Bocchi Tenseiki

Original Title : ぼっち転生記
Raw : Google Drive




XXXXX, a human hater, continuously betrayed by humans. Finally he was also betrayed by a woman that he saved from being raped and died while hating humans until the end of his life.

Now, he was reincarnated as the second son of a lower noble family, Ash Hawkwood. He resolved himself so that he wouldn’t be betrayed again in his second life.


Action : C
Story : A
Character : B
ChuuniPower Level : SSS+[A Bit More Than MAX]
Food : A
Speeding In Increasing Rage-O-Gauge : C
Fluffiness : SS
Love Story : B [Ash is Chicken]
BL-Factors : A [From A certain slave]
Hentai Factors : SS [From A Certain Slave-of-Slave]
Humour : SSS [Excessive Humour(espescially from TL/ED which caused)]

Overall Rank : A

Note : Order of the rank SSS+>SSS>SS>S>A>B>C>D>E>F>FFF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Spirit
Chapter 2: House on The Prairie
Chapter 3: Unicorn Hunting
Chapter 4: Sale of Unicorn Horn
Chapter 5: High Elf Female Slave
Chapter 6: Beast Girl Slave
Chapter 7: Unicorn Ranch
Chapter 8: Hawk Woods Family
Chapter 9: Thief Guild Leader, Greed The Dark Merchant
Chapter 10: Water of Suffocation
Chapter 11: Hunting Ground
Chapter 12: True Dragon King Zogdriaz
Chapter 13: Jenga Brick
Chapter 14: Griffon’s Raid
Chapter 15: Earth Spirit King and Wind Spirit King
Chapter 16: Centaurs
Chapter 17: Female Centaur, Rusche
Chapter 18: Faith And Pride of Unicorns
Chapter 19: Cockatrice Ranch Plan [External Link: TheDefend]
Chapter 20: Hot Spring Time
Chapter 21: Screams of Angela
Chapter 22: Trace of blood
Chapter 23: Snake
Chapter 24: Lamia
Chapter 25: Slave of a Slave
Chapter 26: Mother Earth God
Chapter 27: Slum Street
Chapter 28: Negotiation
Chapter 29: Ominous Oracle
Chapter 30: Evading the Prophecy
Chapter 31: An Encounter with Wolf, a Fated Comrade
Chapter 32: Slave Ranch Project

Edited Version : Bocchi Edited Version

Courtesy to sukanime


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