Seigensou Celia Side Story 5


Celia-Sensei SS ~ Chapter 5


Author : Kitayama Yui


TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Jake1456

Part 1


After she’s seeing off Aria.


When Celia’s returning to her laboratory――,




She then started to break the seal on the letter which she received in a hurry. She inserted a paper knife in the gap between the paper, after tearing the seal, she opened the letter with a rising heartbeat and then, she’s staring at the content of the letter with intense concentration.


The lined up sentences written on those letter is Rio’s handwriting indeed. Since Celia has seen this penmanship so many times when he was still in the academy, she definitely won’t mistake it.  Moreover, the sender name at the end of the letter is name called 『Haruto』.


「Thank god. He’s safe, Rio is safe right」 [TL : Rio right now— Facing a loli assassin] [ED: he is probably locked up in demi-human village the loli assassin appeared a few minutes after he gave them the letter]


Though the subject written in the letter isn’t that important, it told her that his journey is going well. But――


「………… Even so, something like already entering Galwark kingdom, he’s moving at a extremely fast pace isn’t he?」


Celia’s feeling something isn’t right. From the capital of Bertram kingdom, Bertrand, until Almond city of Galwark kingdom which position is just right in the east direction, it’s a distance that will take several weeks if one goes by foot.


If one goes by using Ancient Magic Tool(Ancient Artifact) to fly in the sky which called by magic ship, though you can crossing the national border and arriving in the same day, it might be difficult for the current Rio since there requires so many conditions to board the magic ship.


Since Celia has no knowledge and Rio’s keeping it as a secret from her the fact that he can strengthen his body to the point which can’t be implemented by normal magic, that question of her was only natural.


「It can’t be true that he’s smuggling himself inside the magic ship right? ……………W-Well, it’s okay as long as his journey is smooth and sound. So I should feel relieved for that right」


Though cold sweat was flowing along her back, she decided to ignore such a trivial matter, after taking a short breath.  And then, her beautiful eyes was scanning over the content of the letter.


Maybe because he feared about the specific sender, despite the matter written is only harmless and inoffensive matter, there’s a skillfully written sentence cheering on Celia at the end of the letter.


Therefore, since he has such a enjoyable and lively journey, he wants Celia to spend her day cheerfully too. Even though it maybe because he keeps worrying due to Celia’s personality, because he can feel relieved if he knows that she’s immersing herself in her research without minding about him, this is what he wishes for her.  But, don’t stay indoors for too long, do some exercise once in awhile. And then―― He’ll make sure to confirm it when they meet again.


「……………. Hahaha, I see, so you’re already predicting my condition huh. Even though I should be the one who’s cheering on you, you’re the one who’s cheered on me instead」


Celia was unintentionally crying when she read the end of the letter. Her tears are spilling non-stop.


「Oops, I can’t be like this.  The link will be blurred at this rate」


She’s hurriedly putting the letter on top of the desk and then, Celia’s taking out a handkerchief to wipe her tears. And then, at that time, she’s immersing herself in her own feelings for a short while――


「………… I’m so miserable. I can’t always carry this gloomy feeling on my back every now and then. Since Rio is so strong, I should follow his example」


She’s murmuring in a low voice. Wiping her tears, her expression is extremely that of a gentle one, a gentle smile is peeking on her lips.


「Yosh, Let’s do this. Since I leaving behind an amazing research result, I will give him a surprise once he returned ! 」


That’s right, so that she can puff her chest(?) with pride when Rio returned someday. She must not show a miserable face to him. As soon as she makes a vow, she’s immediately going to her work desk and begin her research.


◇ ◇ ◇


And then, two days later.


Roland, the head family of earl Claire house decided to visit Celia again.


(I wonder if Celia-chan is alright. It doesn’t seem that she’s somewhat a little lively, though I know that she wants to continue with her research, the research subject is just a research subject. Should I go and scold her?)


When pondering about that matter in front of the door, Rolan’s knocking the door while taking a deep breath.


Part 2



「……………………. Are you there, Celia-chan?」

Since there’s no reply even after some time passes by, Roland called her name so that it can be heard in the room.


(Is she………………… Not here? I thought that the lecture in the academy should have ended around this time)


Roland’s scratching his head with troubled face. Since he can’t help but to return back in the next morning, if he misses this chance, working out sometime to meet her later will be difficult.


「The key are………… It’s left open. …………………Celia-chan. I’m gonna open this door you know」


Roland is opening the door with abandon then, timidly peeking the inside of the room.  Though the figure of a strict-looking middle aged man in his prime who already grown his dandy beard peeking into the room of a teenage girl is giving off a dangerous atmosphere, he’s feeling relieved seeing the back of his daughter, Celia, whos sitting on a chair facing her desk at the interior of the room.


「So she really is inside of the room. Celia-chan, your papa has come you know」


After releasing a relieved breath, Roland’s calling to the back of Celia while entering inside of the room. But――




Maybe because she’s so focused in her research, she was silently sitting on her desk.


「Oof, don’t tell me, she’s ignoring me. Papa’s shocked you know. Haa, don’t tell me that you’re angry since I’m forcing you too much to marry quickly! ?Is this the rebellious age thats coming a bit too late! ?But, wo what with that, when I imagine Celia-chan becoming like that! 」


「N?  Ara, just when I think it became noisy. When did you come, dear father? Sorry. I’ve failed to notice that you’re coming」


When Roland is suffering while holding his chest, Celia turned around as if nothing happened.


