Bocchi Tenseiki

Original Title : ぼっち転生記
Raw : Google Drive




XXXXX, a human hater, continuously betrayed by humans. Finally he was also betrayed by a woman that he saved from being raped and died while hating humans until the end of his life.

Now, he was reincarnated as the second son of a lower noble family, Ash Hawkwood. He resolved himself so that he wouldn’t be betrayed again in his second life.


Action : C
Story : A
Character : B
ChuuniPower Level : SSS+[A Bit More Than MAX]
Food : A
Speeding In Increasing Rage-O-Gauge : C
Fluffiness : SS
Love Story : B [Ash is Chicken]
BL-Factors : A [From A certain slave]
Hentai Factors : SS [From A Certain Slave-of-Slave]
Humour : SSS [Excessive Humour(espescially from TL/ED which caused)]

Overall Rank : A

Note : Order of the rank SSS+>SSS>SS>S>A>B>C>D>E>F>FFF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Spirit
Chapter 2: House on The Prairie
Chapter 3: Unicorn Hunting
Chapter 4: Sale of Unicorn Horn
Chapter 5: High Elf Female Slave
Chapter 6: Beast Girl Slave
Chapter 7: Unicorn Ranch
Chapter 8: Hawk Woods Family
Chapter 9: Thief Guild Leader, Greed The Dark Merchant
Chapter 10: Water of Suffocation
Chapter 11: Hunting Ground
Chapter 12: True Dragon King Zogdriaz
Chapter 13: Jenga Brick
Chapter 14: Griffon’s Raid
Chapter 15: Earth Spirit King and Wind Spirit King
Chapter 16: Centaurs
Chapter 17: Female Centaur, Rusche
Chapter 18: Faith And Pride of Unicorns
Chapter 19: Cockatrice Ranch Plan [External Link: TheDefend]
Chapter 20: Hot Spring Time
Chapter 21: Screams of Angela
Chapter 22: Trace of blood
Chapter 23: Snake
Chapter 24: Lamia
Chapter 25: Slave of a Slave
Chapter 26: Mother Earth God
Chapter 27: Slum Street
Chapter 28: Negotiation
Chapter 29: Ominous Oracle
Chapter 30: Evading the Prophecy
Chapter 31: An Encounter with Wolf, a Fated Comrade
Chapter 32: Slave Ranch Project

Edited Version : Bocchi Edited Version

Courtesy to sukanime


159 thoughts on “Bocchi Tenseiki

  1. Honestly i love the tl/ed notes liking the story so far too but honestly i relly heavily on these guys even if i hated their comments id keep it to myself thats how much respect i have for them thnx guys

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  2. Hello! Just a question: is the edited version a “corrected” version of the one here or it is the old one? Which one should I read? O,o


  3. I have read up to chapter 10, and it’s interesting and i like it.
    Thanks a lot….

    Because i like to read using Moon+ Reader in my Nexus 7, i have created Epub using Sigil for this novel.
    If Anyone interested and want the Epub Files, here the file….
    1. Chapter 00 – 09 =
    2. Chapter 10 – 14 =
    3. Chapter 15 – 19 =
    4. Chapter 20 – 23 =

    ( Silahkan di taruh di postingan, biar seperti NanoDesu yang memberi alternatif Epub di Novel yang mereka translasi )


  4. Hiiii just curious on Google search it says that chapters 24 25 26 of this series is out but I cannot find them. Can someone send me the link please?? :3

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  5. you guys comment a lot………. and thanks for the translation… I was searching for something good and found this!! so thanks again for your hardwork


  6. Thanks for the translations… However, there’s one negative comment that I can give you… You put too much side comments(related about you or your work) that are unrelated to the story on your translations, we don’t care about that, we only need the story. Please minimize it, thanks🙂


  7. @zmunjali at the Google Disk/Docs there’s just 5-10 chapters/1-4 volumes, I couldn’t locate anythign that looks like chapter 24+ (or somewhere there)

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  8. Hello, a question, this is a web novel or light novel?

    From being a web novel, I can pass the link to the raw version (or the official web site of the novel)


  9. I have a question, but not if they can answer me, because I think that counts as a spoiler, the protagonist have children (later)?


  10. Update
    hello im the new editor for Cnine’s team. chapter 30 will be up this weekend. just finishing up the edits to ch 30.


  11. I started reading this when I was in college, now I’m married and have child and this tl novel is not even pass 50 chapters? What happen? What’s with the slow release? I know I’m asking too much for a leecher, but come on this ridiculous.
    By the way I really do have a wife and child now, that is true story.


    • Translator fighting for his life against an RL monster called PHYSICS.

      By The Way, I’m also married[with legal loli at that, I’m sure is blessed[it’s true]]


      • Oh, I see.

        Don’t want to sound awkward but not really a fan of loli so idk what to say about your legal loli,

        Congratulations I guess?


  12. I don’t know; the release are irregular, unpredictable, and long. As for those who wanted to help out, thank you for offering help. But I think the problem lies with me being too lazy to translate Bocchi faster. As of right now, I’m almost done with Chapter 37. Got 2 more pages to translate. unless our translator (including me) went on overdrive and started to translate one to two chapter a week, the bocchi will take a while to be release.


  13. wow. Im used to reading wuxia/xianxia novels, they release like 1-2 chapters a day. a couple years ago, i found this novel and it sounded interesting. I wanted to read it, but there were two reasons as to why i stopped.

    1. only 12 chapters were out.
    2. the first few chapters, were translated really badly. I dont know about the later ones, i just hoped they would be re-done once the translator got used to it.

    Well, now 2-3~ years passed and it got 30~ chapters. The novel seems really promising but what can I do? cant read this. Translations way too slow and the quality isnt the best either.

    I just dont understand why most chinese-novel translators translate incredibly fast while the japanese novel ones are almost all slow as fck compared to them.

    I do donate regularly, but i wouldnt donate here.


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