Chapter 15- Rikka Firm


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Translator: Cnine
Editor: Vrryou

Chapter 15: Rikka Firm

In regards to the girl called Liselotte, it did not seem like she was a bad person judging from her fame and acheievements, but Rio decided it was best to remain inconspicious and restrain himself from asking around.
However, he did not intend on advancing like that.
He was ready give an honest answer if she were to notice that he was a reincarnator but he was reluctant to bring up the topic himself.

(Let’s say for example, if we come upon the topic about soup stock, she may take the hint that I’m a reincarnator.)

That might lead into talk about their former world.
Like how they long for their former world.
Even Rio still had lingering feelings for his former world and how he wanted to search for the girl from his childhood.
It was not improper to say that his only regret for not being able to return to Earth was due to his childhood friend.

However, Rio realised that he, who received a new life in this world, did not have a choice to return to his former world.
If he returned, what would happen to the family register? Would he arrive back in the same era? In the first place, was it even possible to return?
Besides, his current appearance was different than that of his past self.
Even if he found a way to return to Earth, these were questions that could not be answered.

Rio had been researching for a way to travel between worlds, but such magic did not exist in this world.
He had scoured the Royal Institute’s library and came up empty so it was doubtful that he would find anything in other countries either.
As a result, Rio had given up hope on finding a way back to Earth.
Regret still lingered within him despite having come to terms with it. Perhaps it was because he had made no progress in finding his childhood friend back on Earth even when he put all his effort into searching for her that he allowed himself to give up.

Back to the point, a youth with an unknown background like Rio could not possibly demand to meet Liselotte, a noble.
Still, it was possible to run into her by chance.
Instead, he indulged himself with the nostalgic dishes devised by Liselotte as he planned his next course of action.

While continuing to enjoy the nostalgic food, Rio decided to visit the store belonging to the the firm managed by Liselotte in the shadows.
The city’s layout was neatly divided and maintained.
The target store entered his view as he approached a line of shops and entered immediately.
It was a large, five story building and was much better maintained than the other stores surrounding it.
He entered through the front door of the store.
It was equally well maintained inside as well.
The interior was furnished using high quality materials. The first floor simply had a counter while the upper floors were used for office space.

(Is my… attire inappropriate for this place?)

Take a quick look around, there was only a single person that looked like merchant standing inside.
Everybody on the first floor were dressed in formal attire causing Rio, who was dressed as an adventurer, to feel extremely out of place.
From behind the counter, a girl around Rio’s age approached him with a smile.

「Welcome to the Rikka Firm! How may I assist you?」

From her smile alone, an overflowing sense of grace and amiablity could be felt.
She had long, wavy light blue hair and a lovely and gentle face. He was able to tell that she was an employee from the uniform she was wearing, but if she wore something like a dress, Rio would have easily mistaken her as a noble’s daughter.

「Thank you for the warm welcome. I heard you sell pasta here. If you carry preserved pasta then I’d like to purchase a few and if there are other perishables then I’d like some as well.」

As one would expect from a high class establishment, the staff’s conduct was incredibly well mannered. To match, Rio returned an equally polite greeting.
The girl’s eyes sparkled in interest as Rio delivered the respectful greeting despite having the appearance of a rugged adventurer.

「Understood. There are the dried noodles variant too.」
「Then those too please. May I know the length of the preservation period?」
「While we have not established a definite amount of time because not even a year has passed since production started, I’m confident that if it’s kept in a dry environment at room temperature, it should last for at least two years.」
「I see, then may I hear the price?」
「The price is 15 copper for 500 grams.」

The price was on the higher side for food ingredients in this world.
Still, it was well worth it since it reminded Rio of home.
Well that was not the sole reason why, he was also the type of person who never compromised when it came to food.

「I see. Speaking of which, do you also happen to carry barley?」
「Why yes, of course we do. The price is 10 copper for 1 kilogram.」
「Then can I trouble you to arrange 15 kilograms of pasta and 5 kilograms of barley?」

Although the amount was a bit excessive for only himself, he did not need to carry any water thanks to his Spirit Arts. His body could be strengthened so he could endure the unreasonable weight for the sake of his appetite.
In addition to the other ingredients as well, the total weight would easily surpass 40 kilograms.

「500 grams of pasta is equivalent to six servings, are you sure?」

In total, he bought enough for 180 servings.
Merchants rarely bought small amounts per visit, but never had there been a person to buy this much in a single purchase.
The girl was amazed at Rio who bought such a large quantity of pasta and barley despite having the appearance of an adventurer.
Commoners at his age usually overestimated their strength and were unable to quantify weight well.
Assuming Rio was one of those people, the girl tried explaining the weight in layman’s terms.

Amusingly, Rio was planning to use the pasta and barley as food during his travels but the girl had already discarded such an outrageous notion.
The reason was that the two were not meant as food for travelling.
A large amount of was required to boil barley and dry pasta and water was scarce during travels.
While it was possible to produce water using magic, a magician’s magical power was limited, therefore a sufficient amount of water could not be readily produced.
Furthermore, the barley being sold was only used to manufacture beer.

「Yes. For 180 servings of pasta, it will amount to 4 silver coins and 50 copper coins. The barley is 50 copper coins for 5 kilograms, correct? Then altogether it will be 5 silver coins.」

Recognizing that pasta was not an ingredient suitable for travelling, Rio quickly calculated the total price to show that he understood his purchase.

「…Please excuse me. Then 15 kilograms of dried pasta and 5 kilograms of barley will be arranged.」

Witnessing mental arithmetic that exceeded that of even a merchant, the girl slightly widened her eyes as she responded.

「Uhm, because the preparations will take a bit, would you like some tea while we process your payment at that table?」

The girl proposed so as she motioned towards a table and sofa set reserved for payment processing and business deals.

「Ah, thank you. I will take you up on that offer.」

Rio decided to accept the invitation because waiting around for his goods to be arranged would be rather uneventful.
Calling another nearby employee to prepare tea for them, the girl invited him to take a seat before doing so herself.

「Now then, would there be anything else you need?」

The girl began talking as Rio sunk his body into the comfortable sofa.

「Let’s see. I’d like some cooking utensils and seasonings suitable for travel if you have any. Also, preserved food enough for a single person to last a month. Lastly, a bag large and durable enough to carry it all.」

Although he was anxious about the distance to Yagumo, Rio concluded that he should be fine with the amount of pasta he bought.

「I see. Then I will prepare those items as well. May I ask what your budget may be? The quality of the goods may vary so…」

The girl’s curiosity was piqued when she heard Rio request for cooking supplies but did not let it show on her face.

「Let’s see. About 10 silver coins for preserved food and I haven’t decided an upper limit for seasonings yet.」

In the Yufilia continent, seasoning was not cultivated at the border of the Bertram and Galark Kingdoms so they tended to be quite costly.
Spices in particular were very expensive.

「High quality preserved food can be bought with that much. As for seasonings, what would you prefer?」

A woman wearing a maid uniform suddenly appeared in front of Rio.
He was slightly surprised to see a maid employed in a high class firm. After the the tea was gracefully set on the table by the maid, Rio turned towards her and listed off the ingredients he sought.

「Well, I’d like salt, garlic, herbs, olive oil, pepper if possible, cloves, nutmeg, and red peppers.」

In truth, Rio craved for soy sauce and miso but he had not seen any evidence that either of the two existed.
Seeing that soybeans existed, it may be possible to create them using barley instead of rice.

(Liselotte-san introduced pasta and manju so it’s possible that she’s also making soy sauce and miso but I haven’t heard anything about it. Oh well, it’s not something a single person can make by herself if she doesn’t know the recipe. Maybe I’ll try making some myself after settling down.)

Rio knew the recipe because he lived in a rural area in his previous life.

「Ahaha, that’s quite an extravagant order. But, of course we’ll have it all prepared for you. Salt garlic, herbs, and olive oil aren’t that expensive but as for the rest, it will be one silver for 100 grams.」
「Then please. As long as it’s under one gold in total, that will be sufficient. Now then, let us enjoy our tea.」

After settling his order with great effort, Rio was finally able to enjoy the tea that was about to cool down.
He brought the saucer up to his chest and enjoyed the tea’s fragrance while admiring the light blue saucer’s intricate design.
Finally, he brought the cup along with the saucer to his lips before taking a sip. He savoured the taste in his mouth before swallowing.
The girl displayed an astonished expression at his series of refined movements.

「Do you happen to be familiar with tea etiquette? Your movements are awfully refined.」
「Ah, an acquaintance of mine is quite particular when it comes to tea. I became accustomed to it after accompanying her for many years. This distinctive aroma and flavour along with a slight bitterness, this tea leaf must be of Riz production, right? And an excellent grade at that.」

As a result of accompanying Seria in tea drinking over the years, the tea manners became ingrained into his body to the point where it became natural to him.

「Such incredible insight. Wonderful. Even a good number of nobles are ignorant about tea.」

An expression of disgust could be seen on the girl’s face for a moment before being replaced by a bright smile due to meeting somebody who shared a similar interest.
She then also drank her tea in a similarly refined manner.
Gazing at her gesture, Rio caught a glimpse of a Shisa on the cup.

「This table, sofa, and tableware… aren’t they a little too luxurious just for payments on an open floor?」

Rio opened up a topic for some small talk.
He surmised that the tableware’s value was at least several silver coins and was almost certain the table and sofa were worth several gold coins.

「Fufu, that’s because this is used for valuable business negotiations. It is only proper to provide our dear guests with the hospitality they deserve.」

The girl proudly explained the rationale behind it.

「As expected of the firm said to be run by the Galark Kingdom’s talented Liselotte-sama. Pasta is also one of Liselotte-sama’s prided creations.」
「Eh, ah, yeah. She will most certainly be pleased to hear that.」

The girl seemed to tremble slightly upon hearing Liselotte’s name.

(It can’t be…)

At that moment, a crazy idea surfaced in his mind, but Rio quickly drove the notion away.

「By the way, I’m sorry if this is prying too deep, but is dear customer an adventurer by any chance?」

The girl asked a personal question.
The conversation had drifted towards casual topics rather than business talks so such a question was not considered to be disrespectful.
Rio opened his mouth to answer the girl.

「Oh, no, I’m not registered as an adventurer. I’m actually in the middle of a journey and don’t plan to register anytime soon since I’m not worried about my expenses yet.」

(I doubt I can safely register at the guild in the first place since I’m a wanted person.)

Rio mulled over his problems while staring at the cup held over the girl’s breasts before returning his gaze to the girl’s face.

「I see. Dear customer’s hair colour isn’t something commonly seen either. Were you born in a foreign country?」

Possessing civilized manners and educated speech, an intelligence that could perform complex mental arithmetic, and proper tea etiquette, all of that was only at odds with his attire.
Furthermore, he did not try to haggle during his purchase.
The girl speculated Rio was the son of a foreign noble travelling abroad incognito.
It was a misunderstanding Rio was thankful for.

「Indeed, dark hair is uncommon in this country, but is actually quite common in the east…」

Rio casually hinted at coming from a country in the east.
If it became known that he came from the Bertram Kingdom, his movements would become restricted when the wanted list arrived in the Galark Kingdom.

