Seigensou Celia SS Chapter 1

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Cnine Here, I just erected Roxism temple in Patreon, Make sure to come and visiting it for daily update[One day vacation per week] of all project[Parasite, Spear User, NFB, and Seigensou]. Eh!? Where’s Chapter 84? It’s sponsored chapter and I have yet to know last month status since John-san going back to Korea. You can have early access to chapter 84 and 85[both are either long or hard] in patreon by becoming my patron.


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4. Seigensou have 9 more Side story[6 for Celia sensei, 1 for Aisia, 1 for Haruto, and 1 for all of them(mock wedding)]. Since chapter 84 is the last chapter of Act 4,  I’m planning to finish all the SS as regular release and then entering Act 5[which showing the growth of the AUTHOR, Yes you have not read it wrong, THE GROWTH OF THE AUTHOR, not Rio…… U~hm sorry he grown a bit].


Seigensou :


Parasite :


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Seigensou :

Celia Sensei Side Story 1 [A warm hearted story before a stormy act]
Alternative Linku -> Available at 12072017 00:01 GMT+7

Sneak a peek at Chapter 84[Real one this time]


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