Chapter 16 [Phantom Material Armor]

Chapter 16 [Phantom Material Armor]


Translator : Cnine

Editor/Proofreader : MystiKnight

After school on that same day, while everyone in the classroom returned to their dormitories while having friendly chats with each other to kill some time until dinner, Souji was going toward a certain room on the dorm’s first floor.


Anyone who was doing harsh training would visit that place at least once: the school infirmary.


「Excuse me」


Opening the door after knocking on it, Souji saw medicine racks and beds lined up when he walked inside the room.


The inside wasn’t that different to normal infirmaries, in this place when injured people were released there were plenty of patients to replace them.


But, the above ground infirmary was just for show, since the real medical facilities were inside a vast basement there were no problems with the patients.




A white robed beauty welcomed Souji as he entered the room, Hoshina Kyoko greeted him with smile.


「Since you’re not injured, is there a chance that you came to see me?」




「When you say it obediently like that, you should look a little embarrassed」


Even when Kyoko teased him like that, looking at Souji’s serious expression she returned to her serious mode and closed the notebook in her hand.


「Were you working?」


「Don’t worry about it since I’m not in hurry. Then, what business do you have with me?」


「Please teach me about the structure of PMA」[TL : PMA = Phantom Material Armor]



Kyoko’s eyes had a tinge of surprise to the request that was coming like a straight ball.


「Why do you want to know its structure?」


「I just think that it might be useful during combat」


After he said that, although Kyoko showed a surprised expression again, she told the truth after pondering for a while.


「You already know that Phantom Weapons 『Manifest according to the user’s imagination』, right?」




「Then, just like Phantom Weapons, Phantom Material Armour takes form 『Due to the influence of the energy received from the human spirit』」


「I remember that」


「If you match them together, it’s still imagination isn’t it?」


Without answering Kyoko’s question, Souji pondered that question by himself.


「PMA, the armor made due to Phantom Material power, PM receiving the influence of spirit… is a barrier forming due to the energy of one’s willpower?」


「Mmm, you’re right up to that point」


「Then, how does that energy form a barrier to protect the body?」


「That’s the problem, right?」


Phantom Weapons take form with the power of Phantom Material and gain a shape according to the person imagination.


In the case of Excalibur, the strongest holy sword, whether it’s unbreakable or able to fire beams, it’s nothing but a gathering of all of the facts, regardless of if they’re right or wrong, and turning them into reality.


Then, to give a form to the PMA, what kind of imagination is needed for that?


「Imagining a barrier?」


「That’s difficult right, thought it might be not impossible if it’s the illusion of a『Shield-like barrier』」




「Here’s a big hint for how to make it:『The PMA image is your own image』」


「My own… defensive instinct?」


「Yup, right answer! 」


Kyoko applauded while praising Souji for his answer.


「Every human has a defensive instinct, and PMA materializes with that Phantom Material Energy. In other words 『The Wall Around The Human Heart』, you can cut it up a thousand times, cast it away, but flying is impossible though」


「Casting it away?」


「Y-Yeah, you too have things you don’t want anyone to know right…?」


After all if it’s about a new movie even a young child— and, while she suffered from the generation gap again, she diligently explained it to him.


「Anyway, PMA takes form due to the defense instinct of the Phantom Converter bearer. Since it’s forming only due to a single person’s desire to『Protect their own life』, it’s even more brittle than a PW, which collects the imagination of many people 」


「Brittle? I don’t think it’s really like that」


「Since the power of a PW is suppressed during training, it often causes misunderstandings. If all the power of a PW is released during combat, even something like one’s PMA would penetrated in two strikes」[TL : PW = Phantom Weapon]


Souji was extremely surprised at that ridiculous gap in power.


「PMA is brittle… No, it’s just that Phantom Weapons are too strong 」


「I agree, I mean, PMA is so brittle that it can only withstand several dozens of small bullets. But, in case of armor or shield type PW, it can even repel missiles or cannon shells」


And then, in case of a legendary sword, it can even slice a tank, while legendary bows and arrows can even shoot down battle helicopters.


「But, Phantom Weapons are unique to one person, and the desired weapon won’t necessarily be obtained right? But, since everyone has a defensive instinct, PMA has some merit as the equipment of the masses」


「I see」


When he recalled Eisuke’s tantrum when he summoned his club, Souji nodded in agreement.


「Come to think of it, is there some kind of requirement for PW?」


Souji who learned spearmanship gained a spear, Hinata who learned kendo gained a katana, Eisuke who had no skill but had stamina gained an easy-to-handle club, Kanna who’s timid and hated conflict gained a shield, everyone gained something suitable with their true nature.


But, the one who was asked showed a troubled expression and answered evasively.


「N~, that’s not something I could tell even my lover」


Not even her lover, in short, it was a military secret.


「By the way, please don’t disclose these facts, even regarding the PMA」




Souji nodded obediently to Kyoko who bribed him to keep this secret with a lovely wink.


「We discussed many things, thank you very much」


「I’m happy if it’s useful to you」


After Souji bowed politely, Kyoko send him off with a smile.


Then, after his figure left the school infirmary, she looked at the ceiling with a sharp gaze.


「Indeed, similar to that child…」


When the face of someone passed in her mind, Kyoko dispelled that image by shaking her head.


Soon she really missed that face, and she shed tears after some time had passed.









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    • THEy’re basically made from same material[Phantom]. it just that they have different name like Phantom Weapon[PW] for weapon or Phantom Material Armor[PMA] for gears[or more like combat uniform]


      • i meant their functionality..
        PW got it’s power&shape from community’s belief, PMA got it’s power&shape from the user’s fragmented imagination. so PW is like a fixed preset/template while PMA is the custom mode.
        PW is more powerful cause it’s detail is more completed, while PMA is like a new self-developed app(it has a lot of bugs&glitches or just plain simple) so it’s more brittle..


  1. Thank you for the chapter! I really wish this would be released faster, but I don’t want the translators to be too stressed.


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