「Ah, come to think of it, I actually have an acquaintance residing in the capital of the Bertram Kingdom. Do you know how I can send a letter there?」

Having said that, Rio finished his tea that had become lukewarm.
He wondered whether a firm of this size would handle mailing duties as well.

「As a matter of fact, our firm also handles mail to and from the Bertram Kingdom capital. It’s because we have business partners there as well. Would you like to write your letter while we prepare your goods and settle the payment?」
「By all means, please. Shall we finalize the payment?」

Ceasing their casual conversation, they returned to business related matters.
The total amount came to a single gold coin. A parchment to write the letter, as well as a quill and bottle of ink was brought to him.

「Then, I will finish preparing the goods. Please call me when you’re done writing your letter.」
「Thank you very much.」

He finished writing his letter about 20 minutes later.
He called out to the nearby employees and oddly enough, the same girl from before came again.

「Please deliver this to the Bertram Kingdom Royal Institute.」
「Most certainly. To confirm, the recipient is Seria Claire-sama right?」

Rio passed the letter to the girl and she gingerly accepted it.
Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw who the letter was addressed to and she once again confirmed that the recipient was indeed as written.

「Yes. I leave it to you.」

Rio believed the letter would arrive safely because he trusted that a firm as reputable as the Rikka Firm would not let their customers down.

「Certainly. Then, here are the goods you requested. Please confirm it.」

An employee who had been standing on the side stepped forward and handed over a bag to Rio.
Although it was considerably heavy even for a grown man, it did not prove to be a problem if Rio strengthened his strength and body.
Everybody in the area stared in surprise at Rio, who had the physique of a boy, effortlessly lifting the bag.

「Thank you very much. Farewell.」

Rio bid farewell with a wry smile and left the Rikka Firm office.
The girl took a step forward to make sure he was gone.

「He’s an acquaintance of Seria Claire? Seriously, who is he?」

The girl muttered under her breath in curiousity.
Earl Claire’s household was well known even among those in the Galark Kingdom.
However, the person who held even greater fame was the Earl’s daughter, Seria, who was hailed as a genius and sought by research institutes everywhere.
And now, in the girl’s hands was a letter addressed to that Seria Claire.
The girl was genuinely astonished that the boy she met just now was an acquaintance of such a distinguished person.
She desperately wanted to dig deeper into the matter but could not because it would be impolite and a breach of trust to do so.

(So he’s a foreign noble after all? Well, I can always ask that child directly when she’s finished delivering the letter.)

The girl remembered that one of her subordinates was friends with Seria Claire and decided to have her deliver the letter.
She was to go to the Bertram Kingdom on an important business trip the day after tomorrow anyway.
The girl decided to take the aforementioned subordinate along as her escort.

(This is the first time I’ve talked to a person with black hair in this world. I must say, it was quite a fascinating encounter.)

Liselotte and Rio, two people who were reincarnated, ended their first meeting without realising the other was also a fellow reincarnator.

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Chapter 10 Water of Suffocation

Translator : BlightScarlet

Proofreader : Cnine

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Now I can completed the payment for that high-elf Remilia. (TL: probably meant carrying her, calling her a Thing, モノ)[ED : no, based on the context it’s more appropriate to use “complete the payment”]

Even from the so called cage, The first impression that come to me watching her from the other side of the cage is that Remilia is overflowing with aura that said that she is someone from high-noble or royal family.

「Well then we’re collapsed and become a slave, I a high class of high-elf royalty. Falling into slavery.」 (TL: …fudge! where’s the verb?)[ED : high possibility that it’s Remilia telling her story, or Ash asking wind spirit to carry her voice]

She said that with ice cold voice and expression.

Afterward, she keep her silent and remained expressionless.

I do not intend to buy a doll, no matter how beautiful she is.

「Re, Remilia is an Elf Queen and because of that she have a high pride even as a slave.」

Benoria slave firm owner, Radon quickly explaining to me while sweating cold sweat when he saw my expression.

When I turn my eyes to Radon,

「Um……In case it’s all right, our company specialist of animal trainer could conduct『discipline』if you like. It’s to the extent that we could train the slave so tey will delightly licking their master feet.」 (TL: The heck just happen here…)[ED : slave training ~part1~]

And then, I’m peeking at this merchant face.

It seem’s, by paying some extra price, the slave that already sold can receive『Discipline』. (TL: being a teacher I presume… I’m unsure about the original translation.)[ED : it’s training]

However, in my previous life, I remember there is this type of business in pet shop.

Although, the high elf slave Remilia remaing expressionless like a doll. She is shaken when hearing the words like training and discipline. (TL: pikun? ピクン I moderately edited this one)

「That’s right, though if you wish we can also train on one characteristic of the slave. Onion, Our slave trainer is one who have remarkable ability on such training since his enrollment in our firm. He can made their nature distorted, he can made the slaves going as far as distorting the slave nature so they will even lick their master as* hol* with pleasured expression. A, of course the slave trainer will never broke Remilia hymen, so rest assured. But………special training is a bit more pricy.」 (TL: another long one… slightly edited.)[ED : Thogh I already know this, but this line is still hard for me to enduring it while proofing]

While robbing his hand in hand speed, the slave dealer, Radon, continue to propose many plans.

Thouh when I’m looking at Remilia shoulder, I could see that she is shaken little-by-little. (TL: hmm I presume this could go the other way, where a spirit is sitting on ash’s shoulder…)[ED : No sane person that won’t trembling when they heard that they will receiving a “special Training”, except for a pervert of course]

「Furthermore, with apecial hard training, we can even made the slaves so they could eat their master excrement with pleasure.」[ED : sorry, taking a break from proof-ing a day due to the contain of this line…………..(11/03/2015)]

Radon’s additional service proposal subject is becoming more and more terrible.

Though Remilia putting an unconcerned face since some time ago, it crumbled bit-by-bit and now she is ghastly pale.

「Though of course the payment will be increased, for training the ultimate M slave——」

「That’s enough. I’m beginning to feel sick from hearing it, so quit it.」

「I, I-I-I, I’m very sorry, Ash-sama!!!」

When I’m speaking in displeased tone, the slave merchant Radon hurriedly lowering his head repeatedly apologizing to me.

Though I want slaves that absolutely won’t betray me, I’m not interested in broken doll.[ED : It’s similiar to sex slave training till the womans mind broken]

I do not need dolls without feeling and vacant eyes.

Moreover, Remilia is already my thing.

Though it seems to be a good idea to 『Discipline』 her, I won’t let another person to do it to her other than me. [ED : I’ve added the last three words for improvement]

Therefore, I really won’t let Remilia receiving [training service] proposed by Radon. (TL: add some words, edit some. Option 2: Therefore, I will not let Remilia to receive all of the training service that Radon suggested.)

I purchase the [collar of obedience] at the slave company, and attach it to Remilia.

Although absolute obedience’s magic is charged in the magic tool, it doesn’t mean that the slave heart is also fallen into slavery. (TL: yeah a bit help here would be fine, I don’t know what -saserareru conjugation are used for.)[ED : I made it into the most-made-sense form]

However, she can’t do nothing but hear my order at least.

Well, though the collar won’t force her to obey something like too much unique* order or a suicide order.[ED : Ash case with Kiel, I mean Angela]

However, she must be resenting me from the depth of her heart, or maybe scorning me, regardless of that I will limit it as much as possible by attaching collar to her, so she won’t betray me. (TL: another long one, sorry if I misinterpret it.)[ED : same goes for me]

Absolutely won’t betray me! (TL: Welcome to oblivion my friend, where your delusion shall subside.)[ED : ………..]

That is, I don’t want to bound someone heart with tool like this but———I won’t let that happen twice, I don’t want to be betrayed by someone again.

In addition, I truly wanted Remilia’s heart but………… no, it seems that’s already too much wish of me.

Remilia, and then Angela who is waiting in front of the slave firm building.

Since sometime ago, Angela made a funny expression.

She is looking down without self-confidence, her face already become gloomy.

Though she recall that this slave firm is a place full of bitter memories for her, when I come out from the shop, her expression instantly become gloomy.

「Angela. Are you hungry, want to eat something?」

Though I’m worried about her, so I asked her. (TL: … replace smell with feel, original said something like this, or it’s “hear” which doesn’t make sense.)

「N,no……Now, I’m not hungry…….desu. Thank you very muchfor worrying me, master」

The hungry girl Angela is, unexpectedly giving such reply.

Is her physical condition is really that bad? (TL: saying it sarcastically)[ED : it’s sarcastic for the previous line]

Though they have said that Unicorn horn can cure all illness, it does not mean that her physical strength is completely recovered to its original strength.

Though I feel relieved seeing at her physical strngth recovered rapidly, maybe that was just her putting a front and overdoing it.[ED : Yare-yare~~]


I crouched down on the spot.

「Come on Angela! 」

「eh, ah, um, Master?」

「you seems to be in bad condition and overdo it, get on…….I will carry you on my back! 」

Angela hesitated for a brief moment.

Somehow, she glancing quickly in Remilia direction

I order her to get on my back again, though because the difference in our height she easily getting on my back.


Angela laughed delightfully on my back. (TL: WT-? I will not question your logic)



「What is it, Angela?」

「I Love you very much…… desu」 (Translator quit translating at this point and retire for Sunday 3/8/15)[ED : proofreader going to enjoy his downloaded WN and retire for the time being 12/03/2015]

Since I’ve never confessed by someone before, My heart jumped a little. (TL: Translation continue! My life was all a lie!)[ED : Heretic detected, a class president also confessed to him once before]

I am embarrassed, because there there is nothing to say at all, I’ve continue walking while carrying Angela. (TL: your imagination)[ED : he is piggybacking Angela]


Watching at our interaction even made Remilia looking at us with puzzled expression.

I also purchased various things in magic tool shop along the way.

What I bought first is 『Magic Leather Bag*』 at the advice of the clerk. [ED : otherwise known as Dor*Emon 4D Pocket]

It’s equipped with volume reduction and weight reduction, there is also preservation magic installed in it, so I can stuffing various things in there. (TL: added some words, ORDER NOW for your Doraemon 4-D bag! )[ED : Limited Edition come with A SLAVE INSIDE!!!(Randomly choosen, you might get beautiful girl or a homo)]

I can also put the large furniture, including bed and the likes into the bag and carry it.

It’s just the right size to carry the large furniture to my great prairie house.

The cost (of this bag) is 50 large gold coins.

I purchase it because it seems to be very convenient to run along, but in no way was it a cheap purchase.

If it is the case of money, I still have no less than 300 large gold coins remaining… (TL: did I do the math… oh 20 horns)[ED : maybe it’s a typo]

There was a bed in the synthesis magic tool store.

It’s magically charged magic bed.

Everyone can lie down all at once on the more than king sized luxurious bed.

Because it will save me from the trouble of visiting furniture shop. (TL: yeah, unsure about this one)[ED : now he is in magic tool shop, there is a bed sold inside, if he buy that bed, he won’t need to visit furniture shop to buy a bed again]

The price is 2 large gold coins.

With perpertual floating magic installed in it, the bed is floating lightly 30 cm above the ground.

Though I did not know what is it useful for, but it felt interesting.

It seems as it is able to turn around because it’s floating. (TL: no duh?)[ED : Remilia will explain this function]

I do not know what this is useful for.

