Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~

Original Title : 精霊幻想記
Alternative Title : Mythical Spirit Chronicle
Author : Kitayama Yui
Raw : Source

01 - W4A7ry5

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5


Amakawa Haruto has someone he always cherished and loved: his childhood friend. Even though they were separated in their childhood, he always thought about her, pouring in all his efforts to fulfill the promise they made. Haruto learned martial arts, so he could protect her. He learned to cook, to spend time with her in the kitchen. He did house chores, worked on a farm, and studied diligently. He did everything, even though it was uncertain if his dream would ever be fulfilled. Yet he kept believing in that future. Acknowledging Haruto’s effort, his father gave allowed Haruto to enter a high-school near his childhood friend’s residence. That high school would be the location for the Haruto’s highly anticipated reunion where his childhood friend, unexpectedly, also attend. Thump, he could feel his heart throb, that’s right, there’s no way he could mistake her for anyone else, It was her, an important existence who was so far yet so close to him. Haruto was filled with joy of another meeting with her, and at the same time, cursed fate.

Walking by her side, was an unknown guy.

Haruto became scared, what if they were going out? Having that thought flash his mind, he no longer had the courage to call out to her. Looking from faraway, troubled by his own problem, these days continued until she suddenly vanished.

From that day on, Haruto’s worries changed into never-ending regret. The first day he knew she disappeared, he realized the big mistake he made.
His heart felt like it was going to break, screams of grief, sorrow, bitterness, all stirred throughout his entire body. However, he wouldn’t give up. He couldn’t give up. There wasn’t a chance that he’d give up. He still hadn’t confessed his feelings. With a slight hope that he may be able to find her in Tokyo, Haruto moved out of his house and attended the University there.

Three years have passed since Haruto entered University. Not even once did he forget about her. Between his studies and part-time jobs, he would ask the police to investigate, even going as far as to search her by himself, by foot if he must. But her disappearance was wrapped in a mystery. Today, Haruto was taking the bus home. It was just before evening, and at that time, there were only a few people on the bus. Haruto sat there, silently gazing at the passing scenery outside the window. Suddenly his view shook, the bus received an impact, and Haruto’s consciousness became blank in an instant. The next time he woke up, he was no longer himself. He was a 7 year old boy named, “Rio”. His surroundings were dirty and foul… slums. Haruto soon found himself in a different world than his, harsher and unforgiving. In his mind, were the wish to see his beloved one more time, and the wish, to exact revenge on the bastard who killed his mother in front of him…


Action : B
Story : A
Character : A
Power Level : ~
Food : A
Speeding In Increasing Rage-O-Gauge : SS
Fluffiness : A
Love Story :  Kimi no Iru Machi
Humour : C

2/5/16: Second pass editing has been completed for Act 1!
8/7/16: Second pass editing has been completed up to chapter 19.

Table of Contents

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ACT 1 – Awakening in Another World

Chapter 1: Previous Life

Chapter 2: Awakening
Chapter 3: Kidnapping
Chapter 4: Interrogation
Chapter 5: Audience
Chapter 6: Enrollment
Chapter 7: Magic
Chapter 8: Failure
Chapter 9: Growth
Chapter 10: Field Training Part 1
Chapter 11: Field Training Part 2
Chapter 12: False Charge

ACT 2 – Encounter in the Middle of the Journey

Chapter 13: Wanted
Chapter 14: Trading City, Almond
Chapter 15: Rikka Firm
Chapter 16: Inn
Chapter 17: Departure
Chapter 18: Assassin
Chapter 19: Exchange
Chapter 20: Attack
Chapter 21: You Who I Met in my Dream
Chapter 22: Apology
Chapter 23: Spirit Art
Chapter 24: Mock Battle
Chapter 25: Cooking Class
Chapter 26: Spirit of the Great Tree
Chapter 27: Spirit Festival
Chapter 28: The Reason for Affection
Chapter 29: Departure
Latifa Side Story 1
Latifa Side Story 2
Latifa Side Story 3
Latifa Side Story 4
Latifa Side Story 5
Latifa Side Story 6

ACT 3 – In The Homeland Of His Parent

Chapter 30: In the Footsteps of His Parents
Chapter 31: Life in the Village Part 1
Chapter 32: Life in the Village Part 2
Chapter 33: Life in the Village Part 3
Chapter 34: An Unwelcome Visitor
Chapter 35: Another Visitor
Chapter 36: Yobai

