Lv 8 「Stagnation Witch」

Lv8「Stagnation Witch」 Good Day, Cnine is here. Some of you might puzzled about the title of the teaser project I translated before, well you can read the earlier chapter to this link : LINK Along with this I also opening the recruitment For Editor and Proofreader for : (Eiyuu 《Shuyaku》 ni Narenai Yari Tsukai) The Spear […]

This Really Is A Teaser[ANd Recruitment]

Translator : Cnine Editor : MystiKnight Proofreader : MystiKnight Chapter 7: Student Dormitory Souji left the infirmary after he got Keiko’s permission to leave and went off towards the school building. In the sports ground dyed red by the setting sun, several bulldozers were filling up the long trench caused by that sword of light. […]