RE-MT 176 [Incognito Janai]

+++Chapter 176「Depart Toward Asura Kingdom」 +++第百七十六話「アスラ王国へ出発」 Credit : Translator : Cnine Editor : Proofreader : Thank you very much to : Trausti-san and sami-san for their generous donation. WARNING!!! THIS IS UNEDITED VERSION!!! —-~~~~~~~~~~~

DHM Lv3 [Bring The Fire of Revolution In This Shitty Jail]–>title by Me by the voice of that poor prisoners

Lv3 [Let Me See Your Sincerity] Done, since I promised one month one chapter[but half-unedited due to lack interest in editorial team] Credit : Translator : Cnine Editor : SenjiQ Proofreader : my gratitude to Maxboripat and Diego Burgin for his donation. Enjoy~~~! DHM is pretty hard to translate, but have interesting MC[from my POV]. […]