Maou No Utsuwa

Maou No Utsuwa


Summary From Novelupdates :


A world of magic and swords.

Born into an aristocratic family of a large country, a boy with insufficient magic power bade farewell to his unlucky daily life. Because of his encounter with a Demon, his fate began to change. This destined meeting changed the boy’s life, affected his surroundings, and soon after, shook the entire world.

This is his tale.

Associated Names
Maou no Utsuwa
The Devil’s Calliber
Calliber Of The Lord
Raw : Link
Status : Continue
Join Project With : Ainushi, InfinitenovelTranslations
Is the MC Badass? : In some way. By the way MC always almost passed out when he used even just a single magic.
Is this Reincarnation? : Not, but you can also say yes for later.
Is this harem : Yes.
There’s snusnu in this one : ??? maybe not.

Prologue : Fated Encounter

Prologue 1-2
Prologue 1-3
Prologue 1-4
Prologue 1-5

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