Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai

Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai


The Shaman that Can’t Become a Hero

Author : Hishi Kage Dairi

Raw : Link


TRANSLATION : Lion-kun will taking over this project


On that day, due to the outbreak of an unprecedented and abnormal event, 41 students from class 2-7 of Shiromine Academy are summoned to a different world, one full of magic.

Separated and summoned inside a vast dungeon, where the only way to escape is to head to the deepest area, they are given the power of a Divine Protection 『Vocation』 as the only means of survival.

While some of them are brave, some just do whatever they want, and some harbor treacherous intentions, they all aim to capture the dungeon.

In this place, one person gained a 『Vocation』 whose skills are unsuitable for combat, attendance number 19, Momokawa Kotaro.

A boy with a small and lean build from the Literature Club wasn’t blessed with a physical ability, swordsmanship, or strong magic, rather he only had the 『Shaman』 vocation to rely on.

After being driven out of the group and left behind by his powerful classmates —– his survival instinct starts running at full throttle!

Pushed to the limit of survival in the different world’s dungeon, what starts with trusting and loving each other soon ends in killing and betrayal.

The most beautiful and gruesome battle royale has raised its curtain.

Score :

Rage Inducing Event : Enough to burn your house

NTR : Yet to happen

MC : Kinoshita Hideyoshi

OP? : If you’re asking The other MC, then Yes.

Rape : Yes, necrophilia including gore description

Bitch : Around 18 of them[Male excluded]

WTH is this WN? : Are you asking or reading? well it’s truly interesting in one way or another.

Courtesy to Amanda C for her wonderful editing of this summary.


Act 1 : Shiromine Gakuen Class 2-7


11 thoughts on “Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai

  1. Sorry, for the late reply. Lately I realized that I’ve translated too much WN[One-man translator] to the point that I want to kowtow to my editors for their wonderful editing, proofreading and, TLCing.
    Anyway, I already browsed to your wordpress and I must say that you can translate this better than the current me so feel free to take this project. I’ll add a link to your WP later.
    Let me know if you need my help since I really love Momokawa Kotarou character.


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