It’s Surpassed Million Hits Without Me Knowing About It

Prologue [A Certain Bandit Agonizing Death]

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Translator : Cnine
Editor : SenjiQ, Gilly
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Inside a secluded cave.


「Boss, we’ve arrived!」

Five bandits returned while raising joyful voices– it seemed this place was their headquarters.

All of them were 2 metres tall, wearing giant uniforms that resembled parts of a set. Their limbs were as thick as logs and covered with muscle. Even the glint in their eyes was filled with madness, to the point that their consciences wouldn’t feel anything about doing an evil deed.

These scoundrels were famous in the vicinity as kidnappers. Inside the jute bag, which one of the men carried on his shoulder, there was an additional person.
It was a girl.

Her hair was braided in two tails, and the girl’s appearance was dishevelled as she was restrained by the rope. Her eyelids were shut, as if she had fainted. (TLC : maybe this is twin tail, but I’m not sure about it.)(EDGilly: I think twin tails don’t have braids…)

「You know, I’ve never seen this girl’s clothes in this area. Is she a foreigner? 」

One bandit said that while eyeing her over.

The girl was wearing a sailor uniform, designed for use in the summer season at her school, but these bandits don’t know about that.

「Uhmm, let’s see. Well, she looks different from the usual virgin. She will be sold at a high price, won’t she?」

The bandit’s leader stroked the girl’s chin and evaluated her value while saying those lines.

「But, Boss…」

Furthermore, one person made a vulgar smile.

「…whether she’s a virgin or not, we won’t know till we have sex with her… right?」

「Hahaha, that’s right!」

「Shouldn’t we ‘sample’ her a little?」

Their eerie voices showed the men’s desire, and the noise resounded inside the cave.

As if reacting to that voice…


…the girl opened her eyes.

「Ya, so… you woke up, Ojou-sama.」

「Hihihi. Just in time for PARTY TIME!」

From being looked down upon by these villains, the girl realized her position in this situation.

「Do, don’t come here……….!  ———Yuu-kun! Yuu-kun, where are you!? 」


「Ah, it’s about your companion, isn’t it? 」

「Judging from your appearance, he is your boyfriend」

「Hehehe, don’t worry. You will immediately forget about that boy」

「Let’s make some unforgettable memories with us」


The men were approaching and surrounding the girl.

「IYAAAaaa! He-help… help me, Yuu-kun!」

The girl called out that boy’s name in a half-crazed state.

But, that wouldn’t help her at all; it was just like a spice to increase the villains’ excitement.

「Calling out the name of the boy you love, huh」

「Listening to it made me more excited. I love this feeling」

Those villains didn’t show any mercy toward the girl either.

「NO! Do, don’t come here……….! Help me………..HELP ME, YUU-KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNnnnNnnnn!!!」

「GyaHAHA, are you stupid? This place is a half day’s distance by foot from the village」

「Try to catch up to us, who rode horses」

「Even if that youngster kept running and made it here on time, he would die」

「Ah. So, that’s it」

Suddenly, the girl stopped her scream.

「N? 」
「E? 」

「Such a miscalculation. Here I thought it was the long awaited experience points for Yuu-kun」

The girl said that as if nothing had happened to her. The girl then stood up, ignoring the dumbfounded villains.

And then,


Shouting that line, the straw ropes swiftly loosened and released the girl from her bind.

「Eh, HA? How? 」

In the meantime, the girl was doing a light-stretch, in order to confirm the condition of her body.

「In short, it’s just the application of Trap Release magic. However, you most likely won’t even understand; you’re just trash that’s not even a match for Yuu-kun」[TLC : TLC Needed–>「要するにトラップ解除魔法の応用なんだけど、ユウ君の足元にも及ばないカスのあなたたちにはきっと理解できないし」]


「Why is that lass able use magic!?」

「In spite of being trash, you ask too many question. Well, I can only tell you to abandon all hope」

Just like that, the girl suddenly vanished.

「She, she disapear?」

「She just escaped, didn’t she!?」

「Damn i~t, chase her!! Don’t let her get away! 」

「O, oy, wait a minute!」

Before long, one man amongst the vigorous men, just stood still. Looking arround, he was confirming an out-of-place feeling.

「—-Where is your head?」

DOSHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn! [SFX]

His head then fell from the ceiling.

The giant fell soundly on his back; bubbles came out from his mouth, his whole body convulsed.

「Mo……….., Monster………….」

Raising a squezeed voice, he lost his remaining strength and died.


It made the other ruffians tremble in fear.

The girl then fell from the ceiling and landed right above the head.

「I say. I’m one mind and body with Yuu-kun. No man but Yuu-kun can touch me. This is the same as robbery, right? You thieves.」 [TLC : what is this Dorobou[ドロボー]? I’m googling it and got a thief, but this one is written in katakana]

She lept from the head; she grasped the scruff of one person at a speed that couldn’t be followed by their eyes.

「H, Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!? S, spare me,」

「Theft is bad right?  You said that you wanted to r●pe Yuu-kun’s Arina, right? You need to get Yuu-kun approval for that, right? You’re trying to r●pe Arina despite that, right? 」


The man was then pushed to the wall.

「In spite of being a garbage, you were trying to get your hands on Yuu-kun’s property, right?  That’s wishing for too much, you know? 」[TL : she is talking about herself]

Then she landed a heavy kick on his nether region.


The man’s eyes turned white.

A large quantity of blood overflowed from his nether region.

Somehow, the men was dead, he was certainly honorably dead.

