Volume 6 Illustration


22 thoughts on “Volume 6 Illustration

      • I wondering if since Rio’s father was killed during his adventure was his sword taken by someone and then if was sold or given that boy’s family or that boy is the son of the man Rio wants to get revenge on? Looking forward to that chapter.


  1. ehhhh just for the guys expecting for things to happen based on the LN pics…IT WON’T HAPPEN, because LN and WN have way too different story….although they have similarity somewhere….and this group is translating the WN….just bringing it out there so no confusion….and thanks for the translation~~~

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    • Thanks Shiroyami, for the information. I was getting confused with these pictures and was getting irritated that the translator was posting pictures out of order, for example, the cover of volume 5 was posted on the top of chapter 35, therefor You will think volume 5 will start in a few chapters.


    • What chapter of the WN does this volume correspond to? because I was going to start reading the WN today
      however, I saw a spoiler from cap 110-111 and it was all over me
      Here Rio already said that he is the Haruto of the other world?


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