Chapter 37 :

Chapter 38 :

Chapter 39 :

Chapter 40 :

Chapter 41 :

Chapter 42 :

Chapter 43 :

Chapter 44 :

Chapter 45 :

Chapter 46 : Back To The Village

Chapter 47 : For The Separation That Will Come One Day

Chapter 48 :

Chapter 49 :


ACT 4 – Reunion, In The Other Side


Chapter 50 : Chapter 51 : Chapter 52 : Chapter 53 : Chapter 54 : Chapter 55 : Chapter 56 : Chapter 57 : Chapter 58 : Chapter 59 : Chapter 60 : Chapter 61 : Chapter 62 : Chapter 63 : Chapter 64 : Chapter 65 : Chapter 66 : Chapter 67 : Chapter 68 : Chapter 69 : Chapter 70 : Chapter 71 : Chapter 72 : Chapter 73 : Chapter 74 : Chapter 75 : Chapter 76 : Chapter 77 : Chapter 78 : Chapter 79 : Chapter 80 : Chapter 81 : Chapter 82 : Chapter 83 : Chapter 84 :


ACT 5 – In The Destination of The Future Which He Imagined


Chapter 85 : Chapter 86 : Chapter 87 : Chapter 88 : Chapter 89 : Chapter 90 : Chapter 91 : Chapter 92 : Chapter 93 Part 1Part 2: Chapter 94 Part 1Part 2: Chapter 95 Part 1Part 2: Chapter 96 Part 1Part 2 : Chapter 97 : Chapter 98 Part 1Part 2: Chapter 99 : Chapter 100 : Chapter 101 : Chapter 102 : Chapter 103 : Chapter 104 : Chapter 105 : Chapter 106 : Chapter 107 : Chapter 108 : Chapter 109 : Chapter 110 : Chapter 111 :

ACT 6 – Yesterday Than Today, To Tomorrow Than Yesterday


Side Story

Celia SS Chapter 1

Celia SS Chapter 2

Celia SS Chapter 3

Celia SS Chapter 4

Celia SS Chapter 5

Celia SS Chapter 6

Aisia SS

Haruto SS

HarutoXCeliaXAisia Wedding SS

What If SS





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  1. When 1st read the series and how all the nobles from the west country was treating poorly. I was thinking he would return in some way to exact justice on them. But I felt off and reread the series again and realize that there is more to it and would not be surpise if that there is a conspiracy or evil orgazation involve with some of the western human kingdoms. I am pretty sure will learn more of this when he arrives in the east as how compares the culture and technology of each kingdom. And that he is traveling to the east he is learn to be come stronger. Such as when he was in the Spirit Villiage he learn how to control his magic. I would not be surpise if starts learning the fighting style of the east. It sort of reminds of the two gap when Naruto and Luffy went off to train for there next adventure. I am looking forward to the next story arc.


  2. is it the wn translation ?? since I think there’s some difference with the illustration, especially the giant goat-like headed monster, I think he (they) only ever face up with horde of goblin tough (on volume 1)


  3. Can anyone tell me some spoilers. Just curious on if he gets revenge on the kingdom that basically wanted to kill him because he was being good and tortured him for saving his daughters time and time again.


  4. Why is the love story similar to that kimi no damn story?
    Is the heroine will fall in love to someone else that hero ? Or another way around?
    Please give me minimum hints like…
    Yes or another way around…

    Sorry for my bad English


  5. When will the next chapter b released r has this been dropped p.s just read every chapter today and 💘 it plus ur translation is very excellent it is one of the best i have come to know thank you💋💋💏


  6. Hi if it’s like kimi no iru machi does it mean that he only gets one girl. I like a harem where he doesn’t need to choose tho, I’m sorry for being ecchi. Haha thx anyway for working hard on all these wn cos I live to read them.


      • true…. but if he do that almost every girl ever come out in the story will pregnant lol since almost all of them obviously interested in him….. btw let me say one thing about this ln…. f*ck you takahisaaaa!!!!


  7. This novel [Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~] has many Tsukomi a 7year old is suspected in kidnapping and murdering royalty and wanted for false charge. Better to choose another Novel (Waste of time).


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