Eiyuu – Chapter 9

Translator : Cnine
Editor : MystiKnight
Proofreader : MystiKnight

Chapter 9: D-Class

「What the hell is wrong with that glasses woman!」

Already having taken the role of the leader amongst the girls, Hinata hit her desk in frustration making a “BAN” sound.

She had acted like a grown up previously when everyone returned from the hallway to ease everyone’s anger, but the truth was that she felt extremely frustrated inside.

「Even Hinata-chan can’t bear with this setup」

Says the petite girl who could be mistaken for an elementary schooler, Komukai Kokoa.

「T-That’s right, how can my shield be just a common shield, how can an A-class …」

The shy person, whose eyes were hidden beneath long bangs, Karasuzaki Kanna muttered her feelings without even trying to hide them in her chest.

Hinata couldn’t come to an understanding and that caused her to groan alone.

「But, how can we let them look down on us that much just because of the levels of our weapons that they decided for their own convenience!」

They could endure these run-down class facilities.

But, how can they be given such terrible treatment when they’re not even fighting the CE yet.

Shouting along with Hinata, is Yuzuki Yuuta brimming with the aura of an “Honor Student”.

「Yoossshh, the most vexing one is YOU, RIGHT!?」

Yuuto pointed his line of sight toward Souji, who was nonchalantly opening a textbook at his window seat.

He who beat Tendouji Ayato once, he who was almost victorious before the game changed, the Unlucky Spear User.

「… Right, won’t you add something」

Though he’s trying to endure it with silence, since Hinata’s was making a fuss, he didn’t have the right to make a racket with them.

Though Souji questioned the difference in the classroom treatment, he didn’t mind it too much.

「But, although what that Ayako-sensei said was too much, she’s still a good woman, I want her to step on me with her pinheee~l」


Souji gave a half-hearted response to Eisuke who was sitting in front of him,still saying nonsense without learning from his previous experience when someone besides him suddenly rose from their seat.


The one who greeted him was a petite and slender pretty boy [bishounen].

He definitely would be mistaken for a girl if he wasn’t wearing trousers.

「May I sit beside you?」
「By all means」

Since they haven’t decided the seating of the class yet, they could sit where ever they want.

And then, that pretty boy sat next to him while looking strangely happy.

「My[Boku] name is, Ikaruga Itsuki
「Sorachi Souji」
「Erm, please treat me well from now on」

Even when facing the blunt reply of Souji, the pretty boy called Itsuki1 didn’t let go of his smile.

Having seen that, Eisuke butt in with a meek looking face.

「Hey, can I ask one question ?」
「Yes, what it is」
「You, are actually a girl right?」

At that moment, Itsuki’s body solidified and he was rendered speechless.

Eisuke violently gripped his slender shoulders.

「You’re a woman right!? You’re actually a big breasted woman who hides her chest with sarashi, so when I accidentally peep at you in the shower you’ll shout『KYAA~aaa, ECHHIIIII!』, and then it’ll turn into a troubling development RIGHT! 」
「W-What are you talking about!? I apologize but, I[boku] am a man!」
「Then, will you let me grope your chest and nether region a little? If you’re a man, you’ll be fine with it right? 」
「I don’t wanna, even if I’m a man!」
「Eeeh you won’t, just the tip, it’s okay since it’s just the tip, RIGHT?」
「NO, STOP I~it!」

Itsuki raised a loud scream while Souji attacked Eisuke’s head with his English-Japanese dictionary.

「Calm yourself」
「B-Brother, please use a notebook inst…」

The teary-eyed Eisuke fell from his chair with no one in the class taking pity on him.

「Look properly, Itsuki’s build is that of a man right」

Itsuki eyes sparkling so brightly deeply moved by Souji who can see through him due to his trained eyes as a martial artist.
Itsuki’s eyes were sparkling brightly, deeply moved by Souji who could see through him due to the training his eyes went through as a martial artist.

