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Chapter 9 [Growth]

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Translator: Cnine
Editor: Vrryou

Editor Note: I really prefer Celia over Seria but Cnine prefers Seria so… =A=”

Chapter 9: Growth

Time flew by; it has been five years since Rio was admitted to the Royal Institute.
The twelve year old Rio was now a sixth grade student in the elementary course.
Ever since the time Rio transferred in, he continued to face opposition which continued until now.
Furthermore, the level of bullying escalated proportionally to his grade.

They said that, since he was unable to complete the Contract Ceremony even once, he became the first failure in the history of the Royal Institute.
They said that, his outstanding academic scores were a fraud.
They said that, he was performing immoral acts with female students.
They said that, he extorted money from his juniors.

With the exception of the claim about the Contract Ceremony, all the other claims were baseless rumours without any evidence.
But the Institute left the rumours alone doing nothing to dispel them.
Rio did not understand why they chose to do so but it was a trivial matter for him.
Therefore Rio ignored the rumours and did nothing to refute them.
The person himself had no intentions of doing anything about it.
As a result, Rio was left without any friends due to those rumours. Amongst the students, he was known as the most prominent problem child in all of the Royal Institute’s history.

By the way, the number of electives students could take increased as they progressed to the upper grades of the elementary course.
While many of the young noble students chose liberal arts as their electives, Rio preferred electives that could satisfy his intellectual curiosity.

“Okay, let’s begin with the introduction of magic theory. As many of you already know, I will be in charge of this class for the year. Frankly because you’ve had limited exposure to magic theory up until now, many students may find the contents of this class to be challenging, but since you’re all here it must mean that you’re interested in this topic.”

Seria was in charge of the overview of magic theory class which was one of the electives Rio chose.
Even though she was already 17 years old, her body stopped growing when it reached the level of a junior high school student.
The elective was unpopular among the students due to magic theory being impractical and insignificant. The only reason why some students selected the elective was because a genius was in charge of the lectures.
On the other hand, there were a handful of male students who chose the elective because they were charmed by the lecturer’s appearance.
There were 30 students in the class including Rio.
Christina and Roana were among the students as well as Flora who was one grade below them.

“First off, what is magic? How do we invoke magic? These are the two main topics we’ll be focusing on. Does anyone want to share their thoughts on what magic is? How about Princess Christina?”
“Yes. It’s a technique used to interfere with the laws of nature and create various phenomena.”

Christina answered in a plain tone.

“Ooh, to already start with such a great answer. As expected of Her Highness the Princess.”

Hearing Seria’s praise, the surrounding students sent Christina respectful glances with expressions as if to say “as expected of Christina”.

“Magic can be defined from various viewpoints. What Princess Christina just said is the definition focusing on the nature and essence of magic. Magic is a technique used to interfere with the laws of nature and create various phenomena. This definition is from the book written by renowned magician Zera-sama.”

The students displayed interest at Seria’s words.

“Now there’s also another commonly accepted definition focusing on the invocation of magic. I wonder if everybody knows about the process of invoking magic. Let’s see, Scott?”

Called by Seria, the student by the name of Scott confidently stood up.

“Yes. Magic is invoked by reciting the incantation learned during the Contract Ceremony.”
“Nn~, you confused the preparation stage with the invocation stage. Then, next is Roana-san.”

Knowing that his answer was incorrect, Scott regretfully sat down again.
Being chosen, Roana stood up from her seat.

“Yes. The process is divided into several major steps: creating a mental image of the magic spell, releasing magical power, and chanting the incantation. These three steps provide the basis of the invocation process.”

Roana answered without hesitation.

“As expected of Roana-san. As you said, there are 3 steps in invoking magic. However, there is one important concept supporting the 3. Do you know what it is?”

“That is… I don’t know.”

Not knowing the answer, she displayed a regretful expression and pouted her lips.

“I see, then how about you Rio?”
“It’s control of magical power.”
“Correct. As expected.”

The subtle sounds of students clicking their tongues could be heard in the class.
Rio knew something that Roana did not.
They were unable to stomach that fact.
Hearing those sounds, Seria could only sigh in her mind and continued with her lecture.

“Unexpectedly, no one was paying attention but control of magical power is the crux of magic. When invoking magic, everyone chants the incantation from the contract right? During that time, you are subconsciously controlling your magical power.”

Other than Rio, it was the first time everybody heard about that. Each one of them displayed a look brimming with curiosity.

“Control of magical power isn’t the only important thing during the process of invoking magic.
To control it, it is also necessary to know the class of magic. Why do you think there are magic spells that cannot be contracted by people? Control of magical power is closely related to that.”

The students in the class were keenly listening to Seria’s explanation.


Raising his hand along with shouting in a loud voice, a boy broke the silence in the classroom.

“Yes, Stead.”

Seria turned her attention towards the student named Stead who raised his hand.

“In other words, the ones who aren’t able to complete the Contract Ceremony have poor control over their magical power right?”

Stead looked at Rio and displayed a mocking smile.
Many other students did the same.
Rio ignored them and with a calm expression, continued focusing on the front of the class.
On the other hand, Seria slightly frowned.

“…That way of talking is too extreme. Also, your language is unacceptable.”
“Forgive me. I will be careful. Thank you for telling me.”

Even though he was rebuked by Seria, Stead sat down with a satisfied look.

“Alright, let us resume the lecture. In the first place…”

After that, Seria’s lecture progressed smoothly without any problems and lecture ended in a flash.

“As expected of Seria-sensei! It is worthy for a genius like yourself to have your name go down in the Royal Institute’s history. I’m greatly impressed by your deep insight.”

When the lesson ended, Stead approached Seria and began complimenting her.
Stead was a student one year below Rio, the son of a Duke’s house.

“Ahaha. Thank you.”

Seria thanked him with a strained smile.
During that time, Rio quickly finished packing his bag and prepared to leave class.

“Ah, Rio.”

Noticing him, Seria called out to him.

“Oi, commoner. Even though you can’t use magic, why are you taking this lecture when the only skills you possess are mere lip service and cheap tricks? You’re a despicable bastard who endangers the chastity of the women and girls in this class.”

However, someone’s voice rebutted Stead’s words.
Seria stepped forward and positioned herself between Rio and Stead.

“I don’t know what you’ve been told but he is free to choose any elective he wants.”

For Rio, this kind of trouble was a daily occurrence and he chose to ignore it as usual.

“Hmph, you lowly bastard, I’ll remember your face commoner, so you better start running away in fear. I’ve misunderstood you before so treat this as a warning.”
“What do you mean?”
“Che. Such insolence, are you pretending not to hear me? Don’t delude yourself, wasn’t it thanks to your underhanded tricks that you were able to enroll in the Royal Institute? In the end a commoner will always remain a commoner, an idiot that will slow us down, a nuisance.”

He was among one of the boys who clicked their tongues earlier, to whom Rio retorted.

“I understand. Then I will try my best to not stand out in this lecture from now on.”
“N? Ha, haha, what the hell did you say? I’m saying from now on don’t come to this lecture anymore, you.”

Shi~n, the classroom became dead silent.
The surrounding students gave Rio icy stares.
In the midst of that, Christina was acting as if the situation had nothing to do with her, Flora was nervously fidgeting, and Roana was pouting; they had all heard Rio’s conversation.

“I heard that you’ve been deceiving and harming the girls. You’re an existence that cannot be overlooked.”

Social status, lineage, prestige, wealth.
All noble girls sought marriage partners based on those conditions.
Since birth, noble girls were obligated to search for a suitable marriage partner.

But, around the age of twelve, it was the age when girls started developing interests in the opposite sex.
At this age, it was a fact that they were more interested in physical appearances than practical qualifications.
Even noble girls were not exempt from that fact.

Rio still possessed a boyish innocence, yet his androgynous1 appearance became more refined over the years.
To sum it up, his uncommon black hair gave him an exotic atmosphere.
As a result, the noble girls often made advances on Rio because it gave them the feeling of playing with fire.
Rio ignored all the girls who approached him.
Jealousy ignited in the other male students and they began spreading baseless rumours about Rio.

Convinced the things he heard were true, Stead accused Rio of perpetrating the contents of the rumours.
Never once doubting that Rio was the enemy of all women.
Even if they were just rumours, Rio found it disgusting.

“Hey. Stead, you’re a noble, so don’t accuse someone without any evidence.”

Having watched the scene unfold, Seria intervened.


With the appearance of Seria, Stead held back what he wanted to say.

“Even if Rio is that sort of person, as a lecturer and as long as I still draw breath, I shall not allow that sort of behaviour in the classroom.”

She clearly stated.
Stead reluctantly withdrew after hearing that.

“…I will abide to your words. …but remember this commoner. You’ve just made yourself an enemy of my parents’ house, Duke Euguno’s house.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.”

After saying that, Rio bowed to Seria and left the classroom.
Rio signalled to meet Seria after school by giving her a wry smile. It was a sign only known to the two of them.
After school, Rio arrived at Seria’s laboratory room.

“Seriously, they’re detestable as usual.”
“Well, I’m more or less already accustomed to it.”

Rio smiled bitterly while tasting the black tea.
By the way, it was Rio who brewed the tea.
The reason being Seria claimed Rio was better at brewing tea than she was. Thus whenever they chatted in the laboratory room, Rio was the one who brewed the tea.

“In the past, I was also bullied due to jealousy from my peers, but Rio’s situation is much more severe. Anyhow, they’re spreading rumours about you because the girls are interested in you?”

Seria said that while watching for a reaction from Rio.

“It’s because I’m not interested.”

Hearing the words from the unsociable person in front of her, Seria could only sigh.

“Isn’t there a chance for a reverse-Cinderella2?”
“I highly doubt it. Their house would never allow it even if I associated with them.”

Rio kept his calm judgement to the bitter end.
Judging from his demeanor, Seria thought he was truly uninterested.

“Well, ne~…”

While nodding half-heartedly, Seria wondered why Rio was so obstinate.
For anyone his age, the interest in the opposite sex could not be quelled so easily.
Despite that, this boy was indifferent.

(Don’t tell me he prefers…)3

One possibility hit Seria.
However she did not know of such a person.
To begin with, Rio had no friends in the Institute.

(I’m the only one he talks to.)

Rio did not have anyone to talk to besides Seria.
As for Seria herself, she felt that he was feigning ignorance from the talk just now.
Other than during lectures, mealtime, and sleep, Rio was either studying in the library or independently training outside.
Whenever she saw him, he was alone.
With the exception of herself, there were no traces of any women near him.
Whenever she saw him, Seria would always call out to him. In her mind, she saw herself as close friends with Rio.
Therefore she did not think he thought about her in any special way.
Seria had already discarded such an outrageous possibility.

(Or maybe he’s just ignorant. There’s plenty of evidence pointing to this. I can’t see any other possibilities.)

When Seria’s eyes moved towards the front, she saw Rio elegantly drinking tea with the refined movements of an educated noble.
Honestly, he became odious to the point that he looked attractive.

(I’m the only one who sees you like this. What will you do after you graduate? I’m wondering because you never tell me anything. Geez, you can talk to me. I’m worried you know.)

Worried about Rio’s future, Seria decided to ask him directly.