The blanket, pillow, bedding and so forth are incidentally magically charged too.

The price is more expensive than common items in terms of price.

Various furniture and supply with the exception of bedding are prepared in this shop.

Any magic tool shop items are magically charged.

The others is, like magic lamp that can emit light and magical canteen that can make water gushing out from it, it was a handy tool.[ED : such conveninet item]

Especially for me who uses spirit magic.

By the way, peaking at magic canteen, the water spirit soul, Undine winked at me when I look inside. (TL: Fire in the hole!)[ED : Cover Me!]

Though I bought various things, in the end all of that come together is only cost a little more than 100 gold coins. (TL: I’m lost, did he just went spending 33% of his left over?)[ED : no maybe less than 50%, 700-450[He already paid DP 50 gold for Remilia]= 250]

No, speaking of 100 large gold coins it’s enough to buy a mansion with garden included in the Fortress City Kare, that’s certainly quite big spending.

Maybe I become a generous person when I carrying large amount of money.

Because of that, I bought various things unconsciously. (TL: listening to Japanese music while translating…Hard rock!)[ED : Listening to kroncong when Proofing this]

After a while, I’m puzzled for what reason did I bought this. (TL: too many no, I’m going to have to say “no”)[ED : yeah, it’s too confusing]

Maybe because I just got my hand on the extraordinary amount of money as much as 750 large gold coin, my sense of money is become rather weird today.. (TL: cause you freaking blew all your wand!)[ED : It made me remember the first time I received my pay check]

Let’s be careful for the next time.

That’s right, though the synthesis magic tool shop’s assistant repeatedly recommended me to buy 『magic house』, I refuse it.

Usually its miniature size but, If I want to the 『magic house』can change it size to the size of where someone can live in it though.

However, I can’t buy it because the price for that is 1000 large gold coins.

The shop assistant insist that I can pay it by monthly credit.

I need to save money, 『magic house』…………no, I might as well buy a 『magic castle』. (TL: I think a cooler name would be Mystic Castle!)[ED : Demon castle]

The『magic castle』is cost 10000 large gold coins that would be the average national budget of a small country, which is a very large sum.

Afterward, I left the magic tool shop and purchase various things in the general store one by one.

When I give Angela 1 large coin, her tail is fluttering, and she buy the goods with happy expression.

All the puchased things are put into the 『magic leather bag』.

The 『magic leather bag』 is very convenient.

As I though, it’s a good purchase. (TL: I’m feeling mono-tone here, adding exclamation marks, why not!)[ED : there is yahari inside]

Though it has fatal weakness that it can’t store living things, it still to my satisfaction.[ED : imagine a mass murderer collecting corpses in this bag]

Including the high elf slave, Remilia, after finishing our shopping, we decide to return back to the great prairie.

Moving together with my slaves along the back alley without anyone.

「Can Remilia borrow the power of wind spirits and use《Concealment》? 」

When I asked that, Remilia nodded while still expressionless.

「If that’s the case, Use it to hide yourself. Since I’m going to use 《Concealment》 on Angela and myself. 」

「……E?」(TL: literally means “WHAT?”)

In front of the bewildered Remilia, I used 《Concealment》on me and Angela to disappear.

「Ash……-sama, was……… spirit user ?」

「Ah. But, I ask you to not say about this to anyone………. Please keep this secret! 」 (TL: especially his Mum!)[ED : and Dad]

When I said that, I remain invisible. Remilia suddenly nodded.

By the way, I sometimes use the word『Secret』when when I need to keep some things as secret. It’s merely because I like the way how the MC of the light novel that I read in my previous life talk. The me from previous life has a habit of mimicking Serif* or other from the novel. And I also use the words 『Please Keep This Off-Record』from my previous life………. Since I never shared my secret to anyone in my previous life, I never use it to anyone but the only one who is also my speaking companion, my pet, who is a Hill Myna bird. (TL: oh my god another long son of a gun! Rage Translation!…OK need a lot of help here!)[ED : damn it, each chapter is longer that what I expected, CHANGE OF PLAN!!!!]

In this country with many genuine/true magic supreme ideologist, Remilia seems to know that it is necessary to evade using spirit magic.

I explain it to Angela who does not understand the difference between true magic and spirit magic for the time being.


Remilia spend wonderfully lot) of time discussing and negotiating with the wind spirit. Finally, she can borrow their power and use《Concealment》.

Though I think it’s not necessary to spend so much time for negotiation like that.

As for me these days, I borrow from sylph.

「I request for Concealment」

「OK-nano」(TL: the heck is “なの” for? なcan be used for wow, but as “なの”, idk.)[ED : it’s called style of speech]

And that’s how I do it.


I have a hunch that soon, even eye contact is enough to borrow their power. (TL: “all that begins must end!”)[ED : mastery reached 1000]

Well, it’s been a while since Remilia using spirit magic since she come to the slave firm in this country, though maybe she just have a little difficultis to use it.

Remilia figure dissapeared, and I lost sight of her.

Although, I know Remilia’s approximate location because the wind spirit clinging on Remilia’s body. (TL: the right place and the right time)

Remilia also can see the spirits, so she most likely know me and Angela’s position.

「well then, next is follow me using《Wings of wind》to fly. 」

「eh? That……eh? 」


「Ho, how to use two spirit magic simoultanously, something like that is maybe only eldest elves, or great druid can do that…….Im, impossible. The requirement is too high! 」

Though particularly I don’t think it’s that difficult to use it.

It can’t be helped, I ask Remilia to release her 《Concealment》.

And then, I apply 《Concealment》 on Remilia’s body too.

Because I also applying 《Concealment》 to me by myself, the same goes for Angela, we can clearly see Remilia figure.

「Then, follow me.」

I was floating in the air using《Wings of wind》while carrying Angela

Angela Clings to me while waving her tail with blissful face that saying that there is no greater happiness than this.

「………………………………」(TL: The heck?)[ED : it’s break for us]

Remilia witnessing an unbelievable thing with open-wide eyes. (TL: Mind War just happen.)

Is it because a person that can use 《Concealment》 on three people including himself, and using《Wings of wind》at the same time is so rare?

Time to put on a composed expression and enjoy seeing multiple astonishment of Remilia for the moment.

Remilia was about to use《Wings of wind》too.

However………………it’s too long. (TL: Ah poop-deck on the bottom of my shoe!)

Remilia’s flying speed is as slow as a turtle. (TL: is this the world’s definition of skillful?)

Turtle would be an overstatement, even if she’s extremely slow.

If I feel like it my flying speed can exceed supersonic speed, now it’s not even 1/10 of that speed. (TL: I would call this moderately edited)[ED : He originally said “surpassing the speed of sound]

Though it can’t be helped that I must restrain myself fro flying at such speed, and yet Remilia is still falling behind. (TL: …Just carry her too!)[ED : Oppai sandwich?]

I frequently stopped in the air and wait for the one that far behind me, Remilia to catch up.

I am still waiting for Remilia for more than 5 minutes. (TL: she’s under AAA barrage. Come on ya old plane! Keep moving ya’ar engine!)[ED : Remilia is like first generation car(max speed 40 km/hour) trying to catch up a concord(Ash)]

I continue waiting and finally saw a figure of Remilia.

Her flying speed is slow as ever.

I doubt that it even reach 30 km/hour.

Ah, I can take my time to enjoy the cool evening.

「So, sorry. le……..ple ……..Please let me to take a break again.」[ED : somehow my imagination running wild when I read this]

「N」(TL: it didn’t say “うん”)[ED : expression of murmuring]

When I nodded, Remilia got down on the ground unsteadily.

And then, she is squatting. (TL: imagine meditating)

Not only her speed is slow, but the flight duration was short as well. (TL: I want my refund)[ED : it’s your own fault to buy an old car in the era of flying car]

A break is required every 10 minutes.

And in addition to that, it was necessary more than 20 minutes too. (Duration of resting)

The time of taking a break from flying time is longer.

At this rate, I will arrive at the prairie after it get dark.

No, maybe how many days it will take to finish our journey.

Though I appreciate her for trying desperately to catch up to me—–I guess I should lend a hand to her. (TL: slightly edited)[ED : another line that made me going into wild delusion]

It would be lending my back rather than hand.

I descend beside Remilia, While holding Angela.

「Remilia, at this rate we will lost so much time. Get on my back.」

「Th-That is」

「You can borrow the power of wind spirit to make your body as light as you can…………….. That way will save me from some trouble.」

「…………Un, understood」 (TL: Indirectly insulted)

Remilia body weight is not particularly light to carry her as it is, because I’m flying while holding Angela so she won’t fall at my speed.

But, that’s right, let’s just say so that it won’t hurt Remilia pride too much.


Since Remilia is MINE.

I always treat my things as tender as I can, so I will make sure to not hurt her pride.

So I’m fling while carrying Angela in front and Remilia on my back.

Remilia wrapping her hand on my neck and her body glued tightly on my back. (TL: no comment…)

Because we are flying at a high speed without any hindrance, Remilia clings desperately so that she does not fall.

I can feel Remilia’s soft breast and her body temperature on my back.


For some reason, Angela expression become gloomy once again, she give out that kind of feeling. (TL: No ducking way, what kind of dense duckling are you?)

We already quite near from the great pririe.


I heard a scream just now. (TL: oh no, my previous Unicorn(y)!

I begin to worry and stopped in the sky.

And then, I look down from the sky to look at the source of that scream.

「A………My, my breathen 」 (TL: oh…They’re doing their naughty things again *smile mischievously*)[ED : it’s Remilia speaking]

Said the high elf slave girl Remilia with bitter tone.

It seems, she also notice that too.

A considerably young girl being abused in that place. [ED : in many ways]

It appear to be come from the mansion that look like a noble villa on the hill with great view.

It’s from inside the garden surrounded by the villa fences, a long-eared naked girl abused by a man. (TL: not a good time for perverted jokes.)

The middle-aged noble carrying a magic staff and shooting《magic arrow》 toward her.

The elf girl is running desperately in the garden surrounded by the fences. (TL: slightly edited)

The middle age noble doing that only to torment her, also how many of those 《magic arrow》 he fired is only aimed at the foot and the back of the elf girl.

He skillfully make it easy to dodge on purpose but………… Nevertheless it’s still unsightly.

「……How cruel……」

「that child over there……Is very very pitiful……desu」

Remilia and Angela muttering in painful tone.

「Hyii!?」(TL: pretty much screaming “heeeeee!”)

The 《magic arrow》hit the back of the elf girl who failed to avoid them.

The girl roll over several time in pain.

Seeing that made the pig-like middle age noble laugh pleasantly. (TL: slightly edited)

「hoorayHooray. Stand up quickly otherwise you won’t escape from the next one, and going to get hit again. This time I will increasing the magic power more than before, it will be very painful if it you.」

While laughing, the middle age man pointed his staff toward the girl.

The elf girl trying desperately to stand up.

However, she is fallen because of the injury from her back.

「This time, you might really die. Kuhaha, here is it」

The ugly middle-age noble relentlessly shooting his strengthen arrow from his staff.

However, not to mention that it will rob that elf girl life, that arrow won’t even hurt her.

Before the elf girl’s eye stood an earth wall which height is taller than a man, and it repelled the《magic arrow》. (TL: somehow my boy, you are in a lot of trouble from this)

I order gnome to use《mud wall (Earth wall) 》.