「I, for some reason there’s many incidents in which I’m being mistaken as girl today, it’s really bothering me」
「Today, for some reason, there’s been a lot of incidents in which I’m being mistaken for a girl. It’s really bothering me.」
「……For some reason?」

… Nope, no matter how you look at him anyone will mistake him for a pretty girl, everyone in the class (Eisuke included) simultaneously retorted in their mind.

「And then, I really want to become manly like Souji-san, Ehehehe」

Souji silently looked at the bashful Itsuki for a short while.

And then, gently tapping Itsuki’s shoulder, said.

「Give it up」
「That’s right, give it up Itsuki-tan and become my br —– 」
「I said calm yourself」

He hit Eisuke who was still trying to make more confusion with his dictionary once again while comforting the still crying Itsuki.
He hit Eisuke, who was still trying to create confusion, with his dictionary once again before comforting the still crying Itsuki.
While that useless conversation went on, a chime resounded from the speaker and the door of the classroom opened as if waiting for that timing.

Entering the classroom was a crew cut giant wearing a jersey that was bulging with muscle. [TL : Ironman from Baka to test as reference]

「I[Watashi] am the one who’s responsible for this class, Ogawara Ooma

Obviously, the one retorting with all his power to that faultless self-introduction was Eisuke.

「Even though that A-class got such a voluptuous queen-like female teacher, WHY THE HELL DID WE GET THIS FILTHY OLD MAN! RECALL! AT LEAST BRING KYOKO-SENSEI!!! 」

As for the rest of the boys, they’re unconsciously nodding in their mind, their youthful spirit screaming aloud.

The teacher, Ooma, walked until he was beside the now silent Eisuke —-


—-and easily strangled him with a sleeper hold.


With the rest of the class frozen and dumbfounded, Ooma began to speak in a clear, low voice.

「Gentleman, though this misunderstanding is troubling me, I’m the one who’ll train you to become a soldier who’ll protect this country from CE. So prepare yourself since I will not hesitate to deliver corporeal punishment so that there won’t be any idiots left」

Being glared with the sharp eyes of trained soldier, they didn’t have any choice but to nod.
Inside the class that fell into silence, Souji raised Eisuke who had fallen on the floor and snapped his eyes open with a method often used in period dramas by pressing his knee on Eisuke’s back while seizing his shoulder.

「COUGH……W-Where’s that blonde babe!?」
「Do you want to sleep again ?」

Ooma’s big arms once again twined around Eisuke who just have a nice dream.

「That’s the right attitude for begging for forginess! (GRINDGRIND)」 」

Unable to faint despite the pain, it was a perfectly executed strangling technique which squeezed out a cry like a squashed frog, which resounded throughout the classroom.

「How lively」
「Errm, can you still say this is lively … ?」

Just a common idiot ——- was what everyone in the class was thinking except for Souji.

「Well then, though we wasted some time, let’s start the lesson immediately」
Leaving Eisuke, whose soul was on the verge of leaving from his mouth with the white of his eyes showing up, Ooma looked at the students from the teacher podium.
「First, congratulation for your enrollment, from now on you’ll be receiving training as ACE troops and taking the duty of protecting Japan from CE. Naturally, it’s a dangerous job, so there’s the possibility of losing your life」

“GULP”. Though it was just the sound of someone swallowing his saliva, it strangely resounded in the class.

「Although it’s not like I’m telling you to go and die, your current situation is more painful than dying」

While saying so, Ooma took out a projector and laptop from under the teacher’s platform.

After a brief moment of fiddling around, projected on the board was a withered patient lying on the bed.

「The person who receives the CE’s attack will fall into a comatose state and never wake up. The way to cure it has yet to be found」

Looking up at the empty ceiling with eyes that have lost their vitality, a pipe pierced directly into its stomach. It was responsible for both providing nutrition directly to the body as well as taking care of waste.

Could you really call that being a living human?

All of the students’ faces instantly turned pale thinking about that sort of thing happening to them.

