people inside those room is mostlikely more comfortable than those poor people living outside.
A young beautiful female slave sitting on chair while crossing her long legs, while the customers on the opposite of her estimating her price.
As for the customers that look like he didn’t carry enough money, she turn her head with enough courtesy, ignoring them by turning her head to the side. (TL: think he’s trying to say that they behavior depend on social class) (ED : yeah, she is trying to ignore the customer without enough money)
On the other hand, toward a customer with much money they’re giving the brightest and courteous smile they can give.
Anyhow, I think they know that they know they can’t be bought if not the buyer is not a rich man, that’s why their attitude changed.[ED : refers to previous line]
Moreover, there is various kinds of 『Master*』that want to buy the slaves life. [ED : goshujin-sama]
It’s not like I don’t understand their mentality that their life will be improved after being nought by a rich customer.
I just didn’t like that kind of person who change their attitude according to their opponent.
When seemingly rich and young and very handsome customer getting closer, the female slaves giving an amazing reaction.
Acting flirtatiously while frantically trying to show their appeal to the customers. (しなをつくったりしながら、必死に自分をアピールしていた。)
Since I’m only a 10 years-old kid, most likely they will think that I don’t have money to buy them, so I tried to go to the nearby case, many of those female slaves didn’t give any reaction to my existance. (TL: probably meant the slave thinking of him) While I pass by, they’re many enslaved woman who had no reaction to me. (From here on out, rushing) [ED : they think that he is too small to buy a slave]
Although, not just female slaves had to change their attitude in according to the customers.
Male slaves too, have difference reaction toward the customers.
Quickly appear from the cage is a burly handsome slaves, trying to show of his muscle to the customers.
Especially when a young female customer come to them, they’re doing that as hard as they can till their muscle . (TL: not handsome but sweating,
eww.)[ED : it’s not sweaty, it’s burly in other words they become a muscle
There’re male slaves that taking off the upper half of their cloth taking a pose, there’re male slaves that doing push-up and squat vigorously inside that cage.
Male slave, as I thought it seems I don’t have enough funds to buy them.
As I walk back and forth near the slaves, they didn’t ry to appeal me with their muscle.
Zoku…………。(TL:help?)[ED : you will understand what this means in next few lines]
Something like cold shiver down my spine.
Back……no, I sense someone’s line of sight aiming around my Gluteus Maximus*. (TL: meaning: butt, why not? sounds more interesting!)
I turn back to see who it was, one male slave send me a hot/attractive glance. (TL: bro love!!)[ED : YAMETE~E!!!!!!!!!!!]
With a fresh trace of beard that just shaved, it’s a muscle man with thick eyebrows and split chin.[ED : Collonel Armstrong from FMA]
When our eyes met, he is being hyped and tried to appeal me with his muscles. (TL note: Ew. Still interesting! It’s a good time to run out of there!)[ED : you will find something more dreadful than this]
Moreover, this homo slave send a wink to me.
My whole body hair stand up as I felt the goose bumps!
Furthermore, the muscular male slave even blow a kiss toward me.
I feel nauseous.
Unintentionally, I was about to use the wind spirit arrow, but somehow controlled myself. (TL: you break it, you buy it)[ED : HE CAN USE ALCHEMY!!]
When I check his price, it was 5 large gold coins.
Although there is no reason to buy him.
The male slave will also be useful for physical labor, that’s what I think toward this male slave called Ali but, only an insane person will take this
homo slave that trying furiously to show off his muscle.[ED : STOP IT!!!!!!!, MY HEAD, MY HEAD!!!]
As I thought, I will buy female slave for the time being.
「This person is our Benoria slave firm supreme goods for the time being 」
Following the bald slave firm owner, I was introduced to a certain woman. (TL option: The slave company’s owner, the one eyed bald man who introduced the female slaves, had given out the firm information.)[ED : this one is a crazy perv…..]
Inside the High class room with glass-like panel is an extremely beautiful female slave, that’s how beautiful that woman is.
To the extent that anyone who watch her will baturally admiring her beauty.
The beautiful girls are wearing dresses like the high-class noble and female royalty, her elegance is as if she is a refined princess.
I never seen so a woman this beautiful before.
Including my previous life.
—I want her.
That’s what I think from the bottom of my heart. (TL: any better way to express it?)[ED : done]
However, looking at the price, I was discouraged.
500 large gold coins, outrageously large amount of sum!
Selling 2 long Unicorn horn, I obtain 75 large gold coins that regular people can’t buy. (TL:each?)[ED : it’s two] (TL additional option: as it’s banned/outlawed)
I don’t have enough at my hands.
Surely, it’s the best quality.
However, I believe that this is really a value of one slave.
500 large gold coins… WHAT! In Japanese currency, I felt it would be approximately 500,000,000 yen!
Even this society, the stately mansion that have a garden would be valued this much!
Nevertheless, she is a beautiful woman.
Only that, I feel anxious since she is as expressionless as a doll.
As if she close her heart then giving no reaction to anything.
Smile. (TL:fake smile I assume.)[ED : it’s still a smile]
I see that doll like woman smiling in my direction.
That alone is enough to made my heart leap in joy.
But, the young lady’s gaze subtly shifted from me.
Rather than my face, shoulder…no. Staring at something on my shoulder, I can feel her smiling toward the wind spirit. (TL: Creepy, I just remember the hook man’s story)[ED : she is creepier than that]
Could it be that she also can see the spirits?
「How is it Ash-sama. This beautiful gem name is Remilia」 (TL: leaving “は” could mean incomplete sentence that may be picked up by other person.)[ED : done]
The slave firm owner calling my name by adding –sama wanting to hear my thought while rubbing his hands together.
「She, she very beautiful. Wonderful. But, whatever the circumtances may be isn’t she too pricey?」(TL: break up “いくら-なんでも-高すぎないか”instead of “in no circumstances”, sounds more natural for me.)[ED : do you like my version]
「Not at all, No No, there is no such thing! You see, this Remilia is a precious gem since she’s a High Elf.
「High Elf?」
Come to think of it, this beautiful girl called Remilia, has long blonde hair which made it not too stand out but, her ears is longer than human, and a little pointy toward the tip. (TL: Erm. Reword it if you wish.)[ED : done]
Is that so, so she is a fairy elf?
As for that“High”, it might be a higher species of elves.
「yes, it can be said that high-elves are noble of fairy races. Amongst them, Remilia is born as a noble with high-elves queen blood running in her veins. Therefore, including her beauty 500 large gold coins is rather cheap」
「he, hee」
「Though it’s just between you and me…..」
Radon, the slave firm owner bring his mouth close to my ears then whispering.

