Just little rambling

Pitted between RL job, japanese lesson, night sport, side job, made teaching material for side job, and wife to be

Sorry, I’m really pitted in deep trouble this last weeks with continues overwork, and stuff, then just last week I know that I already on the way of Riajuu, now trying to balancing[with last week it’s already 8 week without vacation+overtime].

I’m really amazed that my body didn’t break yet.

anyway, you can pray for faster release for the next month[just pray, and god will hear you]

Sorry Blight-san I’m really in deep trouble this last few week, and especially this week. so I didn’t have free time to proofreading your work yet.


31 thoughts on “Just little rambling


    OR ELSE….

    you MUST show us the photo of your wife-to-be… lololollolol

    (jokes aside, thanks for your hardwork and enjoy your rest)
    p.s. I’m serious about your wife-to-be photo. why? cause I’m curious and have nothing else to do lol


  2. message heard, I’ll still translate regardlessly with what little time I have left.
    Chapter 16 progress – Big Fat O% I’ll work on it soon.
    in other news, hell is coming for me next week, if I’m lucky, I get free time, if not, I’ll be moderately busy.


  3. Torn between wanting to congratulate you on your future marriage and wanting to say “Riajuus should disappear”…


    On a more serious note though, gratz on the incoming marriage and take a rest xD. 8 weeks of full schedules and overtime is going to wreck havoc on your physical and mental health sooner or later.


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