Volume 7 Illustration

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Cnine is here, New Month, new target, new life and, new release. Some change for the schedule:

1. As you know I inherited Parasite from the previous translator and the schedule is one chapter per week, if you read this from novelnchills then refer to this link for more confirmation[Link], if you reading this from my wordpress then look at the right side bar. You can also look at the status of the donation and the donation button at right sidebar.

2. Another project join called[Fushi no Boukensha/ Immortal Adventurer[A join project with Ainushi. Currently Unavailable but, you can look forward to it]].

3. Spear User who is not protagonist[but more like hidden boss] schedule will change to weekly[no donation accepted for the time being].

4. Seigensou will become bi-weekly, but still accepting donation and sponsored chaptere or more like. Donate your money please!!!m0m.

5. Want me to set patreon?

Anyway, here the status of of the donation :

Total Target :


Monthly Target :


Seigensou :


Parasite :




Without Further ADO, ENjoy :

Volume 7 Illustration

Alternative Link[Activated At 04042017 00:01 GMT+7]

Few Things Must Be Noted is That The Story of LN is Already Taking Different Turn From WN, Such as No Three Kingdom War Between Miharu, Celia And, Aisia[line in WN] and replaced With Fuwafuwa Kemonomimi Imouto.


Seigensou Chapter 68 spoiler :

It’s Pasta time!!!

Spear User Chapter 19 Spoiler :

The Heroine of Mirai Nikki!



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