When I think about it part of defence magic that available to the current me and can protect me from physical attack is,《mud wall (Earth Wall) 》. (TL: moderately edited, help required…)

In reality, this eart wall is very sturdy with thickness exceeding 30 cm, and it completely warding all 5《magic arrow》.

However, these were considerably deep hole in the earth wall by《magic arrow》.

Its evidence that the《magic arrow》 have considerable power.

This old noble, he really shooting that 《magic arrow》 to kill this girl.

It seems that at least from his feeling[Killing Intent], he didn’t mind if the elf girl is die. (TL: ok really help me on this one please)

It’s plenty enough evidences, that he really attemted to kill her.

「wh, wh, what is this?!」

The middle age noble suddenly lost his cool and his gaze is fixated on the mud wall that suddenly risen and protecting the girl.

He did not notice me flying overhead of the girl. (TL: wait, then who’s standing in front of her? Stupid assumption, she was lying down and staring at the person!)[ED : it’s RuDEUS]

They can’t see my figure. (TL: cause of concealment)

Because right now I’m using《Wings of wind》and《Concealment》, then invoked《mud wall (Earth wall) 》 all at once. [ED : cast “Triple”]

「Si, simultaneously using three spirit magic………………」*Gulp*(TL: so say Remilia)

I can hear the sound of Remilia gulped her saliva.

Although, I only succeeded in helping out the girl by using the《mud wall (Earth wall) 》at once.

In addition, I am not confident that I can do that again.

Therefore, I descend near the girl and cancel my 《Wings of Wind》. (TL: any cooler name for the wings?)[ED : Angel Feather?]

Carrying Remilia on my back and Angela in my arms, we separated and cancel《Concealment》.

「UOO!? Yo, you, what the hell is this, where are you come from!?」(TL: quack, we came from the pond over there.)[ED : we’re death angel]

The spirit magic’s information is kept apart (secret). While the middle age noble is using true magic is perplexed, He inquire the person’s identity.

「It doesn’t matter about us. Other than you, what are you doing?! Just now, you are about to murder the girl. Turn yourself in to the police before I report it to a government official.」 (TL: err, ash, knock-knock, are you dumb? She’s his slave…)

I accused the middle-aged noble that I cannot bear to overlook.

「what are you saying! I purchased this slave! I can killed it or let is live as I wished immediately! 」

This elf girl is his slave? (Translator fall down magnificently…TL: damn it brownie!)

I don’t understand this, she didn’t wear《Collar of obedience》.

Which reminds me, that there are iron ring attached to her ankle.

Though the simplified version of 《Collar of obedience》itself is already expensive, there is also yearly maintenance cost to maintain it.

The master also won’t install that wonderful things to a stingy slave—- that’s what I heard from slave merchant, Radon. (TL: help is on the way! it’s safe to say!)

「Leaving that aside, who the hell are you! This place is the kingdom noble mage Bado Eiri Granton villa! You’re just walking into my area! I will sue you for tresspassing.」 (TL: oh fudge)

The middle-age noble called Bado is being enraged.

Certainly trespassing into the other propeties is a crime, if by doing so is the action of saving a life, it can override. (TL: now I can say this is heavily edited, sorry my editor. L)

Though it’s only according to the kingdom law taught by mother.

And, despite being a slave, a life is still a life. (TL: it’s an elf)[ED : I know that, that’s why I changed it into life]

…………Human slave treated just like human, and Fairy race slave also get the same treatment, but as for beastman slave, they’re treated like good. (TL: somewhat slightly edited)

「Even though she is a slave, she will be excluded from Science-like-research-experiment* for the sake of developing new magic arts in public facility, it’s supposed to be prohibited by the kingdom law any act that will take away their life, in the 『The Law concerning The Treatment Toward Human slave and The Fairy Race Slave』」[ED : Otherwise known as GUINEA PIG, refer to the chapter where Ash bought Angela]

Incidentally Radon the slave merchant is the one who taught me about the law regarding the treatment toward slaves when I bought Remilia.[ED : such irony]

Though from the way he read it in momotone voice, Radon himself is more or less showing rejection toward that law.

The human slave and the fairy race slave in this country, they’re still being protected even as a slave.

It’s look like in some degree human right is still approved, though it still considerably low. (TL: slightly edited)

And, even if she is a slave in this country, murder is still a murder.

This country has a strong human rights awareness compared to other countries.

In case of the public institutions such as religious communities experimenting for magic development, what kind of heartless matter, their sense of human right is distorted to the point that they will allow any kind of cruel treatment toward the slaves however. (TL: Oppression! Oh oppression! We obtain sweet oppression at last!)[ED : too long]

Beside, as for the beastman slave treatment, though they didn’t have human right, they’re still treated like a livestock.

Anyway, that’s the point that I pointed out. (TL: err, ash, say it to him or throw a pokeball)

「Tch……Despite being a brat you have strange wisdom.」

Just now, the Middle-aged noble, Bado, just click his tongue toward me.

「Bado! Surrender at once! 」

Regarding to the attempted murder on the slave and so forth, the final sentence will be approximately on the level of the slave being confisticated but, nevertheless a crime is still a crime.

At least I can prevent this elf girl from suffering further abuse in this place. (TL: rushing time! Banzai! (means cheers))[ED : don’t be rushed!!!]

「……You little brat ……brat-brat-brat-brat-brat-brat-ahhh!!!!!!」

Big blood vessel surfaced on his head, and Bado was enraged while baring his gums! (Teeth)

Bado become very angry that all his reasoning faded away. (TL: moderately edited)

I understand the feeling of getting furious at the point as an adult to have his crime being pointed out by a strange child like me…………it’s not a common situation.

This time, I suddenly recalling it.

Among this kingdom magic noble, there is one with disordered mind, that person is separated from the capital and street to the villa to recuperating his mind.

Previously, my father talked with a serious face to my mother about this subject.

I accidentally heard the story.

Maybe, is this middle-aged noble is the person from that family line?

「Gaaaaaaaa, why should I surrender myself to a shitty brat like you! I will kill everyone else in this place that too, that will taking care of my problem! 」

No good, this old man.

I look toward his eye.

Moreover, he directing his chant with me as his target.

This chanting is…………true magic, it even at intermediate level《flame ball (fire ball) 》. (TL: hey what about your slaves?)[ED : Off-screen to take care of their private matter]

I can’t use true magic directly because I’m not talented in it.

However, I also have some knowledge with that limitation.

I notice Bado rapidly chanting aria for 《flame ball (fire ball) 》 spell .

This Pig, is he really targetting me——-no, maybe it’s not only just me since Angela and Remilia is in my vicinity, did he really intending to burn that elf girl to death too?

He really is hate me .

Bado chant ended


「《silence (mute)》!」

I requested the wind spirit to interrupt Bado’s chanting.

「!?!!!???」(TL: choking?)[ED : nice one Ash]

Confusion struck his face as his mouth open and close.

Unfortunately, his words are lost by《silence (mute) 》.

True magic require a person to chant incantation, if an incantation is sealed, it mean nothing to me.

「Angela, give me water!」

I gave an order to Angela who hold the『magic leather bag』.

「ah, ye, yes, Master」

Angela put her hand in the magic bag and hand over the canteen.

Water always gush out of the magic canteen.

I open the canteen and requested help from the water fairy.

「《Water of suffocation》!」

I aimed the lump of water at Bado’s mouth.

「!!!!!!?」 (TL: so he was choking(from air) earlier)[ED : it’s magic to seal magician]

The lump of water clogged up Bado’s mouth and nose while his face overwhelmed despair.

And then, his hand and feet flapped around. (TL: still choking… hopefully no one is witnessing this “self=defence”)[ED : Scouting squad back, no one witnessing this Sir]

――I don’t feel like to kill him.

Yet, I intended to inflict some pains that were suitable for this middle-age noble. (TL: super rushing like IDC)

The reason is that he was going to kill me by attempting to fire the《flame ball (fire ball) 》.

I did not intend to finish this with just that.

Besides…………He also intending to kill Angela and Remilia whuch us MY THINGS.

That’s why I could not finish this revenge. (TL: Vengance!)

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Chapter 14 [Trading City, Almond]

Translator: Cnine
Editor: Vrryou

Chapter 14: Trading City, Almond

Currently, Rio was running through the forest in the direction of the Bertram Kingdom’s national border.
Two days had passed since his escape from the capital.

During that time he continued to move on foot.
As for the average distance he covered, by adjusting the distance he covered in the forest to that of the highway1, it amounted to approximately 30 kilometres every 8 hours2.
However, by strengthening his body and physical abilities, Rio was able to cover over 300 kilometres a day.
As such, unless his pursuers made their horses sprint without rest, it would be impossible to overtake him.
At the current rate, he would be able to cross the border by the end of the day.

Situated along the eastern border of Bertram kingdom was its ally, the Galark Kingdom.
Not only did the Galark Kingdom boast a proud history and national power on par with the Bertram Kingdom, it was also one of the powerhouses of the Yufila continent.

(If I’m lucky, news of my escape will not have reached the Galark Kingdom…)

As a result of becoming a fugitive on the run, Rio was unable to procure a sufficient amount of food.
In the worst case, if news about his fugitive status had already reached the Galark Kingdom, he would have to escape into the wilderness area without any food.

It should be noted that the wilderness area referred to an area in which humanity’s influence did not reach.
It was in this area that Elves, Dwarves, Beastmen, and other demi-humans resided.
There was virtually no contact between the humans and demi-humans. If anything, the two groups were openly hostile to each other.
Rio’s destination was Yagumo which lay to the east of the wilderness area.
Periodical means of transportation to Yagumo did not exist. At most, official correspondence between the two nations occurred once every few decades.

There were three possible routes to get to Yagumo: via land, sea, or air.

As the land route was the only viable option, it was inevitable that Rio would have to pass through the demi-human’s territory.
A detailed map of the forest did not exist and the terrain included many trees and mountains making it difficult to traverse on foot. In the worst case scenario, he could stumble upon a habitat full of dangerous creatures or monsters.
While planning out his route, Rio’s speed decreased greatly. He realised it would take at least two months until he arrived at his destination.

The sea route followed the shoreline but because its speed largely depended on cooperative weather, the route also took a considerable amount of time.
Moreover, numerous highly dangerous monsters inhabited the sea including the Sea Serpent, a dragon subspecies.
Therefore, if one became careless, the risks of the sea route were far higher than the route by land. The monetary cost was also unrealistic given the risks.

That left the air route which was the safest of the three.
There existed ancient artefacts called Magic Ships which were capable of flying in the air.
Boasting an average speed of 40 kilometres per hour, it was also considerably easier to defend against monsters than at sea.
However, the number of Magic Ships were extremely limited and they consumed a large amount of magic stones as fuel.
There were also a small handful of people who were capable of flight allowing them to freely use the route by air.

Of course taking into account the cost and safety of each route, there was only one realistic choice for Rio.
That was the land route.
If he had a choice, he would not choose the land route because of the dangers described earlier but his current situation did not allow him such luxuries.

