Bocchi Glossary

Glossary – up to 20 chapters

Character, place, race, magic, and monsters



Random Guy – An anti-social who hate and distrust humans due to betrayed died lonely from a knife to the heart at the age of 29 years old. The woman he helped ran away instead of calling the ambulance. Later in the story, he talks about his previous life of his trauma and why he acts like he is now.


Ash – no, not the guy you see in Pokémon show. Ash is born when his mother and father get together and a little something + 9 months to create him in Raan of the Runreshia Kingdom. He is born with dark grey hair and brown eyes which look ashy. That “Random Guy” reincarnated as Ash in a different world, who accept the reality. He doesn’t have a gift in True Magic, but has a gift in Spirit Magic/Spirit Tamer and seeing fairies. His disdain toward human contribute to his distrustfulness and desire to have slaves to prevent betrayal. On the other note, he’s a hypocritical son of a gun and forgetful guy. Currently 10 years old.


Ash’s parent – Not much is said, they gave birth to him, Name him ash, and left him alone due to lack of talent. Their elder son has some talent, thus they focus their attention to him. His parents are currently lord of a town called Raan, which is part of the Runreshia Kingdom. The only people in their village that can use True Magic and consider themselves “Nobles”.


Old man/owner of this shop – First person Ash sells his unicorn horns to. Continue dealing illegal business with ash and recommend him to a black market…assassin type of guy.


Slave Owner – His name is Radon. He is a bald headed old man with a very bad OCD (jk) with rubbing his hands. He also have modest manner (to valuable customers) and masochistic characteristic. Also has complex feeling regarding Ash.


Homosexual slave – A homosexual slave who tried to attract Ash to buy him for 5 large gold coins. Currently unknown/ M.I.A.


3 bad man (Killed in Action) – Unfortunately died by messing with Ash and tried to rob him. Currently buried somewhere in Kare.


Juno – Hawk wood family eldest son, Juno, who have “talents” in True Magic. A show-off behaviour, along with unpleasant characteristic who speak badly of Ash.


Rina – Elder sister of the hawk wood family who suck up to Juno.


Saji – Third son of hawk wood family, and also suck up to Juno.


Greed-san the dark merchant – A person introduced to Ash by the store owner about a deal with 20 unicorn horns. A tall slender man who is the leader of the thief guild.


Bado/Batou – A fat Slaver who was torturing his slave when he unluckily encountered Ash in his villa and died from a heart attack. Buried about 50 meters below his house. Yes, he was a noble, WAS. He’s now dirt.



Slave :


Angela – A Beastman slave belonging to Ash, bought under 1 gold coin? She is a Dog-type Beastman race with fluffy ears and tail. Her face and illness was later healed by a unicorn horn, and ate quite a lot of fruit to restore her stamina. Her master have been kind to her, thus increase her feeling/intimacy to her master. Known to have endless room in her stomach.


Remilia – Slave of Ash-sama. She is bought from the Beneria Slave Establishment for 500 large gold coins. She is known to be able to use Spirit Magic, and very, very old (5000 years). She is said to be the Elf Queen.


Luna – Named by Ash. A Half-elf, non-virgin girl who was tortured by Bado. Now freed and wishes to follow Ash, thus giving her body to him as a slave. Currently playing Jenga or shopping with other girls. Her cut-up throat was healed by a unicorn named Geo who was threated to die.


Rusche – A female Centaur whom warn her tribe of their annihilation and have all of her tribe become enslaved to Ash. Known to have large breast, and one of the fastest runners.


Cain – The Head of the family in Rusche tribe. He shot at Ash with his powerful bow and was injured by 2 Sylph/Wind arrows. Known to be foolish and is currently recuperating.



Ranch :


Unicorn :

Geo – A self-righteous unicorn who claimed to be noble. Have the best horns and only satisfied with virgin mares.


Old unicorn – A wise unicorn, one of the elder who propose a plan to save their race to Ash.


Spirits :


Wind :


Sylph : Low level wind spirits – Known as (Greecian) Sylph, as playful as their characteristic dictated, they are sometimes different because of ash. They can become battle manic and will sacrifice everything for Ash regardless of the cost or extreme measure. This is the definition of fanatic. Yes, they are “faerie”, so of course, you can “Pluck of the wings and you can put them on a baby to sell it… a fairy baby fetches a high price!” or as Barbie dolls. Otherwise known as wind spirit, controlling the wind and later the fan. They look like nendoroid with oversized head.