「Remilia is a Spirit Magic user who can borrow the power of the spirits. The spirit magic user is condemned as a heretic in this country by St. Magic Cult that’s why their number are dwindling. (TL option: spirit user group), they were recognize of heresy; in this country, the magic user drop sharply. That’s the Spirit Magic user over there. Of course, she can’t escape. Right now, that energy is sealed in a special magic tool. 」(BosoBoso(TL: ?))
「The Spirit Magic user……」
「Ash-sama、your voice is loud」
With Radon’s index finger in front of his lips, he carefully warn me to be quiet with “shh”.
「…………」(TL: leaving it as it is in silence)
「Anyone know that the relationship between the Spirit Magic user and fanatical mage of St. Magic Cult in this country is very bad.that’s why this talk is confidential. In case that conversation coming into inquisition ears, Concluded in the situation if the poor happen to subject to the inquisition, tortured, otherwise, burned at the stake is not that strange 」
The treatment for spirit user is awfully shocking story to hear.
I live in the rural town, Raan. Not just Raan, but also in this whole country are giving the feeling that spirits are being detested for sure to that extent.
With the exception of true magic, they were not recognize as exclusive true magic fundamentalist in the power of St. Magic Cult. Every day, the power of St. Magic Cult grows. That power and political authority has exceed beyond royal families. (TL: long son of a gun, help me on this one!)[ED : it’s nicely done, good job]
When I’m using the Spirit Magic, I must conceal myself from the surrounding so no one can see me. (TL: cause he might die in the future if expose!)

「Anyhow、I assure you that Remilia, who uses Spirit Magic, will help you at some point. 」(BosoBoso)
「But, the reason is that Spirit Magic are used with abomination.」(Bosoo)(TL: must be the sound of whisper)
Following radon, I was also whispering in low voice.
「This Fortress city, Carre, is the capital of the whole town openly manipulate Spirit Magic. It would certainly be better if they stop entirely. Where the St. Magic Cult fanatical magician believer come in, that I don’t know. However, secretly hidden with utilizing someone chance is a not a problem. The point is that, it won’t be difficult for them to find it out」 (BosoBoso)
「hmmm, Really?」(Bosoo)
Using Spirit Magic to hold a conversation with the beautiful high elf female
slave named Remilia is much more interesting. (TL: …this is the moment where
I am confuse)[ED : fixed]
As I though, I want her.

