Bocchi Tonight



6 thoughts on “Bocchi Tonight

  1. I’m a little hesitant to read after the cat girl kiss…. its apparently equivalent to beastiality… dude’s got trouble coming like a train…


  2. bestiality? it’s a cat girl not a cat for heavens sake. Cat girls are closer to humans than elves are by miles. That’s like comparing a narwhal to a unicorn because they both have horns… Saying a cat girl can’t mingle with a man is the same as saying black, asian and white people can’t mingle with each other. If cat girls were real it would basically be racist. And no I don’t have a cat girl fetish, I’m just speaking the truth.

    However centaurs I can understand. That line is kinda grey and I would edge against that due to the reproduction organs being a horse and not a human.

    But hey nothing should stand between true love anyway. As long as both parties consent and have the capabilities of formulating their own opinions then I don’t care.

    Leaving the racist cat girl hater aside. I love this light novel and am hyped to hear stuff is going to get translated ^^. Hope it doesn’t focus too heavily on the girls and lets the plot progress properly. It will be interesting to see what his parents have to say about all this when they find out lol xD.


    • meant to say haters not hater. Even though I may sound sort of angry I’m not at all angry at anyone. I love all translators ^^. I don’t care if anyone has a difference in opinion, as long as no one gets hurt by it I don’t care.


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