Teaser I

First Teaser will be released tonight[or maybe tonight right after the date changed] at usual time.

As for the second teaser, I think I will do it when I have free time to do it[currently suffering from Lost in Motivation disasea due to summer heat[what I’m saying when my country is basically summer ALL YEARS LONG]

Regarding the teaser.

The title for the first title is :


As for the NTR themed one, it’s title is :

It’s story about Shimon Kurando, a good-for-nothing summoned hero that didn’t have anything special about his ability except for the fact that he have immortality. getting fed-up with the cruel treatment that the heroes received from the country that summoned him, he fled and this is the story about his journey as dungeon traveller.
well, it’s only one step away from 18+ novel.



19 thoughts on “Teaser I

  1. For the NTR one, would it be too much of a spoiler to know if it’s the MC that is getting NTR or is he the one causing it? Such as stealing someone’s girl.


  2. is the second one title also known as ( Slave harem in the labyrinth of the other world )? if it’s that, then it’s already translated in another site.


    • Nope, it’s really different, here some hints :
      -The MC name is Shimon Kurando.
      -It’s NTR themed WN.
      -One of his lover? is a trap.
      -He have more than 10 wife[as far as I know, it’s 11 with the first 10 he married at the same day(one husband with 10 wifes in cathedral)].
      -ALL OF THEM ARE LIAR : When the maid wife ask whether any of them already have sex with Kurando, none of them say anything(lying that they’re still a virgin while their virginity already taken by Kurando long before), but they’re still lying since if they’re not they will lost the right to have their wedding night with Kurando.
      -The name of his sword is “Black Lion” and “White-something”
      -He didn’t have cheat ability except for immortality which also come with huge risk.
      -By the way, his first loverisn’t included as his wife yet due to circumtances. it’s his second lover[assasin] and so on that become his wifes.
      -all his wifes wearing modified slavery collar.
      -One of his lover N……[forbidden word] due to her jealousy.


      • ok. thanks for the explanation.
        i’m looking forward for the translation.
        and thanks for your hard work in translating those novel.


  3. New teaser nice, thanks 🙂

    – My childhood friend, who’s a highschoolgirl doesn’t seem to be only a other world’s hero

    Harder than i thought it would be to tranlslate 😛


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