“You know, Rio only has one more year before graduation. Have you decided what you will do afterwards?”
“Ah that’s right. I’ll being staying in the Kingdom for now but, I’ll be going on a journey in the not too distant future.”
“EH! You’re leaving the Kingdom?”

Seria was shocked at Rio’s words.
Certainly she never expected him to leave the Kingdom.
Due to his outstanding martial arts grades, she thought surely he would aim at becoming a knight.

“Well, it’s difficult for me to stay in this Kingdom.”
“…Ne~, why don’t you work as my assistant in my lab? I can’t survive without you anymore.”

Seria said that while surveying the room.
It has been 5 years since she first met Rio.
Initially, Rio found the mess in Seria’s laboratory room intolerable.
However, after coming to the laboratory room so many times, Rio voluntarily offered to clean up the mess.
As a result, Seria was astonished at Rio’s housekeeping skills.
Nowadays, he not only tidied up her room but also brewed her tea and assisted in her research.

“As a noble, isn’t Seria-sensei also at the age where marriage talks should be happening? It’s not good for you to have a suspicious commoner in your room.”

Hearing the words “marriage”, Sera became dejected.

“I— don’t want to think of marriage at the moment. I’ve refused all marriage proposals thus far to focus on my research but it’s getting noisy back home.”
“I think Seria-sensei is free to decide when to marry, isn’t that okay…? Since… you’re already at a marriageable age.”4

Though Rio thought otherwise, it was common knowledge that the marriageable age for nobles were in the second half of their teens.
And currently, Seria was pushing past the marriageable age bracket.
However, Seria was an exceptional woman with both social status and remarkable achievements. Even if her age were to exceed twenty years old, it would not be difficult for her to find a marriage partner.

“Aah—! I might get left behind! Oh dear, I wonder what the men of this Kingdom will think when a woman exceeds 20…”

But it seemed like Seria was quite worried about her age and marriage potential.

“Well, personally I think the marriage age for noble women is too young. Seria-sensei is 17 years old forever5.”
“Forever 17… Wha— that, it doesn’t sound too bad.”

Seeing her murmur to herself, Rio thought she looked cute. Rio started brewing more tea after seeing that the teapot was empty.
He already knew Seria’s preferences.

After associating with her for many years, he knew Seria was very particular about her black tea. Rio could boast his tea brewing skills were on par with a butler.
It was good enough to satisfy a noble woman.

“That reminds me, the field exercise is coming up. Is it mandatory for all the guys to participate? How much distance will we cover?”

Before he realised it, Seria had returned to reality and directed a question at him.

“It seems the total distance is 20 kilometers.”
“Hee~. That’s impossible for me. I can’t walk that much. It’s already such a pain to walk from here to the school building.”

Seria fell limp on her desk; she grew tired from just thinking about it.
Her long beautiful white hair spread out covering the desk.

“I think Seria-sensei needs a bit more exercise.”

Rio said so while being both amazed and worried for her.
Other than for lectures, Seria rarely ever left her laboratory room.
Even for the daughter of a noble, would not being so out of shape negatively affect her health?

“Yeah yeah6. As long as there are carriages, I’m fine. Something like that.”

Hearing the typical lines of a hikikomori7, Rio smiled wryly and offered Seria the finished black tea brewed to her preferences.

1. Gender neutral appearance
2. Instead of female marrying a male of higher status, it’s the other way around; reverse gold digger?
3. Implying he’s gay if you’re slow on the uptake
4. Ed: No, she’s mine =3=
5. Reference to a VA in Japan who is referred to by her fans as 17 years + xx months (actually 30+)
6. Dismissive tone
7. Shut in

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Chapter 8 [Failure]

Roxism HQ


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It’s been 5 month since Rio transferred to Royal Institute.
Currently, Rio become a target of bullying.

On the first day of his entrance, he who can’t read letters and numbers. become target of sneer.

But, by reading the books in library, he learned how to read letters by himself, and remarkably caught to the rest of the class.

In the first place, He is actually a collegue student in his previous life.

With the exception of the common sense in this world there is particularly almost no problem, that’s result is inevitable.

The person himself is cutting corner in order t made himself not too stand out.

But, It can’t be helped that he is unable to grasp to the level of his surrounding*, so far they just won’t understood how far his level in study actually is. [TLC :…

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Chapter 8 [Failure]


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Translator: Cnine
Editor: Vrryou

Editor Note: This chapter was a mess both in wording and translation accuracy. A lot of changes (mostly TLC) have been made so many phrases may drastically differ in meaning from the previous version.

Chapter 8: Failure

Five months have passed since Rio entered the Royal Institute.
Currently, Rio had become the target of bullying.
On his first day, he was not able to read letters or numbers resulting in him becoming the subject of ridicule.
But by reading books in the library, he taught himself how to read letters and remarkably was able to catch up with the rest of the class.

In the first place, he was a University student in his past life.
With the exception of the common sense in this world, as expected there were almost no issues.
Even though it would seem like Rio’s progress suddenly sky-rocketed, the person himself faked a gradual learning curve in order to avoid attention.
It could not be helped since he was aware of his circumstances; nobody knew his true level of intellect.
By the time he caught up with the rest of his classmates, Rio’s grades placed amongst the top ranked students.

None of the surrounding students expressed any interest at all.
Those with childish pride satisfied themselves by continuing to look down on him, while others who previously saw him as a failure still saw him as one.
All the more since he was formerly an orphan.

However Rio did not intend to interact with other students either so he had no connections with anybody in his class.
Rio only used the Institute as a place for acquiring knowledge about the world; that was all.

Since the surrounding students continued to ignore him, he led a lonely school life. Not that it mattered because he was already used to being alone during University in his former life.
Rio did not form bonds with any students as he did not need their help for any of his school work. He was not bothered by the degree of ignorance he received from the students either.
It seemed there were various slanders made behind his back due to their envy of his results.

However an event that allowed the surrounding students to openly express their resentment finally occurred in magic class.
When the time came where he could perceive magic, Rio was finally allowed to perform the Contract Ceremony.
The steps to performing the System Contract1 were very simple.
A geometrical pattern called the magic formation was drawn on the ground; the contractor then stands on top of it whilst meditating while releasing magical power and chanting an incantation.
If the contract is successful, the magic formation drawn on the ground disappears and becomes engraved on the contractor’s body instead.
The contract formation’s pattern increases in complexity proportional to the rank of the magic.

“I did it! I was able to do it!”
“Oh that’s just the elementary class magic <Ignition>2. It’s to be expected that you’d succeed. There never has been a case where someone failed.”

Lectures were carried out about different types of magicians3 by different lecturers.
Because Rio was an all-rounder type, he had to attend lectures from both sides.

The nearby students raised their voices in glee as they succeeded their Contract Ceremonies.
Unfortunately, Rio had yet to succeed in performing a contract.

(Why? This is… I understand the procedure yet for some reason… Contract attempts keep failing.)

Rio was puzzled.

When he stood on the magic formation and channelled magical power into it to create the contract, he somehow acquired an understanding about the details of the magic.
However before the contract could complete, his body rejected it.

One person, two persons, the students who successfully completed the contract continued to increase.
Until only Rio was left.
The astute among them quickly picked up on that.

“Oi, that Rio can’t complete his contract!”

Eyes of many students practising their magic in high-spirits gathered on Rio.
There was a large distinction between those who could use magic and those who could not.
This became increasingly clear during war where magic users became the leading actors.
Even if they did not approach the front lines, magic users still gained that kind of prestige.
In addition, those who awakened to their magical prowess gained longer lasting youth.
That was why many among the privileged class learned magic as a testimony to their status.
It was due to such a reason that the Royal Institute incorporated magic into their curriculum as a mandatory subject.
And because the amount of magical power is inherited from a child’s parents, noble children were sent to school in search of potential marriage partners. Therefore for most students, it was necessary for them to attend lectures pertaining to magic.

Recently, the other students could not stomach the former orphan who stole the top academic ranks yet could not complete the Contract Ceremony.
Now an excuse emerged for them to openly ridicule Rio. It was definitely a blessing for the ones try to hold in their disgust.
Magic can only be wielded by the chosen few; being an all-rounder type was a lie; a former orphan is still an orphan after all. They happily jeered at him.
Eventually, they would think the Spirit Light Stone malfunctioned; Rio was not fit for the Royal Institute; Rio’s outstanding academic performance was a fraud, and so they went on saying these malicious things.
The lecturer tried to control the situation but was ignored and the students continued whispering criticisms against Rio.
Ever since that day, Rio had not been able to succeed in the Contract Ceremony.

“Rio, come to my lab room after school.”

Rio was called by Seria after the math lecture ended.
After school, he headed towards the laboratory room.

“Excuse me.”

He often chatted with Seria so it was not unusual for him to come by her laboratory room.
Rio enjoyed talking with Seria because somehow their wavelengths matched allowing them to converse naturally.

“Good, you came. I heard. You weren’t able to perform the Contract Ceremony?”
“I’m afraid so.”

Seria jumped straight to the main topic when Rio entered the room.
The reason was because Rio often answered her straight-forward questions.
Somehow or another she picked up the story about him failing his contract.

“You’re able to perceive magic right?”

Seria put her hand to her chin entering into deep thought after Rio replied.
When she assumed this posture, Rio understood she would become unresponsive to anything he said so he waited in silence.

“…For example, the elementary magic spells <Ignition> and <Create Water>, you weren’t able to complete their contracts right?”
“Regrettably yes.”

He shrugged his shoulders while answering Seria’s question.
Probably because magic did not exist in his former world, he did not feel it was absolutely necessary to be able to use it. Yet there was still a lingering desire to try the unknown.
Therefore he felt disappointed about his current situation.

“…It’s strange. I think the cause for your failure is… is because you can’t control your magical power? No, because an elementary magic spell only requires magic perception to succeed…”

Seria grumbled to herself while lying face down.

“I’m sorry. I can’t determine the cause of your failure.”

After organising her thoughts, Seria raised her head and apologised in vexation.

“I don’t mind. Besides we still haven’t established the fact that the contract is impossible so I can take heart in that fact for now.”
“I see, well, even though I don’t understand, I’ll still hear you out and provide as much advice as possible.”
“Thank you very much. By the way, what kind of sensation do you feel when the Contract Ceremony succeeds?”

Rio immediately raised a question.
He was still anxious about the contract.

“Sensation? Nn~ let’s see. It feels like something flows into your body and it becomes hot after that?”

Seria answered Rio with uncertainty.
“Will you understand the contents of the contract?”
“Understand the contents of the contract? What do you mean?”
“E~tto, how to say it, the phenomenon of how the magic spell is able to interfere with the laws of nature4?”

Rio thought back to when he was performing the contract and tried to simplify his explanation as much as possible.

“Why ask? Well it’s okay, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t understand. If magic research advances more I will understand. I mean, that is my research topic.”

(Am I strange? I can see that she doesn’t understand me… isn’t this bad?”

Rio knew he could not provide an answer for Seria and instantly recognised the danger of his careless question.
Many humans in this world believed in religious deities.
It was common knowledge that magic was a sacred power bestowed onto the human race by Gods.
Only by performing the Contract Ceremony would they come to an understanding about the contents of that sacred power.
The pious believer— no, the general population of believers would treat him as a heretic if he slipped up.

“Is that so? I think I can use your ideas as a reference to understand the sense of a completed contract.”

