Her Age is more than thrGYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!——-

It’s rude to reveal a virgin age………..

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Chapter 14 – Griffon’s Raid

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「That’s……right. my first impression is that he is a gentle and kind person—-deshita. 」

This voice is Remilia.

Similarly to the time talking with me, who is her master, she used honorific.

Amongst the slaves, she is the ol—or should I say the most senior one by large margin.

Is she taking into consideration for Angela who is her senpai slave?

Or else, maybe it was just her habit to talk in a polite tone?

「……A very……nice person. But…..feared…..by unicorn…..seve……..rely. so poor…..」

This voice that trying to speak even though it’s disconnected——Maybe the one that speak this time is Luna.

Even though Luna received cruel insult from the unicorn, she still worrying that horse.

Extremely considerate feeling, maybe this girl actually hasve a gentle nature.

Oh, yes, Luna’s appearance is just like a girl between first half till middle half of their teens. [ED : between 11-15 years-old]

Though I think she is around 14 years-old since her height is around 155 centimeters.

However, her actual age is 10 and half years-old.

Half elf is just like elf, they will grow normally like human till they’re 15 years-old, considering Luna age, she is quite tall.

Most likely, she will grow exceeding 170 centimeters in the future [i].

Though I expect her to not grow more than 180 centimeters.

「But……I’m so glad…………since………his anger………..is for me………」

You do not need to thank me particularly.

Since I also personally getting angry from the offensive words of that young unicorn, Geo.

「moreover……I……am rescued. My Throat……is……cured……Till this life is exhausted……..I…… will……devoting all of that……to that person」[ii]

「Yo, your entire life, wha, what do you mean by that??」

I heard Angela’s flustered voice.

「therefore……Entirely……(my)virginity…..it’s already impossible..but

The silence lasted for quite some time.

It seems both Angela and Remilia is worrying about Luna.

However, the next time Luna opened her mouth, it’s instantly become noisy.

「Instead of that……..my ass[iii]………has…….yet………」


「Wha, wawawa, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING LUNA-san! T-T-T-Th-That kind of thing is no good! No good, NO GOO~~~~~~~~~~D!!!!」

Remilia and Angela fallen into a very serious panic attack when Luna dropped the bombshell.

Angela panic attack is especially severe.

Though, those lines also caused considerable panic attack to me too.


Luna voice fall to silent.

「Please listen, Luna」


「Something like virgin or non-virgin, something like that won’t change the true value of the woman.」

Remilia’s voice kindly persuaded her.[v]

「But……But……I……I…………am dirtied……so many times……and corrupted…………」

「No, you are never dirtied. By any means.」


The scenes of Remilia kindly holding Luna hands floating in my mind.

「Beside, the opposite man in contrary will keep their distance when they learned that you’re a virgin. That’s harder. 」

Remilia said that with sarcastic tone.

「is that……so?」

「Yes. When I confessed that I’m more than 3*** years-old virgin—– most of the men’s immediately running away.」[ED : For Remilia dignity I’m censoring her true age]

…………3*** years old. [ED : call it being considerate]

…………3*** YEARS………… [ED : yeah, I’m a considerate person]

That is really serious matter.

I can even feel the weight of history in it.

…………so is the high elf Remilia-san is more that 3*** years-old?

And yet, she’s a virgin.

If the unicorn knows about this, they would be in (the state of) ecstasy.

「If one’s unlucky, it’s more than hundred fold of human, even ordinary elf already done several to dozens times, even one’s from my generation do it for sometime, many men’s flinched out from me, an old—–virgin」[TLC : 「人間なら下手したら百倍以上、普通のエルフでも数倍から数十倍、自分の年齢よりも長い間、処女――だった女には尻込みしてしまうみたいなんです」]

Certainly, that is a draw back.

Remilia become gloomy despite her serious tone.

「…………rather……………………………………………….I want to throw away my virginity. 」

She is muttering some monologue to herself.

If the unicorn is aware of that statement, they qill instantly going crazy.

「Fufu…………I, all the whole time………even 5000 years after this, even 10000 years will likely remained virgin…….. HAAAAAAAAA~~」

An extremely beautiful high elf which appear like girl in the second half of their teens, letting out a heavy sigh.

Setting aside her true age, Remilia is in her peak of youth and beauty, I think any men won’t just leave her alone, but.

It’s only that, Remilia is just truly extremely beautiful.

To sum up, her elegance is at the level of god.

For that reason she is like an unnatainnable flower, maybe that was why the me’s keep their distance from her.

「Ah, I actually has a lover. Though he is only a little more than 100 years-old. He is an elf country prince.」

「I, is that so, Remilia-san. Te, tell me a little more about that.」

Is she fond of love story? That Angela. [TLC :  (コイバナが好きなのか、アンジェラが喰いついた。)]

「But, when I confessed that I’m still a virgin, he said shyly 『Protecting virginity for more than 3*** years but, to take responsibility is…………』—-then my lover pulling back with all his strength, that’s how its ended.」


「I have yet kissing with that person.」


「or maybe, I shouldn’t say that I never kisses.」[TLC : 「というか、誰ともキスしたことすらないですけど」]


Angela seems to be in bewildered state trying to picturing that.

