Sevens Gaiden – Chapter 3 (Unedited & Dropped)

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I’m only releasing this at the request of one of our readers. This is both unedited and not proofread in any capacity so expect a lot of errors. We will not be continuing this series. Cnine is no longer interested in the series and I do not have time to be editing another series. This project is up for grabs for any interested parties. Leave a comment if you would like the full script (raw text after translated text).

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Chapter 3: Secret Art? It’s Nothing Like That

Leo and Monica come back to the middle layer.

Upon arriving, the room has devastated again. But, the culprit didn’t lie in wait for him this time, what was waiting for him is the landlord.

Tearing of his already thin hair, turned his irritated expression toward Leo.

「Leo-kun. Were you aiming to become a hunter? It’s embarrassing when you didn’t say it quickly! 」

When Leo entering his room in a hurry, it’s throughroughly shredded in piece this time. Household furniture, even all of his clothes, each one of them was completely shredded to piece, and on that place was the photograph of his family. It was burned after they tear it up.


The lanky man who torturing the landlord, and trying to crush Leo*. [TLC*: 打ちひしがれるレオに、大家である細身の男性は責め立てる。]

「Why it turned into this! Reimburse it, you must reimburse it ! 」

He can’t hear Lyle voice from inside the jewel. But, Monica who’s nearby said.

「You’re mistaken about something right. In this case, you shold ask the reimbursement from the one who’s wrecked this room. Moreover, if the one who’s doing it is a hunter, you should reporting it to the guild right? 」

And then, the landlord become flustered. The landlord is trying ambigously deceiving her by saying 「With things going around recently, story of the hunter is. currently ……」while his eyes swimming around suspiciously.

Meanwhile, Leo was fall on his knee with both his hands covering his face in what used to be living room.

「This is too much. A hunter is ………….. supposed to protect the weak right?」

To Leo who fall into such state, Lyle say a little too blunt words.

『What you saw before you right now is the reality. I mean, hunter is a human too. They’re doing offense too, I believe they will do this rather than from me*. Well, let’s contact the guild』[TLC*: 犯罪だってするし、むしろ俺からすればそういう連中だと思ったぞ。]

The older brother of Leo classmate. It seems that the culprit is that Mohican hunter and his co. Monica was nodding when she saw the scratches of the completely wasted room.

「Hou………… so they didn’t use metal sword. There’s burn marks there. They’re doing it with magic tool, even looking at the evidence so far, the possibility that the culprit is hunters is …………」

Suddenly, the landlord[male] shouting at them.

「Those are trivial matter! J-just how can I live peacefully when the hunters is set their eyes on me in such lower part of middle layer! Leave at once! ALL OF YOU, LEAVE THIS PLACE AT ONCE! 」

Leo clenched his fist and looking at the eyes of landlord who become frightened due to the terror. He was annoyed.

Though his father said that hunter job is to protect everyone, even he never thing that they will do such things*. Monica then cutting in while looking at the landlord. [TLC*: 父が言っていたみんなを守るハンターが、こんな事をするなど思いたくもなかった。]

「From now on? Isn’t that too cruel just for that reason? Furthermore, even in this situation, the contract is――」

She’s trying to rent the room. It seems there’re also various things in the contract too. But, the landlord was really want Leo to leave at once.

It’s show just how much he feared that hunter.

And then, Lyle「Fumu」while saying.

『Whatever you say, it’s just cruel. Well, you also need servility if you want to live in this kind of environment, huh ………….. If that was the case, then let’s go back to the upper layer. The assembly place of the examination is in the upper layer anyway. Moreover, since we also still have some money if it were just for the cost of 1 month living in the upper layer. Moreover, it’s just the right opportunity』

Lyle already treating as if Monica’s money were his own money. But, Leo haven’t answering at all.

The landlord is glaring at Leo and Monica. Maybe he was more scared of those offenders who devastated that room who’s hunter more than those two*. [TLC*: 二人よりも、ハンターである部屋を荒らした犯人たちが怖いのだろう。]

If one had to say then, someone like Monica who could send those hunters flying is surpassing them in all aspect. But, being in hostile relationship with the guild —— which is an organization at the level of managing the colony was something that definitely must be avoided at all cost if one want to live in the colony.

