Yuno in Spear User[Without Black Cat]

Good Morning,


And Sorry for the late release, I’m sick since yesterday and attacked by severe headache last night, so the release is delayed.

Cnine is here, I’m Fire UP, Please read at Novels n Chill to support me:

1. As you know I inherited Parasite from the previous translator and the schedule is one chapter per week, if you read this from novelnchills then refer to this link for more confirmation[Link], if you reading this from my wordpress then look at the right side bar. You can also look at the status of the donation and the donation button at right sidebar.

2. Another project join called[Fushi no Boukensha/ Immortal Adventurer[A join project with Ainushi. Currently Unavailable but, you can look forward to it]].

3. Spear User who is not protagonist[but more like hidden boss] schedule will change to weekly[no donation accepted for the time being].

4. Seigensou will become bi-weekly, but still accepting donation and sponsored chaptere or more like. Donate your money please!!!m0m.

5. Want me to set patreon?

6. Release Schedule[NEW] :

Spear User Who Couldn’t Become a Hero : Weekly[planned]
Parasite : Weekly
Fushi no Boukensha : Not Yet
Seigensou : Bi-Weekly[2nd and 4th week]
DHM : Monthly[Depending on my mood]
Bocchi : The translator isn’t me [random]

7. Is the Trojan problem still exist?

Anyway, here the status of of the donation :

Total Target :


Monthly Target :


Seigensou :


Parasite :


This Chapter Brought to you BY :

ME, And MystiKnight-san!!!

Without Further ADO, ENjoy :

Chapter 19 [Shadow Moon]


Seigensou Volume 7 Illustration




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