Parasite 59 [When You let Go Off Me From Your Hand]

Good MorningEvening!

Cnine is Here, My apologize for everyone in Patreon that I can only update Spear User today. When I’m in the middle of cultivating my translating to ascend to higher level, I feel a killing intent from behind which is coming from my tsunderewhoalmostturnintoyandere modewife who suddenly asking for a date and then only to found out later that I forgot about her birthday[since I’m running away from the house in that day]. In the end she forced me for a date in nice restaurant and we have a nice date but I let my guard down too much and she basically forced me to wolf down the rest of the meal as a punishmentforforgettingaboutherbirthdayproof proof of my love[?] which then let us to come home pretty late and I’m too full to do the translation.

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5. This Act marked the true beginning of Souji saga in Spear User, the story will get better and longer starting from this act…….. Maybe.


Seigensou :


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Thank You Very Much!!!

Without Further ADO , ENjoy :

Chapter 59 – Just Kill That Idiot Already


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