Roxism Recruitment Ad:

Because Blight-san is chased around by his Physics lesson, we’re in dire need for a second translator for Bocchi!
Requirements :
– Minimum N4 level in Japanese (Machine assisted translations, no pure MTL please)
– Has tons of free time to do translation (preferably bi-weekly releases)
– English as 1st or 2nd language

While we’re at it, Here you go the cover of the second volume of Bocchi [Featuring Remilia and Luna, Sigh I thought Remilia looked more mature than that]:



10 thoughts on “Roxism Recruitment Ad:

  1. Idk what N# I’m on. That’s why one of the earliest translation I worked on had about 80% error. Taking into the account that my English (writing) isn’t as good as a proper student, you get a big mess (so thank the editors and TLC for that).

    Now, I made some improvement. I’m not sure where, but you may see it in the later version. (probably around 15?)

    As for the comments, it’ll be at the end of the document. Too many comments lead to a bad experience, so I’ll put it all at the end. We can’t help ourselves to decrease our stress.

    P.s. yes, I’ll be taking a look at previous chapters, redo the sentences I had mistranslated and get it cleaned up of all the grammar mistake.
    P.s.s. I don’t check grammar in this comment, so you might understand why it was terrible. “it’s troublesome” to recheck everything.


  2. I have N3 prof because of lack of Kanji exercise, but my spoken japanese is at N1. I can help, Actually I tried to translate 28th chapter of this by myself but then you guys did it as I was doing it so I didnt finish it and read your trans intead 😀


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