「However, I can’t buy her now」
「you can’t buy her now… Why? 」
The slave company owner, Radon muttered to himself as he catch my word.
「In one month, no, in 10 day, I will be able to provide 500 large gold coins.」
If I were to hunt unicorns in the prairies, there’s probably I can do it.
「Oh! That’s wonderful! Well then, let’s do this, Ash-sama! 」
Radon clapped his hands. (TL: Erm, just think it as a handshake or high
five.)[ED : reference to slave trader from Tate no Yuusha for more info]
「During these 10 days, Remilia will be arranged for you with provisional contract. During that time, she won’t be sold to the other customers. Please bring the money to buy her within 10 days」

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[A Cheating Husband Getting Caught When He is Cheating His Wifes] or [Scene Of Carnage]


A few days passed since Seria come to the stone house, in that several days she and Rio teaching Miharu and co about this world language.


Yesterday, it’s almost one month since he teach those three the basic, then he performed a sparta training with Seria cooperation.


At the same time he also assisting in Seria research.


Like that, Rio everyday live become so busy.


Till early morning on that day






The refreshing morning sunlight entering the room through the small gap of the windows of the rock house, Rio opening his eyes absentmindedly.


The color of light reflected in his eyes from the opening of the ceiling.


Since Rio goal is to get a peaceful sleep, henceforth he build this rock house, last night he’s also fast asleep.


Above the wide bed specially made by Dominique, Rio slowly moving his hands to turning the bed cover and blanket.


And then, at that time.


His hand touching a soft object.


It’s not blanket or bed cover.


Nor it was bed mattress.


It’s has more elasticity.


The object in his palm is a little cold.


Moving his hand a little, it’s somehow feel good in his hand.


What is this.


Rio moving his hand awkwardly, trying to discerning that object true nature.


And then—–.






A rustling sound along with a small charming voice of a woman can be heard.



「Su~……、su~……」[TL : SFX of sleeping sound]



It’s continue, the calm sleeping sound from his side, a bit doubting, Rio glancing to his side.


And there, one girl is sleeping peacefully beside him.


Somehow her age is similiar with Rio age.


Is her existence a thin one?, or her transparent feeling is a strong one?, the result of her mysterious atmosphere and beauty.


A beautiful girl with long pink colored hair.


No, she is an earth shattering beauty.






The girls squirming restlessly, tightly gripping Rio gown.


Just like that, her face is moving closer to Rio.


He can feel the girl breath in his ear.


Rio conciousness immediately fully awakened.





He is looking at that girl face in amazement from point-blank range, exerting all the power from his body once again.


He close his eyes once again.




(It must be dream………. I’m still sleeping. Yeah, there is no mistake about it)



That’s how he is trying to escape from reality by doing something like self suggestion.


Because, even if he is sound asleep, he will be wake up immediately when he sensing an unknown person getting closer to him.


Maybe he is become senile because of this little peace.


No, in the first place Rio can’t feel any reaction of outsider getting caught in the intruder detection magic surrounding the house.


And yet he failed to notice it, this is surely not a dream.


He is mustering more strength to close his eyes while thinking about that.


Opening his eyes slowly after one minute, timidly turning the blanket with his hand hoping for it to be empty.


And there, an impossible scene spreasing again before him——-.



A woman with snow white skin, extremely balanced and smooth proportions, soft tenderbulge—.



In other words, it’s a beautiful girl in her birthday cloth.






Rio let out a horrified shout.


The beautiful girl nex to him snapped from her sleep.


This kind of experience is the first time for him in his two life.


Awakened by Rio voice, the girl moving her body.


That movement is unusually quite erotic, Rio face flushed, then quickly averting his gaze.






That girl expressionlessly looking at Rio.


Rio body already covered with cold sweat.


Why?, how can it be?, I’m sleeping with a beautiful girl in nude?.


Shouting like that in his mind.



「Wha, what’s wrong! Haruto-san?」

「ど、どうしたんですか! ハルトさん!?」


And then, the confused Miharu entering the room.


Though this is a soundproof room, the door is opened a little, so all the people living in this house can hear Rio scream.


