Anyone Miss Kurando?

Good Morning and,     Cnine is here, Some information: 1. I hired few slave of slaveEditor, so the quality will be improved somewhat. 2. Some of you must be wondering “The quota for sponsored chapter is full, why it’s not released?” Let me give you two picture as explanation. Basically 90% of the chapter […]

One more To Go …… OOOOOO!!![Last sponsored chapter is double chapter, so it should be two more to go though]

Good Morning and,   Cnine is here, Some information. I’m also doing the translation for Parasite, I think I can fork out 1 chapter per week. Here my list of Project : Seigensou, Spear User without black cat, DHM[temporary hiatus after Lv15], Maou no Utsuwa[Joint project], Parasite, and another secret project which I’ll reveal later.[I […]


Good Morning and Welkum Back,   Cnine back again. Sorry the release should be yesterday but, I decided to translate Spear User first since I should do one chapter of it this week[Getting hooked with The Dark King, and reading Tales of Ancient Dragon[MT spin-off](^_^)]. The Story of Seigensou[WN vs LN] is diverged by this […]

Bocchi 36

Good Morning, Cnine is here, and currently in hurry. The Status of The Donation is : $353.55/$10000 My Monthly Target : $353.55/$3000 The Rest of The Donation : $33.55/$40 $7 to go for Chapter 59 of Seigensou Here you go, Bocchi : Chapter 36 [Black Hole Stomach] Due timezone difference, the link might be delayed […]

DHM Lv15 part 1

Good Morning, Cnine is here, it’s regular release of DHM. I’m currently in the middle of joint project, what kind of project it is? please wait for further announcement[Though I’m sure lot you will like it] Anyway, here some announcement : I’m joining this site, and you can get sponsored release by increasing my view […]