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Cnine is Attending Ainushi Academy[Military Harem], Please read at Novels n Chill to support me and the editors-san:

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Seigensou :


Parasite :


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Rujikorn L-Sama, And Everyone Who’re not molestedbothered by Trojan, or the brave soul who’s Kamikazecharging against the trojan current with their anti-virus.

Thank You Very Much!!!

Without Further ADO The Pent-UpBoring Building up Moment finally entering the climax of the act, ENjoy :

Seigensou Chapter 73 [Revenge of The Fallen(The Fallen is MC Though), Optimus Prime already pissing in his pantscargo]–>To support the Translator

Seigensou Chapter 73 [Revenge of The Fallen :Alternative, WHere Optimus Prime Didn’t Die, he just wailing “Daddy, Daddy”]–>Available at 05052017 00:01 GMT +7


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  1. I’d go read at Novels’n’Chill, but the site seems infected by a WP trojan, so my antivirus doesn’t let me get through.


    • The virus I get a warning for, a heuristic trojan, seems to be something that infects WP sites and makes the visitors’ devices open to malware. Besides, I’m not much of a technophile and the only alternative I have is an “old” (5-7 years?) mobile phone that’s not the most comfortable thing to read from.


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