「That time, thinking about maybe this is the chance, I’m wearing victory underwear with the most exposure and the most attractive one’s[Sexy]……only to be useless. 」

It’s too much for an old woman(babaa).

[Part 2 ______]
That kind of words appeared on my mind.

「That day, I prepared my home cooking with energy enhanced ingrendients for my lover…… I even secretly added vitality potion in it.」[vii]

This baba doing unreasonable thingsOto her partner).[viii]

That kind of words have appeared in my mind too.

「But…………The current me is just a slave. I though I won’t let my heart to also fallen into slavery but, if my master, Ash-sama wished for me to attend* him at night……..at that time I……..」[ED : Night Duty]

It’s sound like she hate it.

However, Remilia just sound like she is expecting for something to be happened, or is it just my imagination?.

「Ye, ye, YES! Remilia-san, YES!!!」

「what’s wrong Angela? You’re making a red face and raising your hand.」

「I, I! Because I will take your place at time! A, attending master need at night.」


「Ma, master is a boy, that’s why it’s only natural that he have that kind of thought. A, at that time, instead of everyone, I, I will……..for all of you……..」

「Yet, Ash-sama is still 10 years-old now—it’s not the time yet, but sooner or later, maybe he really need someone to attend him at night. At that time, Angela want to become sacrifice—-right?」

「Sa, sacrifice…….I, it’s not something likethat. I, it’s just that, I, I …….. with master is, Actually I Fa, FALLEN IN LOVE with master!.」[ED : a little improvised line]

「…………Is that, as——master? [x]」

「I、I、love him as a men…………I really love him、Ah、Ahh、Ah――」

I turned off《Communication Earring》.

Because I just remembered how to turn off the《Communication Earring》from this side.

Besides――I have a feeling that it wan’t be good to hear more than this.


Even if I heard that, I can’t return it――Angela’s feeling.

Because of our master and slave relationship, that’s not it.

It’s because I’m a human………and she is a beastman.

In this country, the love relationship between human race and beastman race is impossible [xi].

Is it like that for the entire world, or is it just for this country, I still don’t know about that—at least, that kind of things is impossible in this country.

It was considered a taboo that a human being have a sexual relationship with a Beastman.

From this country’s social common sense and ethic, it’s just like bestiality. [ED : then just give Angela to me, or that La—almost write a spoiler]

The marriage between human race and beastman race, is also prohibited.

It’s neither legal or ethical. [ED : is there really a man who can hold their lust in front of Kemonomimi(beast eares girl)?(Homo excluded)]

If I, have such physical relationship with Angela who is from beastman race, In case I have a physical relationship with Angela who is a Beastman, it will posses a threat if known by society.

My place will perfectly be gone in this country.

I am crossed out socially. (Metaphorically vaporized)[ED : back to a NIIT]

I will surely disowned by my family.

No one will come out to protect me.

It’s severeness is to that degree, that’s why relationship it’s deemed as taboo and such conduct is avoided.

It maybe because the memory of my previous life, I comparing my sense of ethic with other human being, and in those circumstances, my sense of ethic is rather deviated.

In fact, I can’t see Angela as other than a beautiful and lovely girl with dog ears(inumimi) and tail.

And yet, even if it’s not even ten years since I reincarnated, I already received education about moral and ethic since I was a kid.

The critism from society is severe, I don’t have resolution to snap and completely lose the place where I can be myself. [ED : maybe he doesn’t mean his family]

Because of that, the present me――can’t answer to Angela’s feeling.

Therefore, I don’t know anything about that. [ED : and that’s why she comf….]

When I arrived at the fortress city, Kare, I bought a large amount of horse stimulants.

Along with the syringe injection too.

I decide to turn back and fly at a high speed to the unicorn ranch.


The ranch is noisy.


the unicorn ranch that is being surrounded by high rampart, made from mud.

However, there’s no ceiling.

In frear of flying monster raid, I need to create the ceiling for it that’s what I think.

However, the unicorns rejected that idea.

They’re opposing it because the lost of the sunlight.

I too, maybe because I feel bad for locking them in a dark place, so I give up on that idea.

From the unicorn stories, there’re only a few populations of flying monster in this great prairie.

Therefore, the attack is actually quiet rare――or that what’s I heard.

But……..my conclusion is over optimistic.

Actually, right now the unicorn ranch is under attack.[xii]

They’re under attack of flying demon beast, a large flock of Griffon.

Griffon is demon beast that have lower half body of a lion and the upper half of the body is an eagle, with eagle’s wing.

They’re demonic beast that eat the male horse, and rape the mare to concieve them.[ED : LION(AND EAGLE)+HORSE :?????]

In a sense, they’re the unicorn greatest natural enemy.