Syl : Ash first partner……I mean Ash first contracted spirit. Can do [Job-change].



Wind Spirit King-Djinn : King of Wind Spirit, look like a person with arabian attire.



Fire :


Salamander : they’re look like a lizard with fire surounding their body. Unlike their real world amphibious (not reptilian!) counterparts, Salamanders are known for being Elemental Fire spirits. This is, again, ironic because they live in streams. Blame it on the Greek alchemists, they don’t understand anything…


Earth :


Gnome : Earth spirit, look like a Hinowa.


Brownie – A mischievous faerie who tripped Juno and receive a thumbs up.


Earth Spirit King – Behemoth : Yup, more powerful version of Earth spirit. It’s a gigantic beast covered with rocks, a spirit King.



Water :


Undine : water spirit, same as Sylph, they also look like nendoroid.


Undine [Hot-spring ver.] : variant of undine that inhabited the hot-spring.



Thunder :



Light :



Darkness :


Dax – A.K. Darkest, a darkness spirit who’s friendly with Ash. Possessing a Yandere trait.


Mud :


Sun :








Raan – currently govern by Ash’s father under the Runreshia Kingdom, it is a rural town which is where ash was born. Populated within hundreds of people where only Ash’s father and his sibling can use True Magic.


Runreshia Kingdom – Known to be having the most advanced magic technology.


Raan’s forest – A location where only few dangerous animals are here. Ash’s first experience with unlocking his spirit magic and as an oath breaker (irrelevant). Surprisingly, swordsmanship is useless against a bear!


The Albas Mountain – A very difficult mountain to transverse through grounds to cross to the Prairie grassland. Warlike races resides in this mountain, thus making travel through the mountain very difficult unless you’re flying.


The Great Prairie – Located on the other side of the Albas Mountain, where many magical creature and beast resides. May also known as 『UnicornForest』.Current human population: 1 Jacka**


Ash’s castle/home – Located in Prairie. Made of solid dried mud/dirt from using spirit magic to create it. Have a unicorn ranch just outside of it.


Fortress City, Kare – Yes, imagine the Japanese castle town, it’s like that. “It was a flourishing town with a population exceeding 5 digits, making it an important figure in the Runreshia Kingdom.” It is surrounded by tall, thick city walls and prepared to defend against Dragon Knight Division. It also have 2 famous slave firms selling slaves, please treat them kindly.


Benoria Slave Firm – Part of the Fortress City, Kare. This is where Ash bought his slaves and become recognize as a very rich customer. Also where 3 dead guy who tried to rob Ash.

Races (Not racist folks!):


Spirits – Seen by Ash as mostly naked. Most of them have sizes is comparable to dolls size which have an average height is between thirty to fifty centimetres. (“For that reason, even if they’re naked there is no reason for me to get excited over them.” – Ash) these fairies are mention to have multiple heads, and unique traits to their natural compatibility (Nature, wind, fire, water, earth, lighting, etc). They are known as playful/mischievous characteristic and mocking attitude to those who are in despair, because most people don’t see them.


Unicorns – A Horse with one horns whose ability is able to heal most illness and wounds which rumored to be used to restores one’s virginity. If a horn were to break off from the horse, the horse is dead. These Unicorns are mostly indiscriminate against virgins and non-virgin mares. They acted like a “chikan”/ sexual beast who consider themselves noble and pure. On the other hand, they are willing to protect their mare from harm if they have their children. Female unicorns are very rare and they can disguise themselves as humans.


High elf – Old noble elf who’s knowledgeable about history and very prideful. Not much information about them at the moment.


Centaurus/Centaur – Half-man (upper half) half horse (half horse). Skillful in sprinting at a limit of 60 kilometers per hour or more. Strong upper body, able to pull a very strong bow.




True Magic – One must be born with Talents to be able to use this. The amount of magic power a person have is said to be set after he/she is born. People who have magical powers needs to remember spells and runes (magical letters). To be able to use True Magic somewhat guarantee nobility.


《Levitate》- One of True Magic that even High class Spell caster can’t cast. As it is mentioned, levitation!


《Magic Arrow (energy bolt) 》- A basic Energy magic bolt from True Magic caster.


《flame ball (fire ball) 》- A Fire ball created from True magic caster.


Spirit Magic – Borrow the power of Nature to assist to one’s need. These Magic are scene as heretic by the church and will be eliminated if caught.


《Wind Spirit Arrow (Sylph Arrow )》- The most basic spirit magic of wind spell which uses the bodies of low-level wind spirits to form an arrow (or more) to eliminate the master’s opponent or follow his command. Effective range: 30 meters.