Thinking that it must be hard for them to only receive his favor, Miharu wake-up early to help him preparing the breakfast.


Her appearance which is wearing appron above her tunic suit her very much and really lovely.


But, now it’s not the time to be fascinated by Miharu lovely appearance.


Miharu has flabberglasted expression, looking at Rio in his gown and the beautiful nude girl.


In his confusion, Rio slowly covering the girl naked body with the blanket.



「Ki, Kyaaa!!!!」



Now, it’s Miharu voice that resounded inside this room.


That’s natural.


That seemingly honest benefactor of her, without her noticing about it bringing a naked girl, and spending one night together.


Though Rio isn’t that kind of person, the Miharu right now can’t see that fact.



「N, no you’re mistaken! Mi-cha~, Miharu-san! This is—–」

「ち、違うんだ! みーちゃ、美春さん! これは――」


It’s the worst.


Rio trying to explain to her in confusion, but he can’t say anything.


In his confused state, he almost call her name with the way he call her in their past.


Because the pink haired beautiful girl tightly embracing Rio with blank expression.


Snuggling closer to Rio, Miharu looking at that scene with wondering expression.


Looking at that scene, Miharu face become flushed.



「I, I’m sorry! For rudely opening the door!」

「す、すみません! 勝手に扉を開けちゃって!」


Lowering her head in confusion, Miharu closing the opened door.



「You’re minunderstand ……」



Rio apologetic voice echoed vaintly in the room.


Only Rio and the pink haired girl remained.


Rio hang his head in heart broken state.



「What’s happen, Rio? For Miharu to scream like that」

「何事よ、リオ? なんかミハルの悲鳴が聞こえたんだけど」


And then, this time is Seria turn to coming into the room with still sleepy expression.


It’s look like she is staying-up all night till dawn.


The panicking Miharu trying to stop her from behind.


Frantically keep saying clumsy words「No, No」desperately.


But, it’s look like she is one step too late.


The appearance of those two person perfectly entered Seria field of view.



「Ha, haha…..」



Rio stiff laugh is vaintly resounded in the room.


The beautiful girl whose body is covered by only one thin blanket, Cuddling her body closer to Rio above the bed.


Her bare skin that peeping from the gap of the blanket triggering Seria wild delusion.



「Fu, fufu…….」



Though her face is flushed red, Seria smoothing that with a smile on her face.


As a result, the two people mysteriously laughing in harmony.


However, each of their laugh have a different meaning.



「Please excuse me for disturbing, now you can continue to enjoy your time」



After saying that, Seria practically banging the door as strong as she can.


Chapter 12 [False Charge]


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Translator: Cnine
Editor: Jack, Vrryou

Chapter 12: False Charge

The field exercise ended on the evening of that day. Currently the headmaster of Royal Institute was racking his brain on how he should handle the matter.

「It’s been reported that the responsibility for causing the group to deviate from the established course lie on the sons of Duke Euguno and Marquis Rodan. It’s a fact that Princess Flora nearly fell of the cliff as a result of their actions.」

Hearing the report of the incident from the teacher in charge of the field exercise caused the headmaster of the Royal Institute, Garcia1, all kinds of worry.

The students strayed from the established route which had been confirmed to be safe, and deliberately entered the forest endangering the princesses’ lives.
Furthermore, they were attacked by a swarm of goblins.
The series of events were allowed to happen because it was backed by a number of influential nobles.

When he first heard the reports, he unintentionally ended up seriously considering an escape plan.

「Although there were a handful of injured students, thanks to the presence of several『Heal2』users, it didn’t become a serious problem. One is dead, or rather should I say, missing. The student’s name is Rio.」

Garcia breathed a sigh of relief since it was a problem that could be ignored for the time being.
Fortunately, there were no serious casualties among the members of the royal family and nobles.
There seemed to be a single casualty according to the reporting teacher, but it appeared that the teacher did not want to make a big deal out of either.
Garcia was extremely grateful for that.

「That former orphan youngster, huh. Well, this must be a blessing in disguise.」

Not to mention that Rio did not have a guardian much less parents.
To the kingdom he was only a mere commoner.
It could be argued that the King who recommended Rio was his guardian, but after he entered the Institute, the King completely disregarded him.
Garcia was told to only notify the King if he noticed any suspicious movements.
Since the King had to remain vigilant of the factional disputes within the Royal Court, he had no time to spare for a boy whose background was dubious at best.
There were simply not enough resources to spare for such trivialities.

