I decided to taking over KonoSuba that previously translated by someone in Viscan. this is the link to the previous chapter : – Prologue – Chapter 1 – Chapter 2 incomplete.

courtesy to : watisit-san[though I can’t find a way to contact him/her]

one thing is that I’m using raw from Narou[it’s web version] so expect some difference with it’s LN version.

anyway, ENJOY!

Edit again : just realized that skythewood will translate this LN in 25-30, in that case I will temporary halt this project and back to translate 2 other LN.

Bocchi Tenseiki chapter 4 next[Panofi] doing chapter 3, so I will skip it for the time being.


「ha?cabbage??….that cabbage, is it name of monster?」

I’m surprised and my head is full with that kind of thought, somehow Megumin and Darkness looking at me with pitying eyeslike I’m a pitiful person.

「Cabbage is, this roundish green thingsround and green. It’s something that you can eat.」

「it’s crisp when you chewed it, it’s delicious vegetable. 」

「I know that !   I mean what is it?. and being excited by the emergency quest, is it adventurers from this guild assisting the farmers?. 」

though I can say that I only doing public workstill recently, I still can’t get usedo this place agriculture.

I come here to experiencing some real adventure.

「Aー……。is Kazuma still didn’t know about it, right? ee~to, this world cabbage…….」

somehow, Aqua said that without a shred of apologetic tone, interupting that, the guild staff member and the adventurers moving out from the guild toward the source of that loud voice.

「everyone, please don’t get out at the same time! I think some people are already noticed it, but it’s cabbage!   right now is the time for this year cabbage harvest! It’s 1000 Eris for each cabbage. all residences already taking refugee inside their houses. then everyone, catch as much as you can, this guild will gladly receive it!. Please don’t hurt yourself because of the cabbage counterattack. 」

…………immediately, this staff member commencing the start.

this time, loud cheering voices can be heard outside of the adventurer guild.

and what now?, I’m joining the crowd to see what is it, greens object flying leisurely jumping around in the city.

I’m dumbfounded and frozen can’t understand that kind of scene, unaware to me Aqua already moving beside me muttering something.

「this world cabbage can fly. it’s flavor is condensed with the approaching harvest season, to put it simply we collect it to eat.   they usually scampering around grassland or street, crossing the sea and continent, then all of them ended up in some hidden unexplored region to eat, and then it said that they enjoying quiet life in there. that’s why, we usually catch them as much as we can and them. 」

「……I, already want to go back to the stable and sleep.」

I overcome with surprise and muttering that to the person next to me, the brave adventurers raising vigorous shout then run pass me from behind.

and those guys, now, at this moment frantically charging toward the herds of ccabbage like their live depend on it.

u~n, I think the other world is not that much different.

to the extent that I want to go back to Japan.


I’m inside the guild building and what appear before me is stir fryed cabbage, while murmured.

「even though it’s only stir fried cabbage, it’s soo delicious. I don’t understand, really don’t understand. 」

we safely finishe the hunting the cabbage in the city, here and there any kind of cooking with cabbage from the hunt can be seen.

it was so dramatically unbearable, but once I received the prize money from cabbage hunting, I somewhat felt a little regret.

I don’t come to another world to hunt cabbage.

「but, you did a great job Darkness!. as expected of a crusader!. as expected of your iron wall defense the cabbage can’t do anything. 」

「Un……、tha、that is、Thanks to amazing recovery magic from Aqua…….

at the beginning, Aqua chased aroung the flying cabbage in the air as if they ridiculing you, but soon your feet gave up and you began to crying……

after that, you got big contribution by giving treatment with you superior recovery magic to large number of adventurer groups.     Someone like me, is only a stubborn girl. with my low skill, I also can’t do anything~~~.

so, I must swing my sword six time to get a clean hit, so I become a wall since I didn’t have any redeeming feature except for my defense.

……in this point, Megumin also amazing.

running after groups of cabbage when group of monster approaching, then blow all of them with exploding magic. there is no adventurers that not wearing surprised expression on their face. 」

「fufu, no one can survive before my deadly explosion magic. but, Kazuma also amazing. you quickly carrying me who become limp because my mana run out on your shoulder and carried me to a safer place.   」

「……Nn, pushing me out from being surrounded also almost ganged up by cabbages and monster, Kazuma appeared gallantly and began to harvesting the cabbage that come to attack us.You’ve saved me, Thank you. 」

「certainly, erasing his presence by using hiding skill, using enemy sensing

skill to capture the fast moving cabbage, from the back your gallant figure attacking the cabbage is just like an assasin.」

「Good job job Kazuma!Then, I will grant 『Splendid Cabbage Thief』title to you.」

「So noisy! putting that kind of title to call me!A~aaaa!how this happen!?」

I grab my head and prostating myself on the table.

the current situation is dangerous.


well then, everyone, please take care of me after this.

My name is Darkness.

My class is crusader.

though I’m using two handed sword for the time being, don’t expect fire power from me.

Because, my dexterity is too low, I need to strike more than three time to get a clean hit.

But, tanking is my strong point.

while my companion Chris is away, please take care of me. 」

our companion is increased by one.

after received reward from cabbage hunting Aqua immediately spend it in crimson vial.

「fufun, didn’t our party member is wonderful ? Me the Arch Priest, Megumin the Arch Wizard. and, there is advanced defense specialist vanguard, Darkness. three out of four party member is in advanced rank, so, so to Kazuma who the only one that isn’t specialist. you, are very lucky right? didn’t you feel grateful?. 」

magician that can’t do anything after using her magic once, vanguard that can’t attack, and bad luck Priest. wonderful my ass!.

For some reason Darkness felt some sense of camaride with Aqua and Megumin in the middle of cabbage hunting, then the party inviting Darkness. ,

as for me, since I’m only ordinary member I don’t have any reason to refuse.

also she is quite a babe.

But, this Darkness.

as she said, there is no one hitting* on her. [maybe he means wooing on her]

she is quite a beauty.

everything, she invested all her skill point on defense skill, she didn’t take any of sword skill for two handed sword.

her appearance is that of cool beauty, though it’s really wasted on her.

and yet, somehow this crusader like to charging in the middle of crowd of monsters.

she is crusader who protect the weak, perhaps more than protecting someone she is enjoying being attacked……..

「N~~……。aa, previously, the moment when trampled by flock of monster and cabbage……..I will be come full fledged vanguard of this party, so don’t hestitate to use me as a wall instead of decoy. what if the situation getting dangerous and I’m abandoned. ……N~n~n!ju, just thinking about it made me E, excited……..!. 」

It’s not good.

this person is also no good.

so, for the time being I send a warning signal to Aqua and Megumin.

with slightly flushed cheeks, rejecting the trembling Darkness, watching that scene made me want to cry.

even though she is a cool beauty, in my eyes I can’t see her other than an M.

「well then Kazuma. maybe……………no, if I made some mistake, at that time please feel free to abuse me.Please take care of me after this 」

I, who is initially weakest class adventurer.

I the useless former NEET with such poor class, for some reason become this party leader.


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  1. ….wow, this is really a different type of ‘harem’.

    But adventurer class is rather useful in a same line Super Novice, right?

    Too bad he need see the skill first.


    • and he could become a lategame gamebreaker with appropriate skill combinations that can overshadow that ass-of-a-mitsurugi with a messiah-complex.


    • well, I’m sure that in volume 2 part that get lost in volume 1 will appear. like, when a group of adventurer who get jealous toward Kazuma decided to switch party temporarily and suffered from it.

      but let’s wait for sky, I will add the lost part later…..


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