Nevertheless, Rio was determined to head towards Yagumo. While the name “Yagumo” reminded him of his former life as Amakawa Haruto and aroused his interest, his main motivation was that it was his parent’s home town.
A grave for his parents did not exist in the Bertram Kingdom, therefore he wished to erect one for them in Yagumo.
That was Rio’s resolve.

In addition, it would also serve to ease one of his worries.
The desire to avenge his mother still raged within him, but his other self was reluctant about revenge.
As a result of his clashing personalities, Rio was unsure as to what he should do.
That is why, if he could not come to terms with himself after holding a funeral for his parents, he would track down his mother’s murderer and settle it then.
Although he did know where his target resided, according to the information he managed to gather from the Adventurer’s Guild during his time at the Royal Institute, the man seemed to lead a rather well-known mercenary band and frequently travelled between countries.
If he paid a visit to the Adventurer’s Guild in each region he passed, there was a chance he would meet his target.
While thinking over the matter, he unconsciously applied partial body body and physical reinforcement and explosively accelerated his run.

The highway cut across the plains, avoiding mountainous regions and forest.
Although the highway could not be considered absolutely safe, areas with little to no human activity were teeming with monsters and wild animals.
If one was prepared to deal with these monsters, they could cross the border without ever setting foot on the highway.
Considering the fact that he was a fugitive of the run, it was obvious Rio could not cross the border via the regular route.
There were only a few low ranked monsters in his path so other than the ones that could keep up with him, he ran past and ignored all the monsters he encountered.
According to the sign he saw when he briefly returned to the highway to regain his bearings, he was quickly closing in on the border.

The Bertram Kingdom stretched horizontally while the Galark Kingdom extended vertically3.
If he were to continue on his current course, he estimated it would take about two days to cross the border into the Galark Kingdom. However, he would end up in the wilderness area.
If he was not put on the Galark Kingdom’s wanted list yet, then he needed to restock his food supply and other necessities at a city.
And as promised, he also wanted to send a letter to Seria.

Time became a blur and it already became afternoon.
He needed to find a suitable place to set up camp soon if he could not find a city.
Needing to check if he had already entered the Galark Kingdom, Rio headed towards the highway.

After several minutes of walking, the forest opened up to reveal the highway.
The width of the road was approximately 10 metres allowing for up to three carriages to travel side-by-side.
Looking ahead, he could see smoke rising and faintly make out the shape of city.
By pure luck, he was already near a city.

Confirming neither people nor wagons were nearby, Rio broke into a quick run.
He should arrive at the town in about an hour.
There he should be able to find out whether he was in the Galark Kingdom or not.

Vast fields of wheat, vegetable gardens, vineyards, pastures, and livestock huts greeted him upon arrival at the edge of city.
Here and there, people could be seen working the land.
Off in the distance, a lake with several wagons gathered around could be seen.

This was the city of Almond, under the jurisdiction of Duke Kretia of the Galark Kingdom.
Although its population was just over 5000, it was a prominent trading post connecting the Bertram and Galark Kingdoms. As a result, the city was always bustling with more people than the official population count.
The city was enclosed by three metre tall stone walls and soldiers stood on guard at the entrances. However in contrast to its appearance, the security checks were lax.

Having arrived at the city, Rio learned that he was not on the Galark Kingdom’s wanted list.
For the time being, he felt relieved.
There was also the possibility that the information had just not arrived yet but that chances of that were low considering the existence of the magic communication tool4.
Even if the news about him were to be known eventually, he would probably still be alright if he did not attract attention.

Numerous shops and stalls lined the street when he entered the city.
Armour, magic tools, cooking ingredients, clothes, furniture, accessories, potions, and general goods of various qualities could be seen.
The residents were overflowing with vigor and lively voices could be heard everywhere.
He had time to do a bit of sightseeing thanks to arriving earlier than expected.
It was impossible for Rio to ignore the rich smell of food after being on the run for so long.
Besides the simple sandwich he had in the morning, he had done nothing but run for the majority of the day without eating.
Rio turned towards a street vendor selling grilled beef skewers.

「Oji-san5, is Bertram Kingdom money accepted here?」

What concerned Rio the most at the moment was if the money he brought with him was usable.
He assumed that money from the neighbouring kingdom would accepted but wanted to make sure nonetheless.

「Oh, don’t ya know lad? The Merchant’s Guild is the one responsible for issuing and regulating money for each country. That’s why as long as a country establishes a Merchant’s Guild, they’ll use the same currency.」

(Hee~ So a common international currency is already established even with this world’s level of civilization.)

It seemed Rio’s fear was needless.
He was both relieved and in admiration of the convenience.

「I see, this is the first time I’ve heard of that. Please give me five of those then.」
「Here ya go!」

Handing over 25 copper coins, he received the five grilled beef skewers.
The seasoning was simple, solely consisting of salt, but it stimulated his appetite regardless.
To the famished Rio, it could be said to be highest grade of seasoning.
Although it was slightly chewy and nowhere near the quality of meat nobles ate, the five skewers disappeared into his stomach in no time.

「You eat heartily, lad!」
「Of course since it’s delicious. By the way Oji-san, could you tell me a bit about this country? I only arrived recently.」

The Oji-san gave him an understanding look.

「Lad, you give off them adventurer vibes. Even though ya seem like quite the brat, yer actually polite. Alright, leave it to me!」

Despite using an easy-to-approach way of speaking, it seemed the Oji-san was still able to perceive his polite tone.
Perhaps it was because many aspiring adventurers around his age usually displayed a haughty attitude.
The Oji-san began cheerfully talking to Rio.
It appeared that he had quite the talkative personality.
The Galark and Bertram Kingdoms shared an alliance to oppose their old enemy, the Proxia Empire. However, they were currently stuck in a stalemate. The current hot topic was however the love affairs of the Galark Kingdom’s royal family, not that Rio cared.

「…and as for this city, there’s Duke Kretia’s daughter, the most talented woman in the Galark Kingdom, Liselotte-sama. Lad, have ya ever heard of the meat soup『Men6』?」

Hearing the Oji-san’s talk, the man from a neighbouring unpopular stall also joined in.
Not forgetting to advertise his own business, the man cleverly inserted himself into the conversation.

「Meat soup『Men』? Hee~ That sounds pretty good too. Then one bowl please.」

Interested in the pronunciation of the name『Men』, Rio decided to order a bowl.
He paid 12 copper coins and waited for it be prepared.

「Why, Aniki. I think we need to have a lil’ chat after this.」

The Oji-san who was talking to Rio had his customer stolen and displayed a sullen expression.

「Hehe, well he’s kinda like me younger brother. Anyways, this meat soup『Men』was devised by Liselotte-sama. Here ya go, thanks for waiting!」

Apparently, the two men were siblings.
Looking at the bowl placed in front of him, Rio froze.

「This is…」

What appeared strongly resembled Soup Pasta.
There was no doubt about it, the ingredients were only vegetables and meat.

「Was this conceived by the duke’s daughter?」
「Yup. To be exact, that is『Men』but the preparation’s a bit different. It’s a type of『Men』called 『Pasta』.」
「This『Men』…『Pasta』… 『Men』,『Noodles7』. I see…」

Rio muttered under his breath in understanding.
It was not a word from this world.

He began eating to ascertain the taste.
It was juicy, and judging from the texture on his tongue, it seemed to be made from fresh pasta, not the preserved dried kind.
The seasoning was simply salt.
If garlic, Hawk Claw Chilli8, pepper, consomme, and olive oil were used in the seasoning, it would lean more towards Rio’s preferences.

(It’d be good if I can get some dried noodles for my journey. And rice… can’t be found here so I guess barley will have to do as a substitute.)

「These aren’t dry『Noodles』? Do you by any chance have them dried?」

If fresh pasta was possible, then creating dried noodles should not be very difficult.
Thinking so, Rio inquired at once.

「Oh! There are dried 『Noodles』made for exporting. If yer looking to buy some, head to a shop managed by the Rikka Firm. It’s under the direct management of Liselotte-sama. But lad, could it be that ya already knew of these『Noodles』?」
「Oh no, this is the first time I’ve had them. It’s just that it’s really good so I thought it’d be nice if I could have them everyday.」
「Hou~ You like it that much eh? Hehe, as expected of Liselotte-sama!」

The two brothers proclaimed with satisfied expressions.

「Liselotte-sama, huh? How amazing is she?」

Interested in the duke’s daughter who created this『Pasta』, Rio casually threw the question.
And then, the pair of brothers began recounting all her achievements.

It was said, that she successfully graduated from the Falark Kingdom Royal Institute while skipping grades.
It was said, that she was a prominent and genius magician of the Galark Kingdom.
It was said, that she spearheaded an agricultural revolution in Duke Kretia’s territory.
It was said, the she proposed original cooking recipes that nobody had ever thought of before.
It was said, she introduced a variety of novel forms of entertainment.
It was said, having had her talent recognized, at the tender age of 10, she was entrusted with the management of the city of Almond under Duke Kretia’s jurisdiction.
It was said, that she manages the largest business in the city, the Rikka firm from behind the scenes.

And so, Liselotte’s various exploits were described.

「I see, she sure is an amazing person.」

Rio muttered in amazement.

「Yup. She doesn’t act arrogant to us commoners either. She often comes down to the market for inspections; she even smiled at me the other day.」
「Yer clearly misunderstanding something here. That smile was directed at me.」
「Whatcha say!? I can’t ignore what ya just said even if yer Aniki!」

She had already become an idol.
Even though she was said to be only 11 years old, she was apparently quite the beauty.
Rio was still amazed how these two men who were clearly over 30 could say such things about her.

「I can fully comprehend the extent of your love towards Liselotte-sama.」
「Y— Ya idiot! It’s not love but admiration!」
「Tha— That’s right! The two of us would gladly lay down our lives for Liselotte-sama!」

Hearing the two desperately trying to explain themselves, Rio could only smile wryly.

「Anyway, other stalls also sell food whose recipes were also created by Liselotte-sama. They’re all seriously delicious! My recommendation is the meat 『Manjuu9』!」

(Meat『Manjuu』huh…? The pronunciation is a bit off but there’s no doubt about it.)

She was able to draw up plans that nobody had ever thought of one after another.
A genius; for the people in this world, there was no other word that could describe her, that was what Rio learned about the girl and only Amakawa Haruto understood why.
Using his other self’s knowledge, Rio was able to arrive at a conclusion.
『Men』had to be『Noodles』because there did not exist any ingredient in this world quite like it. There was also no dish corresponding to『Meat Bun』or meat『Manjuu』in this world either. The names were obviously taken from the Japanese words『Noodles』and『Meat Bun』.10

(The one called Liselotte is a reincarnated person like me. Furthermore, she’s also Japanese.)

It was unexpected but Rio found a fellow reincarnator in this different world.

1. Since he cuts through the forest while the highway winds around, he can cover more distance in the same amount of time.
2. Run for 8 hours, rest for 8 hours, run for 8 hours, etc.
3. Horizontal: East to West; Vertical: North to South.
4. ED: If news hasn’t already spread then it’s unlikely that it will because news spread using the magic communication tool should be faster than Rio running.
5. Uncle
6. 麺 is read as “men” which means noodles but is written in Katakana as メン here.
7. Noodles here is written in Kanji as 麺.
8. A type of pepper, see Takanotsume.
9. Meat bun, written in Katakana (マンジュー)
10. This was difficult to translate, “Men” and “Manjuu” are written in Katakana while “Noodles” and “Meat Bun” are written in Kanji.