「Hi, Hideee………….!」

「That’s only natural, right?. That’s only natural, since you’re trying to put your hands on Yuu-kun property, right?. Receiving divine punisment for that is very natural, right? That’s right isn’t it? It’s not wrong right, Right, right? 」

The girl turned his head around; her sweet smile made the men that were facing her shiver.

「Everyone thinks so, right—? 」

「「「Ye, YES! 」」」

The men answered in unison, instead of begging for their life.

The girl nodded her head in satisfaction.

「Yeah. Arina also thinks so. So, Arina will take Yuu-kun’s place」


「is equal」

「It’s time for Divine Punishment♪」



「Please spare Uuuuuuuuuusssssss!!」

The men let out a scream, then they began to flee for their lives, like they were children scared by spiders.

However, despite their despair, standing still at the entrance was nothing but a smiling face. The girl had already anticipated this long ago.

「Trying to escape? If you escape you won’t receive your divine punishment, right?  You also won’t receive divine punishment after you’ve escaped, right? 」

One man was seized by the girl.

「A, Anchan! Jiro, Jiro got caught! 」
[TL : older brother]

「That guy is alredy beyond help, escape! 」

「A, A, A……………..!  Don’t leave me behiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinddddddddddddd!」
「In the first place, the genes of the males of this world are no match for Yuu-kun’s superior DNA, however, I won’t look forward for Yuu-kun future children going extinct, carrying out incest would be unavoidable. My future plan is perfect, right? If that’s the case I need to give up on the eradication of useless genes, right? You’re also agreeing with me right?」

The girl recited some obscure lines, like a spell, with a face in a trance; carelessly, she turned over the men called Jiro, then picked up a medium sized stone with her other hand.

「Stop, Please, spare, GAH! 」

The girl swung down the stone, Bicha~! Fresh blood dyed the walls of the cave.

「Jiro———————————ooo!!  Anchan, Jiro is done for…………..」

「Hidebu !」[TL : Reference to Fist of North Star]


The one called 〝Anchan〟 ended up flying in the sky and died as a lump of meat from the impact of receiving the girl’s kick.

Though, with that altitude it’s more appropriate to call him a shooting star.
Afterwards, she smiled at the last surviving person.

「I say, I won’t be too excessive when dealing with you in front of Yuu-kun. I mean, Yuu-kun might be frightened by it– though, that’s pretty cute, isn’t it? Fufufu, isn’t the cool and manly Yuu-kun is the best in the world? Men that aren’t Yuu-kun can’t even be called men, right? The only one who is a man is Yuu-kun. All of the others are only necessary as ugly display pieces for human anatomy in a biology class, right? That’s right, isn’t it? Maybe you’ll understand a little about what’s SOOOOOO AMAZING ABOUT YUU-KUN if you meet him? Then again, maybe not! I’m sorry that you were born resembling a monster, and I’m sorry I had to tell such difficult truths to you!」


The man straddled his horse, then began to escape while frantically whipping his horse.

Anyway, he assumed that he had already escaped and survived when quite some distant from that place.

「Aahahaha, it’s so amusiiiiing.  Well, you can’t escape you know」


「AHAHA, AHAHAHA. If you’re trying to escape, you won’t escape from me if you’re not trying more seriously」

The face of the man was distorted at the death awaiting him.

He believed that he had already escaped, and yet the girl continued to chase him.
Although the horse was running at full speed, the girl was just walking slowly while laughing.

Faster, still faster!

The horse neighed, the scenery was flowing. [TLC : 馬は嘶き、景色は流れる。]


——How could she catch-up!?

As a matter of fact, that man didn’t notice that he is already under some kind of phantasm magic*; that he was straddling and frantically lashing for his life a big rock that protruded from the ground. [TL : genjutsu]

The man became frightened of the girl, he frantically struck his whip at the big rock, every time he turning his head, his fear increased.

The girl was laughing while scorning at him, enjoying herself, she slowly arrived at the man’s back. She then raise the stone that was clotted with blood overhead.

「You………………… fiend…………………. get away, you FIEEEENDDDDD! 」

「Uun, you’re wrong you know」

With smile plastered over her face.

「It’s Arina, I’m the hero of this world」


Something rushed from the village’s direction, that boy was looking for a girl frantically.

She had already dissapeared when he took his eyes off her for a little.

He heard a rumor that bandit kidnappers often appeared and attacked travellers in the area.

… … … … …certainly, that anxiety only grew stronger as time passed.

Quietly praying for her safety, the boy is galloped aimlessly along an unknown highway.

He had already travelled through the area for around 30 minutes.


A shriek reverbrated in the vicinity.

There was no doubt about it. Arina!


The boy is shouting, moving at high speed towards the source of the scream. Beyond the prairie, crossing over the hill, to the place where the girl called Arina was.

She was unable to move, and on the verge of crying. The reason was that she was surrounded by 3 wolf like creatures called 〝Beowulf〟.

「Auuu, Yuu-kun, help me! 」

「DAMN IT!  You’re looking for trouble! 」

There’s clearly something’s wrong here. After all, wasn’t she the so-called “Hero”?

The boy gallantly lept and took a stance with the cheap sword that he bought, facing the Beowulf.

「This will be dangerous, so step back!」

「U, un… … … …S, s-sorry…」

「Save that for later! Don’t get separated from my back!」

「O, okay!」

He brandished his sword over head, the boy fought the monsters.

Arina was smiling behind his back.

「Conquering this world and beating the demon king, then present it for Yuu-kun. Just wait a little more♪」


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