Rio could not talk about what he truly felt to Seria.
It did not mean he did not trust Seria, just that he needed to investigate the matter a bit further.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t serve as a reference.”
“No, I understand it even if just a little bit. About how each person senses it. I’m sorry for saying some odd things.”
“Well that… it was an interesting point of view. The feeling when the contract is completed. I haven’t thought much about it either. It would be interesting to perform a survey about that…”

By hearing Rio’s words, Seria had a flash of inspiration.
Once again, she displayed an expression of deep interest and immersed herself in her own world.

(She really is a researcher at heart.)

Rio could only smile wryly at Seria’s state.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I tend to get carried away whenever I begin thinking about something.”

Seria laughed bashfully with a flushed face.

“Not at all, because I was able to get a glimpse of Sensei’s lovely face.”
“Na— ba-baka!”

Seria’s face reddened in embarrassment.
Somehow, she seemed weak against jokes.

“T-That kind of thing, is Rio okay with it? Your classmates are quite awful; they’re cheerfully insulting and mocking you. Are you by any chance being bullied?”

Rio felt that Seria was trying to change the subject. Though from her question, she seemed genuinely worried about him.

“Thank you for worrying about me but there aren’t any problems in particular.”

Rio felt happy about her concern so he answered in a way not to cause her any worry.

“Rio has a really dry sense of humour unsuited for his age… Are you really alright?”

Seria asked once more to make sure.

“Should I say I’m bullied? The degree of bullying is still that of a cute child. I can just ignore it. It’s only some badmouthing behind my back.”
“That, so it’s just teasing. Ha~ so the bullying done by nobles is quite lousy.”

Seria roughly scratched her head.

“I think Rio’s intelligence is similar to mine. You instantly absorbed everything I taught you and your academic results rose at an unbelievable rate too.”

Seria suddenly said that with a serious expression.

“You think too highly of me. …Anyone could do the same if they put in the effort.”

Seria thought Rio was intelligent but it was only thanks to him retaining knowledge from his previous life, Rio thought so.

“I know Rio puts in the effort. You’re always up late studying in the library.”

Saying that, Seria had a heart-warming expression while tenderly looking at Rio.

“But you know, it’s natural to make an effort. There doesn’t exist a genius who doesn’t make an effort. People become intelligent simply because they put in the effort. They put in the effort because they are intelligent5. That’s how it is. That’s why Rio is smart. As someone who is praised as a genius, I can guarantee that.”
“That is… I am honoured. Thank you very much.”
“Yes. You’re welcome. It’s only that, I’m worried about Rio.”

Saying that, Seria’s expression darkened a little.

“There are many nobles in the Institute. Won’t they instantly compare themselves to you? They’ll become jealous since you surpassed them. Rio is clever so I don’t believe that you’re one to and bottle everything up… right?”

Seria said that with a bashful face causing Rio to smile slightly.

“Thank you for worrying about me. I assure you I’m fine. Look at it this way; I can face my stress because an understanding person is here to support me. Besides, I have the nerves to shamelessly complain to you if needed.”
“A seven year old is telling me how to deal with stress…”

Seria was astonished but still smiled while saying that.

“Well it’s no good this time so please allow me to rely on you Seria-sensei.”

And Rio looked at Seria with a mischievous smile.
Seria broke into a wide smile when she saw Rio acting like that.

“Alright. I’ll lend you my chest this time.”

She opened her arms in order to embrace him with her small body.

“Well, since Seria-sensei is very small, I’ll have to lower my body to be held by you right?”
“Na!? Very small you say! I’m still growing!”
“Haha, I know. You’re still only 12 years old.”
“I— I feel like I’m being treated as a child by someone who’s younger than me…”

Seria tasted a strange sense of defeat.
They laughed together and thus the day ended.

Then the next day Rio came to school, he noticed the bullying had escalated to a new level.
The desk he usually sat at was vandalised with many cuts and scratches on its surface from what seemed like a knife.
In addition, a flower was placed on the desk.
This flower was usually offered to the dead in the Bertram Kingdom, it was definitely not something to be given to the living.

It seemed they were finally using a more tangible method of bullying.
Yesterday’s magic lecture acted as the trigger.
To perform something as tasteless as this, Rio was amazed at the level of hatred they harboured.

He looked at the condition of his desk and chair, and then surveyed the surrounding students.
Some of them averted their eyes but most of them were sneering and laughing at him.
Those whose families were of higher ranked nobles were particularly nasty.
They did not bother to try and hide their contempt.
By chance, when Rio caught the eyes of Christina and Roana seated near the group of higher ranked nobles, they avoided his gaze with sullen expressions.
Before long the lecturer entered the classroom and noticed disastrous state of Rio’s desk.

“O-Oi, what happened to that desk?”

When the lecturer noticed the meaning behind the flower placed on the desk, he became perplexed and asked the students about the situation.

“Since that’s where Rio always sits, wouldn’t he be the culprit?”

The one that said so was one of Roana’s fans.

“Is that so?”

Hearing that the lecturer turned to Rio.

“No. The desk was already in that condition when I arrived this morning.”
“Is that the truth?”

The lecturer stared at Rio doubtfully.
To be frank, he did not care about it but it would not be amusing if he was falsely accused.
He intended to get back at them with a bit of revenge—

“Why would I vandalise my own seat? Furthermore, I know that according to the Kingdom’s laws, destroying public property is a criminal act and the offender will be lashed and fined as punishment.”

Rio spoke his defence without faltering.

“However I truly doubt the students of the prestigious Royal Institute would ever commit such tasteless acts. Surely it must have been a stray goblin? It is a serious issue if a goblin has infiltrated the school. A request should be submitted to reinforce the city guards.”

He made himself more convincing by maintaining a serious expression throughout his talk.

“Mu, t-that… right…”

The lecturer’s face cramped up after hearing Rio’s reasoning.
It was not that the lecturer did not trust Rio. He could already guess who the offender was but he did not want to provoke the high ranked noble families.
Therefore he placed his doubts on Rio but the answer he received far exceeded his expectations.

It could be said that the goblin was the most well-known monster in this world.
It was the weakest amongst monsters, possessing low intelligence but strong sexual desires.
To compare a human against a goblin was considered the greatest insult.
Although Rio did say it was the work of a goblin, it was clearly the deed of a human.
He refused to acknowledge the culprit to be a student within the Institute but kept insisting a goblin was behind the misdeed.
It was all just sophistry but he dared to ridicule the culprit.

As if admitting he was the culprit, a student glared at Rio with a scornful expression as if he could no longer stand Rio’s presence.
But he could not rebut Rio either.
It would be equivalent to openly admitting his fault.
Improvisation by considering every possibility, it was a truly intricate retaliation.

The lecturer felt that he accidentally awoke a sleeping dragon.
When Rio looked around the classroom, as expected, a number of students belonging to senior nobility were cursing Rio to death.
Perhaps they were the culprits.

“…Sorry, Rio please move to another seat. I will collect the flower after lecture.”

The lecturer decided to quickly begin the lecture to avoid any more trouble.
Rio seated himself at a vacant desk as he was told.
After the lecture, a number of students deliberately slandered Rio so that others could also hear.
They talked about how Rio failed the Contract Ceremony; the mocking atmosphere returned to the classroom.
Others who were unhappy about Rio immediately joined in.

Rio on the other hand simply ignored them.
It was a childish relationship that would last until graduation.
He had better things to think about such as why the Contract Ceremony failed and other things involving magic.

He could strengthen his physical abilities and body with magical power.
Yet he could not complete the contract.

Rio currently only held a snippet of knowledge pertaining to magic.

First, he could see magical power with eyes.
Second, he could strengthen his physical abilities and body with magical power.
Third, when performing the Contract Ceremony, he could understand how the magic spell interfered with the laws of nature.
Fourth, for some reason right before the magic formation can engrave itself into his body, it was rejected.
Fifth, even though he could perceive the magic carved into the magic formation, he could not understand its contents.

From those facts alone, Rio was unable to deduce the reason for why the Contract Ceremony failed.
But if he could not complete the Contract Ceremony, he would be unable to use magic, was what Rio thought.
Because he had to understand the method of invoking magic through the magic spell.
Then he should be able to use magic if he imitated those principles.
It did not take long until he arrived at that conclusion.

If humans who were able to use magic were considered the hardware, then the software would be the magic spell.
Rio recognised magic as such.
Then the Contract Ceremony would be the software; he felt like he was misinterpreting something that could not be expressed by words.
Certainly, by using a magic spell one could intervene with the laws of nature.
But he was missing one crucial piece of the software.
That was what Rio thought.
However, he did not know what he was missing.

To begin with, he already had too many abnormalities.
It may be unnecessary for him to try conforming to the norm.
Maybe he could use magic without a contract. He would no longer have to be concerned about being unable to complete the Contract Ceremony.
Rio optimistically thought it was something like that.
He just needed to prove his theory now.
Rio intended to replicate it by recalling the flow of magical power from the magic formation.

1. Refer to Glossary
2. Read as Ignition, written as Ignition Magic
3. Two main types: mage and fighting
4. Physics, chemistry, etc.
5. http://www.peterubel.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/circular-reasoning1.jpg

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Chapter 7 [Magic]

Loli ojou-sama[with a tinge of yandere aura]
Finally complete!

Translator: Cnine
Editor: Vrryou, Akula149

Chapter 7: Magic

After school.
As Rio was called by his math lecturer to visit her after school ended, he currently stood in front of his lecturer’s laboratory room.
The laboratory was located in one of the library’s basement rooms.
Rio knocked on the laboratory door.


There was no reply.
He tried knocking again.
This time loud noises could be heard from the other side of the door.
Alas there was still no reply.

(Is anyone inside?)

Rio knocked again this time applying more strength.

“Pardon me. Sensei!”
“Da—! Sorry for making you wait! This place looks a bit better now! Y-You’re Rio right? What is it?”1

By the way, Rio was almost hit in the forehead by the opening door. It was due to his superb reflexes that he managed to avoid it.
What appeared in front of him was a beautiful young girl elegantly drinking tea by the window.
So surreal was the scene before him that he was left momentarily stunned.

“Ah— yes. Today during class, Sensei told me to come after school ended to receive supplementary lessons.”
“Aah—, I see. It must have been very difficult for you today. I was concerned about the extent of your knowledge. I only wanted to see where you stood, but ended up humiliating you as a result.”

She said that while making an apologetic expression.
Rio did not react to the regretful looking teacher.

“Ah, no. It is only natural that Sensei would be interested in the extent of a scholarship student’s knowledge. Actually it is I who must apologize for taking up Sensei’s valuable time to tutor me.”

The girl’s eyes widened hearing Rio’s answer.

“Heh~. Despite being a commoner’s child, you’re very clever for a child your age aren’t you? Are you really 7 years old?”
“Yes I am. Say Sensei, you’re also considerably young aren’t you? I was surprised someone as young as you is a lecturer.”
“Is that so? I’m already 12 years old. Well the truth is I’m barely at the age where I can graduate from the elementary course. It’s just that I skipped a few grades so I’ve actually already graduated from the advanced curriculum.”

Thanks to Rio’s flattery the girl became more attentive and talkative.

“Truthfully, while I’d like to only concentrate on my research, lecturing in my spare time allows me to take a breather.”