Therefore, it was not particularly a problem if one such person disappeared.
Far from grieving, it was completely someone else’s problem.

「Only one problem remains. It’s regarding the person who caused Her Highness Princess Flora to nearly fall off the cliff.」

Garcia’s stomach ached just thinking about how unpleasant it would be to deal with the issue.

「Alright, let’s hear the story. Please continue.」

Despite his outward calm demeanor, it was only a facade forged with age.

「Firstly, the majority of the students including the son Duke Euguno insist Rio was responsible. On the other hand, only Her Highness Princess Flora of the royal family claims otherwise. However, there doesn’t seem to be any reliable eyewitnesses. Her Highness Princess Christina and Duke Fontine’s daughter have both chosen to remain silent.」
「Mu, that… but wasn’t Princess Flora a witness?」

Even if it were only one person, the opinion from the royal family could not be disregarded so easily.
However, if she did not have any witnesses it would be a different story.
He could ignore the two remaining girls who chose to remain silent.

「Yes. Also, that… Duke Euguno is strongly pressuring for us to acknowledge it is Rio’s fault.」
「I expected as much.」
「What will you do?」

The reporting teacher awaited Garcia’s decision.

「It won’t be funny if His Majesty the King is overthrown by Duke Euguno over such an insignificant incident. Sacrificing one life is a small cost to pay. Making a reckless move will only more or less serve to worsen the issue.」
「Then, I shall submit a report to the Royal Palace indicating Rio as the offender. Is that alright?」
「Let’s see… Duke Euguno can use this to smoothly deal the Royal Palace. At least this favours the popular opinion.」

Honestly, Garcia was not concerned about uncovering the truth.
The highest priority was to not let the incident spiral out of control. Pushing the blame was a convenient scenario. If he sided with the majority, there would not be any problems.

「Then, I will prepare the report for the Royal Palace according as we discussed.」


* * *


Three days after the field exercise ended, Rio snuck back into the royal capital.
The royal capital was huge.
Therefore, it was not possible to enclose the whole city within the castle walls; people were free to come and go in the areas outside the walls.
On the other hand, it was necessary to present identification in order to access the inner areas surrounded by the walls.
The Royal Institute was situated in one of the inner areas, but that did not stop Rio from entering through unconventional means.
Covertly collecting information over the past few days, he learned that he was already considered dead.

The district where the Royal Institute was located was surrounded by formidable walls in addition to having guards stationed at all entrances. However, thanks to Rio’s overwhelming physical abilities aided through magic, bypassing the walls was but a simple task.
Since infiltrating during the day would attract too much attention, he waited until night fell and made his way towards his destination via jumping from roof to roof.

(I hope you’re alright but…)

Rio was going to meet the only person he could trust in the Royal Institute.
He did not want to risk getting caught in the middle of the noble district so he circled around the patrolling guards.
After effortlessly infiltrating the library, he made his way towards his final destination.

Light from a magic tool leaked through the gaps of the door.
The person he was looking for, Seria, was likely inside.
Knocking on the door, Rio waited for her to come out.

「Who? To come at such a time!」

Seria opened the door with a sullen expression, but the moment she saw Rio’s face, it turned into an expression of surprise and relief.
Rio immediately gently covered her mouth with his hand as she was about to unintentionally cry out.

「Shhh~ I’m sorry but please don’t make a ruckus. I’ll tell you everything in a moment.」

The tone, the atmosphere, the manners. Seria instantly realised the boy before her was truly Rio. Tears began welling up in her eyes as she embraced him.

「Rio! You, you’re alive!」

As a result of Seria’s short stature, her face was right in front of his as she looked up.
Rio was already taller than Seria.

「Ah— Sensei, please calm down… Sigh… as I thought, I’ve been pronounced dead huh…?」

Closing the door in a hurry, the moment they were inside, Seria bombarded him with questions.
He already expected to be considered dead, but there were other things he wanted to know about too.

「Please tell me what happened! I heard that Rio fell off a cliff and died during the field exercise. To make matters worse, Rio is treated as the criminal who endangered Princess Flora’s life.」
「Uhm… I’m responsible for endangering Her Highness Princess Flora?」

It was a development that was a little bit outside of his expectations.
However, upon hearing the facts, he was immediately convinced.

