NFB Chapter 6

Chapter 6 [A Quick Look of Corpse Eating Demon]

第6話 屍食鬼の覗き

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Laizii

Part 1



I feel something out of my place in my body after i have beaten my fifth slime of the day.


I fought with the monsters of the labyrinth so many times but, as for the slime, the matter regarding beating them in one blow wasn’t just a stroke of luck, I could beat even the next slime who I met after that in one blow.


It seems that my ability is rising a lot compared to when I was alive.


When I was a copper rank adventurer, I couldn’t even feel my ability rising no matter how much I train myself so I don’t know whether I should be grieving or be delighted for such thing to happen after I died.



But nevertheless, it’s better than being weak.


I might be become stronger in this condition, or the possibility of me getting exorcised somewhere is still plausible but I should do my best for the time being and keep fighting.



After beating ten monsters, I feel a strange sensation in my body.


This isn’t an unpleasant thing, rather i feel something strange gushing out from my body.


Nevertheless, I’ll be even more troubled if it becomes something strange, I tried to resist the sensation for the time being but that great effort ended in failure.


And then, the “bikibiki” sound is resounding throughout my body, and I got covered by light.



――一What will happen to my body?



The moment I thought of that, withered-like flesh rises to the surface of my body as if covering the white bone.



After reaching that far, I felt it.


This is, isn’t this what I’m waiting for.



――Evolution Existance.



Isn’t that what happened now.


So I thought.



Practically, this phenomenon keeps going on for a while as the light spreads throughout my whole body.


Flesh is wrapping my arms, at the same time it also wraps my legs and body.


……. My body which was only made of bone up till now is wrapped in flesh!



And then, this phenomenon stopped a short time later.


I’m observing my body which was remoulded anew.


I certainly gained flesh.


I who didn’t have flesh up till now.


But, I don’t have beautiful skin like the one I had when I was a human, my impression can be said as, the sinew flesh that I got feels like withered flesh sticking to my bone.


Every part of my body and face, though I don’t know about that well since I don’t have a mirror, nevertheless, it should be what I imagined.


In the first place, this quality of skin or rather, the withered flesh on the bone was something that is just sticking to it, and I was aware of that.


Part 2



――Corpse Eating Demon《Ghoul.



This is the target that I was aiming for from the evolution existence.


I remember the appearance of the corpse eating demon《Ghoul is deprived of the skin from a human body, and then on top of it the meat inside looks like it is teared apart and left to dry..


In short, it truly gives an eerie feeling……… Yes, it was a monster of undead race that gives the vibe of a dried corpse.


Something like wanting to become this kind of existence by his own will, something that is obviously not from this world.


Though, in my case, it seems that I’m quite advanced compared to what I was before.


At any rate, at least I gained flesh.


And I could experience the evolution of monsters with this body, that is to say that the possibility of becoming a higher rank existed as long as I keep going.


The monsters of the undead race will become closer to human in appearance if they advance to become higher existence.


If I become a blood sucking demon《Vampire, the higher existence of the corpse eating demon《Ghoul, the appearance will become more human like.


When I arrive at that point, I know that I can safely operate in the city.


As of now, there’s a possibility that I might be able to enter the city if I hide my appearance with something, since it’s not to the point that I can act as free as I want.


Well, the gatekeeper was my acquaintance, if all goes well I might be able to enter normally………



Ah, That is.


Though it’s withered, I’ve more or less gained a body of flesh.


Given the situation, even I want to leave and test it out.






I’m moving my throat to test whether any voice will come out.


It seems my voice is coming out.



「G-Good wo……Good w, woー……rnying, I must ve misvelled……G-good worniing……」 [TL : Yup it’s the start of torture, for me that is]







What should I do about this.


I can somehow speak but not fluently.


Training was necessary.



Though it’s completely better that my Bone Man《Skeleton period in which I can’t speak at all.


If I have this, assuming that a person will enter the labyrinth, we can have a mutual understanding somehow.


Well, that would be the case if the other party will let me speak without faltering even after seeing my state…..



When I was pondering about such things,




I hear the sound of someone fighting from a distance.


It was the sound of a  sword colliding with something.


There is no monster that will cause metal-like sound in this stratum since there are only weak monsters here that I have beaten sometime ago.


In short, since it’s the sound of metal colliding with something, if there’s not that much irregularity, it means that was the sound of an adventurer fighting something.






5 thoughts on “NFB Chapter 6

  1. He’s either stupid or an idiot that its ok to go to the city. Even though he regained his flesh he’s still an undead and I’m pretty sure everyone in the city including the gatekeeper would saw him as an dangerous existence even he proclaimed as an adventurer that return back alive with a consciousness which seeing in an undeveloped world would not easily believe that and follow more the common sense that undead are no friend to the living and they are nothing but vile creatures that harm the living.


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