Wrapped in a robe, she proudly puffed her chest. Rio was a little amused at her action.

“That’s really impressive.”
“Ehehe~ Ah, you just transferred in so I haven’t had a chance to introduce myself yet. I’m Seria2. Seria Claire. I’m of noble descent but I dislike formalities so it’s fine to act as you usually would.”
“Yes, my name is Rio. A pleasure to meet you.”
“Hai~ Hai~3 Best regards to you too Rio. Anyway don’t just stand there, please come in.”

Seria beckoned Rio to enter.

(S-So messy…)

He instantly did a double take seeing the chaotic state the room was in.

“Ah, it’s a bit messy. Here, you can sit on this chair.”

(…a bit?)

There was something very wrong with that statement but he pretended not to notice.
As Rio took a seat, Seria pulled out a sheet of paper and laid it on the desk.

“Well then, first off, do you know what numbers are?”
“I do.”
“Fu~n, then there are eight books. You finish reading six of them. How many books have you yet to read?”

Seria threw a simple math problem at Rio for him to solve.


Rio replied immediately.

“Ara, you can perform mental arithmetic? How about addition?”

Receiving the unexpected reply, Seria asked Rio.
In this world, commoners could not even perform simple arithmetic without aids.

“Yes, I can.”
“Okay then how about this?”

Seria wrote the same question on paper but this time in numerical form.

“I don’t know, what is that?”

Since Rio was unable to read he could not understand the formulas written.

“E~tto… So you can do calculations but not read numbers?”
“That is correct.”

“Oh my, what a bizarre combination… I guess it’s not impossible. Commoners usually can’t afford paper after all…”

Seria looked at Rio with a tinge of shock.

“Alright, I’ll teach you numbers for the time being. I’ll write down the numbers 1 to 9. Please memorize them.”

With that said, Seria quickly wrote the numbers down.
Written numbers were not difficult.
Staring at them, Rio only needed a few dozen seconds to memorize all of them.
“I’ve finished memorizing them.”
“Eh, already? Then please write down the number 1 to 9.”

Turning the paper over, Seria passed it over to Rio.
Rio accurately wrote down the numbers.

“Correct. Furthermore such elegant handwriting…”
“Um… can you please show me the number zero4 so I can use it for my calculations?”
“…you understand the concept of zero? To be knowledgeable of ideograms5, numbers, and arithmetic… right. …This.”

Rio requested Seria to write it down on paper so he could memorize it.

“So that’s how it is. Thank you very much. Anymore more than this I’ll be wasting Seria-sensei’s time. Is it fine for me to take this sheet?”

Because Seria looked like she was in the middle of something and his business with her was done, he thought it would be best for him to leave.

“Wa-Wait a minute! You can take the paper but can I have a look at it before that? Ah, I also wanted to write down some practice question so don’t leave yet!”

Rio faltered due to Seria leaning her body over too closely.
Taking out a new sheet, Seria quickly jotted down some problems.
There were fifty problems in all composing of the four basic calculations.

“Then please start.”

Briefly scanning through the contents, Rio understood that the problems were extremely simple.
He finished all of them in a mere span of 5 minutes.
Watching him breeze through the problems only served to increase Seria’s shock.

“I’m done.”

Seria immediately started checking his answers upon receiving the paper.
She did not need to check over every answer to know the results of his exercise.

“All the answers are correct…”

While saying that, a bitter smile floated on Seria’s face.

“Well it’s only this level of math. Everyone in class can do this much right?”

At Rio’s words, Seria could no longer hold back her laughter.

“Ha, haha… haha… Indeed some of them can do this much. But you know, only a few students in your grade can manage this much. Besides, none of them even come close to matching your mental arithmetic skills.”

Only then did Rio notice.
Even among nobles, only those with decent academic abilities were sent to school.
In fact, it was a way of boasting about their children’s intellect.
If that was the case then it was no wonder that Rio was misunderstood.

“Hah… things will become troublesome soon…”

Feeling annoyed, Rio prepared to rise from his seat.

“It’s okay. I have time so don’t worry about it. Let’s talk for a bit.”

Seria firmly held down Rio’s shoulders to prevent him from leaving.
The pleasant scent of flowers tickled Rio’s nose.

“You were an orphan living in the slums until just recently right?”

Rumours of his background seemed to have already reached the ears of the teaching staff.

“Yes, I was.”

There was no reason to hide the fact so Rio answered her honestly.

“It’s not because I’m looking down on you but to speak so gracefully as well as already mastering basic arithmetic, just how? How is that possible?”
Seria continued speaking faster with an excited tone.
Apart from the lovely smile befitting for her age, her intensity made it hard for him to refuse her.

“E~tto, I studied very diligently so that I may be able to speak properly during my time at the Royal Institute. My mother spoke very formally and I used her as a reference for my own speech. She was also the one who taught me basic arithmetic saying it would become useful in the future.”

Of course, it was a lie.
Except the part about learning how to speak from his mother was true.
In Rio’s memories, his mother spoke in a beautiful manner unfit for an adventurer.
He nostalgically remembered being scolded whenever he used foul language.
It was from his mother that he was able to develop a polite way of talking.
But the part about learning math from his mother was a complete lie.
There was no way he could say he learned it from his former life.
Rio decided to lie with an unchanging expression.

“Ah I see, so it was from your deceased mother. Is it possible that she was formerly a noble? Regardless, she was a fine person. I’m sorry for asking.”

Feeling a sense of guilt for bringing up the topic of Rio’s deceased mother, Seria’s mood became apologetic.

“It’s alright. I’ve already sorted out my feelings regarding the matter.”
“But something like that… Haa~, I guess it’s alright. You’re surprisingly mature for your age.”

Seria was not fully convinced by Rio’s words.
But she felt wrong to dig up Rio’s past so she did not bring it up again.
It seemed she was quite a caring person.

(So nobles like her do exist…)

All the nobles he had met until now displayed considerable arrogance thus shaping Rio’s bias towards them.
However exceptions like Seria existed.

“Seria-sensei is also very mature.”
“Eh, ara, that so? —I see. Rio can tell?”

Apparently Rio’s words were favourably received.

(She’s unexpectedly easy to handle…)

Rio could not help but feel that way seeing just how moved she was.

“Errr… anyway, leaving that issue aside, regarding your arithmetic skills, you just jumped to the top of the class. Quite unexpected considering just a while ago you couldn’t even read numbers.”

Returning to the original topic, Seria became serious again.

“Do you even need to attend anymore math lessons? Since you’ll only encounter similar topics for the next three years in the elementary course anyway.”

All Royal Institute lectures were optional for the sake of noble pupils who were often absent due to their duties.
Even so not all of them were like that; the diligent ones still attended class.

“Haha, that would be bad. I’d be antagonized by the other students.”

He would not be seen in a very good light if he did not show up for class.

“Ah~ I understand. That would indeed be troublesome. Relationships would be an issue, especially among the nobles.”

Perhaps recalling the hassles of aristocracy, a displeased look formed on Seria’s face.

“Isn’t Sensei a noble too?”
“I guess so…”

Feeling dejected, Seria’s expression and tone crumbled.
Her posture grew sloppy causing her thin white limbs to be exposed. They exuded an alluring charm unbefitting for her age.
In the quiet secluded room, the usual young lady was not seen. Honestly, the disparity between her appearances was too intense.
Her almost completely rolled up skirt was a dangerous temptation for Rio.

“By the way Sensei, you said that your research focus was magic but on what specifically?”

The vulnerable Seria was relieved to hear Rio change the topic.

“Ara, are you interested in magic?”
“I am.”

When Rio responded affirmatively, Seria retrieved a clear transparent crystal with complicated geometrical patterns etched into it from a nearby shelf.
From the moment Seria laid hands on it, white light was released from the crystal.

“E~tto, this is?”

Looking at it, Rio asked about the crystal placed on the desk.
The moment Seria let go of the crystal, it stopped emitting light.

“This determines an individual’s aptitude for magic; a magical tool called Spirit Light Crystal. The geometric patterns are carved directly onto its surface. It’s a unique artifact so it’s quite expensive.”
“A magic stone?”
“Magic stones are a substance held by monsters in their bodies. It’s said to be the core of a monster; it’s what caused them to bee morphed into such abnormal beasts. When they die, they don’t leave anything behind except these magic stones… According to another theory, labyrinths are said to be the birthplace of monsters.”
“Monsters, magic stones, labyrinths…”

They were interesting words he did not fully understand the concepts of; only knowing their names Rio muttered them.

“Ah, our conversation has strayed from the original topic. Anyway, the Spirit Light Crystal reacts to magical power that comes in contact with its surface. It will shine even with minimal magical power applied. It’s also known as the Measurement Stone.”

Seria explained its name and effect.
All humans possessed magical power, but the amount varied from person to person.
There were few people who could not use magic at all due to having insufficient amounts of magical power.
This magical tool was used to judge if a person had the requirements.

“You will know what type of magic you excel at from the colour of the light. For a magician, it determines their affinity.”

Hearing Seria’s words, Rio looked that crystal with deep interest.
Setting aside the process of determining one’s magic aptitude, why was such a round-about method used to examine whether someone had magical powers or not?
Rio found it very odd.

“Hee~, so magical powers can’t be seen by the naked eye?”

Rio thought the magical powers he saw as light emitting from other people could be normally seen by the eyes.
Therefore he questioned the Measurement Stone’s usefulness.
Indirectly asking about his doubt, Rio focused his eyes on Seria.
There were many students in the Royal Institute who were gifted with an abundance of magical powers but the light surrounding Seria was considerably bright.
By the way, after a little practice, Rio was able to switch perception of the light on and off at will.
The trick was to cover his eyes with magical power.

“Pure magical power can be vaguely felt but is not visible to the naked eye. However during magic invocation, light from the magic can be seen.”

(…Strange. Then what is the pale light I’m seeing? Only I can see it? The feeling of this light too… what is it?)

“Look! Let’s try it out.”

Seria urged him to touch the crystal and white light started emitting from it.

(The same as Seria-sensei’s. Shining white. Does it visualize magical power? White light shown from the crystal the moment I lay my hands on it. As far as I’m concerned, the pale white light I’m seeing is magical power?)

He analyzed it calmly in his head.
Beside him, Seria was staring at the light emitting from the crystal with her eyes slightly coloured in astonishment.

“Oh it’s glowing! Moreover a white colour indicates an all-rounder type! That colour means you’re able to use any kind of magic as long as you master control over your magical power! It’s the same as me! People who radiate white light are very scarce.”

Seria was laughing and smiling next to Rio.
As for the types of magicians, other than mages there were fighters.
Mages were red while fighters radiated blue.

“E~tto, thank you very much. All-rounder type? Somehow I don’t really understand this feeling.”
“Well, you’re not able to sense magic yet. Magic perception, magic control, and the Contract Ceremony are required to use magic.”
“I see. What needs to be done so I can perceive magic?”
“The simplest way is having another person transmit their magical power into your body; a sense of discomfort should arise, although some people don’t feel anything. You will need to learn how to control that magical power afterwards.”
“I see. Sorry but I have another question, but what is the Contract Ceremony?”

For the sake of dispelling his doubt, he asked for an explanation on another unfamiliar keyword6.

