New Chapter? No, It’s Repost

Good Day Everyone,


Sorry for the late re-post.

I want to ask your help to check whether the previous link of Seigensou Chapter 67 in Novelnchills already working or not, Please write it in the comment section of this post. Try to run on your adblocker for the old link

BTW, Here the old  link to Chapter 67


And Here the new linnk if the link above isn’t working : Chapter 67


3 thoughts on “New Chapter? No, It’s Repost

  1. Well, i mostly use phone for reading TLs, so it doesn’t bother me that much ( virus as long as i know doesn’t transfer to different OS than it’s intended OS host, though for safety i also have Kaspersky mobile version and there’s no problem. But do please correct me if i’m wrong )

    For other that want to access the TL maybe using phone is an easier way than using adblocker, though i admit sone people may find reading by pc/laptop screen is better than reading by phone.


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