[Fanfic]NFB Chapter 31

Good Day

Cnine’s Here. Apparently, J-novel club has licensed NFB Light Novel and for that Reason you can see the above menu and find another section has been added to there.




  1. How to Support your translator and editor : Donation or Patreon for easier access to the Roxism Vault[Which I assure not filled with panties, blood clotted cloth or, wooden sword].
  2. I request for anyone who have [.txt] file or [.epub] file of Seigensou[LN volume 7++] or Mushoku Tensei[LN volume 4+++], please contact me at my email (zmunjali@gmail.com) since I’m interested for the translation of those title.
  3. Please look forward to our new project

Tale of Dark Knight

Support the translation at Patreon. Other benefit are Daily Blessing for each title.

My gratitude for my patrons and Special Gratitude to :

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My gratitude to the Kind Hearted Soul :

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TN : Some name is incomplete for the protection of their privacy

Without Further ADO , ENjoy :~(‘.’~)

ChAPteR 31

9 thoughts on “[Fanfic]NFB Chapter 31

  1. Well if I have to pay, I wont be getting a subscription until the series is completely translated. I can read a series in a matter of a day or two even if it has hundreds of chapters. Better deal if I simply wait for the end. can honestly read all of the currently available stuff in less than a day.


    • Or you can buy the books from online retailers, subscribe to Jnovel to read the parts as they are released plus any other novels.

      Pros: Way better translation, done much faster as I’m sure 31 chapters is less than 2 volumes, and they release a novel every 8 weeks.

      Plus it’d be cheaper than paying for this, while supporting the original publisher.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 1. You don’t have to pay, you can just wait until he releases them. He’s not demanding money, he’s only making an option. He’ll release them eventually.
        2. Some of us prefer the WN and have no interest in the LN.
        3. Those jnovel a-holes need to stop harassing WN translators and pretending having the LN license gives them control over the WN….which it doesn’t. WN is free to read. It’s simple harassment from them to guarantee they make as much money as they can.

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        • You don’t “have” to pay. But as the translation community originally started as a way to let people read things until publishers localised them why wouldn’t you support the original author/publisher?

          Heck they’re are plenty of series I read that aren’tl icensed in English, so I buy the JP version to compensate for my “free” reading. Them buy the english version once thats out if were so lucky.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. The original author has not given them permission to translate their web novel and distribute it themself. Just because it’s free to read on the sites the author posts it doesn’t mean other people have the right to do what they want with it, like use it to earn money through patreon or donations.
    J-Novel Club is acting as a legal representative of the author’s rights.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh? Considering only this, New life and IS (nobody cares about the last) are the only ones not caught up to or past fan TLs, with New Life catching up in probably another 4 months if that, what have they ruined?


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