“N~, to say the general definition, the Contract Ceremony is a ritual where you brand your body with a phrase in order to interfere with the laws of nature. It’s a bit troublesome but it’s the most efficient method. The start will be a bit dull since it’s just magic perception theory, but as the class advances we’ll move onto the Contract Ceremony. So please look forward to it.”

1. She speaks in a formal tone albeit a bit quirky
2. Editor: セリア can also be romanized as ‘Celia’
3. A cute/childish way of saying okay, something akin to okeydokey
4. There is no zero in Roman numerals
5. A written symbol representing an idea (i.e. ‘&’ means ‘and’)
6. Refers to Contract Ceremony

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Chapter 6 [Enrollment]

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Translator: Cnine
Editor: Vrryou

Chapter 6: Enrollment
Two months have passed since the start of the first term in Bertram Kingdom’s Royal Institute.
Since Rio was entering in the middle of the term, it was only natural that he became the centre of attention.
It was arranged for Rio to be introduced in the first home room.

“Starting today I will be studying together with everyone in this class. My name is Rio.  Please take care of me for the next six years.”
In a flat tone, Rio introduced himself without hesitation.

“A transfer student in the middle of the term?”
“He doesn’t have a family name. He must be a commoner.”
“Why is a commoner entering in the middle of the term?”
“From what I heard, he’s the orphan who rescued Christina-sama from danger. Enrolling in the Royal Institute on His Majesty’s recommendation was his reward.”
“An orphan? And thanks to that, this kind of guy is enrolling in the Royal Institute?”

No applause came.
Instead, the sound of murmurings could be heard from the students who were evaluating him. Their eyes gathered on Rio.
A tinge of hatred surfaced, this seven year old kid already tainted the place for nobles to study.

As for the kids of high class nobles who served in the royal castle, they already knew about this beforehand.

Naturally they also knew that Rio was an orphan and were looking at Rio as if witnessing a strange animal. It was understandable since they all came from a privileged class.
As for Rio himself, he already expected that things would turn out like this.
With his facial expression completely calm and serene, Rio surveyed the entire class.
From the looks of it, he judged that there were over 100 people in the room.

Classes 1 to 3, each class consisted of 100 students1.
It was very clear that the population was divided by social status with a distinct wall between nobles and commoners.
The noble class was further hierarchized. School regulations dictated that discrimination based on social status and connections were not allowed but judging from the classroom’s atmosphere, it was clear that it was only a façade.

(Well by creating relationships during the time at the institute, once you graduate you will have a large number of connections. N…?)

Suddenly, Rio’s gaze rested on a familiar face.
The person sat in the far corner of the classroom.
Around her were students from high pedigree sending despising gazes towards Rio.
When her line of sight matched with Rio, Christina pouted her lips in displeasure.
It seems that she hates me quite a bit; Rio thought that while cynically laughing in his mind.
He also had no intentions to involve himself with Christina.
If she hated him, it will only be more convenient.

“Fumu, any questions? …so there aren’t any.  Yosh.  Rio.  You can sit at that empty seat. Basically you can sit wherever you want but I recommend you sit there for now. That’s all.”

The lecturer standing beside Rio simply said so and urged Rio to sit. Rio who also preferred to not stand any longer in front of the class quickly moved to the empty seat.
Thus Rio’s life in the Royal Institute began.
There were four classes in a day with an hour for each class.

But problem arose in the very first class.
And that was math class.

“Well. Okay, let’s see. Rio the transfer student. Please solve this problem.”

Said the lecturer in charge of the current class. Each class had a different lecturer.

The one in charge of math class was a considerably young lecturer.
If it was in Japan, she would be around the age of an upper grade elementary schooler.
However she was actually closer to that of a junior high schooler but her appearance betrayed her.
Rio was asked to solve a problem that could be compared to a first grade elementary school problem in Japan which anyone could solve.
Unfortunately Rio did not understand what was written.

“E~~tto, sorry but I can’t read the numbers written.”

Rio could not read numbers.
And, following that was a moment of silence followed by bursts of laughter.

“Oi oi. Enrolling in the Royal Institute but not being able to read.”
“To share the same class with this lowly fellow who can’t even read numbers…”
“A~, that’s right. He didn’t take admission test.”
“I can’t accept such a lowlife. He’s also stupid.”

The class remembered he was of the same age and began to immerse themselves in a sense of superiority.
Their ridicule of Rio could be heard from all directions.

“I see, so you can’t read. You haven’t been taught that.  …All right. I’ll give you extra lessons afterward.  Please come to my laboratory afterschool.  For today just listen to the lecture and if you don’t understand please ask.”

She said that while shaking her head at disbelief of Rio’s lack of education.


Rio then decided to accept the advice given to him and listened to the lesson.

“Nee~, you.”

A voice called out to Rio after math class.
Looking at the one who called him, he saw the perfect example of an Ojou-sama standing in front of a crowd of her fans.
Rio noticed that they were the group who were sitting around Christina.

“Yes, what is it?”
“What is it?  Well, I’m sorry.  What did you mean in the previous class?”
“Huh? No. What about the previous class?”

The girl showed an expression as if lamenting for Rio.

“What about it? It’s about you who can’t even read numbers. In this prestigious Royal Institute, especially when you’re enrolled in the same class as Christina-sama and myself, for a monkey like you to be mixed in it.”

Apparently Rio received a complaint from this girl. Sighing both in his mind and out loud, he gave an answer to the one raising the complaint against him.

“Sorry, but I’m illiterate.”

It was true that he was illiterate in this world.
These sorts of rotten people would only increase after knowing about this.
The kind of person who tells it to him flatly would be the most decent.
Up until now, thanks to the people from the privileged class, he developed some kind of stress resistance and gained more than enough of an understanding towards this world’s society.
“Since you’re entering in the middle of term, I had expected that you have already learned the four basic math calculations2 so I’m extremely disappointed.”

The girl was staring at Rio with disdain in her eyes.

“Really. I assumed you’d be a bit poor when compared to Her Highness Princess Christina and a daughter of Duke Fonsyn, but I still had some expectations from you.”

Apparently the leader of the group’s name was Roana.
Many students standing near Roana started agreeing with her.

“Not being able to read numbers made me laugh quite a bit. No, I already expected that.”

A boy spat out that line while pointing at Rio and looking at him with a ridiculing expression.

“Haa~. With this, my expectations for another class have been shattered.”

Said Roana sighing.

“First you should question yourself as to why you are even allowed to be sitting in this place. If you are aware of how blessed you are to be here, then burn it into your mind since it’s obvious that you don’t belong here.”
“Understood. Roana-sama. Thank you for your consideration.”

Rio said that while lowering his head.
Seeing that, Roana was left agape for a bit admiring his manners.

“Ara, it looks like you at least have some courtesy.  All right then.  You just need to be more diligent since it’s also my responsibility as class representative along with Christina-sama to help you.  Besides, it’s a noble’s duty to lead the commoner.”

“Thank you very much.”

As if it was a natural thing, Roana said it with an expression full of confidence.

That must be her true feelings.

“As expected of Roana-sama.”

Her fans started agreeing with her immediately.
Suddenly, they noticed Rio was looking at them with a smirk on his face. Somehow it was like he was grateful that their self-esteem was lower than his own.
Rio already knew Roana’s fans had wicked minds.

“Next is history class but you also can’t read right?  It’s frustrating that even with great effort, you’ll only be able to catch up a little bit. “

After saying that, Roana returned to her seat.
And before long the next lecturer came.
As expected, Rio could not write nor read the letters on the blackboard. As such he did not even attempt to open his notebook and spent the time trying to memorize the contents of the lecture.

And thus, the last class of the day was martial arts practice.
Training in martial arts and magic was done together, but for the elementary grade, the martial arts training was not too rigorous as it would be harmful to their bodies.
For the first year in the elementary course, students only needed to familiarize themselves with a wide variety of weapons and armour.

“Now, today we will be learning about different types of swords.  We will do one set for 10 minutes and a sufficient break will be given afterwards. You will be practising the sword stance that I taught in the previous lesson. Then, let’s start with three sets. HA!”

After saying that, the students dispersed and began mimicking the sword stance with wooden swords in hand.
Upon finishing his instructions, the teacher came to a stop in front of Rio.

“Rio. Since your progress is behind everyone else, I will personally teach you the sword stance. Come here.”

Following the teacher’s instruction, Rio separated himself from the rest of the students.

“You, can you show me how you hold your sword?”
“Yes. At once.”
“Hmm, I see. Then, I will first check your stance. Try to hit me once with that sword. Come whenever you ready.”

Right after saying that, the teacher readied his stance.
Seeing that, Rio thought that it was a practical stance without any openings forged through experience.
In the meantime he was seeing if he could find any openings in the teacher’s stance.
Perhaps it would be an easy win if he strengthened his blow with magic by using physical and body reinforcement.

He began to feel uneasy due his grade not being taught magic yet.
But it was already known that he rescued Christina and Flora so it would not be unusual even if he showed his true strength.
In the end, he decided against using flesh reinforcement and physical reinforcement so that he could gauge his ability without relying on it.
Deciding to limit his ability, Rio readied his sword stance.

“Is that self-taught stance?”

Looking at his beautiful stance made the teacher wonder and ask Rio.


“I thought so because of how you hold your sword.  I see. You have talent.”

Right after the teacher said that, Rio charged at him.
After closing the distance, Rio released a blow while also watching his opponent’s sword.

“Hou~.  Good swordsmanship.  You won’t strain your wrist like that.”

The teacher said that while reacting to Rio’s sword. Looking at Rio and holding his sword with one hand, he blocked the incoming strike.
As expected of a teacher with a sharp observation, by saying that it meant that Rio surpassed his expectations.
It was difficult for Rio to hide the full extent of his ability using only basic swordsmanship.
Well, it was fine if it was only that much.
But, he already determined to not go all out so he had to limit himself.

“Umu~. Good! Rio, you’re suited to become a knight!”

While warding off Rio, the teacher proclaimed with a smile. Nothing can be done about his hot-bloodedness. Honestly, it was a bit stifling.

“Unfortunately I am not interested in becoming a knight.”
“Why? That’s fine, your time here has just started. Don’t worry, I will train you the way a knight fights.”

Suddenly a sharp blow was released against Rio by the teacher.

“Hou~.  Now how did you fend off that blow? “
“Wasn’t it that Sensei wouldn’t attack me…?”
“There is no need to abide to such rule!  I know that you’re skilled enough. Good, once again.”

The teacher swung his sword again.
Moreover he was also trying to knock away Rio’s sword.

“In terms of power and speed, generally it’s a perfect score for basic ability… Extremely fine movements. …Well, this institute teaches this kingdom’s swordsmanship which is very different style. Where did you learn such a style? “
“From my deceased mother.”

Rio stated the most convenient explanation that came to his mind.

“I see…  I’m sorry. You must be practicing it quite a lot.”

Rio answered back indifferently.

“Well your basic swordsmanship is very solid.  To the point that you won’t experience any negative effects even if you learn this kingdom’s swordsmanship style.  I’ll reshape your stance.”

It was decided that Rio would learn swordsmanship afterschool.


When he was about to return, Rio suddenly felt as if someone was watching him.
Looking over, he could see Roana and Christina.
When Christina and Rio’s eyes met, she quickly averted her gaze but Roana became rock solid with a look of disbelief.
He wondered if he was being watched the whole time.