「As I thought, they really were all fabrications. Tell me, what really happened?」

Seria believed that there was no way Rio would have done such a henious act.
Rio revealed a thin smile.
And then, he began summarizing the events that occurred.

「What the heck is that!? Let alone being innocent, isn’t that a meritorious deed befitting for a medal of honour!? …But, you’re in quite a precarious situation now.」

Hearing the story, Seria became angry.
However, her expression changed to one of worry in an instant.

「That’s right. It’s already been arranged to frame me as the one who attempted to kill a member of the royal family.」

Rio could instantly guess what was weighing on Seria’s mind.

「If they find out Rio’s alive, it’d be a disaster… That’s right, you’ll certainly be executed.」

Imagining the kind of treatment Rio would receive, Seria made a bitter face.
The handling of the case had probably already been decided by the court.
Once the top brass had made a decision, it was nigh impossible to overturn it.
Let alone a commoner like Rio who lacked any kind of support.
No matter how much he pleaded innocent, the outcome could easily be guessed.

「It’s probably best for you to leave this kingdom.」

The only conclusion she could arrive at was to have Rio leave the kingdom.
His current situation was no joke.
Rio had planned to leave after graduation.
However, he had no choice now.

「…You’re right.」

Seria did not want such an outcome either.
However, he could not prove his innocence by himself.
Therefore, she understood that he did not have any other choice.

「Well, I’ll somehow manage.」

Rio spoke in a carefree manner.

Fortunately, he had enough money saved up that even a lower class noble could live lavishly for two years.
Most of the money he received from rescuing Christina and Flora remained untouched.

「But if you were to be arrested because of visiting me…」

Seria spoke in an apologetic manner.

「I’ll be fine. If it wasn’t for Seria-sensei, I wouldn’t have been able to gather necessary information. You also believed my story. I’m really grateful, Sensei.」
「I’m content with just informing Sensei of my survival. I will prepare for my escape and leave afterwards.」
「Rio, will you be okay? I’m worried. Should I come too? Do you have enough money?」

Rio smiled wryly at Seria’s concern that was like that of an older sister.

「There will be an uproar is sensei disappears too3. Also, since I haven’t had the need to spend much in the Institute, most of my money remains untouched.」
「I see…」

Yet, Seria still felt uneasy.
Understanding her anxiety, Rio spoke what came to his mind at that moment.

「I intend to head towards Yagumo, the hometown of my departed parents. Please don’t worry, I’ll periodically send Sensei letters under an alias during my travels. I promise you this won’t be our last meeting.」

As one would expect, it would be scandalous if a distinguished lecturer of the Institute received a letter from a person named Rio.
However, he could avoid that risk by using an alias.

「Really? Absolutely? I won’t forgive you if you forget okay? Also, I’m not too sure but isn’t Yagumo really far away? Won’t it be dangerous? If you find it impossible you must come back here okay?」

At his proposal, Seria once again embraced Rio with a smile.
As he was finally able to ease her anxiety, Rio began considering various possible names to use as an alias.


* * *


Christina visited her younger sister who had been holed up in her room for the past few days.
If given the choice, she would rather not tell her the truth.
However, it was the duty given to her by her father.
When Christina entered the room, she spotted the depressed Flora lifelessly sitting by the window.


Noticing Christina’s presence, Flora answered her sister in a frail voice.
Seeing the state Flora was in, Christina thought it would be better to remain silent. Yet she knew it was futile since Flora would learn of that boy’s fate sooner or later. She steeled her resolve and called out to her younger sister.

「Judgement has been passed regarding matters about the incident. Alphonse received a one month suspension, Stead was determined to be innocent, and lastly… Rio has been charged with attempted murder of a member of the royal family and is sentenced to death. It’s currently unknown whether he’s still alive or not but a bounty has been put out for him. He’s also at the top of the wanted list.」
「Wh— Why was he charged with attempted murder of a member of the royal family!? Moreover a bounty!?」

It was the reaction Christina expected.
The incident this time became a political mess so compromises had to be made.
As a member of the royal family, Christina understood that.
However, Flora did not.

