19 thoughts on “Volume 3 Illustrations

  1. Thanks for the illustrations.
    I don’t have a cousin like her ):
    Rape attempt on img07? For Rio to become a demon I can only think about this.

    This volume ends with his first love(Miharu?) and others being summoned? He spent 2 years with Seirei no Tami and 1 more where his parents were born? This happen on around chapters 50-60 on the WN right?

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  2. Nice illustration, but aside from the main character, aren’t the other people not human like Latifa who is supposed to be a fox girl as well as the grandma ?


  3. Who is that ponytail loli? dont seem to rmb theres such character in the WN. or is it another LN changes and new character?


    • Who’s the girl in 4-3?
      looks like there r much difference between WN & LN?
      she’s also appear in 7-3, hugging Ruri..
      so, does she exists in WN?


  4. While reading the lines on how cool and modest he is when he was introduced to the villagers ,I cant help but look carefully at the picture on the upper right corner with his smile. damn and look at the bottom right, was that a wry smile or what? Damn, i find it cute and refreshing. im straight though. This makes me sigh many times….


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