It was not like it was a big deal so what was the matter?
Rio was slightly confused.
But since he had no time to worry about such trivial things, Rio continued his sword stance training.

1. Three classes per year, each consisting of around 100 students
2. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

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Chapter 5 [Audience]

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Chapter 5: Audience

A few hours after Rio’s mock battle.
The Imperial Guard Commander Helmut Albo was receiving a severe reprimand from the current King of the Bertram Kingdom, King Philip III.

“Your Majesty! I believe it is necessary to perform further investigations on that boy! Please grant me your approval!”
“Rejected. To begin with, the mock battle from before was performed to prove he truly was the one who defeated the kidnappers. Did we not already agree on the fact that orphan was indeed my daughters’ saviour?”

Philip III spoke to Helmut in a forceful tone but Helmut could not accept the King’s response.

“Of course. But it’s strange a mere orphan can not only defeat four bandits but also win against an Imperial Guard! He most likely received combat training from somewhere!”

Helmut felt anger mounting against Philip III.
To the desperate Helmut, the King could only show a bitter smile while hiding his true intentions.
He was fully aware of Rio’s unnatural strength.
However he did not want to dig deeper into the subject due to having other goals.

“Isn’t that strange, Helmut. Then what do you make of that mock battle with the Imperial Guard? If my memory serves me right, you were the one who arranged the fight between him and the Imperial Guard to gauge his abilities and determine if he really was the one who defeated the four ruffians.”

Philip III pointed out a contradiction in Helmut’s words. But Helmut immediately stated another assumption.

“Indeed he won against the Imperial Guard; I agree that serves as proof that he really was the one who rescued both Hime-sama. But the one he won against was an IMPERIAL GUARD! An orphan whose age hasn’t even reached 10 yet! It’s too strange!”

Deliberately agreeing with the King that Rio was strong, Helmut admitted that fact.
Rio possessed abilities no mere orphan could obtain.
Even though the Imperial Guard did show an opening for an instant, there was no way a kid younger than 10 could have snatched victory from such a small window of opportunity.
Normally that kind of thing would be impossible was what Helmut was trying to say to the King.

But in this case, the situation was convenient for Philip III.
It was because Helmut’s influence in the Royal Palace had grown too large.

He had become a nuisance to the King.
When Christina and Flora were kidnapped, the ones in charge of their protection in the Royal Palace were the Imperial Guards.
It was a huge blow to the Imperial Guard’s reputation.
Naturally the fault fell onto Helmut as the Commander of the Imperial Guards.

And now Helmut was in a predicament.
He was desperately trying to prevent his downfall using all means available to him.
The he could succeed was if he found out who the mastermind was.

He knew very well the mastermind behind the incident was targeting him.
But this scheme was too vile. The mastermind left absolutely no trail.
Their only lead was the four kidnappers but before any useful information could be extracted from them, they were poisoned to death.
The jailers guarding the kidnappers were all sentenced to death but nothing really came out of it.

The only connection left was the orphan who rescued Christina and Flora.
At the time, the mastermind left Rio alone because he did not know anything.

When Helmut noticed the situation he could not keep himself calm and forced an investigation on Rio using all authority he had.
By using all means necessary.
Even a spec of information would be fine if it could lead to the mastermind.

The time limit was three days because Helmut would be court-martialed after that.
So he carried out interrogations over the three days but Rio did not know anything.
For his achievement of rescuing royalty, they were not permitted to use any violent methods during interrogation.
However the clock was ticking and Helmut defied orders and applied more forceful methods.
Unfortunately for Helmut, they still could not elicit any information from Rio.

Along with the interrogations, as a last resort Helmut arranged a mock battle between Rio and an Imperial Guard but that also failed.
He had the two fight because he still doubted Rio’s abilities.
An orphan who should not know anything about combat was able to defeat the Royal Family’s kidnappers.
Helmut refused to believe such an absurd report.
Christina and Flora testified that Rio was their saviour but it did not erase the possibility of someone helping him from the shadows. Helmut’s train of thought was approaching the realm of delusions.

Even if he insisted that Rio was weak, he could not refute the credibility of the princesses’ testimonies.
So to gain approval for his conjecture, the duel was held in front of the King and nobles.
The result was too much for Helmut.
Rio won against the Imperial Guard barely even moving from his initial position.
Everyone present was dumbfounded.
Helmut had glanced over at his old nemesis Duke Euguno. Noticing his stare, Duke Euguno displayed a sarcastic smile.

Helmut knew.
That man knew about Rio, about his abnormal strength.
So he did not interfere with the duel allowing Helmut to lose face.
That person. He was undoubtedly the mastermind. Helmut wholeheartedly believed in his delusions.

And so all those events finally culminated in the current situation where his words no longer reached Philip III.
Helmut knew it was his defeat.
He was aware the King’s words were absolute.
He was beaten and no longer had any chances at overturning his loss.
Yet his still struggled in vain.

“Feats of valour must be rewarded even if he is only an orphan. You claim he is the subordinate of a noble. Do you have any evidence?”

Hearing the words of Philip III, Helmet displayed a sour expression.

“…there’s no evidence proving his innocence either.”

Philip III knitted his brow in annoyance at Helmut’s rude conduct.
If Rio was present he would most likely be shouting ‘You must be joking!’.

“So you want to torture him to make him speak? Even when it’s not clear if he has any connections with the mastermind? Even as a joke I shall not allow a benefactor of the Royal Family to receive such treatment!”

Without trying to hide the irritation in his voice, Philip III said so in a sullen mood.
Even though Philip III clearly displayed his irritation, Helmut still ran his mouth in desperation.

“Helmut, enough… In the first place, was it not due to the carelessness of your guards that my daughters were kidnapped? In the case of emergencies Imperial Guards are to become shields for royalty, yet now they even lost to some no name kid. Who would have thought the Imperial Guards would suffer such disgrace.”

Philip III’s words instantly shut up Helmut from spewing any more of his delusions.

“Tha-That is…”

Helmut could not come back with a counter argument.
He was cornered.
For him to reach his current position, it took a tremendous amount of effort.
Helmut was a greedy and ambitious man.

There were two knight divisions in the Bertram Kingdom.
The Kingdom Knights served as the core of the regular army and served to protect the country while the Imperial Guards exclusively served the Royal Family and court.
The total number of knights active in the Kingdom numbered 6000, 90% of them were affiliated with the Kingdom Knights with the remaining were Imperial Guards.
The knights and mages serving as knights held considerable power and influence just falling short of that of nobles.
The selection process was harsh because anyone regardless of social position was allowed to apply. In only one generation, a nobody could receive peerage of a knight and overnight have their name included amongst the nobles.
In other words, becoming a knight was a gateway to nobility. It also held the highest employment rate for nobles.
As noted before, there were two possible paths in knighthood, Kingdom Knights or Imperial Guards.
So what made them different?
It was the hierarchy of their members.
The rank of Kingdom nobles from lowest to highest were as follows: knight, mage, baronet, baron, viscount, count, marquis, and duke.
Among senior knights and mages, only a small handful were granted higher nobility while the others could only ever reach viscount or count.
Only nobles who were counts or higher in rank received their own territory in the Kingdom. Lower nobles and knights received a small portion of a higher noble’s land to help govern.
Members of the Kingdom Knights primarily composed of commoners and lower class nobles. On the other hand, the Imperial Guards comprised of mainly lower to upper class nobles.
It was due to Helmut taking command of the Imperial Guards that this distinction was created.
Previously, the King was the one who led the Imperial Guards.
However, Helmut shrewdly wrested control of the Imperial Guards from the previous King.
During the time he served the former King, he put on a front appearing as a loyal and devoted knight.
The former King was fooled and appointed him as commander of the Imperial Guards.
Helmut finally revealed his true colours when the former King was on his deathbed.
Until the time Philip III ascended the throne, Helmut abused his authority as Imperial Guard Commander to sell Imperial Guard positions to sons and daughters of powerful nobles.
As a result, Helmut successfully built a formidable faction in the Royal Court.
He was only a knight yet he held immense political influence.
His influence became too large for Philip III to ignore.

(Just a bit more! A bit more and I could’ve become General! The whole country’s army would’ve fallen under my hands! That’s how things should’ve gone!)

Helmut’s ultimate goal was to snatch the position of highest authority from the King by having the Army under his control.
At that point Helmut’s influence would surpass even that of the King’s.

However, Helmut made a fatal mistake and as a result his influence plummeted.
Due to his greed, he made a great number of enemies along the way.
The number of nobles who felt jealousy and animosity towards him were not few in number.
There were many cases where nobles fell from power and were forced out of the court due to Helmut’s actions.
Personally, Philip III could not forgive whoever tried kidnapping his daughters but he could not pass up the golden opportunity of dealing a crushing blow to Helmut’s political influence.

“The Imperial Guards have been on a decline since some time ago. I think this incident is the perfect example why a reform is needed.”

Fortunately this incident gave Philip III an excuse to resolve the problems in the Imperial Guards. He finally raised himself slowly.

“From now on, the selection of Imperial Guards is restored under the authority of the King. As punishment, I hereby strip you of your position as Imperial Guard Commander. In the meantime, Alfred will serve as acting commander of the Imperial Guards.”

And with that declaration, Helmut was deprived of his powers by Philip III. It meant Helmut lost his position in the Royal Court and must leave the palace.

(Kuh, one day, I will definitely return one day! I’ll show that damned Euguno…)

While harbouring a deep grudge, he bowed.
However when he looked up, dark emotions swirled in his eyes.

“I will humbly obey Your Majesty’s will. However, it is a fact that the mastermind of the incident has not been found yet. Just in case, it is my duty to make preparations against the situation.”

Helmut responded without any changes to his facial expressions, as expected of a high class noble with a long military record.

“The chances of that orphan having connections with the mastermind aren’t zero. It’s safer to kill him than to let him live in the Kingdom.”

Helmut hinted about the potential dangers of Rio.
Philip III also held concerns regarding the matter.

“Fumu. Thank you for your concern. I still need to understand that child’s true nature. Therefore I will keep for your warning in mind with regards to his treatment. As for the reward, I’ve been thinking of bestowing him the rank of knight, for a 7 year old it should be more than enough huh…”

Helmut displayed a look of disbelief when he heard Rio was to be promoted to knight.

“But this is unprecedented treatment for a seven year old boy. If he is to become a knight, he requires corresponding education.”
“I understand your concern. That is why until he reaches the age of 12, I will have him enroll in the Royal Institute as a scholarship student to receive the required education. What happens after that will depend on him.”
“If that’s the case… I guess that seems reasonable. Management can be left to the Institute’s instructors.”

While thinking about the strange existence known as Rio, Philip III puzzled over the complicated situation.
He speculated the aim of the kidnapping was to weaken Helmut’s influence.
With inside help, the kidnapping could easily be carried out; it did not mean the bodyguards were irresponsible.
It could not be helped since Helmut had many enemies, not just the mastermind.
Such a ruthless person.

It was possible the mastermind never intended to put Christina and Flora’s lives in danger, but Philip III could not forgive anyone who used his cute daughters.
In fact Christina only suffered some minor injuries, but they were injuries nonetheless.
However it was true that he was angered by his daughters’ kidnappings and the incident clouded his judgement as a ruler. Philip III needed to calmly determine the mastermind.
The mastermind was probably not foolish enough to take action so soon though.
He guessed from now on things would become more hectic in the court, Philip III secretly sighed.