《Sylph Javelin》- Revised version of Wind spirit arrow, using several spirits (about 10) to create a lance. Power and accuracy is different from the Wind spirit arrow, doesn’t say if it improve. Currently, the TL assume it’s an improve version of Wind Spirit Arrow.


《 Wind Spirit Edge (Sylph Blade) 》- Blade of extremely sharp wind, able to cut Unicorn horns and enemy alike. It’s a long cylinder sword, comparable to light sabre, but not as destructive.


《Salamander’s Breath》- Borrow the power of salamander (flame spirit) to summon flame against one’s foe. Effective range: 100 meters.


《 Flame Spirit Arrow (FIREBOLT) 》- A fire spirit spell enable a user to kill a prey, and making an instant barbeque at the same time. A basic powerful fire spirit magic..


《ignition》- Simple fire starter spell/


《Wings of Wind (Sylph Wing) 》- Another Spirit Magic which allows user to borrow the spirit’s power to fly into the air. It takes great talents to fly faster than 20 km/h. But Ash can do 60-120 km/h.


《Cloak of Hidden Figure》or 《Concealment》- Using wind spirits to conceal yourself without having anyone seeing you.


《silence (mute) 》- Wind Spirit Magic used to block sound waves, or stop the breathing of the enemy.


《Stone Blast》- Earth spirit magic with considerable power, but extremely short range.


《Rock fall (Rock strike) 》- Possibly known as Stone blast, basic powerful rock spell that strike the enemy with a powerful (fist-size or greater) rock.


《mud wall (Earth wall) 》- Magical Earth wall with a thickness of 30 cm to block an attack.


《Tunnel》- Make tunnel, period.


《Great earthquake (earthquake) 》- Create Earthquake.


《Huge Rock Fall (rock strike)》- Combination of Earth Spirit King and Wind Spirit King, a Rock Strike that contain a very powerful energy to one-shot a Griffon.


《Huge rock storm fall(Rock Strick Storm)》- Earth Spirit King and Wind Spirit King Combination spell, a very powerful spell that eliminate over 100 Griffon. One rock and you are dead. This is a storm of Rock Strike, which is an area of effect spell.


《Water of suffocation》- Water Spirit Magic used to suffocate a target with water, drowning their lungs and killing them in the process or knock them out.


《healing water》- A Water Spirit Magic used to heal wound and injures.



A simple Bear – A Bear which would tear Ash up as food but was killed by a mysterious arrow of wind. Considered as a dangerous animals, not monsters.


Griffon – Eagle head, Lion body, 2 eagle wings and mate with mares. Attacked the unicorn ranch but was unexpectedly slaughtered by Ash, who shoot them down with powerful spells combine by Spirit Kings of Wind and Earth.


True Dragon King, Zogdriaz – Unknown, Old dragon, slumber longer, short activity.


Objects/ miscellaneous things:


《Stone Servant》- Magical creature created by True Magic. They are said to be mindless drones that obeys their master’s command.


St. Magic Cult – A Cult that outlaw/ban/ persecuted Spirit magic user. It’s a fanatic group who held more power and influence than the royal family.


Test Subjects – Slaves that are consider trashed are sold to Magic Cult for research and experiments for new magic and medicine.


Money – Where’s the currency system? So far it’s gold coins. 1 silver equal 1000 yen,100 silvers equal 1 gold coins, 10 gold coins equal one large gold coins. Wait…where’s copper?


Sweet Fish – known as Sweet fish. It was massacred a while ago by Undines, Gnomes and Sylphs to satisfy Ash’s stomach. But almost extinc due to Angela.a


Angela’s stomach – Rivals Doraemon’s 4-D Pocket. *Ehem, comparable*


Magic leather bag – Hold more stuff than you can imagine, including furnature. It’s enchanted with weight reduction and preservation magic!


Magic bed – Floating anti gravitation magical flying bed for your magical night. Everything is magically charged for your company.


Magic Canteen – enchanted to make water gush out from it. Undine are also in here…winking at Ash.


Magic house – A magic house in an alternate dimension…forget it, I’m done!


《Collar of obedience》- Slave collar, obey or constricted. Unable to betray the master.



Credit to :


Translator – Blight-san, a lazy mediocre translator who procrastinate at the last minutes and making comment at some points.

Translator 2/checker- Cnine, a helpful person. I’m sorry, too lazy to fit anymore description in.


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