DMCA Notice

As You Can see apparently NFB got DMCA-ed. So I’ll just drop it right there and looking for a suggestion for the new title. You can send me an email for further confirmation.


11 thoughts on “DMCA Notice

    • Paying or not is your own choice and I never force you, either way I’m still releasing the chapter every week till DMCA coming.
      In contrast to me who gave a choice and said my reason[Which is the truth, namely economic reason like Ziru or Wu Jizun case], You’re Basically lying to everyone here and only wanted me to release all the chapter.

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    • They are asking for donations not forcing you. Besides if you really want to read why dont you learn another language. oh wait learning takes time and money!! dont be a self entitled prick and expect everything for free. Honestly you are the greedy one for wanting more without giving anything in return. He is simply giving incentives to his patrons.

      To Translators thanks for the hard work


  1. Well, translations actually count as derivative works, which means they have their own copyright protection, separate from the authors. In other words, the translations themselves belong only to the translator.
    HOWEVER, the translator in question still does not actually have the right to monetize their translations. This requires an actual contract with the author and/or publisher. So things like, let’s say, ‘advance chapters’ are actually a straight no-go. And even when speaking of strictly donations, a case could still be made that you indirectly monetize your work by using your translations to advertise for donations. So it actually can still be regarded as a form of monetization.


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