* * *

The next day, prior to the audience, Rio groomed himself in preparation.
The forelocks which reached his lips were cut revealing a face brimming with youth.

Rio was close to Amakawa Haruto in appearance, but not exactly.
It was more a mix of his current and former self.
His black hair was a rare sight in the Bertram Kingdom and was considered foreign.

He looked like a totally different person from the boy who performed the mock battle against the Imperial Guard the other day.
Many people sitting in audience sent looks of awe and admiration at Rio.
Being the center of attention, Rio lowered his head in embarrassment while waiting for the King to speak.

Aria already drilled into his head the required etiquette for the audience.
Though it was still far from perfect, many nobles were amazed at the way he walked. He was only an orphan yet he carried himself with astounding dignity.
Still, there were some who sneered at him.
Before long the Royal Family finally gathered, and the audience began.

“Rio, come forward!”

Obtaining permission from the King, Rio raised his head.
Seated on the throne on the stage was King Philip III. A bit further down sat the Queen along with the princesses, Christina and Flora.
Christina and Flora were astonished at Rio’s drastic change in appearance.

“For rescuing my daughters and displaying a valiant heart, I offer my most heartfelt thanks.”
“By Your Grace, I am extremely honoured.”

Bowing his head deeply, Rio responded in a flat tone.

“Hou~. Your manners are quite polished. Where did you learn such etiquette?”
“Manners are already engraved into my body. I asked the court lady last night to teach me so that I may not blaspheme royalty.”

Hearing those words, Philip III looked at Rio in admiration.

“I see. That is an admirable attitude. Very well-behaved for one who is only 7 years old. I am deeply interested in your upbringing.”

Philip III looked at Rio with gentle eyes.
Mixing a sigh and curse in his mind, Rio replied respectfully with a smile.

“Yes. I was born and raised in this city.”
“Hou~. To think you were raised in my Kingdom. What about your parents?”

One way or another, Philip III still held suspicions that Rio was a spy from another country.
But after hearing that Rio was brought up in his Kingdom, he became curious.
Of course, he still would not just take Rio’s words at face value.
Which was why Philip III inquired about Rio’s parents.

“Yes. My father and mother were adventurers from another country. During their travels, they stopped in this Kingdom to give birth to me. My father died while out on a quest and my mother died when I was 5 years old. After that… I lived by myself in the slums.”

Rio grimaced a bit recalling the moments before his mother’s death.
Philip III assumed something happened to Rio in the past that he was unwilling to talk about.

“That is regrettable… It must have been painful for you. Judging from the colour of your hair, I think you and your parents’ origin is from a Kingdom far in the East.”
“Yes. I heard that my father and mother originally came from a place in the Yagumo area.”
“Hou~. Yagumo huh… Is that not the name of the Eastern-most Kingdom in that area? Your heritage is from a very distant land.”
“Yes. I will one day return.”
“Hmm… I see. By the way, for rescuing my daughters, I was thinking of rewarding you but—”

Halting mid-sentence, Philip III sent a gaze at Rio.

“That’s right. I will grant you entry to the Royal Institute as a scholarship student. If you wish, you will also receive an appropriate position after graduating. If your performance in the Institute is good, I will also support your enrollment for higher education.”

The contents of Rio’s reward were revealed.
To receive education in this society, an orphan like Rio could not hope for better.
Though from Rio’s knowledge, the wealthy class played a major role in society’s development.
As a representative of commoners, he was reluctant to attend the Institute.
But he could not refuse the reward as it would be disrespectful to the King.
As long as he did not have a suitable reason, he could not turn down the offer. That was what Rio learned from Aria before coming to the audience.

“I express my sincere gratitude. Even though I do not believe someone like me is worthy of such a reward, I accept your generosity.”

The moment before Rio accepted his reward, he determined the advantages and disadvantages in an instant.
Incidentally, the Bertram Royal Institute was where the wealthy children of the Kingdom gathered.
The student body mainly consisted of nobles’ children but kids of wealthy merchants were also present.
The Institute included dorm facilities for its students to ease their commute.
The school curriculum was divided into six years of elementary education, three years of intermediate education, and two years of higher education.
Students were required to be at least 12 years old to partake in intermediate education and at least 15 years old for higher education.
The 7 year old Rio was eligible to attend the elementary course of the Institute. He was not required to take the admission exam thanks to receiving a recommendation and scholarship from the King.

It was decided Rio would start attending school in the middle of the year.
With the exception of Rio, only royalty would usually be allowed to receive scholarships. In almost over a thousand years of Bertram Kingdom’s history, the situation rarely ever occurred.
The nobles in particular raised their voices in surprise, but no one dared defy Philip III’s decision.

It should be noted that the level of education in the Kingdom was exceedingly low when compared to Japan.
More than 90% of commoners could not read or write save for the remaining wealthy 10%. At best, lower class nobles did not exceed the elementary education level.
As the only education institute in the Kingdom, Royal Institute graduates had an education level slightly higher than elementary level, but the Royal Institute was not a charity.

Entry to the Royal Institute cost 1 mystic coin with an additional yearly tuition of 10 gold coins. In short, the total cost for studying until graduation was 3 mystic and 10 gold coins1.
Other than wealthy merchants, famous lower nobles, and high class nobles, who could afford to pay that kind of money?
In addition, Rio also received 40 cold coins as a bonus reward as well as an additional 10 gold coins every year until his graduation from the elementary course.
By the way, the yearly income for a lower class noble was 40 gold coins.

And thus, several days later, Rio was admitted into the Royal Institute.

1. Exchange rate: 100 copper = 1 silver, 50 silver = 1 gold, 25 gold = 1 mystic

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Chapter 4 [Inquiry]

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Chapter 4 Complete, Enjoy!

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Chapter 4: Interrogation

Currently, Rio was locked up in jail inside the Royal Castle.
After Christina and Flora were found, the palace soldiers quickly placed them under their protection.
Therefore while Rio was still trying to make heads and tails of the situation, he was arrested and thrown in jail.
A little while later, he found out that Christina and Flora were princesses of the country.

Three days had gone by since he was arrested.
With meager amounts of time for sleep and meals, the majority of the time was used for interrogation.
That was how Rio passed his days in jail ever since he arrived.
While his body and mind were still asleep, he would be questioned every 5 minutes by over three investigators.

“Spit out what you know.”

Rio wondered how many questions he had already been asked over the three days.
Tired of hearing the same questions over and over again, he was disgusted by the suspicion placed on him in the first place.

“I already told you, I just happened to pass by. Bu chance when I was walking in an alley, I happened to see the kidnappers with those kids… with Christina-sama and Flora-sama. On an impulse I decided to help them. That’s all.”

The interrogator became visibly agitated when Rio mentioned “those kids”.
Realising it, he switched and called them by their honourific titles instead. Rio was becoming fed up at repeating the same testimony.

“You’re lying. You’re a spy aren’t you?”

Rio was asked the same question over and over again.

“I’m not lying.”

And Rio would resentfully spit out the same answer every time.

“Naa~, once again, you said that you only helped Christina-sama and Flora-sama on a whim. I find that really hard to believe.”

The interrogator said that while showing an unusual expression.
“Up until now, we’ve been courteous with you during our investigation. But if you refuse to tell us anything, we’ll have to change up our methods.”

The interrogator’s oppressive attitude was caused by the gloomy jail atmosphere and the lengthy yet fruitless interrogation.
For the interrogator, being able to keep up in appearances until now was praiseworthy.

“Heh~? And by what sort of means?”

Rio was smiling defiantly with a rebellious spark in his eyes.
Fed up, the interrogator returned Rio’s smile by striking him in the chest using the hilt of his sword.
Rio’s face was then slammed into the table.


The interrogator repeatedly slammed Rio’s face into the table. By the second time, Rio’s lips were already starting to crack and bleed.
At least he could decrease the damage through flesh body reinforcement but he had difficulty controlling his magical powers.
It seemed that the shackles on his wrists were obstructing the flow of magical power.

“Isn’t it weird? For a kid like you to face four armed opponents and on top of that, defeat them. Furthermore, no ordinary orphan would be able possess that kind of training. It’s strange even considering when you caught them by surprise.”
The incident was too incomprehensible for the interrogator causing him to shake his head.

“This is like a miserable play written by a peasant. You get what I’m saying?”

Rio was glaring at the interrogator as if he was his parents’ murderer.
The interrogator pulled Rio’s hair, raising his face to eye level and punched him in the stomach.


Seeing Rio groan in pain, the interrogator revealed a satisfied expression.
It was certainly the attitude of a sadist.
The pain in his stomach made Rio’s face distort in pain.

“His Majesty told us to treat you with utmost consideration. After all, you are Christina-sama and Flora-sama’s saviour. It’s only natural.”

If that was the case, what the hell was with this treatment?
Rio’s frustration and anger was already reaching its boiling point.

“But you’re too dangerous. As I said before, all your testimonies are too suspicious. There are too many unknowns surrounding you. Even if I have to resort to force, I will extract the information out of you. Understand?”
Grasping Rio by the head, the interrogator was scowling directly in front of Rio’s face.
The two people hatefully glared at each other. Rio floated a ridiculing smile on his face.

“If I say I don’t know, then that means I don’t know.”

Rio readily answered without hesitation.
He did not try answering any other way because what he stated was the truth.

“Hmph. Can a criminal like you not understand His Majesty’s grace? Fine, there’s an easier way for scum like you to understand.”

Saying that as provocation, the interrogator patted Rio’s face.

“After all, you might tell me who the mastermind is. I wonder who it is. Is it a noble?”

To the interrogator’s misguided reasoning, Rio could only let out a tired sigh.

“You don’t know? Why not try asking the perpetra- GAH!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Rio was hit in the face.

“The perpetrators, THEY’RE ALREADY ALL DEAD! They were killed! You’re the only one left alive.”

Hearing those words, Rio’s face cramped up.
At that moment, he wondered if his body could hold up after receiving so many beatings.
But with existence of recovery magic, he reconsidered the thought as he could probably be kept alive for further questioning.


“You know? Poison. Their meals were poisoned. Fortunately, your meals weren’t.”

While Rio still harboured some doubt towards the interrogator’s words, he believed what he was just told was the truth.


Hearing those words made him shiver.
To be able to poison the perpetrators, the mastermind behind the kidnapping incident must be somewhere in the castle.
But why did he not kill me?
That was because the mastermind would not be affected even if he was left alive.
Rio immediately arrived at that conclusion.
Rio and the mastermind had no connections. For Rio to be interrogated would be a benefit for the mastermind.
So Rio was deliberately left alive to throw off the investigators.
If that was the case the Rio’s life was not in danger for the time being.
However that was only limited to the mastermind.

If he got careless, the state would not hesitate to take his life.
Even though he rescued royalty, thanks to the suspicion placed on him he was treated as such.
If this trend continued, they would probably soon resort to torture.
In that case it would not be strange if he died.