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Chapter 9 – Thief Guild Leader, Greed The Dark Merchant

Here, double release for Bocchi Tenseiki

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Anyway, Blight-san will temporarily TL-ing Bocchi Tenseiki alone while I’m focusing on Seigenso till my RL become a bit calmer.

Enjoy your double release!!!


「Welcome home, Master! ! ! ! 」
When I arrived at house of the great prairie, the one who come out running to welcoming me is Angela the beastman slave girl.

It seems she immediately dashed out when she sensed that I’m going back.

She is dashing at full speed toward her master who is coming while her tail is waving, truly like a dog.
「Kya! ? 」
Since it’s not possible for her to immediately stopped, as a result she is tumbled before me.

I intstantly hold Angela to prevent her from falling.

I can easily stopped light weighted Angela.

Though it’s good that she is lively but, that’s still dangerous for her.

「T, T, T, T, Thank you very much, master. A, auau」
Angela blushing in my embrace.

This is nothing compared to her tail which is shaking to left and right repeatedly.
I piled mountains of fruit in the coener of te room for Angela food.

Fruit like peaches, pears, and grapes growing at the southern forest in the great prairie.

It’s at least enough for two days………..or that was how it is supposed to be.

Currently, only half of it left. [ TL : WTF!!!!]

That amount is equivalent to the amount of Angela lunch for several days.
「Is all of that going into your stomach」[TLC : not too sure abou this one–>お前の胃袋はどうなっているんだ」]

「E, Ehehehe」
While I said that in amazement, Angela laughing sheepishly while plaing with her left and right fingers.
「Though it doen’t matter to me how much you ate……… so you really are the hungry girl type」

「Hu, hungry girl type……..」
Kaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Angela face flushed and she hang her head in embarrassment.

I will think this as her embarrassment toward her gluttony for the time being.
「Hyau!? 」
This beastgirl* slave suddenly screamed when I patted her stomach out of curiousity. [TL : BEASTMAN SLAVE GIRL is just TOO LONG]

U~m, though I don’t think that her stomach can hold that many amount of food,

Isn’t that just ignoing law of mass. [TL : honestly I’m also puzzled where all that food going to?]

Don’t tell me that she has 4th dimension stomach? [TL : most likely]
「Ma, master…………A…………..」
When Angela calling me with coquettish voice which is unusual for her, I stopped rubbing her stomach. [TL : Since you just like a husband waiting his wife to give birth to their child]

「Anoo~, master………….. What kind of horn it is? 」
Angela pointing toward unicorn horns that I casually left on the outside of the house.
「It’s Unicorn horn」

「Uni……….. Hi eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! ? ? 」
Angela jumped in surprise.

That’s quite great reaction. [TL : well just imagine someone so shocked to the point of his eyes come out from their socket while they’re jumped in surprise]

Though it’s quite amusing to watching that.
「U, Uni, that’s unicorn horn……….a, ano, that is the one used to cure me—-」

「Yeah, I used one unicorn horn to cure you」

「tsu! ! A, a, I’M SORRY!   ! ! ! 」
Angela suddenly prostating before me. [TL : Otherwise known as Dogeza]

Trembling while rubbing her forehead to the ground.
「What are you doing? 」 [TLC : need confirmation—>何やってんだお前」]

「Bu, bububut! For someone like me, Master is using that precious unicorn horn……….. Fo, for me……」[TL : It’s not BUTT, it’s BUT]

「……….Don’t worry about it」

「Bu, bu, butbut! O, one of those can buy a big house!  You can also buy more worthy slave than me! I, I, how can I recompensate……………..Fo, for that precious unicorn horn………」
「Well it’s fine if you serve me with your all from now on」

「Ye, yeyeye, YES! Thank you, I, will devoting this life of mine to you and you only, my master! I will serve as yourself for as long as I life! 」

Saying that lines with exaggerated manner.

But, dog won’t forget their favor, since she is dog beastman* is her loyalty is……..real? [TL : remember that Ash is a misanthrope, and beastman is combination of human and animal, so half of them are human, that’s why he is a bit skeptical]
………..Though I already given up on trusting human, this girl is a beastman.
Though she is greatly resembled human, some part of her is beast.

I think, it’s fine to trust her————in regard to those some parts of course. [TL : honestly this lines made me speechless ]

Embracing Angela, I’m flying in the sky toward fortress city, Carre. [TL : it’s name written as(カレ:Kare), so I don’t know whether it’s name of cuisine or name of city]

The wind spirits also carrying those 20 unicorn horns for me.

The [Concealing Cloak] isn’t just effective on a person, it’s also can hide goods so no one can see them.

「I want to sell 20 unicorn horns at once」 [TL : the actual line is (ユニコーンの角、二十本をまとめて買い取って欲しい)]
I’m going together with Angela to the second hand shop that I visited yesterday to sell my unicorn horn. [TL : yeah it’s the shop that the owner trying to made him drinking sleeping drug in chapter 4]

As for the unicorn horns, it’s buried and hidden in the [Tunnel] that I dug in the alley.

Just being vigilant.
「As for the total price for it is, 700 large gold coin」[TL : is he trying to sell unicorn horns or destroying this PAWN shop, remember he sold his unicorn horns IN THE SECOND HAND SHOP]
The shopkeeper instantly become speechless, I continue my words.
「And then, from now on I think I will give a steady supply of 10 unicorn horns per year」
This oyaji* isn’t a man that I can make light out of him. [TL : Oyaji means [Uncle], like weapon shop oyaji from Tate no Yuusha]

Since he is trying to made me drinking black tea with sleeping drug mixed in.

But, what he said about the price last time is true.

The second hand shop Oyaji before me really sold those two unicorn horns at the price of 80 large gold coin, in short he didn’t lie to me about selling one horn for 40 large gold coin. [TL : if not for his human hating clicque, Ash won’t become a great bussinessman]

Since Radon, the owner of Benoria slave firm said that each horn sold for 50 large gold coin.

Black market, huh, thinking about the profit and the risk taken to sell those horns to the customer, 40 large gold coin each is a valid price.

If that was the case, I think it’s still fine for me to sell one horn for 37 large gold coin. [TL : previously he sold it for 35 large gold coin each, now he is trying to milking it further]

That’s if I negotiating directly with the blackmarket merchant, I think I can haggel the price that much.

As for bigger profit, I think I need to sell it directly from blackmarket to the customer. [TL : ………..]

But, I don’t have any connection to go there.

In the first place, I don’t even know where is the place of the blackmarket.

So my plan is to sell the unicorn horns to this oyaji for the time being.
「I, I’m grateful with this talk but, se, 700 large gold coin, I don’t have that much money. Beside, it’s also very difficul to sell 20 of those. It’s risky to find a buyer in short amount of time. Ah, that’s right………..I can bought 12 for 50 large gold coin, so the total amount is 600 large gold coins how’s that? [TL : …………honestly I don’t understand what he said, but it’s look like he is tryng to lower the sell price from 70 to 50]

「Then this talk is never happen. If that was the case, I will find another buyer」
I’m pretending to leave the store when he is trying to bargaining the price.
「Wa, wa, wait a minute!」
Before my hand touching the doorknob, the second-hand shop oyaji quickly stopping me.
「I’m sorry to say this but, this kind of big transaction is difficult to handle alone. That’s why, I will introduce you to the one who is managing the black market, Greed-san the dark merchant, boy……no, Ash」

「Greed The Dark Merchant] ? [TL : from this name I conclude that the author is a genuine chuuni, it’s a blessing that he didn’t named him “dark turtlez”]
The second-hand shop Oyaji then lowering his voice.
「Yes. Greed-san the dark merchant is the one who is also leader of the thief guild」

Less than one hour later, Greed the dark merchant also thief guild leader along with his two subordinate arrived at this second-hand shop. [TL : just write it GREED, no need for another long and painstakingly chuuni like title]

Greed is a tall and slender man.

There is a darkness in his eyes*———that’s my impression about him. [TL : if you’e watching Fate/Zero, Greed has same eyes as Emiya Kiritsugu, that’s my impression about him(try to compare Emiya Kiritsugu eyes when he is still a kid and after he is an adult, you will know what I mean]

Angela is hiding behind my back, since when Greed show-up she is terrified. [TL : it’s not killing intent right?]

Though dangerous atmosphere exuding from him like he want to kill you, Greed is a very calm and composed man. [TL : Ehm, welcome Ors………I mean president-san]

This guy is extremely dangerous——-I also think like that.
「……………..Where is the goods?」
Then, I moved along with Greed and his subordinates amongst the alleyway.

Though I told Greed subordinates to dig in the place where I bury the unicorn horns, I told them to dig it carefully with shovel.

Though I’m borrowed Gnome power to dig this [hole] in an instant, I didn’t dare to do that now.

It’s because in this country, I can’t carelessly showing my spirit magic to a stranger.

「Certainl, those 20 horns are new. Moreover, the quality is high………….A, no, It’s A+. Fine then, your price for all of this is 700 large gold coin, I will buy this for that price」
After confirming the exvacated unicorn horn, Greed gave a large skin bag to me.

After confirming it’s content, indeed there is heaps of large gold coin in there.

It’s counted by Angela.
Angela counting the number of large gold coin behind me while squatting, her hand and voice are trembling.
「Say………….Ash. Hmmm, to think that a kid have that kind of eyes」 [TL : I assure you it’s not a sharingan, byakugan , or rinnegan]
「Inside your pupil is gloomy and containing hatred inside」
Greed muttering that while looking into my eyes.

I have a hunch that he can see through me.

Although, it doesn’t mean that he can see through to the point of my previous life who is always betrayed by humans.
「If it was about the darkness in my eyes, it’s still lost to your’s」
Without overwhelmed by his pressure, I answered back without averting my eyes.
「Pfft, you can say that in spite of you’re still a kid」
Far from angry, Greed expression is changed into that of a happy one.
「By the way, Ash. Though I don’t have any intention doing various things and inquiring you, there is one thing that I want to ask. There is a ban for trading this『Horns』, isn’t that scaring you? If it was exposed to the govement, you will live the rest of your life in prison.   At worst, is death by hanged」
Is smuggling and hunting the unicorn horn is really that serious crime?.

I’m considerably surprised myself.
But, I keep my voice and expression as calm as I can.

