Bocchi – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Prophecy Evasion Credits: Translator: Blightscarlet Editors: SenjiQ, Crimson Nanashi Proofreaders: Cnine, Maleandar Hello my name is Crimson Nanashi and I’m an editor that has joined Cnine’s team to edit Bocchi Tensei, Seirei Gensouki, and Sevens Gaiden. Please enjoy the chapter and sorry for the wait. Chapter 30 – Prophecy Evasion Say…….What………… Right […]

What Everyone Waiting For

Chapter 3 – Unicorn hunting

Credit :
Translator : Blightscarlett, Cnine
Proofreader : Cnine,
Editor : SenjiQ, Gilly
BTW, I’ve prepared two teaser for something that I might considered to become a main project, One is Yandere themed WN and another is NTR themed WN. Look forward for it.



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