『However, how can a guild holding this kind of authority …………. is the country didn’t do anything?』

Even Leo lost his willpower to answer when Lyle raised such question.

They then returning to the upper layer again.

They entered an inn in the upper layer and booked a double room for a long stay. Though it didn’t have such special high class feeling as aroom, it still a room of the upper layer hotel. The cost for it was something that will make the eyes of the dweller of the middle layer to popped out.

The room itself have two single bed, with bathtub and toilet included. Though the window can’t be opened, flowing image reflected on it. It’s currently portraying the nightscape.

Monica hit touching her cheek with the palm of her hand while making a sigh.

「Geez. It really projecting every kind of image. The air cannot circulating at all. Oh well, we can only see the wall of the opposite building」

Lyle astonished when he heard about that.

『How the hell the air will circulating! Why it made into airtight! 』

Monica politely answering to his surprise.

「Please look at that direction. The air duct is existing for the air circulation. Everything is solved with magic tool. That’s how the modern era today. Well, since the energy efficiency has considerably improved, the energy resources too」

『……I don’t know what’s the meaning in that though. I mean, all of that problem can be solved just by opening the windows right? ……Well then, Leo』

Lyle called out to Leo who’s currently sitting on the bed and with his head hanging down. Though Leo shoulder twitching a little, he gave no reaction other than that.

『Are you getting angry and punched your classmate?』

Leo nodded a little. And then, talking while sobbing.

「I’ve enduring it till now. But, they keep treat me like a loser ………… even till the end」

But, Lyle then saying something that hit right at the painful point.

『And, this is the result of that. Although with that action of yours, you lost the place to live. What do you think this will turned out without me or Monica around*? Even the previous case of hunter exam. Did you ever think the consequences of your action?』[TLC*: これで俺やモニカがいなかったら今頃どうなっていた?]

Leo unable to retort to his pricking despite it painful to hear. Monica is rummaging something while sitting silently on the bed. Without looking at his direction.


『You can’t make an excuse since you’re a kid. You’re alone. You must decide it yourself. Well, though I’m not someone who can say something like this, throw everything and began anew*. Or, you can keep on with comforting yourself. Taking one step forward feel harder when you’re an adult than when you’re a kid』[TLC*: まぁ、俺も人のことは言えないが、流されているだけだと本当になにもかも失うぞ。]

Because the possiblity become more and more distant once you become an adult. After saying that, he asked to Leo.

『De, da. Do you remember the reason that you want to become a hunter? Or, do you have another goal aside from becoming a hunter? I’m fine with whichever your choice is. This is your life』

Leo think that what Lyle say is somehow irresponsible.

(It certainly was my fault. Since I always retorting, thinking that this is just simple matter ………….. that’s why, this kind of thing happen. Even so, isn’t that feel vexing. Should I really not punch those kids? My retort is …………… even made me unable to fulfill father wish*!)[TLC*: 俺はやり返したら……父さんの夢を叶えても駄目なのかよ!)]

「W-won’t that will made me unable to realizing father dream?」

『That’s your father dream, it’s not your dream right?. Though I won’t say that you’re wrong for carrying his dream. What are you actually want to do? That’s also quite important right?』

「I will become strong, the strongest hunter …….. and then, become a hunter that protect everyone」[TL : Uhm, this is somehow similiar to Emiya Kiritsugu flag]

And then, Lyle say. Asking an ill-natured question.

『And that’s, even to the classmate who’s bullying you? And that Mohican too? From my perspective, they’re weak person. To put it bluntly, if it was you, surpassing them is just a simple matter. But, the moment you surpassing them, will you become the side who’s protecting them? 』

Leo was speechless.

He never think that far. But, when he fulfilling his father dream …………… And then, Leo putting a thought into it.

(If it was father, I wonder how he will do it?)

Lyle spoke to Leo while giggling.

『It’s fine. If you’re wishing for a revenge to them. I will lend you my wisdom, the’s also Monica with us. You might be not wishing for a revenge at all but, you must clear your heart from it*. THough, well I’ll also worried the moment you does that. Are you being troubled over how to supress your frustation or, are you being troubled in how to retort me …. so, which one it is? 』[TLC: 復讐とかなにも生み出さないけど、気は晴れるよ。]

HE then recalling his father words when he’s still but a young kid.

