Eiyuu – Chapter 8

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Translator : Cnine
Editor : MystiKnight
Proofreader : MystiKnight

Chapter 8: Disparity

That next day, the students were still surprised about how well they were treated in the student dorm, being given rooms the size of 6 tatami mats.

After they ate the provided bento breakfast, Souji and his classmates went to the school building, only to receive a shock when they arrived at the classroom that they would be using for the next year.


It was only natural for Eisuke to be screaming.

Of the twelve classrooms in the building, the classroom they were given, 1-D, was the only room that looked like it was from the Taisho era 1001 years ago.

All of the desks and chairs were designed for two people and made completely of wood, while the pitch black blackboard gave off a refreshing feeling.

Naturally, it wasn’t equipped with air conditioning, and there was only a petroleum stove that was usually used as a heater in a household.

「It gives off a nostalgic feeling, doesn’t it…」
「C-Can we really study in this classroom…?」

The other classmates and Hinata were also perplexed and stood frozen stiff at the entrance of the class.

Souji, who was the only one to enter the classroom, sat at the seat in the back row of the room near the windows without being disturbed by the condition of the rest of the class.

「Brother, how can you nonchalantly choose your seat!」
「My bad, did you want the window seat? 」
「That’s not it! Don’t you think there’s something wrong with the classroom?」
「Nope… it’s more splendid than the school in my village」
「You, were you really raised in Japan!?」

There’s a legend regarding the unexplored region of Gunma, which is this place. Eisuke wondered whether it was due to that.

「No no, this is clearly strange right!? The new school building in this place is around 3 years old, how can this class be the only one experiencing a time warp!?」

Wondering if they’re mismanaging something, Eisuke rushed out from the D class, only to freeze again when he peeked into the C class next to them.


Inside that class was a standard classroom with pipe desks and chairs like those from middle school.

「N-No way…」

The B class he peeped into next to the C class was reminiscent of a university, with long desks and a slightly slanted floor to let the one sitting at the back to easily see the blackboard. It exuded the high quality of a seminar room.


Looking into A class, which he barely managed to reach with his wobbling feet, Eisuke finally used up all of his strength.

It’s desks and chairs were engineered to give the most comfort to the human body.

Latest tablet PCs served as notebooks and textbooks were distributed to each of its students.

It was comfortable to the point that at the back of the class was a drink bar and light meals to relieve their fatigue in the middle of their study.

The blackboard was an EXO-DISPLAY[LCD] – the need for something as inelegant and boorish like blackboard and chalk disappeared since the lessons given to them were easier to understand with video.

That classroom which was heavily infused with the latest technology was appropriate for a 21st-century class.

「You’re fucking kidding me, HEY, I feel like jumping into the sea!」
「Calm yourself, there’s no sea in Gunma」

When Souji nonchalantly retorted to Eisuke who’s in the middle of raging, a sharp voice suddenly cut in.

「Be quiet! Don’t make a ruckus in hallway」

With a voice that made their spinal muscles instinctively straighten, the owner of the majestic voice was wearing a pair of shiny glasses, which when combined with her long black hair, was the embodiment of beauty called THE FEMALE TEACHER2.

「You are?」
「The teacher in charge of class 1-A、[Irogane Ayako]」

When the female teacher called Ayako introduced herself, she clapped the wall with the teacher baton that she took right from the gap between her big cleavage.

「Understood, we’ll go back to our class」
「WAIT, if you’re a teacher then you can do something or other about this discrimination!」

Without being deceived by such a rare beauty, Eisuke pointed alternately at A class and D class.

But Ayako responded to his plea with an icy cold glare.

「Discrimination? This is a distinction. That classroom is befitting of you lot, who’s left over, isn’t it? 」
「We’re, the leftovers…!?」

Eisuke who received such a shock almost crumbled down, and Souji who was supporting him from behind asked the female teacher, without any sense of bashfulness.

「Sorry but, what kind of standard are you using to divide the class? 」
「Hou, it seems you know how to act to your superior. Fine then, I’ll tell you」

Though teachers nowadays didn’t mind about haughty attitudes, Ayako readily gave an explanation.

「The lot of you went through the ignition test of your phantom weapons, and you also inquired about its ability and name right?」
「From the results of that data, as well as by classifying you by how excellent your weapons were against the CE, we divided you into your classes」
「In short, we didn’t have the qualification to use an excellent class since we’re weak?」

「You’re quite sharp aren’t you?」

Ayako grinned at Souji who replied with an uninterested attitude.

Being unable to endure it anymore, Eisuke finally snapped.

「You’re arbitrarily deciding who’s weak at your own convenience with that kind of test! 」
「A club strong against lions (lol)」

Eisuke fell as if vomiting blood when he was reminded of the cruel truth.

「Please, wait a minute, that Erosuke aside, we won’t agree if you group us with that dunce!」
「That’s right, though it’s true for Erosuke」
「That Erosuke is the only useless one!」

The other students who followed after Hinata gave the final blow called complete objection.

「Why…It’s Hercules’ weapon…isn’t it the strongest and easiest to use, right…?」

Souji could only silently clap his friend on the shoulder, who was breaking down and crying on the floor.

「Objection rejected. You don’t have the right for it since your phantom weapons are weak.」
「But —–」

Ayako silently clapped her teacher baton to the wall to shut up Hinata, who was trying to protest.

「If that’s the case, if there’s someone who could win against Tendouji Ayato’s holy sword, that person can enter A class」


The gigantic sword of light that could easily sever the school building.

In response to being asked to have that overwhelming power as an opponent, anyone would have no choice but to shut their mouth.

Souji, who was done talking, spoke up for his classmates who were wrapped in silence.

「Understood, sorry for causing this ruckus in the hallway」

Bowing down to apologize, he dragged away the still dejected Eisuke and then went back to D class.

「Let’s go back everyone」

Urging Hinata to go back, even his classmates retreated to D class while grinding their teeth in frustration.

After the last one vanished into D class, Ayako muttered in a small voice.

「I see, that’s the kid Kyoko has interest in」

After she took off the mask of a cruel female teacher, what had replaced it was a face filled with a gentle smile.

1. 1912-1926 CE
2. ED: ‘THE’ was in all-caps English in the raw

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