Mass Relust-cough, I mean Release

Good MorningEvening!

Cnine is Here, Finally Back.

Please read at Novels n Chill to support me and the editors-san:

1. How to Support your translator and editor : Donation, read in Novels n Chill. And Donation For Flash DrawRelease.

2.For Trojan prablem

3. Nozomanu Fushi No Boukensha got a page in NU, But it’ll go to around 2 month hiatus to gather the EXP and then evolved to higher novel[T^T]. It’ll be followed by mass release after hiatus, so fear not to wait and no stealing this project.

4. Spear User Hiatus is cancelled due to the covering fire from aksyathedon-san[will continue till Mystiknight-san beaten his nemesis called final], Thank you aksyathedon-san.

5. Someone is Hacking my WP, so I might not release the chapter in my WP again or change the domain.

6. BTW, Can someone teach me how to create your own website and get sponsored by Google add?

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