Carpet Bombing no. 76

Good MorningEvening!

Cnine is exist, looking for 2D waifu is hard my only candidate is 3 goddesses, Latina, Yamada Elf, and Sagiri……. Oh my god, look like I’m slowly heading toward dangerous direction ever since watching Ero Manga Sensei anime.

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Seigensou :


Parasite :


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Rujikorn L-sama

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Without Further ADO The Pent-UpBoring Building up Moment finally entering the climax of the act, ENjoy :

Seigensou Chapter 75 [Revenge Has Completed, Optimus Prime didn’t die, but his father has come out]–>To support the Translator

Seigensou Chapter 76 [The Idiots and their superior ]–>Available at 17052017 03:01 GMT +7


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