「Not really」

that’s only an empty howl. [TL : only loud barking]
「Kuku. nice guts」
Greed laughing in a small voice while narrowing his eyes. グ

Though I’m not really sure, he seems to be happy.
「Well, though I say that it’s completely same for the ban rule between narcotic and 『Horn』, in reality it’s completely different.   It will made a man mad and made ruining them, for the person himself, for the people in his surrounding, all of them will caught in this disaster because of this shit narcotic.   In the contrary, the flow of the 『Horn』 from the blackmarket will save a life instead. 」

I fall into silent hearing Greed speech.
「 Ash. Did you know why the 『Horn』is banned since 3 years ago?   」

I’m shaking my head.
「By my intelegence it’s because the high nobilities decided to protect the unicorn——-or that was what known by the public」

「Known by public? 」

「There is countless unicorns inhabiting 『Unicorn Forest』, the declining of these unicorn made the this country neighbour, Remlia kingdom raised a strong protection for these unicorn. That’s why now, this country also required to do so to strengthen it’s alliance with Remlia kingdom」

[TL : That was long and hard one] [TLC : ユニコーンが多数生息する『一角獣の森』がありユニコーンの保護を強く訴える隣国レムリアにこの国は遠慮しているのさ。]

「Isn’t that a good political judgement to opposing Rendol, the strongest and largest military country in the north?」
Since mother also teach me in history and geography, I also learned about the state of each country so speak what come to my mind.
「It’s very different in reality. Fu, you’re also smart, I like it」 [TL : calm yourself guys, he is not a homo!!!]
「Let see as for protection of the unicorns, I don’t think that the politicians in this country taking it seriously. It just that, they’re extremely similiar to the politicians from Remlia kingdom but. This country exporting the unicorn horns from the dead unicorn in Remlia kingdom at high price. To prevent lateral big damage such as the price collapse of the 『Horn』, there is banning for smuggling and hunting the unicorns in each country. In reality, the price for the 『Horn』 in this country are rising for this 3 years」
When talking about he ulterior motives of the politics———- Greed talking with sarcasm tone.

I can only agre to that.

From the memories of my previous life, I also remember that many of the politicians are filthy dirt. [TL : same goes for Indonesia]

Well, though I believe that all humans are same if only limiting it to their ulterior motives.
「Although it’s a disgrace to compare them with politicians of this country, all of the Remlia politicians are cute compared to the ones in this country.   The traditional narcotic, it’s a 『Drug』that already customized and has it’s effect raised by magic and all of the maggots in this country having a competition to smuggling it outside of the country. 」[TL : damn it, this line is very hard to decode]

I can see a flame of hatred lodged in the Greed eyes.

It’s happens again though he is a dark merchant of the blackmarket, why did he hate the narcotic so much?

But, to smuggling the Narcotics(Drug) that has it’s effect increased by magic outside of the country………

I just don’t understand why this country doing something so heartless.

Well, in my previous life, the country also doing that for national project by smuggling narcotics. [TL ????]

It’s very harsh, especially from middle ages to just recently.

Like the famous [Great Brittain Opium War]. [TL : ALL HAIL LELOUCH!!!!, or that what I want to say……..]

Though the corruption of the other country is caused by the smuggling of the narcotics like opium, I think it’s too brute to provoking a war to the other country that supervising the Narcotics(opium). [TL : Please just stop this uselesss, long and hard to translate line already]

But historically, this type of savage act is carrying out calmly under the leadership of the main country.

It seems the same things happening in this world, Whatever it is, it’s not a mystery.

Rather, I think it’s necessary.

「It’s bullshit」
I remember a very unpleasant memory, I’ve muttered my own feeling as a cover. [TLC :強い不快感を覚え、俺はつい感情を表に出しながら呟いていた。]
「Hou~. Ash, it seems you already a human from this side」
Greed have a delighted expression on his face.

It’s just like that he just discovering a comrade with the same kind of thought.
Since Greed can’t bear to invite me to become a member of the thief guild.

Though I refuse that, I promise him to visit it another time if he tell me the hiding place of the thief guild.

Since I think, Greed is regarded is a big shot in the dark organization in this country.

It’s not that bad to have a connection.

Though I hate humans, I know that connection is also important.

That, though I need to keep a safe distance since Greed is a genuine heretic.

But, the thief guild that Greed belong to, is an 『Orthodox』respectable thief guild that forbid on selling narcotic drugs and assasination jobs.

Though it’s not necessary that the thief also from orthodox faction, Greed’s himself proud that he himself is from orthodox faction.

Greed hate narcotics to the point that he cut-off the black market from it, because of that it very obvious from the trade of narcotics in this street.

Though he doen’t seems to be a very good person———- my hunch said that at least he isn’t heretical scroundel.

I’m going toward Benoria slave firm with Angela next to me.

Angela seems to reluctant to go there, maybe because she has bitter memories about that place.

But, when I offer her to wait in the inn, eventually she choose to go with me.
「I wanted to be as near as possible with master」
She said those words amongst other things.

Benora slave firm, Radon eyes rounded when he see Angela.

Though it’s only the left half, it’s to the extent that it made this beast girl slave turned into an ugly one but, now her appearance is returned to it’s former beautiful one.

Beside, she can’t even stand properly by herself till yesterday, now her physical strength is recovered to the point that she can walk properly.

Also, now I already bringing the remaining money to buy that high elf slave in one night, it shocked Radon.
「Co, could it be Ash-sama, you’re a royalty-sama from some big country? 」
This slave firm owner, Radon, is abasing himself even more than yesterday.

Aren’t your fingerprint gonna lost if you’re rubbing it like that repeatedly.
「That’s an unnecessary question」

「A, A, AA, I’m really sorry! 」
Did he think that I’m angry, Radon lowering his head, his face is paled.

Just like that, Radon persistently bowing his head over and over. [TLC : まるで米つきバッタのようになんども頭を下げるラドン。]

It’s look like he is already regarding me as a rich customer.

Maybe, he is still a merchant in some sense.
「Leaving that aside, I come to take the High Elf slave」

「Ye, YES! I will present her right away! 」

Chapter 8 – Hawk Wood’s Family

Translator : Blightscarlet

Proofreader AKA Slave : Cnine


「Delicious, so Delicious! 」 (TL: haha, exaggerating delicious already?)[ED : well, she is basically starving for days]

Isn’t she too hungry? Angela’s appetite is surprisingly terrifying.

I was about to admiring with all that food disappear into her body.

「I going to return to my parent’s house. You can spend your time freely in this house.」 (TL: unfamiliar with this “ておけ”)

I said that and left the house.

It’s almost sunset, I must quickly return to my parent’s home in the Raan town.[ED : I write is as Raan [ラーン] in chapter 1, have better name?]

Though no matter how much freedom they gave to me, as a 10-years-old kid going back to home at such late night, I expect that both my parent’s are definitely gonna scold me.

Thought it will made Angela feel really lonely, it can’t be helped.

Leaving this beastgirl alone in this house, her eyes resembling a pet dog that worrying whether it is abandoned by it’s master——–Even I fell guilty by doing so, but. (TL: long one, I think he’s talking about the stuff that the beast girl is keeping considered as “thrown away”.)[ED : in short Angela putting a “puppy eyes” act]

As it is, I conceal my appearance and flying in the sky toward the forest in the vicinity of Raan town.

After releasing my concealment, I walk by foot from that place to my parent’s home (mansion).

「Ash! You are spending the night in the warehouse without supper and reflect yourself of what you’ve done. 」

Though it’s not midnight yet, I received punishment from my mother since I come home terribly late at night. (TL: first part was difficult to decipher)[ED : done]

「To come home this late at night like this…………You will set bad example for the other kids, if that was the case you will be send as a foster child*! 」[ED : disinherited]

Rather than discipline me, I think this will be set as warning for my sibling with thought that my action will influencing them.

I obediently receive my punishment and enter the warehouse in the garden.

Under normal condition, I’m not showing rebellious attitude in my parent’s house, so I’m not really gonna become foster child[adopted child.

Inside the warehouse that is locked from the outside covered by darkness. (TL: Of course it’s still night time! Party!)[ED : what party?]

Naturally, I’m also quite friendly with [Darkness Spirits(Dax)], so getting shut into a dark and closed space won’t scare me. (TL: ダークス = Darkest)[ED : that’s rather lame, how about Dax?]

…………。(TL: *Fart*)

Now I wonder if it’s safe to sneak away from here?.

Since my stomach become quite hungry, beside, I’m also quite worried about Angela that I left alone in the house of the great prairie.

With the help from [Earth Spirits (Gnome)], I made a 《tunnel》 in the warehouse ground. (TL: it’s a spirit magic!)[ED : he will become quite gravedigger]

I also dig a hole by using 《tunnel》 horizontally underground. (TL: prison break 101)

By the way, after I dig in considerably distance I dig toward the above ground.

I appeared in the forest. (TL: animal POV: Wild ash appeared! Wild ash threw a pokeball at you! You’ve been caught and barbequed!)[ED : his rarity can be compared to legendary pokemon indeed]

Now I’ve opened an underground tunnel for emergency escape from the warehouse to the forest.

As I appear on the ground I conceal myself, then I’m going inside the forest making sure that no one in the vicinity.

Just like that, I fly in the night sky under the moonlight, toward the great prairie. (TL: without change = without interruption, sounds much better.)[ED : just like that sound better]

After I arrived at the prairies, I decided to catch some fises in the stream in the vicinity of the house.

It’s difficult to see in the night so I catch a lot of fish with the help from water spirits (undine).

「Ash-chan, yes, the fat running along on its tail seems to be delicious. 」

「I assure you that this [Sweetfish(Ayu)] is a delicacy for you Ash-kun. Yes! Here you go! 」 (TL: “どうぞ” learn that it meant “here you go”, like serving an item/food to a customer, who will say “どうも”. Short for thank you)

「Then I will go and get three, yes, I will give all of it to Ash! 」(TL: they sound fanatical)[ED : it’s not sound like, they’re his fanatical worshipper]

My undince aqcuaintance having a catching fish competition for me.

I feel like to use the cormorant method of fishing. (TL: use their mouth to fish)[ED : it’s called stoning, andhow did they fishing using their mouth anyway?]

I also getting excited, by borrowing Gnome and Sylph power I use stoning technique to fishing, fishing in this way is fun.

After thanking the water spirits (undine), I carried the large quantity of fish together with Sylph toward my house where Angela waited.

「I’m home. Hello, I’m gonna staying overnight here. 」

At the moment when I entered the house, Angela hurriedly running toward me.

And then she fall. (TL: … それがあたまがくなっかた。-That wasn’t smart-)

Her foot tangled and her face spectacularly hit the bed.

Even if the illness is cured, her physical strength has yet to return, despite this she forcing herself to run.

「what are you doing?」

「I, I’m sorry. It’s been a long time since I run………E, Ehehehe 」 (TL: Imagine laughing at your foolishness)

Angela laugh while feeling embarrassed.

While waving her tail a little.

While watching at her tail, I thought that this girl is really like a dog.

I went outside the house immediately and collect the batch of grass on the hill and set it a blaze using《ignition》 to made a bonfire. (TL: why do I have double nose bleed… because I woke up in a hurry. 11:30 a.m.)[ED : wow that’s quite a long sleep, that ignition might be the cause of your nosebleed]

I skewer the fishes with subtitute skewer made using branch and grill it over the bonfire.

The fragrant smell of grilled sweetfish is really appetizing.(TL: wasn’t it freshwater trout? I must have done something wrong) [ED : sweetfish(ayu)]

Gugyurururuuuu! (TL: stomach growling? Or was that Angela.)[ED :both of it]

Angela’s stomach growled magnificently. (TL: note to self… the author will explain it later one)[ED: Doraemon in another sense]

Her face blushes from embarrassment with her head hung down. (TL option: The beast girl hung her head in embarrassment.)

How many minutes has passed since we eat the previous meal, not even 2 hour has been passed yet.

It might be bad for my body if I eat all of this alone, I wonder it’s better to eat this fish quickly. (TL: little help interpreting this)

The sweetfish that have a lot of fat that it’s truly delicious.