In the now lost small house. At that time, his father told the very young Leo.

『Leo, father will definitely become stronger. And then, I’ll become a strong hunter who protect everyone』

『I-Isthat so? Ahahaha, even father has yet to be able to protect since I’m still weak. But, I will definitely become stronger someday. I definetely will become a splendid hunter! 』

Leo recalling his father smile. Even if he’s retiliating, his father won’t be happy for that. Without a doubt, he’s still trying to become strong even when he’c called as underdog.

Leo opened his mouth.

「I won’t choose either way. I………. Want to become a hunter like my father」

『……Let’s say, is it because he’s weak too*?』[TLC*: 『……それは弱いまま、って事かな?]

To that harsh words, Leo answered without even flinching a bit.

「Even if he weak! Father still want to become a hunter that protect everyone. He said that he’ll become a hunter that protect everyone. That’s why, I’ll also become that kind of hunter. Moreover, those kind of people aren’t a hunter. Doing something like trample on the others borrowing the guild authority ………….. I, definitely will change that kind of method. 」

Lyle was pondering when he heard Leo’s word. And then, let out a sigh.

『……Ha~h, whatever. I won’t say anything if you want to follow after your father back. Well, you want to become a splendid hunter. If that was the case, we can’t go without thinking some plan』

Plan? Leo tilting his head when he heard Lyle saying that without any hestitation.

『Well, should we use bribe? I wonder how much we need in order to kill a particular hunter. We didn’t need to go all out to kill him and, should we bribe the guild management to deal with him, we should be looking for a sufficient weakness, look if you’re so inclined, we can even send an assasination request to the people from the same line of bussiness, or accidentally leave them in the wild and explained that it was done by the monsters right? And build a connection while we’re at it so that we can gain an upper hand during the exam. Something like Wide array of connection to the upper brass is important afterall』

Leo unentionally shrieked out.

「Aren’t you the worst here! You’re scary for thinking about something like that! 」

『YOU! Your opponent already using such way though, he seems to not thinking about counter measures at all! How can you blame me for thinking about the same things as your opponent! If that was the case, then let’s see how your own plan is! 』

Leo pondering about it for a while, and say. Even while doubting whether that was correct decision himself, but.

「Le-let’s complain to the guild, we will deal with him according to the rule ――」

『Fu~n, do you ………. have some evidences? You need some evidence if you say that they did those things to you. Those onlooker definitely won’t say that those hunter are the culprit. Since they’re fearing of the ritribution that will befall upon them. Well then, where’s those important evidence? 』

Leo doesn’t have any evidence at all.

Certainly, there was a possibility that he’ll be kicked out of theguild if he didn’t have any evidence. In the end, Leo could only hang his head in shame. After all, he also didn’t know whether the guild will be impartial. There was also the possibilty of his case being left alone like that without any further investigation.

There’re some hunters with similiar attitude like that Mohican afterall.

But, Monica then get up from the bed she sat to, and give her approval to Leo opinion after hearing Leo and Lyle story.

「Alright, that’s about it right. And then, Chicken dickward. Please don’t tease Leo-sama too much. You have some plan in your mind right? Moreover, there’s nothing wrong with Leo-sama opinion. There’s no need to report this incident to the goverment“Upper Brass” right」

Lyle said 「I’s exposed huh」 with a low voice and smiling wrily. Leo can only inclined his head in confusion and, Monica then laying out somekind of picture card.

Being drawed on that portrait was the picture of Mohican and his gang.


「I drew this portrait from theimage recorded in my memory. The matter of them trying to drive you out of your living place, and then let’s also put together a report about them truly trying to kill you. By the time you received examinee number in the exam, we will also acclamed loudly about this evidence right on that place. Since this Monica also have the recorded image and voice 」

Leo eyes was sparkling as she saw Monica.

「That’s AMAZING, Monica-san! To think that you’re even recording the voice and image at such time! 」

Thereupon, Lyle said to Leo.