(DAMN IT! At this rate I really will be killed…)

Feelings of anxiety and frustration began to accumulate.
Did he make the right decision by saving Christina and Flora?
If he ignored them, he would not have to suffer through such hardships.
This was the result of him getting caught up with his own feelings.
He just wanted to end the terrible incident; in the end Rio guessed he was just a selfish person.

“Hmph, how’s that? Feeling scared? If you’re afraid to die then tell us what you know.”

The interrogator ignorantly said that with an arrogant expression causing Rio to snort through his nose.
Seeing that, the interrogator hit Rio in the nose.

“Who’s the mastermind? From my superior’s investigations, you and those thugs never came in direct contact with the mastermind but received instructions through a third party.”

Rio was already fed up with everything. He could not do anything but protest which only worsened his situation.
Thinking about it, Rio thought he was a victim caught in the political crossfire occurring within the Royal Palace.

If that was the case, everything started to add up.
Disposing of the perpetrators by poisoning their meals and leaving Rio to fend for himself. Naturally he would be interrogated as he was the only remaining link to the incident.
Rio calmly analyzed the information he gathered so far.

Someone probably stood to gain from perpetrating the incident.
The mastermind was the most likely candidate since the thugs were disposed of to destroy any remaining evidence.
The losing side would fall into predicament and try their hardest to extract information from Rio.

For example, the mastermind could be the King if he was a ruthless person who had no qualms with using his daughters as political chess pieces. But the chances of that were low.
Aside from the king, a person who had the most to gain from this incident would have to be a highly influential noble.

But those with close relations to the royal family had no incentives to do so either. It was doubtful that they would gain anything from the King’s downfall.
For those reasons, the person who stood to gain the most from this incident was neither the King nor any of the nobles associated with the King.

But as far as Rio was concerned, he was caught in a political dispute between nobles.

(This is no joke.)

Rio had a delirious smile in his mind.

An influential noble lost in the power struggle this time and was using all their efforts to forcefully extract a confession from Rio while the winning side was against it. As long as the losing side held their suspicions, Rio would not be released.
That kind of suspicion would be very difficult to clear.
The interrogator remained paranoid throughout the interrogation and continued questioning Rio. If things did not go well, faking his confession was a possibility.

(If I can fabricate a confession that makes the losing side’s influence fall, there’s a chance I can get out of this alive.)

But he could not run away.

“Who did you receive orders from? It was a lower class noble’s child wasn’t it? You’ve actually received combat training right?”

Without growing tired, the interrogator continued to question Rio.
Carrying a stick, the interrogator tried to provoke him by hitting him on the cheek.


Rio spat out a mix of blood and saliva at the interrogator.
He could feel a bit of his resentment wash away.
Even if showing defiance to such a degree would not change his fate.
Without a command from his superiors, the interrogator could not kill Rio.


Enraged, the interrogator roared at Rio. At that moment, the cell door opened.
Seeing the man who just entered, the interrogator immediately stood up straight.

“Your Excellency Deputy Commander! Thi-This is…”
“Be at ease. How is his condition?”

The man who just entered was known as Alfred Emal.
He was the second son of the Emal household tasked with protecting royalty and the court.
Entering the cell, Alfred waved his hand at the interrogator and the interrogator muttered something to Alfred. He then turned his gaze towards Rio.

“Ha~. As I thought, even with a bit of force he won’t say anything. Such a rebellious attitude. With that kind of mental fortitude, I really wonder if he’s just a child.”

Alfred his hand on his mouth as he listened to those words.

“Because that… Your Excellency Deputy Commander?”

Judging by his expression, it seemed the interrogator wanted to ask something.

“The commander is busy at the moment so I came in his stead.”

Hearing those words, Alfred was slightly shocked.
The interrogator explained the situation and Alfred directed his gaze at Rio.

“Hmph. Are you really the orphan who rescued Hime-sama?”

Alfred’s voice resounded within the cell.
Even though he was still relatively young at only around his late-20s, he could release killing intent no ordinary person could endure.
But Rio just ignored his question.


Shouting, an imperial guard standing beside Alfred closed in and struck Rio.
Rio shifted his body as much as possible to lessen the impact of the strike and directed an icy glare at the knight.


When their eyes met, the guard involuntarily flinched.

“Interesting, even I can’t make this vagrant youngster speak.”

Alfred looked at Rio while evaluating him. The two stared at each other.

“I see…”

After staring at each other for a while, Alfred muttered in a low voice as if he realised something.

“Fumu, take this boy to the training grounds.”
“Roger! Right away, sir. Move!”

Following that, the interrogator yanked the chain attached to the choker on Rio’s neck and handed the chain the imperial guard.
Rio did not put up any resistance but he was still roughly pulled along by the guard.

The jail was located in the basement but the training grounds were above ground.
The appearance of the Bertram Kingdom Royal Palace, surrounded by sturdy stone walls was a small yet stunning castle constructed from fine white bricks.
The ugly but pragmatic stone walls were erected to withstand external assaults.
Exquisite pieces of art and ornaments lined the halls of the castle.
Rio was walking in a wide corridor with regularly set columns on either side and lush, vermillion coloured carpet laid on the floor.

On the way, castle guards and servants eyed him curiously.
The knight leading him ignored them and continued guiding him.

(Just like a monkey exhibit, huh. No this is even worse than that.)

They looked at Rio with discerning eyes mixed with sympathy and contempt.
The occasional high class civilians he passed in the halls displayed similar expressions.
When he met the onlookers’ gazes, they averted their eyes.

“We’ve arrived.”

And like that, Rio was brought to the training grounds.
Nobles and their knights serving the Kingdom gathered around as spectators to observe the spectacle.
Rio was passed a training sword and made to stand in the center of the training grounds to face a knight.
Rio could not comprehend why he was forced to fight, but he had no other choice but to go with the flow of things.
Right now, he only needed to focus on how to defeat the opponent in front of him.
Fortunately the handcuffs obstructing his magical powers were already removed.
If worst came to worst, he could use body reinforcement to force his way through the gate.
But escape could wait until after the duel.
So he only needed to end this match peacefully.

Taking a stance with his training sword, his opponent was an imperial guard equipped with light metal armour and a buckler.
He looked down at Rio with one of eyes.
Even when provoked by the imperial guard to make the first move, Rio did not move from his position. Rio silently observed the opponent in front of him.

The imperial guard could feel Rio was not a normal opponent, especially from his peculiar sword stance.
Facing the imperial guard, Rio was not at all intimidated.
Annoyingly clicking his tongue, the guard decided to go on the offensive.


Swiftly closing the distance separating them, he released a blow with all his might in order to crush Rio. The guard skillfully weaved the training sword. At the current rate if the blow connected with Rio’s body, it would not end with just an injury.
Sensing the approaching danger, Rio decided it would be best to avoid the attack.
He dodged the blow by nimbly side-stepping.

The guard’s face twisted in astonishment while the spectators were aghast at what just transpired.
Without missing the chance, Rio used minimal amounts of magical power to strengthen his physical abilities and muscles and instantly pointed the tip of his training sword at the Imperial Guard’s neck.
Silence filled the area.

“Wa-Wait! I was unprepared! He just got lucky! I’ll get serious next time!”

The Imperial Guard started to panic as he blurted out flimsy excuses.
Looking at his unsightly appearance, the silence was replaced by roars of laughter.

“…YOU! Don’t tell me you’re making excuses for losing to a kid. What a disgrace for an Imperial Guard. This kind of blunder is inexcusable.”

A loud voice resounded from the crowd of spectators. The voice belonged to one of the nobles who was watching the mock battle from the corner of the training grounds.

“Y-Yes! As Duke Euguno said, it’s outrageous for an Imperial Guard to be making excuses like that.”

The surrounding nobles murmured in agreement. On the other hand, isolated groups of nobles lost interest in the display and bit their lips while listening to the speech.
Rio remained expressionless at the spectacle unfolding before him.

“Fool! Cool your head! Your negligence was the cause of your loss. As an honourable member of the Imperial Guards, obediently accept your defeat.”

Alfred admonished the Imperial Guard who was facing Rio.
As one would expect of one being reprimanded by the Deputy Commander, the Imperial Guard vexedly repented and lowered his head.

Alfred directed his attention to Rio. After seemingly being lost in thought for a bit while observing Rio, Alfred opened his mouth.

“Fu~n, splendid! Boy, this is proof that you really were the one who rescued Christina-sama and Flora-sama.”
“What do you mean by that?”

Rio daringly asked Alfred without hesitation.

“Oh, I was just personally relaying His Majesty’s gratitude. It is a great honour for you to receive His Majesty’s thanks. A room will be made available for you. You’re free from prison now.”

Using His authority, Rio was completely one-sidedly cornered.
The King was an absolute existence held in awe by all.
It was that kind of feeling.
The King had not said anything ever since Rio left prison.

“…I’m honoured.”

Rio’s nonchalant reply made Alfred furrow his eyebrows. He then looked at Rio and said,

“Fu~n, anyway you may head to your prepared room now. A magician has been arranged to examine and treat your injuries.”
“Thank you very much.”

The ones responsible for putting Rio in such a miserable state was under Alfred’s command in the first place. He was unhappy at the fact but for the time being he expressed his gratitude.

Thus Rio was released from jail.
After accepting treatment for his injuries, he was guided to his room for a bath. There he was greeted by an older girl serving as his caretaker.
She was still in her teens.
But the beauty the girl boasted would make even renowned artists hesitate to bet their life to try and accurately reproduce her elegance.
“Beautiful” was the only word that could be used to describe her.
The girl quietly entered the room and bowed to him.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Aria Gavness. I am an apprentice maid working in the Royal Castle and have been appointed as Rio-sama’s caretaker. Please take care of me.”

Arira said that with a blank face like a Noh mask.
It was a clear voice with no hesitation.

“Why thank you, for you to display such courtesy to someone as lowly as myself. I’m Rio.”

Bowing respectfully without being distracted by the maid’s unbelievable beauty, Rio politely greeted her in return.
If the other party acted courteously, then Rio would also respond in a courteous manner.
An eye for an eye, a favour for a favour; that was what Rio believed.
He did not know the etiquette of the country but from the way he returned the greeting, a very small hint of surprise sparked in Aria’s eyes.
Unless one had very keen observation skills, they would have missed it. But Rio noticed it.
It seemed like behind the Noh mask, Aria was not totally expressionless.

“I will be serving as Rio-sama’s attendant during your time at the Royal Castle. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to call for me.”

But Aria was also acted quite professionally; she did not pry for any information about Rio.

“Then tell me one thing. After meeting His Majesty the King tomorrow, will I immediately get kicked out of the castle?”
“I am sorry. But I don’t know anything regarding that. I only know you have an audience with His Majesty the King tomorrow. I was ordered to take care of Rio-sama for the time being.”

In other words, there was the possibility that he would be placed under house arrest after the audience.
Hearing the reply he had predicted made him despair.
But at least when compared to his former jail cell, his current accommodation was a large improvement.

“I see. Thank you for telling me.”
“No need, it is my duty to inform you of such matters. If you don’t have any more questions, shall I bring your meal?”
“That’d be wonderful. By all means, please do.”

After suffering through numerous days being served inadequate meals, Rio displayed a smile befitting of his age.

(It’s not all that bad after all. I get to eat luxurious meals instead of receiving a reward.)

While entertaining difficult thoughts, Rio headed towards the Royal Court kitchen.

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