「U-Uhm. I just came you know」


Roland answered while looking slightly embarassed to Celia who’s speaking in a different enthusiasm.


「Come to think of it, you said “I’ll come again one week later” before right」


「…………. Haha, since it seemed that you didn’t enjoy a reunion with papa」


「I won’t, well…………… It’s because I was devoting myself in my research」


Celia’s giving ambigous answers as if feeling slightly guilty about it.


「GUH, you’re not even denying it」


Roland was looking extremely dejected in a exaggerated manner. But――、


「By the way, though my time is precious………….. What’s the matter today?」


Celia’s not even retorting to him and asking as if she’s in hurry.


「I’ve said it right? It’s about your marriage you know. Have you thought about it a little seriously? 」


Roland is smiling wryly as he frankly stated his business.


「……You’re right. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it you know」


Celia’s staring firmly on Rolands eyes and then nodding silently.


「Then, will you let me hear it. Let me sit for the time being」


When he says so, he’s sitting on the chair used for reception. Thereupon, Celia’s also moving to sit on the chair for reception of the guest and sitting in front of Roland. And then――、


「Since I won’t even gloss over it, I’ll say from my conclusion. I still don’t feel like to marry yet. I want to immerse myself in my study」


Celia told her intention with resolute eyes.


「Well, I’ve expected such a answer but, I see. As I thought, it come to this huh.  ……………… Listen up, even if it’s not to make them as your fiancee, won’t you at least have a marriage interview with them? I’ve said it in my letter, a lot of marriage proposal is unexpectedly dropping to Celia-chan, though they have promising future some of them also don’t have any problem in regard to their personality」


「No.  Therefore, that……………….. I want to use my time for research rather than attending that marriage interview」


「Hahaha, despite being our daughter, you have such hardcore spirit of a researcher huh. You made me remember of my youth you know」


Roland’s smiling wryly to Celia who told her answer as if it’s a wonderful answer.  Thereupon――、


「Two years………. Can’t I at least receive the next two years for my own time?」


Celia suddenly told that.


「Two years, two years huh………… By that time, Celia-chan is already 19 years old you know? 」

Part 3



Normally, the marriageable age for the noble daughters is until they’re 20 years old. Though it doesn’t mean that a noble girl in their twenties can’t get married, it’s because the number of marriage proposals is decreased just after passing the 20 years old mark.  Which means that they can’t get married once they’re at that age, it’s not like there’s any problem with their personality, this kind of prejudice have been seeping to the bone of the society of noble.


「You should know what I’m researching right now right?」

「Of course. You’re developing a magic tool to accurately measure someone’s magical power right? It was a difficult work which never succeded with the current level of magic in the Strahl region right」


Roland replied right away when Celia’s asking that.


「…………… It doesn’t mean that there’s no reaction. Two years, there’s a hope that I can implement it to practical if I have two years………… I’ve already arrived in the area which I’m looking for」




Roland eyes is opened wide in amazement.


「If I leave such conspicious achievements, marriage proposals will drop in one after another regardless of my age right?」


Celia’s looking straight at Roland and then said those words. Thereupon――、


「Of course it is」


Roland is staring back at Celia while nodding――,


(That’s nice eyes. She’s not a girl who’ll bluff without any kind of basis. Despite I was worrying that she’ll be completely focusing on her research without even be able to step back if I’m not stopping her, maybe this is the corrrect answer………..)


When he thinks so.


「………………….. Your atmosphere’s completely changed in this one week right, Celia-chan. Could it be that something good was happened?  」


When Roland suddenly asked those question.


「EH?  No, there’s nothing like that but……………..」


Celia who’s poked right on the mark is shaking her head while being startled.


「There’s no need to hide it you know. I know from my experience………… Right, Celia-chan, you have someone that you love right? If there was, then it’s okay for you to be in that area」


Despite speaking with a bright tone, he asked as if doubting his guess a while later.


「I-I said that it’s not like that! I’m not thinking of him in that way!  」


Celia’s face is flushing red while answering with a shrill voice.


(he definitely is, it’s because you have this kind of reaction you know, Celia-chan)


Roland’s thinking otherwise, after sighing――,


「I know, I know. Two years, I will be watching over Celia-chan’s research during that time」


He decided to push Celia back.


「……………….. Can I?」


Celia’s astonished to the fact that his permission is coming out easier on the contrary to her expectation.


「Ah.  It certainly is complicated to marry my cute daughter to someone but, seeing that you know that there won’t be any bright future to the unmarried girl, it’s definitely painful for me to just silently watch over you as your marriage is getting further away but…………… It was something you thought right. When I’m imagining Celia-chan’s delightful face as the result of your research is bearing fruit, it came to the point that I want to obediently cheer you on. It’s because I trust you……….. Celia-chan. Show me that you can accomplish the exploit of the uncharted territory」


「Y-Yeah! Thank you very much!」


A delightful smile is blooming on Celia’s face as she replied to Roland.


「Moreover, if there’s already a man in your heart, I have no need to hurry you to get married right.  If there’s a man who you want to introduce, bring him along for once.  I’ll give a direct judgement whether that person is suitable for Celia-chan」

Roland is grinning widely when he said so.


「I-I’ve said that I’m not thinking of him in that way!」


「Hahaha, well, it’s fine then. If he has the intention to marrying sooner or later to Celia-chan right」


Roland is laughing happily to the confused Celia. They’re enjoying their own parent and child time with just the two of them a while after that.


And then, the research of Celia is a great success and bearing fruit in less than two years―― or so but, that’s another story.








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