『Eh? I mean, she’s an automaton you know. What she sees and hears naturally remained as data. Have you not noticing such things till now? 』

「That’s right. Well, this MONICA is obviously different with those lowly and mass-produced models. Unlike those lowly mass-produced-degraded version which spreading worldwide but, I’M SPECIAL! 」

Leo is wearing an astinished face toward Monicca. No one but one person saw it anyway. He of course know about automaton. Eventhough he know about it, he never knew that an automaton is this closely resembled human.

「Eh, don’t tell me …….. Is that mean you’re an aqcuaintances of ancestor-sama inside the gem」

Monica raise her thumb, and facing toward Leo with smile on her face.

「Yes. The maid who always supporting that chicken dickward from behind the scene ………… is this MONICA. By the way, I’ll give you a warning that I’ll cry if you’re shouting something like 2000 years-old hag. And the next night, the next one after that too, I’ll continously weeping close to your ears EVERY NIGHT, and I’ll keep to do that till it reach the point in which you can’t sleep without hearing me crying. Woops, though I said every NIGHT, I’ll sometimes dissapear for VER. UPGRADE. Please don’t think that I’m still the same Monica from 2000-years ago. I’M AN EVER CHANGING CUTTING EDGE MAID! 」

Leo’s not even understood what she said. Rather than can’t understand, the contain of her words . Furthermore, the complexity of her words is far surpassing his current knowledge.

(I, who share the blood line of the emperor of the empire from 2000 years ago, Monica-san is an automaton during that time, honestly even father will be really ………. )

Leo grasping his head with both of his hand, and saw Monica face when he lift his head. And then, Monica showed the last portrait to Leo. Drew in that portrait was Leo’s family photograph. It’s supposed to be burned, thus Monica drew it again.

「That’s! 」

「It’s the reproduction based on the data. Since I think it’s a rather important item. Since there’s some data regarding it, I’m able to completely reproduce it afterward」

Drawn in that were the picture of three people, with Leo being embraced from both side.

「Thank you very much. Truly, thank you, Monica-san!」

That evening.

Leo was being summoned to the inside of the gem, and feced off againts Lyle.

「E~rr, you say how can I become strong? I can’t use magic tools, even the skill ………… 」

Lyleis sitting on the chair with his arms folded. And then lookingat the ceiling. On that place was a big and circular blue gem with 24 smaller gems which lost it’s color embedded in it’s circumference.

『Though I know that you’re being anxious since you can’t use the skill that was being enchanted in the magic tool, there’s actually nothing to worry regarding that』

WHen Lyle said that, Leo directing a hopeful sight. But, Lyle saying it as if disclosing a secret.

『Even in my era, the Walt house inheriting this gem for ever eight generation, that’s constitution —- our blood line became specialized in support skill due to that blue gem. And, that influencing you too who received that blue gem by inheritence from many generations. In short! 』

Lyle eyes opened wide. And shoved those reality upon Leo.

『On the contrary, thanks gem that we’re become specialized in support skill. But, thanks to that too our suitability with the magic tools become lower and lower. Though, I never think that the current generation will be completely lost their affinity with magic tool』

「……Eh? In other words, you’re saying that ..」

『All of you’re inheriting those silver pendant right. That one too, in some sense can be considered as magic tool. Though it can memorized the skill of the owner, the’re definitely not even one of them can memorized the skill of it’s owner till it’s 3rd stage right. Moreover, after I did so many troublesome things did I can use the 1st stage of the skill for a little while*. When there’s no one whocan tell how the right way to use it, it soon become nothing but a baggage』[TLC*: しかも、俺が色々とやった後はしばらく一段階目も使うのが難しかったし。]

It’s lost great deal of power, and it’s really troublesome to use even the 1st stage of the skill lwithout knowing how to use it correctly. Moreover, this is an era overflowing with magic tools. It’s power is a little difficult to handle and will returned to it’s gem shape due to jamming interference.

When it comes to the gem, it can be used in someway or others ………

「B-But! Since it’s can use the skill, it’s just like somekind of amazing magic too――」

『The blue gem is the symbol of support skill series. Thus, it won’t went into “POOF” and show a truly amazing power. Ah, it seems that you’re expected that it was truly powerful just now. Since it’s different from rear-guard or vanguard series, it’s not flashy at all. Well, that’s also one of it’s charm. Don’t tell me, you’re expecting that this gem has a truly cool and powerful surekill technique? Or something like Secret skill*? There’s really nothing like that in here. Let’s just become stronger properly together』[TL*: Ougi]

Lyle tucking up his fist.
Lyle keep betraying Leo’s expectation.
To the point that he become suspicious whether Lyle is actually a truly amazing person.

