Volume 4 Illustrations

It would be much appreciated if these images are not hosted elsewhere

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40 thoughts on “Volume 4 Illustrations

  1. Lol… I thought it was weird but I guess that was really Rio. Couldn’t recognized it until I looked closely and reading the comments XD!


    • You could tell already because of his signature wry smile in the 2nd image where he met his childhood friend.


  2. uwaaa… please hurry up with the release… i’m dead curious with what’ll going on… hehehe…
    thnks for the great work


  3. Thanks. This should soothe my withdrawal symptoms for now. Hopefully it will last until the next chapter is released.


    • well the people in that country that can possibly put up a fight against him are extremely low so obviously he does


  4. Hmmm. Looks like some skinship in the name of “brother and sister” . . . Then we have what looks to be Rio’s crush finally showing up in the story with a possible slave status. . . . Rio’s spirit finally makes her debut. . . It also looks like something is going on with the younger of the two princesses, the meek one (can’t remember her name atm). . . There also appears to be a slight side story, as we see Rio’s “sister” talking and having fun with her friends. . .


  5. Where was Spirits mentioned? A few comments say that the pink haired girl is Rio’s Spirit, but what are Spirits anyway and when were they mentioned?


    • When Rio in seirei no Tami, the driad said that Rio has contracted to a high spirit that not yet awaken


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