*drip*……*drip*……*drip drip*……*drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip*

Angela who sat beside me and looking at me eating the sweetfish, has amazing amount of drool spilling from her mouth. (TL: hey! It’s water magic! Sorry, can’t resist to make a joke)[ED : Kazuma-à (Create Water)]

You could say from the lovely lips of a beautiful girl like Angela, overflowing with large amount of drool.

「…………Do, do you like fish too? 」

「I love fish!」

「Is that so…………Here 」

It was a quantity I could hardly eat with just only me. So I decided to share it with Angela.

I hand over the freshwater trout to the beast girl, she look very happy as she eat it. (TL: nose bleed round 2… I hate allergy…)[ED : here some tissue for you]

「here’s the remaining fish, you can eat all of it.」

The shine on Angela face can’t be more brighter than this. (TL: yeah I kind of went with what the translation said because I didn’t know what it meant.)[ED : Her face basically become a lightbulb]

「But, are you ok? Don’t overeat or you will get a stomachache. 」

「I, in the village, they said that I’m a girl with bottomless stomach, so it’s okay! 」(TL: probably mean the explicit form of reproduction…)[ED : no, basically her stomach could rival Doraemon 4D-Pocket]

「……I see 」

Well, I guess it’s oka if the person herself said so.

However, today stars is looking especially beautiful.

While thinking of such things, I’m looking at brightly shining stars in the night sky for a little while.

Ten-odd seconds later, I turn my face down.

Though there is still more than five sweetfish remained a little while ago, now all of them is gone..

……………… How much she eat already?

I lay down beside the bonfire. (TL: hey Ash, do you still remember your punishment?!)[ED : he already forgot about it, till last minute at least]

I like to sprawl in the prairie and gaze up at the stars in night sky.

「Angela, you lie down too and try to look at the stars. 」(TL fall down)

When I gave that order, Angela shyly lied down beside me.

「wow………It’s very……beautiful…………」

Angela muttered in fascinated voice.

「All of those stars are like jewels……..All of them are twinkling and blinking…uu」

「Oi, you don’t need to be so moved to the point of crying」

「Bu, but, but, they, since they’re so majestic and pretty……so, sorry」

「you don’t have to apologize, it’s fine.」

I’m also same with her, I’m also shivered from overwhelming feeling when I’m looking at those sea of stars in this great prairie.

「Moreover, I, I wonder how many times I gave up on looking at this scenery for the second time. Since I feel that I will never left that cage in my whole life…….I really are given up. Then……then…..」(TL add: *sniff* *sniff*)[(ED(me too): *sniff* *sniff*)


「T-To have my master take good care of me soo much…………and let me see the stars……together with master who is like a man from my dream……So, so I, I think, I……I’m very happy……U……Ua…….UaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa, UAaAAAAAAAAaAAAAAAAAAAA」 (TL: adding some more words to make better sense and I won’t joke with this one)[ED : UWAAAAAAAAAAAaAAAAAAA, this sentences almost made me crying for different reason]

「Please don’t cry, because it’s troublesome」

「I-I’m sorry. Bu-But, M-my tears naturally do……do not stop……I-I’m sorry……uU…… 」

「It’s fine already, you can do as you like.」

Considerable amount of time have passed, Angela’s tears continue to flow from her eyes.

「Ma……Master, will, will you do me a favor? 」

Angela said that while there is still tears in her eyes.

「What is it?」

「A…….Arm pillow……..So, sorry, It’s nothing」


While I lie on the ground, I extend my right arms across to her.

「I……I’m so happy to the point of scary…………」[TLC : 「私……幸せすぎて怖いです…………」]

While Angela lied down using my arm pillow, I really wish to fondle her chest in front of me with both of my hands. (TL: what the heck! Ruined the mood!!)[ED : I will definitely fondle her oppai if I’m in Ash position, at least till 2 or 3 years later]

Like that, I sleep together with Angela outside.

This prairie’s climate is always warm. At night it’s cold but not enough to made one catch a cold.

Early morning. (TL: sun shine!)

Angela woke up earlier than me and tried to wake me up.

I washed my face in the clear stream and rinse my mouth.

Afterward, I carry Angela and fly in the air. The stream water going toward transparent lake.

「《Rock fall!(Rock strike) 》 」

I borrowed power from Gnome and Sylph power to make a floating giant rock in the sky and dropped it in the lake.

The shock made the fishes faint and many fishes rise to the surface. (TL: I think their dead, mass murder)[ED : You Got New Title 「《Fish Killer!(Genocide) 》

Earnestly competing with method of fishing called stoning. (TL: yeah sorry about this one.)[ED : fixed]

Though Undines cormorant fishing is also good, using stoning is more to my liking and made my heart excited.

Angela stares in amusement as I order her to collect the fish.

Because of her swimming ability seems to be one of her strong point, there wasn’t any problem.

Meanwhile, I flew and use wind spirit arrow to shoot down flying pheasant.

I use《Ignition》 to produce a bonfire, and grilled the captured fish and pheasant. (TL: pheasant, it’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s google it!)[ED : peasant is wild bird]

Furthermore, Instead of eat dessert, I pick the fruits from the nearby forest.[ED : this made me remember of Nagasarete Airantou]

「AmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmuAmu」(TL: screw it, I’m not counting all of that)[ED : it’s ~(Infinite)]

Angela picking up the piled up fruit, and stuff them in her mouth at amazing speed.[ED : It’s MORE THAN 9000!!!]

「……Angela, do you intend to eat and exhaust all the fruit of the forest alone? 」 (TL: add some words)

I am amazed about her infinite appetite that she hold as a slave beast girl. (TL: no wonder the slave merchant don’t feed her!)[ED : it’s because she is ugly at that time, she will definitely get a better treatment in healthy condition(her beauty is only one level below Remilia, and even Remilia lost to someone else…….]

「I’m-I’m sorry master. Bu-But, this forest’s fruit is very appetizing and delicious. 」 (TL: I’m tired…I must keep translating!)[ED : Keep your pace my buddy, Look there is delicious cookies waiting]

I wonder if it’s sound like I’m scolding Angela, since she suddenly become less spirited. (TL: or discouraged)

Her ears and tails would hang down like a dog scolded by the master.

「It’s only a joke. You would eat this whole forest’s fruit and exhaust it alone easily. You can eat as much as you can…………and approximately have an upset stomach later on. (TL: confuse me a bit, basically don’t eat too much)」

Angela brightened her eyes and continue to eat staggering amount of meal. (TL: yeah, something about eating a lot and never get fat…oh yeah, there’s my monster if you remember from my comment in Chapter 6)

「well then, I should return to my parent’s house for the moment.」

When I informed Angela, she begin to look very lonely.

She stared at me with puppy eyes.

「……I’ll come back at noon.」

Therefore, I promised her.

It’s already morning, so I should quickly return to the Raan town by flying till nearby forest.

And then, through the tunnel I dug yesterday underground and returned to the warehouse.

I fix the hole.

After a short time, the door of the warehouse was opened by my parents from the outside. (TL: warehouse, storehouse same thing!)[ED : it’ the same anyway, we should use warehouse since that wha you use first]

I ate breakfast in my parent’s mansion.

I had a meal together with my family members.

My mind didn’t calm down because I worried that I would be suspected, so I force myself to eat. (TL: he ate earlier, now if he didn’t eat, he would be suspected!)

「Yesterday, I finally can shoot 3《Magic Arrow (energy bolt)》! 」

Hawk wood’s family eldest son, Juno, my elder brother reporting this proudly to my father.

My father, was absence from the house a little while ago, fondly looking in delighted manner at the growth of his eldest son.

「As expected of Juno-niisan. Rina and I have yet be able to shoot one energy bolt」(TL: your imagination)[ED : your version made me speeechless trying to hold my laugh]

「if possible at any rate, Juno-niisan can enter the Magic University of Imperial capital. 」

My younger brother, Saji the third son, and my elder sister, Rina, praising the eldest son Juno as if trying to suck up to him.[ED : similiar to Itsuki companion from TnY]

「Well it’s not like you too can’t do to my degree, you have talent for true magic. It’s different from a certain dunce 」[ED : I can’t wait to see their expression when Ash show his power to them]

Though Juno brother character is unpleasant, though he speak ill of me, I’m not in the mood to getting into a figh with him. (TL: yeah wordy…rush rush rush!)[ED : Slow down man]

As for me, concerning my talents for true magic, it’s alredy doesn’t matter to me.

The spirits is there for me, I also can use spirit magic by borrowing the power from the spirits. (TL: he’s using spirit magic?)[ED : Hell’s gonna broke if he use it here]

I can shoot 10《wind spirit arrow》simultanously at a distance better than《Magic arrow (energy bolt) 》.

Let alone Juno brother, even my parents can’t use true magic《Flight》and instead of that, I can fly in the air by borrowing the power of wind spirits. (TL: help please)[ED : Doraemon coming]

Juno’s sarcasm toward me followed by the scornful eyes of younger brother and sister and our parent sign of resignation entirely too. They really isn’t motivaated at all. (TL: yeah tough son of a gun here, I understand part of your pain my editor)[ED : HELP!! -àTLC :  (俺に対する兄ジュノーの嫌味も弟や妹の侮蔑の目も、両親の諦め交じりの溜息も、まったく気にはならない。)]

「Really, I wonder when will a certain somebody reach the point of can fire《magic arrow (energy bolt) 》. A, I wonder if it even impossible in his whole life」 (TL: insult right there!)[ED : I fixed your insult to add some fire]

Though Juno brother is unpleasant, he is particularly insistent today.

Well whatever this guy say, I will ignore it.

Juno who had finished eating left his seat, and he want to return to his room at that time—–he magnificently fell down.

A shoelace came loose, he stepped on it and fall down. (TL: humiliation!)

His nose kissed the floor, causing his eyes to become teary.

Taking advantages from Juno, the spirits of the small person, Brownie made a thumb-up to me.

No one but me can see this Brownie type of spirits in my family.

The spirit brownie who live in this house like to pull a prank. (TL: Karma on Juno)[ED : I’m tired, but must continue a bit more…..]

Regarding to Juno’s Sarcasm to me is cruel. Even if I ordered nothing, it’s merely a retaliation or prank to Juno. (TL: talking about the spirit mischievousness)[ED : It’s Holy War for spirits]

I put a thumb under a table in secret so that’s not seen by anyone.

――Brownie, Good Job!!!

Our mother become a teacher, I am learning the history and language in the morning. (TL note: I basicly rush it…little rush it without reviewing here on out)

In the afternoon, it’s magic study. (Studies of magic…)

As always, I was given only a problem and had to self-study.

My brother and sister ability becoming remote as I fall behind, mixed with advance lesson becoming remarkably slow.

When I practice the magic in the forest, I leave a note and leave the mansion.

Of course, I do not mean to do exercises using genuine magic without talent for it.

I concealed myself, flew into the sky and went to the prairie.

We sell off the horn of the unicorn in large quantities, and let’s buy that beautiful high elf slave while we are at it today. (TL: add words for the heck of it! Anyway, IDC! I’m done!)[ED : me too, I’m tired and will left it as it is since it’s already fine as it is]