Lyle is looking at Leo’s eye who’s looking at him with doubtful expression.

『Oy, don’t doubt me! Practically you won’t be able to do something like explosive sure kill move but, because of that the support skill series is amazing! Since I could do even something like concuering the entire continent! And uniting it under a single empire. A CONQUEST! 』

「But, the stories up till now is a little ………..」

Then, Lyle spoke to Leo.

『The world, isn’t only about beautiful things you know!』

Leo was looking doubtfully at Lyle who’s making noise since a while ago. And then, even Lyle feel uncomfortable with it and made an unnatural coughing.

『And well, that’s about it. There’s some other means about what I just said too. Though we can’t employ too many plans with your method, that’s why it left us with nothing but frontal attack』

「I think there’s something wrong with before since I can’t think nothing but frontal attack but」

Hearing what Leo just said, Lyle eyebrows twitched. It seems he got mad.

『So you didn’t shoose that frontal attack, I wonder if it’s not because you’re not confident? Listen, starting from tomorrow you will learn the literacy and improving your basic stamina under Monica instruction. Since it won’t bea laughing amtter if you’re dropped out during the first stage of exam』

Leo is nodding his head. But, he was feeling worried inside.

「Erm, I already know about the basic but, is there more to it? A method to become stronger」

『That’s ? Ah, I will teach you various things about that inside the gem. Well, it’s not like you’ll be able to do it in just one month but, you should be able to do the basic right? Like magic, how far your mastery in it? 』

And, Leo answering his question as if it’s just a matter of fact. Moreover, he do that while sending a doubtful look at Lyle.

「Since I say that can’t use magic tools, you should know it right? Is that a sarcasm?」



The two people who’s facing each other inclined their head. When he know that Lyle really didn’t say that as sarcasm, he begin to explain.

「How should I say, I mean! You need a magic tools to use something like magic right? 」

『……You’re just kidding right. You need an assistance of magic tool to use magic? Eh, is the magic of human in this era that awful? C-can’t those of noble lineage using magic! 』

Leo’s trying to remember while inclining his head. TRying to recalling to the most limit of his knowledge.

「Nope, I never heard something like noble can use it. Though there’s possibilities that some of the noble families who’s appearing from the excellent hunter in the guild can use it. Moreover, it’s already a common knowledge that you need a magic tool to use magic」

Lyle was peplexed, and muttering a grumbling.

『……C-Calm down, Me. It’s all right. As long as I drill in the basic into your body, you should be able to handle the bullet type*. Certainly …… Maybe ……But, if it’s just one month ………. is it possible to transmit my skill』 [TL*: there’s no explanation what this bullettype is, but I assume that it were like fireball or ice needle]

Lyle lift his face. When he saw the srious look dwelling in Lyle pupils, he straighthened his back.

『First, I will teach you my 1st stage skill――【Experience】. To be honest want to avoid this since it’s a perpetual active type but, I don’t have any choice for now. You――No, Leo ………. one month from now you, will see a hell』

Leo thought about the gap in Lyle manner till just a while ago.

(And yet, he seems to be happy about it*)[TLC*: (いつもこんな感じなら良いのに)]

ライエル(`・ω・´)「Hello, this is an important announcement!

レオ(゜Д゜ )「Is that true. Thanks god! 」

ライエル(´・ω・`)「I feel that my descendant is rather coldhearted for saying something like that to their own ancestor」

ライエル(`・ω・´)「Oh, whatever! The truth is【Sevens】……will be published! The release date is at 28th december by Hero Bunk-sama. It’s the end of this month! 」

ライエルヽ(*´∀`)ノ「Please continue your support for the【Sevens】 book too! HYAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Leo-kun, It’s the book telling about my great adventure you know! Now, bow before the great me」

レオ( ゜д゜)「……」

レオ(゜д゜)「……EH? 」


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