Currently, Duke Euguno held the most support in the royal court. Even though the opposition was only the minority, Duke Albo could not be taken lightly.
Although Helmut lost his position in the royal court five years ago, it did not stop Duke Albo from trying to rebuild his political influence through his son.
The two noble factions held radically different opinions on how the kingdom should deal with the Proxia Empire, which lay on the northern border of the Bertram Kingdom.
Duke Euguno’s moderate faction insisted on maintaining strained relations with their northern neighbour and conserve the kingdom’s strength. On the other hand, Duke Albo’s hardline faction insisted on mounting an offensive against the Proxia Empire.
While Duke Euguno’s faction currently held the most influence, if they were to falter here, the balance would be tipped in favour of Duke Albo’s faction.
It would not be surprising if a civil war broke out.
As such, Christina understood why her father, King Philip III agreed to Duke Euguno’s proposal.

Things would take a turn for the worst if Duke Euguno were to lose his position now.
Duke Euguno himself was using every possible means at his disposal to ensure there would be no obstructions for his successor.
He even went as far as to arrange all the testimonies of the students belonging to his faction to match.

The commoner was a convenient scapegoat for him.
It was easy for him to turn something from white to black4.

「I understand your feeling, but the matter has already been settled.」

Her kindhearted sister had yet to understand the dirty side of politics.
If possible, Christina wanted her sister to never need to dirty her hands with such affairs in the future. It was her heartfelt desire.

「…No, I can’t accept that!」

Shouting all of a sudden, Flora jumped down from her bed and bolted from the room.

She could not endure it.
She could not tolerate it.
Her expression said as much.

「Flora, wait!」

Trying to stop the Flora she never envisioned could display such anger, Christina called out in a fluster.
However, Flora headed straight towards their father’s office without so much as hesitating.
An Imperial Guard Knight stood outside the office doors, but Flora barged into the office without even taking notice of the bewildered guard.

「Father! Headmaster!」

For some reason, the headmaster of the Royal Institute, Garcia, was also present.
However, Flora immediately turned her attention towards Philip III.

「…Is there something the matter? Flora.」

He could roughly guess the reason behind Flora’s intrusion, but he never thought she would act so aggressively.
Philip III widened his eyes in surprise at her completely different demeanour.

「In regards to the incident from a few days ago, I believe the verdict to be unjustified.」

Again with this matter? Philip III could only sigh in his mind.

「…You know Flora. Listen to what I have to say. I do not believe you’re lying but I beg of you, please overlook this incident.」
「Tch, why is father also saying such a thing!? He rescued me and fell off the cliff as a result! On top of that you’re charging him with attempted murder of royalty!? And you Headmaster Garcia, why are you fabricating the report!?」
「Oh my, there is no such thing. I’m merely recording the students’ testimonies.」

Garcia floated a smile like a jolly old man. It was one full of confidence.

「A duke’s household and royalty share deep relations. The disgrace of a subject is not wholly unrelated to royalty. When the time comes to judge, it is necessary to choose the lesser of the two evils. In this case, the life of a commoner is well worth the sacrifice to uphold our honour. I want you to understand this since you also carry royalty in your blood.」

Philip III lectured his daughter from a logical standpoint.
Although Flora was quick-witted, her gentle disposition did not allow her to accept his explanation.
She was afraid to uncover the dirty truth.


Flora wanted to understand the father she loved so dearly.
She had always been able to come to an understanding before this incident.
However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not understand him this time.

Nevertheless, the father before her currently possessed the aura of a king, not that of a doting father.
Her subconscious told her that it would be futile to argue any further when he was like this.

「I… understand…」

She was barely able to squeeze those words out.
It was painful.
It was much more difficult to tolerate than she imagined, the pain that was.

「Princess Flora, as a member of the privileged class you will frequently have experiences like this. You must not let your emotions control you.」

Garcia’s advice was not something a child could possibly do. In the first place, even he did not follow his own advice on occasions. Of course he did not voice his thoughts aloud.

「Garcia, don’t bully my cute daughter so much.」
「Oh my, allow me to apologize for that.」

Having been lightly reprimanded by Philip III, Garcia chuckled and offered an apology.
Unsure as to whether Rio was still alive or not, Flora could only pray for his well-being.
The year was 996 of the Sacred Calendar. Five years and six months had passed since Rio’s rebirth in this world.

1. TL: Not sure whether the headmaster is a man or woman, but I’ll refer to them as a man for the time being because it’s tradition in the kingdom for the leader to usually be male
2. Written as “Healing Magic”, read as “Heal”
3. ED2: RIP flag, why you do this???
4. ED: For those who don’t understand, it means “turning lies into truth”.

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