Even if they’re the predator who eat the mares, they will made an enemy of anything that rape the mare, including the virgin mare.[TLC : (自分達を喰う捕食者としても、処女も含めた牝馬を犯す許せざる敵としても。)]

By the way, the time when the child between the Griffon and the mare are born, they will have an upper half body of a eagle known as demonic beast Hippogriff, which also can be receive training to become a riding horse—It’s not like I know it all, that’s just a bit trivia. [TLC : 調教すると乗馬にもなる――という豆知識を披露している場合ではないな。)]

Demonic beast, Griffon didn’t drive away at once.

However…………it’s true that there’s so many of them.

They’re more than 100 of them.

Griffon is a terrifyingly strong enemy that’s what I heard from mother.

Even with just one Griffon, it’s already a really close battle for veteran soldier, even for experienced monk, to kill it.

Even ten of the unicorn are inferior to one normal griffon in terms of force.

And now there’s more than hundred of them.[xiii]

At this rate, the unicorns will instantly annihilated.

I…………must I do something for them or not.

I am the person in charge of the unicorn ranch.

Beside…………they are my THINGS! (Or possession)

I do not forgive anyone meddling with my things.

「ASH! You, we will prevail! 」

Though The wind spirit, Syl said that, honestly, I can’t expect her to play the active role.

It’s because wind spirit attack have bad compatibility with our opponent, the griffon.

At any rate, wind attribute attack won’t be affecting the griffon that much.

As a Griffon, their attribute is surely『wind』.

And the fire dragon attribute is『Fire』.

But, earth attribute attack is effective againt’s wind attribute monster.

Let’s try to do as mother teaching, I also think like that.

The problem is it’s extremely difficult to hit the Griffon while its flying in the air with earth attribute attack.

By fired-up stone《Pellet (stone blast) 》by by borrowing the power of earth spirit, it’s just that it can’t reach the opponent that flying in the sky.

Before being killed, the unicorns are frantically trying to protect the mares that I brought along to unicorn ranch, those griffon, are they—actually planning to do a dive attack at such time?

The timing was extremely severe.

I recognize their aim, the effect isn’t that much when in the sky.

…………I released the most powerful earth attribute attack 《Major earthquake (earthquake) 》, by borrowing the power of Earth Spirit King (behemoth), it’s to the degree that even if the griffons are flying in the sky, it’s useless.[xiv]

Dropping the rock from the sky, it’s composite arts between wind spirit and earth spirit,《Huge Rock Fall(rock strike)》, it’s power is so great, that it’s effective even against flying monster, but—–it’s a single use art.[xv]

Though it could easily killing several griffon in one shoot……

There’re more than 100 of them.

This isn’t enough.

「I hae no chice then……..「《Huge rock storm fall(Rock Strick Storm)》」

I decided to made a huge bet by continuously activating finishing strike, 《Huge rock fall( Rock Strike) 》.

That finishing strike made me extremely exhausted——Now, I’m already exhausted all of my power.[xvi]

[i] TL note: approximately 5 ft. and 6 inches.
[ii] TL note: I already know what it’s saying, just for the sense of unable to talk (the elf girl), figure it out yourself! I’ll put it here, “moreover, I am rescued. My throat is cured and I will devote my entire life to that person and give it my all.”
[iii] TL comment: Buttocks. Alright ladies and gentlemen! This here is our first Pin the donkey! All you have to do is to pin the target!
[iv] TL comment: My interpretation may be different than yours, so I will not try to say what it means. Pretty much I’m lazy so you do it!
[v] TL comment: That reminds me…Remilia is over 1000 years old right? How is she a virgin!?
[vi] TL comment: me too. So wait, are you a virgin or not? This conversation is confusing me!
[vii] TL comment: hah! Which pills would you like? The Red pill, or the Blue pill.
[viii] TL note: -saseru (for –ru verb) –aseru(for –u verb), make someone do something.
[ix] TL comment: yes kids! It means she’s going to help him study for the upcoming test!
[x] TL note: Toshite, found out how to use it, generally it’s “being this/something” as a grouping or similar stereotype. Such as, “ as a Japanese person, I_____” and for why I capitalize Master, it’s because it’s a habit and I’m bored.
[xi] TL comment: trying something out, I will start calling their race Beastman due to gender problem. Beast sounds a bit savage, so I’ll add in some “doublethink “in there. If you hate it, just put it in the comments below.
[xii] TL comment: shall we include “dumb**s” into the category? Better safe than sorry unicorn.
[xiii] TL comment: so they are ducked.
[xiv] TL note: pretty much blew off their accuracy when attacking from the sky.
[xv] TL comment: they’ve invented Anti-Air Artillery! Firing at the rate of 20 rounds per minutes, this gentlemen is the Ashinator. Invented by the renowned inventor Ash, using compressed air to fire off high velocity (if high explosive) boulder capable of decimating the sky from aerial enemy.
[xvi] TL comment: That’s right ladies and gentlemen, this is the Ashinator 3000. Firing at the rate of 250 boulders per minute, this berserk will surely ruin your body and mind while efficiently eliminate your enemy. I guess they are too bould about it.

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    “Both as a predator that eats them and as a foe who unforgivably rapes the mares, virgin ones included.”

    [TLC : 調教すると乗馬にもなる――という豆知識を披露している場合ではないな。)]
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