Redundancy Spoiler!!!! read at your own RISK!!!!







Chapter 10 [That Day When The Doll First Walking]

-Two mad scientist[and unfortunately pervert as well] laughing so loud with storm and thunder as their backround.
-Those two are Rudy and Zanoba.
-they’re doing arious experiment[involving blood of immortal race, dragon skin, etcetc]
-They managed to finish Prototype IV of Zanoba Doll[the previous three meet gruesome ending due to various things].
-Her appearance will cause huge catashtrope fall into Rudy household if that doll ever found out by his family[same for Zanoba] hough they’re still laughing like maniac.
-apparently the prototype IV has learning capability.
-Rudy made many major breakthrough invention[one of them selling like a hot cake in Asura and saved his family from predicament in only one asura silver]
-Zanoba commented that Rudy is pretty submissive husband[which he desperately trying to refute by saying that he’s devoted husband]
-That doll is apparently quite erotic due to it’s molder[Rudy] pouring his all in her creation.
-If that doll[Prototype IV] existance ever found out[Only Orsted, Pergius, and te model that know the existance of Prototype IV], it will be a disaster for both of them[mainly Rudy].
-We learned more about Zanoba secret.
-Those two turned into pair of idiot due to alcohol and forgot the most important things.
-when they woke up, the doll dissapeared………….


21 thoughts on “Redundancy Spoiler!!!! read at your own RISK!!!!

  1. now that’s a literal walking (or running, depending on it’s movement speed) disaster/calamity…
    Rudy had better prepared his will…
    though am curious as to who the model is…


      • Nah, actually, I read seirei gensouki and Bocchi Tenseiki which you are translating, and I just find the grammars to be a mess. It’s not that much of a problem since I was still able to read up to your latest update, but then again, I’m just saying ^^ I just want emphasize that I’m not making fun of you guys translating the series ^^ rather, I’m thankful to you guys translating it.


      • Lucky that i’m not english native speaker

        I can read it all without feel the mess at all!

        Donation will come again tomorrow 😉


  2. Thank be to roxy if i, if I didn’t see the redundancy chapters I might have cried having to have that as the ending of one of my first light novels I started reading


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