DHM Lv15 part 1

Good Morning, Cnine is here, it’s regular release of DHM. I’m currently in the middle of joint project, what kind of project it is? please wait for further announcement[Though I’m sure lot you will like it] Anyway, here some announcement : I’m joining this site, and you can get sponsored release by increasing my view […]

DHM Lv. 9

Oops, forgot to post this earlier. Translator : Cnine Editor : Librarian Proofreader : Lv. 9: Witch Adventure The forest is deeper than what he imagined. When Kurando asked Marika, it seems this forest didn’t have a name. It’s not particularly special either. It’s dark, dense, and full with unpopular trees growing so close each […]

Lv 8 「Stagnation Witch」

Lv8「Stagnation Witch」 Good Day, Cnine is here. Some of you might puzzled about the title of the teaser project I translated before, well you can read the earlier chapter to this link : LINK Along with this I also opening the recruitment For Editor and Proofreader for : (Eiyuu 《Shuyaku》 ni Narenai Yari Tsukai) The Spear […]

Lv 6 「Fallen Forget-Me-Not」

Lv 6  「Fallen Forget-Me-Not」 I really am suck at editing…………….[Cnine]   Translator : Cnine Editor/PF : saitamasensei PART 1   「Kamarovich you bastard! Once we get out of here I will gouge out your innards then shove it back into your ass hole. After, I’ll mince your pen*s, feed my SH*T to you AND SEW […]

DHM – Lv 5

All parts released. This should’ve came a lot sooner but time zone differences made it difficult to determine what I was supposed to post. Anyway DHM is back and… unedited because none of the current editors want to work on this series (me included). That being said, we’re looking for an editor for DHM and […]