「The CEs’ attacks greatly resemble a high-energy beam, it’s fast and difficult to dodge. But it’s range is different from lasers and only around 30m, so the good news is it’s not that much different from a handgun」

Following after that was a projection of battlefield.

Those unrealistic hexagonal bodies fired out lasers from the red ball at its center, causing the citizens bathed in its beam to fall and let out shrill screams while covering their ears.

「This is Matsumoto city in Nagano district where the pillar has appeared. The TV cameraman recording this at that time was able to send this valuable image recording via satellite to the broadcasting station」
「Uhm, that person is …」
「He’s looks like he’s dying, right? He’s lucky」

To such heavy answer from Ooma, the student who asked that question looking down when hearing such needless fact.
In response to such a heavy answer from Ooma, the student who had asked that question looked down after hearing that needless fact.

Even if you’re receiving the CE’s attack, it won’t harm your life directly. It’ll only knock you unconscious.

But, they wondered just how many days that people who could not move were left alone, exposed to the weather without receiving aid.

「Though there’re satellite images showing the pillar at the center … it’s better if you don’t look at it」

Want to see? —— They even hesitated to ask about the hell that was pictured in front of them.
Thousands, tens of thousands of corpses, having turned to white skeletons thrown away on the ground, were surrounded by beautiful crystal-like bodies which seemed out of place.


One girl who’s unable to enduring to imagine what happened to the victims running away to the washroom while holding her mouth, Even Ooma and the other students didn’t blame her for that.
One girl was unable to endure imagining what happened to the victims and ran off to the washroom while holding her mouth. The other students, and even Ooma didn’t blame her for it.

「The CE’s attacks have high penetrative power, and though there’s no way to avoid it with riot shields or bulletproof jackets, you can use thick concrete walls or bulky tanks to defend against it. You must note this, that their attacks possess more penetrating power than an assault rifle but still less than an anti-material rifle」
「Sensei, that comparison is hard to understand」
「Oops, my bad. Anyway, just think of it as an attack that conventional human defensive gear can’t defend against」

When Souji retorted, Ooma corrected his explanation while smiling wryly.

「But, that’s not the case with the 『Phantom Armor』 that was worn by the lot of you. That armor can withstand tens of CE attacks」

Hearing that, the student who was on the verge of collapsing due to the heavy atmosphere sighed in relieve.

「There’s no way that the lot of you who are ACE troops are going to leave despite that threatening atmosphere, RIGHT? And since we’re currently having more new students, we have some surplus for battle. In reality, there’s no one who become a victim last year」

Even if it brought harm to the SDF [Self Defense Force] Personel and the citizens, although we had basically no information regarding CE at the beginning, the current we developed ways to deal with them and their behaviours which reduced the victims to almost zero.

「But, there’s no certainties on the battlefield. Even if it’s safe today, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be safe tomorrow. I want the lot of you to never let go of your sense of danger in the midst of battle」

Ooma let out a boorish smile while saying that.

Even the students of D – Class felt relieved in front of that smile.

He’s a strict teacher, but, he’s a kind teacher who worried about them.

「Well then, to build your stamina so that you won’t lose to CE, run 50 laps around the school grounds!」

They then learned that behind his image as a sports coach was definitely a demon.

「If you still have time to voice your complaints, then change to your jerseys NOW. The last person will get extra 10 laps」

When he clapped his hands, the students instantly raised from their seats.

「Crap, should we change into jerseys in the class!?」
「Hinata-chan, let’s run with me and everyone to our dormitory」
「W-Wait for me…」

While the girls hurriedly ran to the dormitory, Souji already changed to his jersey and hit Eisuke shoulder, who had finally regained his consciousness.

「Should we go?」
「……Is this HELL?」

Souji smiled at Eisuke’s unusually funny joke.

1. ED: I looked around the raws for a little bit, and it doesn’t look like Itsuki actually tells anyone what his/her name is. Only to the audience, in this line.

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